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Alice Day

Portrayed by Kelly Collins Lintz

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Alice Day
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Alice Day was the former boss of Marvin McFadden known for her ruthlessness. She developed a sexual relationship with Mouth until she was fired when her liaisons with various other employees were discovered.

Character History

Season 5

When Marvin got a job in the archiving department, he met Alice and she continually gave him a hard time and expressed hate for him. Taking advice from Antwon, Marvin kissed Alice and she fired him at first, but after Marvin talked to her, they made out and developed a relationship. When the archive crew got fed up with Alice, they asked Marvin to talk to her since he was the only one to ever stand up to Alice. That plan did not work, so the crew forgot about it. Then when Brooke tried to hook up Marvin and Millicent, Alice crashed the date and later sent Marvin a text stating "kiss her and you're fired," Marvin didn't kiss her and Millicent left upset. A few days later, Alice's relationship with an archiving department employee was discovered and she was fired. It was later revealed that she had a sexual relationship with most of the archive department employees.

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