"Bridge Over Troubled Water" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 110th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on September 22, 2008. Lucas struggles to inspire the Ravens, while Haley investigates the disappearance of Dan. Brooke confronts an old demon from her past, as Nathan comes to terms with Deb's relationship with Skills. Peyton is surprised when a famous musician visits her studio.


604 jam n h stand at qs grave

Haley and Jamie stand at Quentin's grave

Nathan is playing basketball on the river court with Quentin, who is believed to be dead. He begins pushing Nathan as he did when he was alive and pushes Nathan to play the best possible. As he shoots the ball through the net, Quentin disappears and Nathan miserably accepts Q has gone. Lucas goes into his office and sees Q waiting at his desk. He stares as his old student disappears. Skills reads the newspaper as Q tells him that he will wait till the morning to talk to him as Haley imagines Q waving at her as she drives in the car. Her and Jamie to Q’s grave as Jamie asks what it says. He places a basketball down by his grave and asks his mom whether she thinks there is basketball in heaven. Haley tells him she knows there is and as Haley tells him Q has been dead 8 days, Jamie admits how much he misses him. Deb walks into the kitchen and finds Nathan who grunts at her. Annoyed that he has ignored her since the funeral, Deb jokes that she hopes soon she might even get a hello. Not seeing the funny side, Nathan tells her that he is annoyed because she chose to tell him that she was screwing Skills at a funeral. Deb admits she should have told him before, but she doesn’t know how to live here if they cannot sort it out. Nathan agrees he has been thinking the same thing and has decided he cannot live with it. He picks up her already packed bags as Deb realises she is being kicked out. As Haley and Jamie walk out of the graveyard, Jamie sees Dan’s headstone he bought many years ago. Jamie assumes he is dead, but Haley assures him he is not. As Jamie gets confused, Haley promises he is alive, so Jamie asks to go and see him.
604 car joins deb on swings

Carrie sits with Deb at the playground

A man is playing guitar in Red Bedroom Records Offices. Peyton walks in and realises it is Mick Wolf. She goes in to see him with excitement and tells him it is an honor to meet him and asks why he is there. Meanwhile, Brooke is at counselling. She tells the therapist that she was robbed and attacked at her store. The therapist tells her that often attacked victims find it easier to talk through their attack as Brooke assures her that her attack was not random, nothing her mom does is random. Deb is sitting on a seat watching children in a playground as Carrie walks by and sits next to her. Unknown to Deb as Jamie’s old nanny, Carrie asks her which child is hers. Deb tells her that her child is not there today. She then tells Carrie that she is the child’s nanny, but she has been fired. Carrie tells her that she has been there. Carrie then tells Deb how under appreciated nannies are and then tells her that if she was Deb, she would do whatever it takes to stay in the little boy’s life. Back in her therapy session, Brooke is asked if there was any abuse in her family, but Brooke assures her there was none. She then goes on to explain how she thinks that Victoria did not do it personally, she hired someone to do it. Brooke tells her that her mother knew that her designs were at the store and she had just finished them. She also tells them that Victoria would have known that if she went to the board meeting without her designs, then she would look unprofessional, making it easier for her to gain control of the company. As Brooke tells her that she will think she is crazy, the therapist tells her that she just thinks they have a lot to talk about. In Jamie’s house, Lucas is being told that Nathan has fired his mom. Nathan tells him that he can do what she normally does as Lucas laughs at the situation. Lucas tells Nathan he has to move on by the game the day after, and Nathan tells him he will, but only for Q and not for Skills. Lucas tells him that Jamie and the team will need him and that Skills would make a better dad than Dan anyway. Nathan looks around in anger and throws a toy of Lucas, who begins to laugh.

