A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene

January 12, 2009
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"A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 120th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on January 12, 2009. As news of Peyton's condition spreads, Marvin and Millicent struggle to remain a couple and Brooke tries to suss out Julian's intentions. Peyton and Lucas babysit Jamie and his friend, while Haley and Nathan spend a night out together.


614 p worries about wedding

Peyton worries about her wedding whilst being pregnant.

As a policeman takes down the tape around his house, Jack watches as his phone rings. Sam leaves a message expressing her worry for him and asks him to call, but Jack ignores it. Julian goes to knock for Sam and asks how Jack is, and Sam admits that he is probably not doing too well and says she has not talk to him but Julian says that Jack probably needs her right now. Brooke walks in explaining to Julian that she has had too much going on to talk about costumes as Julian reveals a gossip magazine with her face on it. As Brooke tells him that she wishes the press would go away, Julian says that she should frame it for her actions, but Brooke would see it as a reminder that her attacker was the person who killed Quentin and if she had reported it, she could have prevented it. Julian assures her that her attacker was in a mask so the police would not have found the attacker. Brooke tells him that she knows but thinks it is sad. Julian asks her to work all day and will see her later that day, to which Brooke agrees and gets teased with by Sam as she thinks it is a date. Peyton is looking in the mirror with a big stomach as Lucas walks in admitting how fast she grew. Peyton drops out a basketball and says to Lucas that she just realized that she will be pregnant on their wedding day. Lucas asks what is really bothering her as Peyton reveals she is worried about telling Brooke. Meanwhile, Sam asks Brooke how she is going to tell Peyton about her date as Brooke denies that it is a date but a business meeting. Sam says that Julian called her ‘hot’ so she could dress sexy to impress him.
614 mia records as chase asks on date

Mia and Haley are interrupted by a lovestruck Chase

Nathan creeps home behind Haley and frightens her. She hugs him and greets him back just as Jamie comes running in to see his dad, who is home for the whole weekend. As Jamie runs upstairs, Nathan tells her how hard work it is, but it is good to be home. Peyton goes to see Brooke as Sam tells her that Brooke likes Julian and that they are going on a date, to which Brooke threatens to let her go and live in a car again. Peyton stands there as she reveals that she is pregnant and Brooke begins to cry. Shocked, Peyton tells her that she does not mean to be insensitive towards her and assures her she will have a big part in the baby’s life, but Brooke says that is not why she is crying. She tells Peyton that she has just finished her second wedding dress that has a hand stitched corset, for skinny girls. They then begin to celebrate as Brooke tells Peyton she does not like Julian. Millicent goes to see Mouth who tells her that he is mad at himself for driving her away but he is mad at her for what she did. He tells her that he has packed her stuff and was going to give it to a stranger, like she did with her virginity. Millicent tells him that her virginity was never his, but Mouth tells her that she was. He tells her to have fun telling Brooke that she slept with Owen. Meanwhile, Haley is listening to Mia’s new song as Chase walks in the studio and realises she is recording so is about to walk out. Mia stops him and asks what he is there for as Chase asks her out with him and Mia agrees to it. Brooke is carrying down a box of stuff as Peyton goes to help her, but it is too late and the box spills over. In it, is Brooke’s Baby Brooke sample line that is currently belonging to Victoria. They begin to bitch about Victoria as Peyton brings up her liking Julian and tells her that if she does, Peyton will be okay with it. Brooke assures her that it is not going to happen. Later that day, in the cafe, Sam and Julian are bickering over whether he likes Brooke are not. As they do so, Peyton walks in and sits next to him and asks him if he likes Brooke. Julian tells her that he is working together with her as Peyton realises he does like her. Julian accuses her of being jealous as Sam tells him that she is pregnant. As Sam realises she is not meant to be telling people, she rushes out as Julian admits it is hard to hear because of their history but congratulates her and Lucas. His phone rings and he goes to answer it as Peyton tells him that if he breaks Brooke’s heart, she’ll break his face.
614 h tricks l

