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"All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone" is the twenty-first episode, and the season finale, of the fourth season of One Tree Hill and the 88th produced episode of the series. It aired on June 13, 2007. Dan must face the harsh consequences of his decision to murder Keith as Karen and Haley's pregnancies complicate the lives of Nathan and the graduating seniors of Tree Hill High. Lucas wrestles with his post-high school options, and Peyton and Brooke prepare to spend the summer in Los Angeles together.


421 the group rush h off to ambulance

Nathan and the group rush Haley off to the hospital

After revealing she is in labor during her graduation speech, Haley is rushed out by a nervous Nathan into an ambulance as Brooke, Mouth, Lucas, Skills, and Peyton all excitedly follow them behind. Karen is about to be injected as Deb texts Lucas to tell him what is happening. As Haley gets into the ambulance, she drops a piece of paper as her friends wave her off. Dan goes into the police office as Brooke finds the piece of paper whilst Haley is being driven away and Lucas gets the text off Deb. He rushes away as Brooke looks up in shock. At the hospital, Lucas arrives to see his mom being rushed off to a different room as Nathan watches his wife go through the same. The two beds are pushed passed each other and led off into different directions as Nathan and Lucas find themselves standing together worried for their loved ones. They both hug nervously as Lucas watches Nathan rush off for his wife. Dan walks into the police office and confesses to the murder of his brother. Meanwhile, Karen and Haley are given the same messages to just breathe as Nathan and Lucas assures their loved ones that they are there for them.

421 lil w kar in dream

Karen dreams of Keith and her daughter.

Suddenly, Karen stops breathing as Lucas screams for his mom, beyond the glass, where relatives can assist their loved ones.

Karen is then in a green field with a white dress. She sees Keith and running up to him, and happily kisses him. A little girl emerges from behind a bush and yells "yuck" at them. Karen stops kissing Keith and looks curiously at the child. Karen asks who it is, as Keith asks her if she doesn't already know. Karen realizes it is their daughter asks her mommy and daddy to come and play with her. They rush over to see her playing in a field of flowers. She picks one and asks her which type it is, and Karen answers her, which is a Lily. As she does, the little girl runs off past Keith and the two look at how their little girl is. Lily then asks for her mom to come with her and Keith tells Kare she should watch over her and that he will wait for her. Karen looks at him in doubt, but Keith tells her to look for him in the lilies. She runs off to see their daughter, leaving Keith behind, and she gets a heart beat back after the doctors "resuscitate" her. Brooke is reading Haley’s speech at the high school as Dan is lead to his cell in Tree Hill Jail. Haley also gives birth to her and Nathan’s son, James Lucas Scott. The two look at their son in amazement.


Karen and Lily visits her father's grave.

Two Weeks Later

421 l finds p car broke down

Lucas finds Peyton's car broken down at the same lake it did two years ago

Nathan is sitting with his son on the sofa watching basketball and listening to rap music. Haley walks in and is amazed that their son has settled into rap music and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want the classical music she always used to play for him when she was pregnant. Nathan then admits that when she was asleep he would put old school hip hop on for him and the two laugh. Karen visits Keith’s grave with her baby girl, Lily Roe-Scott. She tells him she will see him everyday in her. Lucas finds Peyton’s car broken down at the same lake that they first met. He examines the engine and tells her it looks as though nothing is wrong. Peyton then admits that the car is fine but she just got sentimental. Lucas then asks her if she really means it or if she is avoiding packing to leave for Los Angeles. Peyton admits that she doesn’t want to leave him as she will miss him too much. Lucas then tells her that he doesn’t know what he is going to do and is looking for the significant moment where he knows what to do, but one hasn’t came yet. The two decide to lie together by the lake before going home to pack. Nathan is trying to get Haley to the last party of senior year, but she refuses saying that she has to look after her son. Deb then walks in the room and offers to babysit and also ensures them she is capable of looking after their son, she has put the gun at the range and she is not a drug addict anymore. But she does warn the couple if they ever call her grandma in public, she will get the gun. She tells them to go and jokes that if there is any drugs there to bring her some home, something that doesn’t build Haley and Nathan up with much confidence.

