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This article refers to the character from "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)". For the article about Brooke Davis see here
Brooke Davis
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Brooke Davis
Karen's Cafe
Indebted to the Comet Club
Owner of a Garment Line
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Brooke Davis was a fashion designer who lived in Tree Hill City. In order to start her business, Brooke borrowed money from Dan Scott, the dangerous and influential owner of the Comet Club. When he asked for repayment, the once outgoing and sophisticated Brooke, panicked. When she failed to pay him, Dan decided Brooke's way out of debt would be to kill Lucas but Brooke double crossed him and attempted to shoot him instead. She previously dated Lucas Scott.


Season 6


Brooke was a socialite who had a past relationship with Lucas Scott although they remained friends. Brooke would often visit Karen's Cafe which was run by Lucas. Despite this, she wanted to become a fashion designer, she then borrowed money from loan stark Dan Scott who ran a rival business to Lucas. But when she couldn't repay the money Dan threaten her until Brooke discovered the secret of Dan's love for Peyton Sawyer's late mother when she then tried to blackmail him. It backfired and Dan tried to force her to shoot Lucas. She instead tried to shoot Dan but she had been given a fake gun.

Relation to Brooke Davis

She also dated Lucas Scott and was a fashion designer.


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