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Davis Enterprises
Type: Fashion house
Established: ca. 2008
Founded by: Brooke Davis
Victoria Davis
Status: Disbanded
Dissolved: 2015
Owned by: Formerly:
Brooke Davis
Victoria Davis
Location(s): New York City, New York
Tree Hill, North Carolina
Subsidiaries: B. Davis Couture
Baby Brooke
Clothes Over Bros
Clothes 4 Bro's
First Appearance: "4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days"
(episode 5.01)
Last Appearance: "4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)"
(episode 7.01)

Davis Enterprises was the name of the fashion group created by Brooke Davis with the help of her mother, Victoria Davis. Brooke started the company with Clothes Over Bros during high school and within four years, the company had become a multi-million dollar success, thus allowing further expansions, such as B. Davis. Davis Enterprises was further developed with the addition of Clothes 4 Bro's, though this would ultimately lead to the company's closure.



Note: Years are in OTH timeline, not real life dates.

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