"A Kiss To Build A Dream On" is the twenty-first episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 127th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on April 27, 2009. Brooke discovers something that could change Sam’s life. Nathan questions his dreams of playing in the NBA while Haley receives an unexpected offer from Nick Lachey. Jamie and Antwon mend their broken hearts at Jamie’s first school dance and Lucas and Peyton remember a memorable road trip they took together after high school.


621 n watches dev

Nathan watches as Devon begs for his job.

Peyton is throwing paper airplanes in her room as Lucas walks in realizing they are made from his book, the comet. Peyton tells him that she is going mad being stuck in her bedroom and cannot be held accountable. As Lucas looks at her and begins to laugh, Peyton realizes her ‘bed head’ hair is out of control. Lucas apologizes as Peyton asks for him to stay and tells her about stories of the outside world as Lucas says that he is busy. Commenting that he has been weird lately and spent most of his day in the garage, Peyton realizes he is making her or the baby a present. She begins asking him as Lucas agrees with her that she is stir crazy and walks out to the garage.

Brooke is looking at the new magazine issue of B. Davis and sees Victoria on the front cover with her. Sam and Victoria then walk in as Brooke tells her to stay away from Victoria as that is what she wants as a mom, to keep her out of harm’s way. Sam gives Brooke coffee and tells them to play nicely and as she leaves, Brooke tells Victoria to stop whatever she is up to as she does not want a vulnerable girl like Sam to attach to her and be disappointed. As Victoria argues that she does not intend to disappoint her, Brooke says she never does. Just then, a mail man walks in and Victoria snatches the post off him. As Brooke tells her to stop being so mean, Victoria says she can never win with Brooke as Brooke agrees with her, reminding her that their situation is strictly business and that includes Sam.

Haley brings Peyton a new issue of B. Davis magazine and as she walks in, Peyton drags her to the bed and tells her the number of turns her fan does every minute. Haley realizes that Peyton is not doing so well being locked up in her room as Peyton tells her that the baby is doing very well. Peyton tells her that the record company have rang her and they want to buy one of her songs as an artist is looking to record it. Haley admits she has never considered selling music as Peyton says that the company is raving about it so she should.

At training, Nathan walks past Devon who is begging Bobby to be back on the team. He tells Bobby that the team is full and that he cannot give him a place. Devon shakes his hand and sees Nathan before walking off. Bobby compliments Nino and Nathan on their work together and tells him the scouts have noticed his behavior and seem to be potentially interested in him. Victoria reads a letter addressed to Sam. She finds out it is her birth mother looking to make contact with her and shocked begins to shred the letters. Brooke hears the shredder and asks what she is doing as Victoria lies that she is shredding junk mail. She throws in all of Sam’s post and walks off.

621 v lies as she shred sams letter

Victoria lies as Brooke catches her shredding.

Mia is recording a new song starting her record. Victoria is yelling at someone on the phone and as she walks past Brooke’s computer she compliments Brooke on her work as Brooke is shocked but thanks her. As she does, Brooke says to stop threatening suppliers too as it is tacky. Victoria walks away with her failed attempt as Sam compliments her attempt, but Victoria attempts to deny her efforts. She tells Sam that she thinks her daughter is sad as her designs are so good. Sam tells her about Brooke and Julian and as she does, Victoria says that she has read this book before. Brooke then yells across for Victoria to stop talking to Sam. As she does, Sam and Victoria laugh.

Mia finishes playing Peyton her new song as Peyton compliments the music and tells her how she loves Chase for inspiring her. Mia tells Peyton that her inspiration is due to Chase being such a good kisser as Peyton agrees he is a good kisser. Mia is shocked as Peyton explains it happened once or twice but to make Lucas and Brooke jealous. As she says this Mia admits she is having trouble getting over the idea of Chase kissing Brooke, but Peyton asks why she is not more worried about the virginity part of their relationship, and Mia is shocked to find this out.

