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Emily Chambers
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Bartender at Tric
Other information
Nickname: Jules
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Significant Other/s: Keith Scott (ex-fiancé)
Series information
Portrayed By: Maria Menounos
First Appearance: "I Will Dare"
Latest Appearance: "Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking"
Episode Count: 10

Emily "Jules" Chambers was the woman who was hired by Dan Scott to break the heart of his brother Keith. Emily, however, actually fell for Keith and wanted to be with him but she was obligated to leave him at the altar for the money Dan was paying her. On her wedding day, Karen and Andy discovered the truth about her and Karen confronted Emily forcing her to flee. A heartbroken Keith then searched for her but found that Emily was a different person to the Jules he had fallen for.

Character History

Prior to her appearance on the show, she was in an abusive marriage. Her ex-husband put her in the hospital with tons of medical bills, and she had no money to pay for them. She placed an ad on the Internet saying she will do anything legal for money, and Dan hired her to get together with Keith, and then break his heart.

Season 2

"Jules" met Keith and the dealership when he was filling in for Dan. Quickly they hit it off and started dating. It was later discovered that she was working for Dan and was supposed to make Keith fall in love with her, then break his heart. In return Dan would pay some of her bills. Little did she know that she was actually going to fall in love with Keith. Soon her and Keith are engaged and he bought a house for her. She wants to be done with her and Dan's arrangement but Dan wont let her out of it even though he says he will,and he keeps giving Jules "payments". Lucas later gets suspicious and confronts Jules. She tells him and he later tells tells Nathan when they were locked up. Finally the day before her wedding to Keith, Dan gives her last "payment", which is a necklace for her to wear in the wedding. Then she gets caught up in Karen's and Andy's attempt to get Lucas back. Andy mistakes Jules for having an affair with Dan and he feels that this could bring Dan down and get Lucas back. Karen confronts Jules and Jules tells her what happened. They start arguing and Jules says that Karen has put him through so much and Karen slaps her. Then Jules leaves Keith at the altar and we find out that Karen threatened her.

Season 3

When Keith returned to Tree Hill he revealed to Lucas that he was successful in finding Jules after she fled from their wedding and they tried to start their relationship over. However, he soon discovered that Emily and Jules were very different people and he hadn't fallen in love with Emily. He then left her to return to Tree Hill. {{crossref/3x11}


  • Keith Scott - First Relationship
    • Start Up: "We Might As Well Be Strangers" (2x06)
    • Break Up: "Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking (2x16)
      • Reason: Keith learned Dan hired Jules to break his heart and she fled on their wedding day.

  • Keith Scott - Second Relationship
    • Start Up: Before "Return Of The Future" (3x11)
    • Break Up: Before "Return Of The Future" (3x11)
      • Reason: Keith realized Emily wasn't who he thought she was and he didn't love her.

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