604 p gets to kno mik

Peyton gets to know Mick

Haley pulls up to the beach house with Jamie, where Dan is supposed to be staying. They notice many papers gathered at the front door and wonder why he has not been picking them up. Haley begins ringing the doorbell as Jamie sees Q on the front of the newspaper. As Haley receives no answer she tries the door. The door opens and thinking the worse, Haley sends Jamie back to the car. She prepares herself to find Dan dead on the floor and walks in. Meanwhile, Skills answers the door to Deb and he tells her that he wants to take her out that night, but Deb has other ideas. She tells him that Nathan has kicked her out and that she has worked too hard to be kicked out of her son’s life and their relationship is just unpractical. Skills tries to avoid the end of their relationship, but Deb refuses to avoid it and ends their relationship for the sake of her family. Peyton is talking to Mick as she asks if he thinks about how great it was to be in the middle of everything, but Mick admits he does not look back that much. Mick also tells her that even though he was in Rolling Stones, his records were not selling. Peyton asked if that is why he stopped recording, but he tells her that it is because he had nothing left to say and has just done session work from then. Peyton then asks if he would like to go to lunch with her and puts on her jacket. Mick suddenly looks at her in shock and as Peyton asks what is the matter with him, Mick tells her that he knows the jacket was her mom’s and that she looks just like Ellie. Shocked, Peyton begins asking Mick why Mia did not say who it was when she met someone who knew her mother, but Mick says that she is too young to know who he is. Peyton asks how he knows who she was, and Mick tells her that when Ellie got sick, it hurt a lot of people, including him and he found out about her through her benefits CD. Peyton then asks if he knew her dad, and Mick tells her he did not, no one did. Haley is on the phone to the hospital asking to be rung about the condition of Dan. As she hangs up, Skills walks in. He checks Nathan is not there, and then tells her about Deb breaking up with him. Haley makes a joke about it, and Skills asks why everyone thinks it is such a joke. Skills assures her he really has feelings for Deb, but Haley makes another joke. Skills then asks if she could talk to Nathan for him, but Haley refuses to get in the middle of it. Skills eventually persuades her to try but tells him to man up and talk to Nathan.

604 sam back chats h

Sam backchats Haley

Back at therapy, the therapist asks why Brooke calls her mom Victoria. Brooke explains why as the therapist asks why she went into business with her and Brooke admits it was for her to love her. As the therapist asks her if she still wants her mother’s love, Brooke tells the therapist that she bought a gun. The therapist says that is not uncommon in attack victims, unless she is having thoughts of hurting her mother. Brooke tells her she is not as she is not crazy, but she tells the therapist it would not bother her if it was dead. She admits she does not know how it got to this point as the therapist tells her that maybe she should ask her mother that question. In Tree Hill High, Haley sits Nathan down and tells him about how upset Skills is with the break up. Nathan shows no pity as Haley tells him that he and her were not the most conventional couple. Nathan agrees asking if she is ever going to stop trying to make him into a better person, but Haley admits it is not likely. Haley also tells him about Dan’s headstone at the cemetery and Nathan laughs at how pathetic the idea is. She admits she took Jamie to the beach house and he was not there and it has been a while since any one has seen him. She tells Nathan that she is worried how it might affect Jamie after him still trying to get over the death of Q. Lucas goes to see Andre and asks how he is and whether he has been playing basketball. Andre asks if he could ever be a Raven as Lucas tells him to go and see him in ten years time. As he turns around, he finds Denise at the door waiting for him and invites him in. At the high school, Haley is forced to break up a fight including Samantha Walker and another girl. She gives them all detention as she keeps a hold of Sam. She checks if she is alright as Sam tells her to spare her the female bonding as she knows all about how tough Haley’s life was, being a cheerleader and rock star who dated the basketball captain. She walks off annoyed at Haley’s attempt to be friendly as Haley is left in shock with Sam’s behaviour. She goes home that night and tells Brooke she knows her shoplifter. As Haley tries to empathise with Sam, Brooke tells her just to keep her away from her store. As they talk about Jamie, Haley asks if Brooke is okay and Brooke tells her how she wishes she had a family like theirs. Jamie tells her that she already does, as she is Aunt Brooke.