Skills is warming up Jamie and his teammates up as Jamie asks why Skills has not spoken to Lauren for a month as he should invite her to the dance. Skills asks who they are taking to the dance and Andre says that Q always told him to never bring sand to the beach and as Skills asks Jamie, Madison arrives and Jamie begins to blush. The other kids begin to tease him as Jamie says he is not going to and tells Skills that he is not going to be the only boy with a date and was told by Skills that all girls are no good, but Skills says that he said only Nanny Deb was no good. He tells him not to care what people think and to asks Madison if he wants.

Lucas is continuing work on the comet as he finds a concert ticket for ‘The Cure’ in the car. He remembers giving Peyton the ticket for the concert in Atlanta the day she was originally supposed to be leaving Tree Hill with Brooke after graduation. He tells her that they have an extra day as Chase and Brooke are having an extended goodbye. Peyton is thrilled as she becomes excited to go to see one of her favorite bands.

Nathan is told that he has received an offer from a European team and should be grateful for the two year deal as many NBA players are leaving for Europe. Nathan is not so impressed and asks for a spot in the NBA instead. He thinks about it as Bobby says he has until tomorrow to decide.

621 b catches v n sam bonding

Brooke catches Sam and Victoria bonding.

Sam and Victoria are walking down the street as she asks Sam to go into a shop, but Sam says she cannot as she has shoplifted from the store before. Victoria is shocked and tells Sam that Clothes Over Bro’s lost millions of dollars because of shoplifters and that makes the clothing prices so high. She tells Sam that if she is a part of the Davis family and needs to stop doing ‘common’ things such as shoplifting. She then takes Sam into the store.

Jamie sits down with Madison and asks her to the dance, but Madison reveals that Chuck asked her and she is going with him, leaving Jamie gutted. Mia goes to see Haley and asks if she knew Chase lost his virginity to Brooke Davis. Haley confirms she did by laughing and tells her that half the boys in Tree Hill lost their virginity to Brooke. Mia tells her that it is Brooke Davis as Haley says that she is Mia Catalano. She admits she feels stupid as everyone else knew but Haley says that she can relate as she found out Nathan lost his virginity to her sister, and Mia tells her that she wins. She tells her that Chase never said anything as he is too in love with her to think of anyone else and sends her to record some more.

Lucas reads a road map in the comet as he remembers Peyton attempting to read the map and having difficulty. They laugh at how she cannot read a road map as she tells him that she has a surprise for him too. She tell him that she sent copies of his book, An Unkindness of Ravens, to New York publishers and laughs at how she done what he once done to her. He thanks her as he wanted to do it, but was too afraid as Peyton understands and reminds him that someone once told her that her art matters. As Lucas thanks her, Peyton asks for more than a thank you and says that she wants a hot actress playing her in the movie when the book becomes so successful. As they laugh, the car tire busts and they are forced to pull over at the side of the road.

In the shop, Sam is telling Victoria about Julian being in L.A. and how Brooke secretly wanted to go as she did too. As they shop, Victoria notices the sales manager behind them. She tells her that she cannot be serious by following her as it is someone else they should be watching and points out a shoplifter. She makes Sam apologize and tells the sales manager to go and be useless at her job again. She storms out as Sam follows her. Sam asks why she is such a bitch as Victoria says that she gets a high from it. She says that if she could give up shoplifting, maybe she should give up being mean. As she says this, Brooke walks out of a store. She glares at them in shock and then walks away from them in silence.

621 nl surprises h

Haley is surprised by Nick Lachey.

Brooke storms to see Peyton and tells her about Victoria and Sam. Peyton tells her that it is not the worse thing for Victoria to be nice to Sam and would be worse for her if she was being mean to Sam. Brooke reluctantly agrees with her and then admits that Victoria never took her shopping. Nathan goes to see Bobby again and tells him that if he leaves, maybe Devon could take his place. He tells him that he is there to talk about both of these and asks if he thinks he is good enough to make it to NBA. Bobby says he is good enough but it takes timing and luck and that he is lucky to have received the offer he has got. Bobby says he thinks he should take it and Nathan is forced to consider it further.

