Charlene Rimkus

Portrayed by Susan Walters

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Charlene Rimkus
Principal Buttkiss
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Charlene Rimkus was the principal of Tree Hill High School who clashed with a former literature teacher, Haley James Scott, over her decision to publish a story by Sam Walker in the school newspaper.


Principal Rimkus become the head of the Tree Hill High School following Principal Turner's departure. Once she took over the school she enforced a stricter policy on both the students and staff.

Season 6

When Haley publishes Sam's essay in the school paper, Principal Rimkus does not like it, because the essay is "offensive." She later suspends Haley from teaching, and tells her the only way she can come back is to issue an apology letter in the next paper (which Rimkus already typed) and address her wrongness in front of her English class. Haley then told her English class to never sacrafice their beliefs and always tell the truth, and she stormed out. Rimkus takes over the class, and she pretty much fails the class. Sam and Jack then take the whole English class to Haley's house, and she teaches them the theme of the book they're reading, Catch 22. Rimkus then comes to Haley's house, tells everyone to get back to school and tells Haley to clear all of her stuff by the end of the day. When Haley comes, Rimkus starts to tell her to come back, and Haley told her off saying that Rimkus "made a good teacher not want to teach, and good students not want to learn".


  • Her first name was never revealed on the show. However, on the letter she gave Haley in
    Searching for a Former Clarity her name is stated as being Charlene.
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