604 sk attempts to keep his relationship and friendship

Skills tries to keep his relationship and friendship by talking to Nathan

Back at the studio, Mick asks Peyton if she is alright, and Peyton tells him that Ellie never said much about her father, probably because she did not want her to know about him that much. She admits she was hoping that he could help and Mick confesses he knew him a bit and that her father and Ellie were in love and it was great, but messy. As he tells her this, Peyton realises that Lucas will kill her if she does not let him meet her. She asks him if he likes basketball, and as Mick asks if it is the Bobcats, Peyton tells him it is the Ravens. At the Scott house, Nathan carries some hot microwaveable soup over to an unimpressed Jamie. He tells his father what Deb usually makes him and asks when she is coming back. Nathan admits he does not know and Jamie asks if it is because her and Skills were kissing. He tells Nathan that it should be fine as he likes Deb and Skills so they should be allowed to like each other. As Nathan argues that Deb is his mom, Jamie says he lets Nathan kiss his mom and Nathan is left without anything to argue with and walks off telling Jamie to eat his soup. Back in school, Haley is telling the students that the Ravens basketball game is dedicated to Quentin and asks them to show up. As the students leave, Haley asks Sam to stay. She tells her that the paper she wrote on Quentin was very good and that she should spend some more time writing and less time shoplifting. As Sam denies it, Haley tells her that Brooke is not going to press charges and that she actually sent her a gift. Sam simply laughs this off telling Haley she is not homeless and does not need her friend’s charity. Haley tells her that she is there to listen whenever she wants, but Sam walks out, sarcastically thanking her. Lucas, Skills and Nathan arrive in the gym to find the Ravens watching as Quentin’s jersey number is placed in a frame on the gym wall. As the Ravens go to get changed, Skills asks to talk to Nathan, but tells him he has nothing to say to him. Skills tells him just to listen and tells him that Deb makes him happy and he makes Deb happy. He admits he should have told him from the beginning, but he really likes Deb. He walks off telling Nathan the ball is now in his court. In the changing rooms, Lucas preps the Ravens for the match. He tells them that basketball can help heal him as it did once to him when he lost a close one. He then passes the talk to Denise Fields who tells them to remember the happy times with Quentin, so when he was playing basketball. She tells them not to feel guilty about playing but Q would want them to play and that Q will be with them all the way. Lucas agrees as he shows them their new jerseys, which holds a new badge with the letter Q written on and Q’s jersey number on. The Ravens go out to play and tap Quentin’s locker in memory.

604 l commemorates q

Lucas dedicates a minute of silence to Quentin

Lucas starts the game off telling everyone present at the game how much Quentin is missed. He also tells them that no Raven will ever play the number 44 again to commemorate Quentin. He also tells them that as long as the gym stands, Q will play along with them as Denise and Andre reveal the jersey hanging on the gym wall. The crowd applaud as Lucas declares a moment of silence for Quentin. Meanwhile, Carrie walks into Jamie’s run after breaking in. She begins to take a load of clothes from Jamie’s drawers ready for Jamie’s ‘road trip.’ She picks up Chester and laughs that if he could talk, he would be her dinner. Brooke goes to visit Victoria in New York and puts a gun down on the table, telling her she has some catching up to do. As the Ravens begin to play, Lucas picks out 4 player when there should be 5. As a teammate asks why, Lucas tells him that the 5th spot is being left open for Q. The team agree as Lucas tells them to go out and make them proud. As they go out to play, the crowd applauds again, but the referee tells him he cannot play with four unless one of the teammates is hurt. Lucas tells the referee that all of his teammates are hurting and that is why they are playing with four. As the Ravens play, Skills tells Lucas it might be the greatest loss he has ever seen, but Lucas tells him it is not the winning that matters in the game, it is the healing.

