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Adam Reese

Portrayed by James Van Der Beek

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Adam Reese
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Adam Reese is an eccentric movie director who is hired by Paul Norris to direct Lucas Scott and Julian Baker's ill-fated adaptation of Lucas' novel. Eccentric and egotistical, Lucas greatly disagreed with Reese directing the film because he felt that he couldn't do the story and the characters justice. Reese proved himself to be exactly what Lucas thought of him when he chose to celebrate getting paid for doing nothing after the movie was shut down, while Lucas and Julian were more mournful.

Character History

Reese Trouser Hound – told by director to close eyes and listen to hear if actor can play a part, never listened.


  • For his role as Reese, James Van Der Beek was credited as a Special Guest Star, a distinction usually only given to actors once billed as main cast members. He remains the only actor to achieve this distinction during the show's run.

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