Mia and Haley are working on a new song as someone interrupts them. He apologizes as Mia is shocked that Nick Lachey is standing in their studio and even recognizes who she is. Nick approaches Haley and asks what he has to do to get Haley to give him one of her songs. Haley admits that she did not realize it would be someone so popular. Haley chases a shocked Mia off as Nick begs Haley for her song as he really likes it but Haley says her song was mixed up by the label, but Nick says he is glad of the mix up. Haley tells him that she is flattered that he has bothered to come and see her but she has to say no. He continues to beg as Haley says she is not interested in selling her music, but before he goes asks him to sign some stuff for Jamie.

Lucas continues work on the comet as he remembers Peyton being in shock at how far Nathan and Haley have come as a family. Lucas says that they had been ready for a long time as Peyton admits that she will miss the chance to watch Jamie grow up as by the time she sees him he will be crawling. Peyton says that they will be great parents as Lucas says that she will too one day as she deserves it.

Skills and Jamie are sat in Skills’ apartment as Jamie wonders what Chuck has that she does not. Skills tells him not to let Madison ruin the dance for him as Jamie says that he is not going but Skills says that someone’s first dance decides the reputation that will follow them through school. Jamie says he will pout like he did when he lost Deb, but Skills says that if he wants to roll like him, they will go to the dance. That night, the two go to the dance, but they end up in the corner as Jamie watches Chuck and Madison together. Nathan goes to see Devon who tells him that his wife has had another child. Nathan apologizes about him getting kicked off the team as Devon assures him it is not his fault and wanted to tell him that. Nathan asks what he will do as Devon says he will work harder, try to be picked up and do things differently. He admits that even though he told Nathan not to throw his shot away, he should have been telling himself as you only get one shot.

621 n tells h about offer

Nathan tells Haley about his basketball offer.

Brooke walks into her store and finds she is the only one there. In fury, she goes to shred Victoria’s face on the ‘B. Davis’ magazine, but finds Sam’s letter from her birth mom. She reads it and is shocked that her birth mom has been trying to contact her.

Meanwhile, whilst Peyton is in the livingroom going crazy, Lucas is fixing up her car. He remembers eating in the cafe with Peyton and worrying with the amount she was eating that she was eating for two, but Peyton assures her that when she does get pregnant, she will eat so much more. She reminds him that he said the trip was their last hurrah so they had to stop for "the worlds best pie." She tells him that when her car leaves for L.A. tomorrow, she officially becomes an adult and then can no longer be spontaneous. Lucas offers to do it in style as Lucas suggests a dine and dash. Peyton reluctantly agrees and rushes out as Lucas pays the waitress and tips her if she runs out screaming after them. Lucas runs out the cafe as Peyton screams with laughter as they pull away from the screaming waitress. As they drive away however, they drop a gig ticket.

At the dance, Jamie and Skills are regretting coming as Skills tells Jamie that there are plenty girls who he could be spending his time with, as a girl beside him coughs very obviously. Jamie then asks Skills why he should bother if he is not as he knows he likes Lauren and accuses Skills of being a chicken. Skills denies it as Jamie asks him to prove it, so Skills does. Nathan gets home from practicing basketball as Haley tells him about Jamie before the dance. He sits down next to his wife and tells her about his deal in Europe and tells her that he is seriously considering taking it. Shocked, Haley asks what happens if he takes the offer and then the NBA call, but Nathan says that what if they do not call and Europe was his calling. Haley says that the NBA was his dream and he should pursue it, but Nathan asks to what end. Haley admits she does not know and tells him that no matter what, Jamie and her will be behind them 100%.

As Chase works at the bar and serves Nick Lachey a drink, Mia comes storming over and asks in front of everyone why he never told her that he lost his virginity to Brooke. Nick denies it as he says he was not a virgin and realizes she is talking to Chase. He turns around complimenting Chase, but Mia is less than impressed saying that she should not have heard it from Peyton. Chase says that it is not a topic most boys bring up as Mia storms away.