604 b accuses her mother of the attack

Brooke confronts her mother

Back at New York, Brooke tells Victoria that she has given her the chance to kill her, but would like her to aim low so she can look good at her funeral. Confused, Victoria asks what is the matter with her and what happened to her eyes. Brooke tells her that she knows she had her attacked as Victoria asks if she went to the police or told anyone in case of the publicity, but Brooke tells her that she did not. Brooke then pushes for an answer as Victoria who gives her one. She assures her daughter she would never harm her as Brooke tells her maybe she did not mean for her to get hurt, just to rob the store. Brooke then tells her that Q died last week and she felt nothing but cold and from that, she realized she was turning into her mother. Victoria asks what she wants her to say, that she was a failure as a mother, when actually she has everything she ever wanted. She told her how she would have loved the idea of a fashion line, but she and her father had a surprise, her. She tells Brooke how she told her father that she did not want kids but he wanted a son. Her husband also began sleeping with other women when she got fat. She then tells Brooke how when she was born, she made sure she would never get pregnant again as if she could not have her dream, neither could her father. Victoria tells her that she should be grateful for giving her the life she wanted as Brooke tells her she is thankful, as now she knows it is not her fault about her childhood. She then tells Victoria she is cancelling her involvement with Clothes Over Bro’s and that she can have the line, the magazine, everything she ever wanted. As she walks out, she congratulates Victoria on getting her dream, a company and no daughter.

604 l finds the crowds applauding his team

Lucas finds the crowd applauding his team's efforts

At the Raven’s game, the Raven miserably go back to the changing rooms after losing. As they get changed, Lucas tells them that even though the record books will show they lost, the records will not show, that the Ravens played with four men and made the other team fight to win. He tells them that they proved that a team is better than statistics and that they played hard for Q and played in his honor. He tells the team to be proud of themselves as he is. A teammate then tells Lucas they want to play as a four man team for the rest of the season to commemorate Q. Lucas agrees telling them it has been an honor to work with them. As the Ravens leave the gym, the crowd wait for them and applaud them for their efforts. Outside, Peyton is walking Mick to his car. As she asks him to stay and meet Lucas, Mick tells her that he is going to stay around and record some music anyway. Peyton offers him the studio and reminds him that he had nothing left to say, but Mick tells her that he has one more thing to say. Peyton then tells him that she thought he would be her father when Mia rang her, but Mick laughs this off telling her that it would be something. In New York, Brooke gets into a taxi and tells the taxi man to take her to the airport as she is going home to her family. Sam is walking down the corridor as she sees the Clothes Over Bro’s bag that Haley offered her hanging on her locker. She takes it. In the Scott house, Carrie walks over to a photo of Jamie and kisses it and tells her that she will see him soon. At the game, Deb is staring at Skills as Nathan approaches. He asks her to move back in as Jamie has been through too much and needs her. Deb thanks him as Nathan asks if Skills really makes her happy and Deb admits he does but she is willing to give him up. Nathan then tells her that he just does not want to see it and that she can do what she wants. Watching Jamie and Andre play basketball, Haley gets a phone call. She answers it and sounds shocked. As she hangs up Nathan sits next to her. She tells him that the hospital had a heart for Dan, but he never rang to get it. Nathan is shocked too and tells her that maybe he did go off to die. The following day at the River Court, Nathan is practicing his basketball skills. As he does, he sees Quentin on the other side. He goes to shoot, but turns back around and sees Q has disappeared. As he turns back around, Skills approaches him and tells him that he knows Q was helping him play again and offers to help. Reluctant, Nathan eventual tells him what they were working on, and Skills tells him that they will start there. They start practising as Skills takes Q’s old place.