Haley tricks Lucas

Millicent arrives at Brooke’s who is delighted to see and asks her if she thinks that Julian asked her out on a date. She tells her that she is worrying over this when she should not be as Julian doesn’t like her and it is not okay for her to like him. She tells Millicent that even if she did like him, it is not allowed for friends to date their friend’s ex or do anything with them and just should not be done. As she says this, Millicent begins to cry and reveals she slept with Owen. Furious, Brooke sends her out. As she does, she tells her to wait and hugs her. As she does, Millicent apologises as Brooke assures her that everything is okay. Mia goes to see Haley and tells her she needs her help. She reveals a big bag of clothes and asks her to help pick some out for her date with Chase. Mia admits that she has not dated while on the road and begins worrying about the whole night. Haley asks if she would like to go on a double date with her and Nathan and Mia is thrilled with the idea. Haley goes to see Lucas and lies that Peyton has told her that she is pregnant. Annoyed, Lucas says that Peyton was not of supposed to have told anyone yet, and Haley jumps up and admits she tricked him, but congratulates him. Haley offers to be there for him as Lucas offers the same back, to which Haley says good as she needs someone to babysit Jamie and Andre that night. Lucas realizes that was a setup as Haley admits it was. Lucas tells her that they will be happy to watch them as it will be good practice as Haley opens the door and the two boys come running in and are hyperactive after Nathan gave them cake. Lucas is shocked that she meant now as Haley congratulates him, but wishes him luck with the boys before leaving. Mouth is throwing darts at a picture of Owen as Brooke goes to see him. She tells him that he has a right to be upset, but Millicent will be feeling worse than him and that she has lost the two most important things in her life and she can only get one back. Mouth admits that it is stuck in his head as Mouth tells her that he cannot decide that everything is the same, but Brooke says that he can and if not has to decide whether he really loves her. They hug as Brooke throws a dart at Owen, promising it will be okay.

614 ch n n bust a move

Nathan and Chase sing and dance to 'Bust A Move'

Jamie and Andre are jumping on Lucas’ bed as Lucas comes and gets them into the living area. Peyton announces that there will be loads of fun as Jamie asks why she is talking funny. They tell the boys that they have movies, pasta crafts and mouse trap, but the boys are less than impressed. Instead, the boys suggest playing five card draw. At TRIC, Haley and Nathan go to meet Chase and find him behind the bar. As Haley asks where Mia is, Chase worries she is not going to arrive, but she sees her and is taken back by how stunning she looks. As she arrives at the bar, as Chase explains that he has to work for a bit but compliments her on how hot she is and rushes off. Jamie is winning the game as Lucas is forced to hand over his watch to them. Peyton asks if they are tired, but the boys laugh and ask what they are going to do next. Back at TRIC, Chase and Nathan are playing on the basketball arcade games as Chase asks Nathan to help him win. As he does, Mia arrives and is shocked that he beat Nathan. Mia and Haley tells Nathan and Chase that they have signed up for karaoke and they go to see them. Brooke is busy preparing herself for her business meeting/date and is over thinking as the door goes. She answers as Julian walks in on the phone. Realising she is dressed up, he asks if she is going somewhere as they have a meeting, but Brooke lies that she had a charity event earlier. She takes the documents of Julian and asks if he wants a drink and as Julian says he brought wine, Brooke is thrilled as she realizes it is a date. Sam meets Jack who tells her that he has been avoiding his house due to child care services. She asks if he has eaten and Jack tells her he has not. Sam gives him some food and watches in pity and sadness at the conditions he is now living in. Junk announces the next karaoke act at TRIC and Nathan and Chase are called out. Shocked, the boys turn to Haley who admits that she never told them who she signed up for karaoke. They go up onstage as they begin singing ‘Bust a Move.’ Meanwhile, Peyton plans karaoke for the boys. As Nathan and Chase sing, so do Jamie and Andre.