421 b n mou are reunited wit r

Brooke and Mouth are reunited with Rachel

Brooke, Mouth and Chase arrive at the party. Mouth tells them the idea of the party is that at midnight the Tree Hill High computers change their records and they will no longer be in high school. Mouth then embarrasses himself realizing he is dressed like an idiot and carrying wine coolers. Lucas and Peyton also arrive at the party as she tries to convince both herself and Lucas that she doesn’t have to go as she won’t learn much other than answering phones, but Lucas tells her she is going and she will have fun. Haley and Nathan are next to arrive as Haley tries to get Nathan to ring home to check on Jamie, he tells her that they will not be one of them obsessive parents and they are going to have one last night of fun with their friends, which Haley agrees to. Brooke tells Chase that the night will be awful as they are all getting erased, but Chase tells her that tonight is full of possibilities. As they get to the party, Brooke gives her name and a guy at the door says he has been given strict rules not to let her in. Shocked, Brooke demands to know who’s party it is and behind her a voice tells her it is her party bitch. Brooke turns around and is thrilled to see Rachel Gatina standing in front of her. As the party begins, Rachel goes to see Mouth and the two hug as Mouth asks what she has been doing and why she is there. Rachel tells him it is a long story about where she has been, but she is there because she missed him. Brooke then comes along and drags Mouth away from her. She tells him that he is going to play a game of spin the bottle, and as he turns the corner, the bottle points at him and he finds out it was Shelley that started the spinning. They both looked at each other shocked as he walks off, and Brooke is left awkwardly.

421 the girls dance to sp

The girls dance to the Spice Girls

Haley is on the phone to Deb and asking how James is and for her not to tell Nathan she rang. As she continues to ask about her son, Deb hangs up on her obviously fed up with her ringing her. As she puts her phone away, a smug Rachel flicks her in the back of the head saying that it is for throwing a drink at her. Shocked, Haley pours a drink over saying that that is for flicking her in the head and Rachel laughs to herself admitting she will miss this. On the roof of the house, Lucas and Nathan exchange photos of Jamie and Lily and how proud they are of the new additions to their family. As they watch the senior year, Nathan then tells Lucas they have to go and see him, and Lucas agrees but asks what do they say to their father the murderer. Nathan says anything but he is not hiding from him and Lucas suggests tonight as Nathan says they have to get it over with. As Nathan leaves, he apologizes for not believing that Dan did it, as Lucas says he is sorry he was right. Brooke gets a picture message from Chase telling her to look at him as Haley then goes to see her and tells her that she is going to miss her over summer and Brooke tries to stop her as she will get too upset. Then Haley asks her to be James’ godmother and makes Brooke cry as she accepts happily.


Karen spits on Dan's cell glass, after telling him that for his fault, her daughter, will never know her father.

Shelley is watching people at the party as Peyton sees her. She tells her how cool her Clean Teens group is as Shelley admits she has ended the group and is now in the leather pants Mouth once told her to wear. Rachel then joins followed by Brooke and Haley as they laugh at their Clean Teens experience. The Spice Girls song ‘Wannabe’ begins and Bevin drags Brooke up to dance who is slowly followed by Peyton and eventually Haley. Although at first hesitant, Shelley and Rachel join in the dance too. They finish the dance and take a bow towards their cheering crowd. In another room, Skills is secretly singing along to the Spice Girls thinking he is alone. As he turns around, he sees Lucas and tries to hide it. The two childhood friends talk about how far they have come from the river court to winning the State Championship. Skills tells Lucas that they are not so far away and will still be close as Lucas asks if he plays Nathan and Whitey next season. Skills then tells him the date and time which he has obviously been looking at to try and win his old teammate and coach. Nathan then goes to see Lucas and tells him it’s time to go and see Dan, but Lucas shows resilience. At Tree Hill jail, Karen goes to see Dan and tells him that she has a daughter and that when she asks where her dad is, she will tell her that although her father loved his brother very much, he took him away from her forever. As Dan tries to fight for Karen’s forgiveness, she spits at the jail window and walks away shaking her head at him. He begins to cry and crouches to the floor in his cell.

