Bucko the Clown

Portrayed by Chris McNair

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Bucko the Clown
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Bucko the Clown was the clown hired by Deb Lee for her grandson Jamie's fifth birthday party, something which caused conflict between Deb and Haley who's fear of clowns made her wary of Bucko.

Character History

Bucko the Clown was a person who performed at special occasions as a clown. Aside from living in a parking lot in Rock Hill, New York, not much was known about him. However, it was known that he spent time in prison throughout his life, possibly suggesting that this was missed off his CV when asked to perform at children's birthday parties. He completed balloon tricks, jokes and various other clown acts.

Season 5

515 deb and dan are reunited

Bucko interrupts Deb and Dan. ("Life Is Short")

For Jamie's 5th birthday, Jamie's grandmother, Deb Lee hired Bucko the clown out to perform at Jamie's birthday. On arrival, Deb was very flirtatious with Bucko whereas Haley James Scott avoided him due to her long running fear of clowns. When Dan Scott arrived at the party, Bucko stopped a possibly deadly encounter between Dan and his ex-wife Deb, which is where he revealed that he has done time inside. At the end of the party, Deb and Bucko emerged from the bathroom, with Deb having paint across her neck. Haley caught this happening and was shocked and disgusted as Bucko made a quick exit.

("Life Is Short")

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