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Daunte Jones

Portrayed by Rick Fox

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Daunte Jones
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Loan shark
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Daunte Jones was a Los Angeles Laker and a loan shark who Nathan Scott turned to after Dan refused to help him with his financial troubles. In return, he then asked Nathan to throw the State Championship, but when he didn't, he tried to take revenge and accidentally hit a pregnant Haley with his car instead of Nathan.

Character History

College Basketball

After playing college basketball, Daunte Jones went to be in the NBA when he was first on the Boston Celtics then the Los Angeles Lakers then after that he was done with the NBA.


Daunte was raised in Bahamas and during his childhood he attended Warsaw Community where he was a member of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers led by Phil Jackson. he fell into loan sharking people. When he met Ted Davis.

Season 4

After Nathan Scott became in debt with his wife Haley, Daunte approached Nathan and brought him back his car as a "favor" for a fellow Tree Hill Raven, then later loaned Nathan money to cover his bills. A while later he asked Nathan for it back, only to get very upset when Nathan couldn't pay up, Daunte offered Nathan to throw a game and win but by less than 10 points and the debt would be forgotten. He told Nathan to lose the state championship game when Nathan refused he not only threatened Nathan but Haley. Nathan's father, the Mayor of Tree Hill, tried to pay Daunte off but he refused. Despite the threats Nathan helped to win the championship and while crossing the road after the game Daunte tried to hit Nathan with his car but a pregnant Haley pushed Nathan out the way and was instead hit. He then lost control of the car and crashed into a construction site. Nathan pulled him out of the car and beat him to death. It is later revealed that Daunte died of impact.

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