Back at the party, Brooke is watching the others having fun from upstairs in tears as Lucas walks in and the two, both finally over their by now ended-for-good romantic chapter, have an intimate talk. She tells him that she is scared of moving on as she doesn’t think she is ready for the real world. Lucas then gets her to read an extract from his novel, and as she does, she realizes it is about her. Lucas’ novel states that she grew up very much over the course of the past two years and she will change the world one day even if she doesn’t know it yet. He then tells her that she will do great and the world doesn’t stand a chance against her. Brooke thanks him as they hug as friends. Downstairs, Shelley is being teased by someone at the fire. As he calls her a slut, Shelley is about to walk away as Mouth sticks up for her. The guy then pushes him to the floor calling him a geek and laughing with his friends, but Mouth gets back up and punches him to the floor. Mouth walks off and tells Shelley she looks great. Meanwhile, Haley finds Nathan and tells him they have to go home as she isn’t getting an answer from his mom’s phone. Nathan tries to assure her that Deb will be looking after James, but Haley lists everything his mom has been through and Nathan rushes her out the house to go on check on their son. Mouth and Shelley are talking in the house as she tells him she is no longer a Clean Teen. Mouth tells Shelley how important she is to him and as he goes to walk away, Shelley hugs him happily and Mouth compliments the leather skirt she is wearing, cheering Shelley up. Brooke is joined by Peyton and the two joke about their love triangle, which is finally and definitely a closed chapter. Brooke then says how happy she is they made it through it all as Peyton agrees since it’s always been ‘Hoes Over Bros’, both remarking their excitement to spend the summer together in LA and how much they mean to each other and love one another. Mouth, Skills, Junk, and Fergie are on the roof and realize it is nearly midnight. As they laugh how Fergie and Junk have had no girlfriends for 4 years, which Junk denies, Skills notices Mouth is upset. Mouth spins the bottle and it points at Brooke. He jumps off the roof and walks straight over to her. He spins her round and kisses her as Skills, Junk, and Fergie cheer at him. He walks off after saying he always wanted to do that as Chase walks past in shock. Brooke then laughs but thanks him for letting her say goodbye to all her friends, but it is time they got to spend some time together. He takes her off to kiss her till she has to leave.

421 h n l remember time together

Haley and Lucas talk about their time spent in high school

Haley and Nathan get home to find Deb with James asleep in her arms. She tells them she disconnected the phone as they were annoying them. Haley questions where she says the two of them and Nathan admits that he may have rung twice, but Deb says he rang six times. As Haley teases him, Deb says she called eight times. Deb tells them to go back to the party which they agree to do, but Nathan compliments Haley on what a good, sexy mom she is and the two start kissing. They agree to go back in a bit. Meanwhile, Lucas and Peyton kiss near the fire as Brooke and Chase kiss in the back of the car. Brooke takes her top off as she suggests trying new things. Chase agrees to it and they continue to kiss. At the fountains, Lucas confesses to Peyton he doesn’t want her to go as he loves her too much. Peyton offers to stay as Lucas refuses and explains he would her not to go but he will let her go. Peyton then says that it doesn’t matter where she is as she will always love him. As she says this, Haley and Nathan join them and lie about being around the party. Haley then asks to talk as Nathan and Peyton look at pictures of James. Brooke and Chase are in the car as Chase tries to get her to stay, but she says she has to go. She tells him how much she misses him as he has become such a big part in her life, but Chase tells her to put him in her heart and go and live life, but come back to him. Haley and Lucas are walking as she asks him to be godfather and hopes that he will be like his Uncle Keith was to Lucas. Lucas agrees to it as Haley admits how much she will miss him but Lucas says she won’t and asks if she wants to know a secret. Haley says yes, as Lucas whispers the secret in her ear. She looks at him in shock and hugs him happily. Meanwhile, Rachel is spray painting ‘The End’ on the wall as Brooke joins her. She gives her the graduation log with her diploma in it and Rachel is shocked Brooke chose to tell the truth and admits that out of all the school she has been to, she is glad she graduated at Tree Hill High.

421 l n n hav 1 last game of bball

As it all began, Lucas and Nathan challenge themselves at basketball, but this time as true brothers, while their group of friends is watching them.

Lucas goes to see Nathan and tells him that they shouldn’t go and see Dan at all as he has had control over them since they were born and now they can live life without him so why go and see him, ever. Nathan agrees to it as he has a great family. Lucas then tells Nathan he has been offered the Assistant Coach to his college team and has accepted and Nathan congratulates him. In the main part of the party, a countdown starts of to midnight and the juniors all celebrate becoming seniors, as the seniors look at the way they were a year ago. They decide to leave as Skills suggests a place he knows that is open all night. They all arrive at the river court and begin a game of girl vs. boys in basketball. They all laugh along getting on really well as a group of friends. Karen happily feeds her daughter as a picture of Keith sits on her shelves. Deb watches over James as he sleeps in his cot. She puts a Ravens teddy down by his bed. Dan tears up his bed sheets and tries to hang himself from the bars in the top of the jail. As he does, he remembers shooting Keith and Keith falling to the floor dead, just as the rope snaps. He breaks down in tears on the floor. On the river court floor, the group have all spray painted their names with the message ‘We were here’ in the middle. As the group begins getting upset, Brooke says they won’t do this as they will be friends forever and she knows it. Lucas agrees saying in four years time they will be back at the river court and will meet again no matter what they will be doing. Nathan then challenges Lucas to the rematch they first had that allowed Lucas to join the Ravens. They begin their competitive game as Mouth commentates and the group go wild for the different brother. The brothers smile at each other as Nathan asks if Lucas is up for it, but he assures him that he could do it forever and calls Nathan his little brother. Nathan leaps with the ball as Lucas goes to hit it out his hand and the crowd group roar with fun encouragement.