614 jam n and attack l

Jamie and Andre jump on Lucas

Jamie and Andre are now tackling the monster, Lucas to the bed as he shouts for help. Peyton organises a game of hide and seek. The two lie down exhausted from minding the children as Lucas jokes that he wants a paternity test. Peyton makes a deal for Lucas to get her food as she plays hide and seek. Millicent goes to see Mouth as he realizes she is drunk. She tells him that she thought they had something special, but he is obviously just there for sex and tells him that if that will help him fix it then he can have what he wants. She begins to take off her clothes as Mouth refuses. She tells Mouth that she needs him but then runs off to throw up. Meanwhile, Brooke and Julian are talking costumes as Brooke lists what each character will need. She says Brooke will be easiest to dress and as Julian asks if it is because she spent most of high school naked, Brooke tells him that he does not know her well enough to judge her, but Julian says that he feels as though he does know her, because of the book. He says he read the book because of Peyton, but related more to Brooke and as Brooke is thrilled, she offers him another drink. Jack and Sam are sitting on a bench as Jack says he knows that family services will eventually find him as Sam says it could not get worse than his brother, but Jack reveals that he knew what to expect from his brother and does not now. He asks how she would behave when they came for her and Sam would say that she would hold her own hand as no one else would care to. She tells Jack that he does not have to do that as he has her and grabs his hand. As Junk and Fergie sing love songs to each other in TRIC, Nathan and Chase talk about being in love with someone on tour. Nathan tells him it is hard as she is like a rock star when she is not with him and is seen as sexy, but Chase says he can handle it. Nathan also warns him that if Mia ever meets Chris Keller, to punch him. In the bathroom, Mia tells Haley how much she likes Chase and tells her that her and Nathan can leave now so Haley goes out and makes it obvious that Mia wants to spend time alone with Chase. They leave as Mia and Chase are left alone on their first date. Whilst looking after Jamie and Andre, Lucas brings them some walkie-talkies and the boys are thrilled and run off. As Lucas gives Peyton ice cream, Peyton says someone should watch them play but Lucas brings out another walkie-talkie and places it on the table so they can hear them, delighting Peyton. She checks if he thinks they will be okay with it as Jamie and Andre go on the walkie-talkies and talk about how cool Lucas and Peyton are and Lucas says they will be fine.

614 ch n mia kiss

Mia and Chase share their first kiss

Brooke and Julian are talking about Brooke’s business as Julian admires her for her bravery and reveals he has the same situation but with his father rather than his mother and that he took his mother’s name to make it on his own but has to keep going back to his dad and feels like a failure. He says that one of these days he will not as Brooke toasts to that day. Haley and Nathan go to pick up Jamie as he answers. They ask what Jamie is doing up as Jamie says he put Lucas and Peyton down an hour ago and Haley and Nathan find the two adults asleep on the sofa. Mia and Chase talk about living their dreams as Mia reveals it is not so great as it seems, but she loves it. As Chase agrees, he offers to take her home, but Mia decides to stay and work and is inspired. She tells him to go as Chase apologizes for having to work, but Mia says she enjoyed it. They hug goodnight as Chase leaves a happy Mia to record. As he walks away, he asks if she wants to go out sometime and Mia agrees to it and they kiss.

