The following are details of the relationships that Chase Adams has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Brooke Davis
Start Up: Resolve
Break Up: Between All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone and 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
Relationship: Ex-Girlfriend
Details: Brooke met Chase while she was a Clean Teen and they began dating. After Brooke revealed secrets they continued dating after a rough patch when Brooke promised there would be no more surprises. But later her sex tape with Nathan was revealed and they split up. They later recoiled due to their feeling for each other and Chase lost his virginity to Brooke. But after high school they ended their relationship.

Mia Catalano
Start Up: A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
Break Up: What's In The Ground Belongs To You
Relationship: Ex-Girlfriend
Details: After meeting while Chase was working at TRIC and Mia was recording they start to see each other and quicking start a relationship. When Mia goes on her tour Chase often visited her and supported her and they were together for nearly two years until Mia's second tour were Mia left Chase through a text message; due to all the time they spent apart. But she soon regretted it and tried to recoil with Chase and while the did for a while, Chase instead fell in love with Alex Dupre.

Alex Dupre
Start Up: Asleep At Heaven's Gate
Break Up: In The Room Where You Sleep
Relationship: Ex-Girlfriend
Details: After flirting in Utah the two embarked on a relationship. A big issue in their relationship was Chase's ex-girlfriend Mia Catalano and due to Mia the two had an on and off coupling and it was only after Chase was able to move on from Mia they could fully commit to each other. But soon after that Chase left for a year to go to the air force and despite dating other people the recoiled and were finally able to be a normal couple. They were about to move in together until Alex was offered to go on tour and she took it ending their relationship.

Start Up: Love The Way You Lie

Relationship: Fling
Details: After breaking up with Alex, Chase and Tara had a one night stand with Tara leaving her number after it. He later discovered she was in a relationship with Chris Keller but he continued to see her.

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