The following are the details Dan Scott's family.

Lucas Scott
Relationship: Son
Details: Dan and Lucas did not have a good relationship. Dan abandoned a pregnant Karen to go to college. When Lucas joined the Ravens basketball team, Dan made Luke's life a living hell and often put him down in order to prop up his other favourite son, Nathan. Despite this, Dan is shown to care for Lucas to some degree, having childhood pictures of Lucas in a box in his dealership and acknowledging Lucas as his son when Lucas needs surgery following his and Keith's car accident. Although in season two, Lucas chooses to move out of Karen's house and into his fathers. You would presume with good intention but it is, however to try and bring him down. Dan tests Lucas's loyalty to him by planting a bag of counterfeit money in the ceiling of his dealership office, along with a ledger. When Lucas fails, Dan says that Lucas is nothing to him and Lucas is thrilled to finally have Dan out of his life. Lucas still rescues Dan from the dealership fire despite his hatred of Dan. The two gradually become closer in season four when Dan begins to spend more time with Karen following the revelation of her pregnancy and his guilt over killing Keith, but this relationship sours permanently when Lucas learns from Abby Brown that Dan was responsible for Keith's murder and not Jimmy Edwards like he originally thought.

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Son
Details: Nathan and his father never got along as Dan was always bullying Nathan into Basketball and Nathan was always trying to do better than his father. But when Nathan's wife Haley fell pregnant they formed a stronger bond until it was revealed Dan killed Keith. After Dan was realized from jail Dan tried to recoil their relationship and once Dan rescued Haley and Jamie but Nathan and Dan's relationship remained bitter even after Dan proved, Renee wasn't pregnant with Nathan child although Nathan allowed Jamie to have a relationship with Jamie. Dan later wanted a relationship with his family and when Nathan went missing he gave his life to save Nathan finally recoiling with his son and his family.

Royal Scott
Relationship: Father
Details: Dan had a very difficult relationship while the two cared for each other during Dan's childhood Royal pressured Dan into being a basketball player to the extreme and after injuring himself in college he choose not to rehab it after realizing he wasn't going to get into the NBA so wouldn't have to disappoint his father. Once this was revealed they had a very rocky relationship.

May Scott
Relationship: Mother
Details: suggest that Dan quit basketball and kept it a secret from her husband for 17 years to protect her son while remaining proud of his achievements. But when it was revealed by May it strained their relationship although May tried to fix it, Royal was very upset with Dan so the two didn't see each other again but perhaps remained in contact.

Keith Scott
Relationship: Brother
Details: Dan and Keith were bitter rivals since childhood, disagreeing on many things. Though their relationship was never good, Keith still seems to care about his younger brother. However, when Keith went into Tree Hill High School during a school shooting to find his surrogate son, Lucas, Dan murdered him, believing he was responsible for a murder attempt that was actually Dan's ex-wife, Deb.

Jamie Scott
Relationship: Grandson
Details: Until Jamie was four he didn't meet Dan due to Dan being in jail and Jamie's parent not wanting Dan to be part of Jamie's life after he murdered Keith. But when Carrie kidnaps Jamie and Dan saves him start their relationship. At first Jamie and his grandfather can only talk while Jamie is at school but after Dan once again save Jamie as well as Haley both her and Nathan allow them to spend more time together but when Jamie learns of Dan part in Keith's murdered they break contact although Jamie would always watch Dan's show although his parent's disagreed. And when Dan came back to Tree Hill they regained their close friendship until Dan once again leaves also Jamie gets to yes goodbye.

Sawyer Scott
Relationship: Granddaughter
Details: Although a dark character in Tree Hill, Dan was introduced to his grandchild by Peyton, unknown to Lucas. The brief moment he had with his grandchild is expected to be his last due to the way he has treat people in the past. Dan was handed the child by Peyton outside their house, but she was very protective over her child and ensured he could not harm her. Since Sawyer departed Tree Hill, it is unexpected for Dan to even remain in contact with his grandchild.
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Lydia Scott
Relationship: Granddaughter
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Lily Roe Scott
Relationship: Niece
Details: Dan and Lily didn't at all have a relationship because Dan murdered her father and because of this Karen wouldn't let Dan see her. But the only time they meet was just are she was born when Dan realized he needed to turn herself in.
Dan and lily

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Daughter-in-law
Details: After marrying her husband, Haley was forced to talk in a new father, Dan Scott. The dark criminal, Dan Scott was never fond of his son's relationship with Haley. After accusing Haley of trying to get pregnant and threatening her, Dan eventually took advantage of Haley and Nathan's vulnerable relationship and tried to organise a divorce. Although his plans never worked, Haley was never fond of her father in law. After he was found to be behind Keith Scott's murder, Haley had little to do with him and as a couple both Nathan and Haley avoided him. Eventually, Haley made an effort to see him when her son, Jamie, found out he was going to die. The events that followed saw Haley distancing her family further away from Dan until he left Tree Hill. But she later opened her home to him and he helped and gave his life to rescue Nathan and she forgave him.

Peyton Sawyer Scott
Relationship: Daughter-in-law
Details: Peyton is the daughter-in-law of Dan Scott, through her marriage to Lucas Scott. Peyton knew Dan from back when she used to date Nathan Scott, so she was well aware of how cruel he could be. Throughout the series, Nathan, Lucas and Dan have a very antagonistic relationship. Peyton views Dan in the same way, especially after they learn the real story of what happened the night Keith Scott died. Dan tries to reach out to Lucas and Nathan after realizing his mistakes, but they refuse to acknowledge his change of heart. However, Dan visits Peyton after she gives birth, and Peyton allows him to hold baby Sawyer before she and Lucas leave Tree Hill.

Deb Lee
Relationship: Ex-wife
Details: Dan and Deb relationship only became very serious because she fell pregnant. They were both unhappy in the relationship after time leading Deb to over work and Dan to put more pressure on their son. And 16 years after they got married they separated but it took them 2 years to finally divorce after recoiling and several murder attempts on each other. They continued to have a difficult relationship whenever they meet each other especially through their son and grandson and it was only when Dan died that they reconciled.

Rachel Gatina
Relationship: Ex-wife
Details: Dan met Rachel at a strip club while waiting to die, and the two fell in love. Rachel helped Dan get a new heart by paying a family to take their son off life support, and having black market surgeons replace Dan's heart with the son's. Although Dan loved Rachel, it became apparent that she was only with him for his money. Dan does his last show at Tree Hill High, giving away all his money to charities and donations, divorcing Rachel and leaving her with nothing.
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