621 b gives sam letter

Brooke gives Sam the letter from her birth mom.

Victoria arrives back at the store as Brooke tells her she has really outdone herself. She shows her the letters from Sam’s mother that she has found and asks her to explain. Victoria tells her that they could lose Sam as Brooke argues that she is not hers to lose. Victoria tells her that Sam’s birth mother made her mistakes when she had her chance and it is too late for her to show up now. As she says this, Brooke is shocked and asks if she is kidding. Victoria tells her that she never abandoned Brooke as Brooke says that she did not physically and that might be worse. Victoria tells her that she knows how much Sam meant to her and shredded the letters for her, but Brooke refuses to believe it as she has never done anything for her. She tells her that she is really just trying to make up for her mistakes with her and that it is so obvious and pathetic that she should just stop and storms out yelling that she never took her shopping.

Nick goes to see Haley and asks for her to hear him out again, but Haley says that she has just wired the instrumental song up and it is good to go. She tells him to go record and Nick is shocked, but agrees to it. He records it as Haley listens in delight. Nathan tells Bobby that he has turned down the offer and that he is going to go to the NBA. Bobby tells him that the European league have missed out and hopes that the NBA does not make the same mistake. Nathan also tells Bobby that he told the scout about Devon as he deserves a second chance, as Bobby admits he done the same.

Skills is at the dance and approaches Lauren and goes to ask her out explaining that he just got out of a relationship, Lauren admits she has just got out of a relationship too so they should probably not date. Skills asks her to dance as Lauren turns him down but offers him some rebound sex as a joke. She takes him to the floor and begins to dance with him. As Nick finishes recording, Haley compliments Nick and tells him that he can record it as long as she can produce it.

Brooke gets home and gives Sam her letters, but Sam refuses to read it as her birth mom gave her up so does not want her. As Sam guesses what it says, she says that she could have said it in the coffee shop and did not realize it was her daughter so missed out. Brooke reminds her that she has been going to the coffee shop for months so obviously wants something from her, even if it is closure. Sam agrees that she wants to know why she was not good enough, why she was not loved enough, why she got thrown away. Brooke tells her that she may needs to tell her why it was so difficult to give it up, but had to. Brooke tells her she knows she could never understand where she is coming from as Victoria never gave her away but her birth mom is the only the one who has answers for her.

621 p n l wit comet

Peyton and Lucas spend a night on the comet before being separated.

Mia’s phone gets a text and as she reads it, she finds it is from Chase apologizing. He joins her at the table in Tric and admits that he should have told her about Brooke. Mia asked if he loved Brooke as Chase admits he thought he did, but then found her and realized what love was.

Chuck sits down next to Jamie at the dance and tells him that Madison has been talking about him all night. He apologizes for taking Madison to the dance and tells him that she is waiting over there for him. Jamie looks up and sees her and goes to join her and as Chuck goes to talk to another girl, she refuses to talk to him. As Jamie sits down with Madison, they hold hands.

Devon is walking with his family as he gets a phone call. As he answers, he finds he has a tryout and is delighted at his second chance. Nathan tells Haley that he is worrying if he just gave away his last chance as Haley says his chance is coming and she truly believes it.

Brooke and Sam are outside the cafe holding hands. She assures Sam she will be there for her and Sam walks in the cafe. Brooke watches sadly as Sam goes to see her mom and tries to smile to comfort her.

