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Devon Fox

Portrayed by B.J Britt

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Devon Fox
Basketball player for Charleston Chiefs
Family Members
Sara Fox (wife)
Leah Fox (daughter)
Jane Fox (daughter)
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S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9

Devon Fox was a referee for the Tree Hill Ravens and a player for the Charleston Chiefs who aimed to reach the NBA, which created a rivalry between himself and Nathan.

Character History

Season 1

Devon was a referee for one of the Ravens away games. In the game, Lucas and Nathan began a brief fight, which led to Devon sending them both out of the game.

Season 6

Devon came in as the point guard to the Chiefs and when Nathan Scott joined the Chiefs, Devon started a rivalry with him. When he lost the game for the Chiefs, by playing selfishly he was kicked off the team and Nathan was the new point guard. Nathan later saw Devon with his wife, whom was pregnant, and his young daughter. Devon later came back to the Chiefs begging for a spot on the team to the coach, but he didn't get it. When Nathan turned down the European teams offer, they called Devon and he got a tryout.



Devon was revealed to have a pregnant wife and young daughter to Nathan when Nathan learns that Devon was cut from the Cheifs. Devon later mentions that his wife had a baby girl.

Romantic Life



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