Memorable Quotes

"When is she coming back?"
"I don't know, buddy"
"Is it because she was kissing uncle Skillls"
"You knew about that?"
"Yeah, They tried to pretend he was getting something out of her eye, but they were just being all mushy"
"Yeah, and how does it feel to be scarred for life?"
"Fine. I like nanny Deb. I like uncle Skills. So, What if they like each other?"
"It's a little complicated than that. Your nanny Deb is also my mom"
"Yeah, but i let you kiss my mom."
            Jamie Scott and Nathan Scott talk about Deb Scott and Skills' relationship
”Do you think there’s basketball in heaven?”
”I know there is”
Jamie Scott and Haley James Scott talk about Quentin Fields in heaven

”Victims of attack often find it helpful to talk through the experiences in therapy. Helps them make sense of a random act”
”This wasn’t random. Nothing my mother does is random”
A therapist tries to help Brooke Davis

”Did you know my dad?”
”No. I don’t think anyone ever really knew your dad”
Peyton Sawyer asks Mick Wolf about her dad

”I bought a gun”
”That’s not uncommon for attack victims. Gives them a feeling of control. Unless you’re having thoughts of hurting your mother”
”No, I mean, I’m not crazy. But it occurs to me, that it wouldn’t bother me if she were dead. That’s not healthy right? To feel like if your mother was dead, you wouldn’t miss her. That you might be better for it. And I just don’t know how it got to this”
Brooke Davis discusses her issues with Victoria Davis

”I’ve heard all about Haley James Scott. A cheerleader who dated the star of the basketball team. That is, when you weren’t a rock star. You’re life must of been really tough. So just don’t pretend like you know anything about my problems okay? See you in detention, Hannah Montana”
Sam Walker to Haley James Scott

”Hey. James Lucas Scott, step away from the mannequin before I come over and out your eyeballs”
Haley James Scott as she catches Jamie Scott looking up a mannequin’s dress

”Ellie loved him, and he loved her back. Their romance was one of the all-time greats. Which meant, it was messy, but we should all be that lucky, right? Be so passionate about someone”
Mick Wolf tells Peyton Sawyer about her father

”All right, look. I know you don’t feel much like playing basketball tonight. And I get it. When I was in high school, someone close was taken away from me. And I couldn’t understand how a game could matter anymore. But my coach was a wise man, and he told me that basketball was more than just a game. That it had to power to heal me if I let it. He was right”
Lucas Scott to the Tree Hill Ravens

”Everyday we face the same truth. That our time here is short. And to honor the fallen, we must live our own lives well. We must take the high road when we can and allow our common loss to bring us together. I think that’s the way Q would’ve wanted it. And while tonight we miss our fallen teammate, friend, loved one, we commemorate him for all time. No Raven will ever wear the number 44 again, and for as long as this gym stands, Quentin fields will be here with us. No one can take his place on this team and no one can take his place in our hearts”
Lucas Scott

”Coach, I can’t let you play with four. Unless one of your teammates is hurt”
”All of my players are hurting, that’s why we’re playing with four”
Lucas Scott tells the referee

”Someone died last week. And I wasn’t close to him, but my friends were and yet in the midst of all their grief, I felt nothing. I just felt cold, and I realized I’m turning into the one person I do not wanna become. I’m turning into you”
Brooke Davis to Victoria Davis

”When Mia said that there was somebody asking about me who knew Ellie, I thought maybe you’re my father”
”That would be something, wouldn’t it?”
Peyton Sawyer and Mick Wolf

”I know Q was working with you to get your game back. What were you working on?”
”He always said I couldn’t go left”
”So maybe that’s where we start”
Skills lends a helping hand to a reluctant Nathan Scott

"It's funny, you know all these years we called him Skills, I always thought it had something to do with basketball."
"That's not funny."
" Kinda funny."
Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott talk about Skills


”The hardest part of saying goodbye, is having to do it again every single day. Every day we face the same truth. That life is fleeting, that our time here is short and to honor the fallen, we must live our own lives well.”
Lucas Scott (opening voice-over)


  • "Paris" - LaRocca
  • "More Than Life" - Whitley
  • "Matinee" - Hurts To Purr
  • "A Children's Crusade On Acid" - Margot and The Nuclear So & So's
  • "Said And Done" - Meiko
  • "This Is Your Life" - Low Vs. Diamond
  • "Scream" - Chris Cornell

This episode's title originated from the song Bridge Over Troubled Water, originally sung by Simon and Garfunkel.


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