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Portrayed by Tyron McFarlan

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Charlie was the boss of Mouth McFadden, who he clashed with over Mouth's refusal to report the scandal between Nathan Scott and Renee Richardson

Character History

Before the Series

Although not appearing until the seventh season, it is likely that Charlie became the programming director following Alice Day's firing.

Season 7

Charlie wanted Mouth to investigate if anything else was happening with Nathan following his confrontation with Renee at a restaurant. Mouth lied to Charlie and told him nothing was going on, although Charlie managed to figure out that Mouth was lying when tabloids got hold of Nathan and Renee's pregnancy scandal. Charlie demoted Mouth when he continued to refuse reporting the scandal. Taking advice from Nathan on doing his job, Mouth reluctantly agreed to report the story of Nathan's scandal and the loss of many of Nathan's endorsements, leaving Charlie satisfied. However, Mouth went off-script during the report and Charlie angrily went out to confront Mouth, only to find that the door to his office has been blocked by a chair. Mouth walks off the set, undoing his tie as Charlie continued to struggle to get out of the room. 


Romantic Life


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