614 b n jul kiss

Brooke and Julian share a kiss

Brooke and Julian continue their date as Julian says he has to get going. They both agree that it was nice as Brooke asks what it was as Julian says it is what it was as anything else gets complicated, to which Brooke agrees is perfect. As he goes to leave, they both discuss how inappropriate it would be for them to kiss and be on a date due to work and Peyton, but they kiss ignoring all the other obstacles. Millicent wakes up in Mouth’s bed asking what happened. She apologises as Mouth says he knows. She says she is considering going to New York for one of Brooke’s companies as Mouth says that it might be best. Sam goes to go home as Jack says that must be nice and as Sam offers to ask Brooke, but Jack refuses saying that Xavier attacked Brooke and she has too much of a good thing going on. He tells her that she might not see him for a while as Sam tells him that foster homes sometimes work out, but Jack is doubtful and walks off, leaving Sam upset. Lucas wakes up to Nathan on the walkie-talkie, he tells him that they were a good idea and that Jamie went to bed with his. Lucas begins to panic about Jamie as Nathan assures him that they picked him up. He also tells Lucas that he knows that Peyton is pregnant as Lucas admits that he is exhausted, but Nathan says it is about teamwork and that Peyton will turn into a superhero for the baby. He also offers them his help as Lucas thanks him. Peyton then wakes up as she asks if she is going to be a good mom and Lucas assures her that she will be and that their kid will be great. As Peyton and Lucas say they love each other, Nathan says the same to his son as he sleeps.

Memorable Quotes

”You’ve got a date”
”I have a business meeting”
”Yeah, like his junk’s got a meeting with your lady business”
Sam Walker teases Brooke Davis about Julian Baker
”You break her heart, I’ll break your face”
Peyton Sawyer to Julian Baker after falling for Brooke Davis
”Okay listen. I know Peyton wasn’t supposed to say anything but she told me you guys are pregnant and I’m so happy for you”
”She wasn’t supposed to say anything yet”
”She didn’t. I knew it. Congratulations”
”Oh, you suck”
Haley James Scott tricks Lucas Scott
”You have a right to be upset, and you have a right to be hurt, but I can guarantee you that as hurt or upset as you are, Millicent feels worse. Mouth, she lost the two things that matter the most to her and she can only get one of them back”
Brooke Davis
”Told you I signed up for karaoke, I didn’t say who we signed up”
Haley James Scott as Nathan Scott and Chase Adams go to perform
”How can time possibly be moving so slowly?”
”They’re kids, Lucas. They need to be entertained every single second of every single day”
”How would you feel about a paternity test?”
Lucas Scott struggles to babysit with Peyton Sawyer
”Brooke Davis will be particularly easy to dress”
”Why? Because she spent most of high school naked?
”No, jerk, because I still have all of her clothes”
Brooke Davis is teased by Julian Baker
”I would hold my own hands. Like this. Pretend it was somebody else’s holding mine, somebody who actually cared where I was going. I only did that because no one else was there to do it, but you’ve got me”
Sam Walker tells Jack Daniels what she would do when she was moved to different families
”If she ever meets a guy called Chris Keller, you punch first and ask questions later”
Nathan Scott to Chase Adams about Mia Catalano
”Hey, so we should get out of here soon. Lucas called and Jamie’s getting homesick”
”No, Mia wants to be with Chase. Best I could come up with”
Haley James Scott to Nathan Scott
”You know when you’re flying over a city and it all looks so neat and tidy, like it’s different from a distance. But then once you’re inside it”
”It’s not the same”
Mia Catalano and Chase Adams talk about living their dreams. (Mia writes a song about this conversation - "Manhattan From The Sky")


No Voice-over


  • "Sincerely Hope It's You" - Edith Backlund
  • "Manhattan From The Sky" - Kate Voegele
  • "Miss" - Tim Hanauer
  • "Bust A Move (Instrumental)" - Young MC
  • "Perfect Games" - The Broken West
  • "Can't You Hear Me Growl" - Bosshouse
  • "Frankenstein's Niece B" - APM Music
  • "Tell Me Something" - APM Music
  • "In Debt To The Heart" - Born In The Flood
  • "Behind Your Eyes" - Jon Foreman
  • "Dear You" - Josh Auer
  • "Hazy" - Rosi Golan

This episode's title originated from the song A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene, originally sung by Okkervil River.


  • Dan and Skills do not appear in this episode.
  • In this episode, Brooke ans Julian share their first kiss which would lead to their love story

Episode References

  • Nathan refers to Chris Keller and tells Chase that if Mia ever meets someone by his name to punch him and then ask questions later.

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