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Alexander Coyne was an Australian fashion designer hired by Victoria Davis to help out her daughter, Brooke, with the new "Clothes 4 Bros" line of men's clothing.

Character History

Season 7

Alexander arrived in Tree Hill, hired by Victoria to help Brooke out with the "Clothes 4ever Bros" men's fashion line. Alexander took an interest in Brooke, as she was still upset over her belief that Julian was falling for Alex. Despite this, he had been secretly dating Victoria while also hooking up with Alex for sex. Alexander and Victoria's relationship was outed at the grand opening of Quinn James's art gallery, which caused a rift between Brooke and Alexander and Victoria. Brooke ultimately put aside her differences, allowing Alexander to take over the Clothes 4 Bros line and run it from New York alongside Victoria.


Romantic Life

Alexander had brief relationships with both Victoria Davis and Brooke Davis. He also showed quite an interest in Alex Dupre, always calling her 'hot' and 'Sexy'. In Haley's 80's dance party, he also stated, "Brooke Davis, stunning in any decade." & in another episode he says that no one is as alluring as Brooke Davis.


  • For the eleven episodes he was featured in he was credited as Alexander with two different spellings of his surname; bill mainly but jerry for 6 of the episodes.
  • He has an Australian accent.

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