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The Clean Teens was the abstinence club in Tree Hill High. All of the Clean Teens wore T-shirts that had the name of the club (on the front) and the slogan (on the back) every day to separate them from the rest of the students at the school and to let everyone of the opposite sex know that they were intending to be virgins until marriage. The club was dissolved after Shelly slept with Mouth.


Second Generation

Notable members: Chase Adams, Shelley Simon, Rachel Gatina and Brooke Davis

411 b n r arrive in clean teens uniform

("Everything in Its Right Place")

The Clean Teens, lead enthusiastically by Shelley Simon, was a group of 10-15 students of Tree Hill High School. Their promise as a member of the club was to remain a virgin until they marry. Everyday, the Clean Teens had to wear a T-shirt with the name and slogan of the club as a uniform and to tell everyone of the opposite sex that the person is a Clean Teen and is on abstinence from sex.


Season 4


Rachel and Brooke join the Clean Teens ("Everything in Its Right Place")

When Rachel and Brooke break in at Tree Hill High School to steal test results from the tutor center in Everything in Its Right Place, they get busted by the school principal and have to make up an excuse - fast. They see there is a meeting going on inside a class room just beside them and tell Turner that this is where they're going and are forced to go inside and join the Clean Teens. Later in the episode, they have their first day as Clean Teens at the school and display their new uniforms for the first time. It was disbanded after Shelley slept with Mouth.


  • Their slogan was "Virgin For Life".

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