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The following are the details of Brooke Davis' friendships.

Peyton Sawyer
Relationship: Best friends
Details: After Peyton's mother died Brooke came by her house everyday to make sure she was okay. Peyton and Brooke where on the cheerleading squad together. Brooke ended the friendship twice but both times they came out stronger. Brooke and Peyton lived together for the last period of high school and after they both came back to Tree Hill. Peyton named her daughter after Brooke, Sawyer Brooke Scott.Brooke was Peyton maid of honor and she made her wedding dress. Peyton could not attend Brooke's wedding due to Sawyer being sick
Brooke Peyton

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Best friends
Details: Haley and Brooke have been best friends since their junior year in high school. one night after a Ravens game Haley drove home with Peyton and Brooke. since then Peyton and Haley started to become closer and Brooke soon became closer with Haley as well. Brooke helped Haley hide her pregnancy from the students at school and Haley and Nathan made Brooke Jamie's godmother. Four years after graduation Brooke moves back to Tree Hill and spends a lot of time with Jamie and Haley to get their minds off Nathan. Haley and Brooke became even closer after Peyton and Lucas left Tree Hill because Lucas was Haley's best friend and Peyton was Brooke's.
Hales Brooke

Lucas Scott
Relationship: Good friend
Details: Brooke and Lucas used to date but after they broke up it took Brooke a long time to trust Lucas again and to become friends.
Brooke and Lucas

Marvin 'Mouth' McFadden
Relationship: Best friends
Details: Mouth and Brooke's friendship started at the Boytoy auction where Brooke bought Mouth after she had broken up with Lucas and she wanted to have a fun night. Brooke and Mouth have always supported each other. When mouth was going to move to Omaha, Brooke fired Millicent to get her to go with him and she also helped him after Millie had cheated on him with Owen.

Rachel Gatina
Relationship: Ex-Friend
Details: Brooke didn't like Rachel at first because she was constantly flirting with Lucas but they packed things up and Brooke even lived with Rachel after she moved out of Peyton's house. When Brooke went to New York with Owen she found Rachel on the floor, she overdosed and Brooke took her back to Tree Hill but Rachel stole some money from Brooke and left.

Victoria Davis

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Friend
Details: Created a sex tape which caused lots of drama that was resolved quickly. Brooke and Nathan are very similar and have always been there for each other because of it.
Nathan Brooke

Karen Roe
Relationship: Friend
Details: She and Karen first met in the hospital after Lucas' car accident. This was a shock to Karen who didn't know he son was dating anybody. It seemed like Karen had a poor impression of Brooke at first, as she didn't seem like his type and was responsible for his tattoo. But they got closer once she understood how much Brooke cared about her son. She became the mother figure Brooke had always wanted in her life and Karen was very offended by her son's treatment of her. They lived together for a time in her Junior year. Though living with rules and structure was a new experience for her, she was grateful for it. She was thrilled upon learning of her engagement to Keith and insisted on making her wedding dress, but sadly she never got to wear it. Years later she stopped by to offer Brooke advice and support while on her way to Lucas' wedding.
Karen & Brooke

Keith Scott
Relationship: Friend
Details: Brooke made a very poor first impression on Keith. On her first date with Lucas she got him drunk and tattooed. Keith had been left in charge of Lucas while Karen was in Italy and he was quite unhappy with her, clearly seeing her as a bad influence. But they soon got along better. She attended his failed wedding to Emily (Jules) though later she told him she did not like Emily much. She was happy when he returned to town and greeted him with a hug. She was thrilled about his engagement to Karen and devastated by his loss. She helped Lucas move on, as she had done for her best friend years before.

Millicent Huxtable
Relationship: Assistant and friend
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Richard Davis

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