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Name Father Mother Date of Birth Godfather Godmother Picture
Jenny Jagielski Jake Jagielski Nicki May
Lily Roe Scott Keith Scott Karen Roe June 13th
James Lucas Scott Nathan Scott Haley James Scott June 13th

Lucas Scott

Brooke Davis
Nathan Smith Tim Smith Bevin Mirskey Smith
Sawyer Brooke Scott Lucas Scott Peyton Sawyer Scott May 11th Brooke Davis
Baby Girl Hall Eric Milton Chloe Hall April 19th
Lydia Bob Scott Nathan Scott Haley James Scott April 19th Clay Evans Quinn Evans
Davis Baker Julian Baker Brooke Davis November 21st Ted Davis Haley James Scott
Jude Baker Julian Baker Brooke Davis November 21st Ted Davis Haley James Scott
Baby Fletcher David Fletcher Lauren Fletcher
Unnamed Baby McFadden Marvin McFadden

Millicent Huxtable McFadden



Name Reason of name Reason of Middle name
Jenny Jagielski Possibly for illteration with her last name the same as her father.
Lily Roe Scott Karen had a dream of meeting Lily's deceased father Keith in a field of Lilies.
James Lucas Scott The maiden name of his mother and his maternal grandfather's name. The name of his godfather and uncle, Lucas Scott
Nathan Smith Most likey named after Nathan Scott, Tim's childhood bestfriend.
Logan Evans After the character Wolverine's alias.
Sawyer Brooke Scott The maiden name of her mother. The name of her godmother, and her mother's best friend, Brooke Davis.
Lydia Bob Scott The name of her late maternal grandmother. The same middle name of her mother.
Davis Baker The maiden name of his mother.
Jude Baker The name of the song "Hey Jude" by Paul McCartney, for the son of John Lennon, Julian.

Other Children

Name Father Mother Trivia Pictures
Carrie's Son Unknown Carrie He died at a young age.
Carrie's son
Nathan Richardson Unknown Renee Richardson She claimed that Nathan Scott was the father.
Logan Evans Clayton Evans

Sara Evans

He was raised by his maternal grandparents until he was 6 years old.


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