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Camilla Durham

Portrayed by Uncredited

Camilla Durham
Family Members
Whitey Durham (husband)
Camilla Durham was the wife of Whitey Durham who died some time during his coaching post at Tree Hill High School. The two met while attending school together and eventually married. After her death, Whitey continued to mourn her passing in which he visited her grave regularly.

Camilla died while in surgery, which Whitey told Lucas when Lucas wanted him to get eye surgery.

Character History

Before Series

Camilla was the wife of Coach Durham. He often mentioned that she was the love of his life and one of the few things that was more important to him than basketball. He had planned on retiring from the sport after winning 500 games, coaching for 20 years, and making a difference. Then he would start a family with her. Even though she died before this happened, his love for her was eternal and he was seen at her grave often. 

After Death


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