Lucas calls for Peyton and tells her to close her eyes. Peyton walks down the corridor, he shows Peyton the ticket for the Cure gig they never got to as Peyton laughs at how he pretended to like the cure for many years after. She tells him it was one of the best days of her life as they had their lives still ahead of them. She begins to cry as Lucas assures her they still do. Peyton agrees and asks for a kiss to the Cure. As they kiss, Lucas remembers the two sitting on the comet as Lucas is in disbelief he kept the tickets for 6 months and lost them in six hours. Peyton laughs that they could explain to the doorman what happened. He apologizes as Peyton tells him it is okay as they only have one last night together. He admits that he is going to miss her as Peyton says that she has many dreams about him and they will have their happily ever after, with marriage and kids. She promises and says she always keeps her promises as Lucas promises he will hold her to it. They stare at the night sky in happiness and love.

Memorable Quotes

"Funny, I thought vampires didn’t photograph."

- Brooke Davis as she sees Victoria Davis on the front of her magazine.

"I’m still trying to forget that he kissed Brooke, B.T.W. not going so well."
"Honey, why you so worried about the kissing part? I mean I thought you’d be more concerned with the virginity part."
"The what part?"
"And you didn’t know that."
-Mia Catalano finds out that Chase Adams slept with Brooke Davis from Peyton Sawyer.

"And as for Brooke, she’ll learn that she can’t pick her daughter’s friends. That’s a lesson I like to call the 'Peyton Sawyer Debacle.'"
- Victoria Davis

"Welcome to Tree Hill, I challenge you to find a boy that did not lose his virginity to Brooke Davis."
- Haley James Scott

"You’re Nick Lachey."
"And you’re Mia Catalano"
- Mia Catalano greets Nick Lachey

"Jamie, you gotta go to your first dance, man. I mean, what happens at your first dance becomes the building block of the rep that’ll follow you all the way through school. Me? My first dance? I walked in Antwon, but I left Skills."
- Skills

"The way I see it is, as soon as that car pulls out for L.A. tomorrow I’m officially an adult, which means no more being spontaneous, no more shoveling pie."
- Peyton Sawyer

"I got an offer, to play, in Europe. And I don’t know, Hales, maybe we should consider it. It’s good money, it’s a two year contract."
"But you wanna play in the NBA."
"I know, but so does every other person on my team, and every other player in the B league." - Nathan Scott tells Haley James Scott about his new option.

"The losing virginity topic isn’t something a guy likes to bring up to his girl."
"Or himself. But then again, your premiere starred Brooke Davis."
- Chase Adams and Nick Lachey.

"You have really out bitched yourself this time Victoria. Explain, oh no, don’t explain. I’m sure it’ll just be more of the same self-serving, manipulative B.S."
- Brooke Davis confronts Victoria Davis about Sam Walker’s letters.

"Sam, I have a letter for you, from your birth mother. I guess she’s been sending them to the store, hoping that I could help her get in touch with you and somehow they ended up in junk mail."
- Brooke Davis gives Sam Walker her letters from her birth mom.

"I’m gonna miss you."
"You better, because I have a lot of dreams wrapped up in you and it’s kind of hard to have a happily ever after all by yourself. We’re gonna have that Lucas. We are gonna get married and we’re gonna make a lot of babies in the backseat of this car. I promise and I always keep my promises."
"Good, because I’m gonna hold you to it."
- Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer talk about their future years after graduation.

"Stay out of it, Nick Lachey!"
- Mia Catalano yells at Nick Lachey


No voiceover


  • "Cartoons And Forever Plans" - Maria Taylor feat. Michael Stipe
  • "99 Times" - Kate Voegele
  • "On The Wing" - Owl City
  • "Black Hole" - The Aeroplanes
  • "Never Get Enough" - Honeypie
  • "Our Own Time" - Joey DeGraw
  • "A Lack Of Armor" - Jesse Ruben
  • "Turn Me Loose" - Loverboy
  • "Shake It" - John John
  • "Iron Man" - Nico Vega
  • "On Our Way" - Scott Creswell
  • "Anyone Night Stand" - The Sleeping
  • "All In My Head" - Nick Lachey
  • "All Broken Hearts" - Tyrone Wells
  • "Pictures Of You" - The Cure

This episode's title originated from the song A Kiss To Build A Dream On, originally sung by Louis Armstrong.


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