Memorable Quotes[]

”My name is Dan Scott. I killed my brother”
Dan Scott

”You should go watch over her, I’ll wait for you. It’s okay, I’ll be right here…Look for me in the lilies.”
Keith Scott to Karen Roe as he tells her to look after their daughter, Lily Roe Scott

”Now is the time for us to shine. A time when our dreams are within reach and possibilities vast. Now is the time for all of us to become the people we’ve always dreamed of being. This is your world, you’re here. You matter. The world is waiting”
Brooke Davis reads Haley James Scott’s graduation speech

”So you know this party tonight, it’s kind of the last hurrah for the seniors?”
”Yeah, I know, but what are we gonna do with the baby?”
”Cue the crazy grandmother. And FYI, if either of you ever calls me ‘grandmother’ in public, I’ll use my gun…which is at the range safe from the most beautiful little baby boy in the world, next to you Nathan, of course”
Nathan Scott tries to persuade Haley James Scott to go to the party as Deb Lee offers to babysit James Scott

”We gotta go see him”
”Yeah I know, but what do you say to your father, the murderer?”
Nathan Scott and Lucas Scott realize they have to go and see their father

”I would be honored to be his godmother and I promise you, that unlike my ungodly mother, I will so kick ass at this”
”I know you will, as long as you don’t say ‘kick ass’ around him too much”
”Right, sorry”
Brooke Davis accepts Haley James Scott’s invitation to be James Scott’s godmother

”I have a daughter, her name is Lily. And someday when she’s old enough, she’s gonna ask me where her daddy is, who he was and how he died. And on that day, I’m going to look into her beautiful eyes, eyes that don’t know of malice and jealousy and evil, and I’m gonna say, ‘Your father loved his younger brother very much, and that brother took him from you for your entire life. He made sure you would never know your father’”
Karen Roe to Dan Scott

”There’s a reason why our son’s middle name is Lucas. You had Keith and James is gonna have you and Nathan and I would also like for his Uncle Lucas to also be his godfather… I just, I hope he learns how to follow his heart like you do”
Haley James Scott to Lucas Scott

”Let’s get out of here”
”Where to?”
”I know a place that is open all night”
Brooke Davis, Bevin Mirskey, Skills and the rest of the group decide to go to the River Court

”Okay, we’re not going to do this. We’re not gonna get sad, nothing’s gonna change now. We’ll all be friends forever, I know it”
”Look, in four years we’ll be right back here. We’ll be done with college or wherever we go. Right?”
Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott cheer the group up

”You sure you’re up for this old man?”
”I could do this forever little brother”
Nathan Scott and Lucas Scott


No Voiceover


  • "Lightning Crashes" - Live
  • "They'll Never Know" - Ross Copperman
  • "Rapper's Delight" - The Sugarhill Gang
  • "Start A War" - The National
  • "Henrietta" - The Fratellis
  • "Three Seed" - Silversun Pickups
  • "Wannabe" - Spice Girls
  • "Say It Ain't So" - MoZella
  • "Walking Away" - Leopold
  • "Home Sweet Home" - Motley Crew
  • "God Is A Bullet" - Cristian Amigo
  • "Closer" - Travis
  • "Two" - Ryan Adams
  • "Within You" - Ray LaMontagne

This episode's title originated from the album All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, originally sung by Explosions In The Sky.


  • Whitey does not appear in this episode.
    • This is the second season finale to not feature Whitey.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jamie Scott, the son of Nathan and Haley.
  • This is the last episode to credit Whitey, Karen and Rachel as part of the main cast.


  • During the dance part at the party the camera zooms in and out on the group and Haley's can be seen switching from pumps to sneakers a couple of times.

Episode References[]

  • Lucas and Peyton meet at the lake with a broken-down car, as they did when they first met. ("Pilot")
  • Nathan and Lucas play basketball at the river court, a one-on-one game, as they did in the first episode as rivals, but now as "real" brothers. ("Pilot")