Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous

November 10, 2008
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"Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 116th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on November 10, 2008. On the day of Peyton's USO Concert, Haley battles stage fright and Nathan struggles with a decision that could change his career. Brooke gets a call that threatens her relationship with Sam and Millicent confronts Marvin on his relationship with Gigi. Angels and Airwaves make a guest appearance.


610 b n sam hear adoption message

Sam and Brooke hear the message from the adoption agency

Peyton welcomes the crowd of marines to the USO concert. She introduces the first act to the concert as Haley takes to the stage to perform. As she gets up, she prepares to sing but becomes nervous. She opens her mouth, and nothing comes out. Realising it was a dream, she leaps out of bed. Brooke gets up and walks into the kitchen to find Sam sitting at the table with breakfast ready. Millicent walks into Mouth’s bedroom and finds Gigi sleeping there. She walks outside and finds Mouth on the couch. Shocked and angry, she walks out the apartment. Nathan goes to see Haley and is sitting in his wheelchair. Haley gasps as Nathan laughs off his joke. He asks if she is excited for the USO show and Haley admits she is not. She tells Nathan about her dream and how she forgot her words. Nathan assures her it will be fine as it was only a dream and that he is excited to see her. Haley then tells him that he is not going as he is supposed to be relaxing. They come back to talking about how scared she is as Nathan tells her to just imagine they are back in the cafe, when she first sang to him. Lucas wakes up to find Peyton waiting over him. As he looks at her, Peyton asks what he meant when he said ‘okay’ after she told him that her and Julian used to be in love. Peyton tells him he is supposed to be jealous or mad, but Lucas just kisses her and gets out of bed, leaving Peyton worrying. Brooke is eating her breakfast made by Sam and knows that she is going to confess to something or ask for something. Sam admits that it is just to do something nice for her and the girls talk about her job, working backstage for Peyton at the USO. As they eat happily, the phone goes and on a message, a woman from the adoption agency tells her that there is placement for a newborn, leaving the two girls in shock. Mouth wakes up to the phone ringing. He answers it to find Millicent asking him about last night and also tells him that she will be back shortly. After lying, Mouth panics as Millicent asks him to do her a favour and get the slut out of her bed. She hangs up as Mouth is left in shock. Lucas calls for Julian and as Julian asks how he is, Lucas hits him in the face.
610 l tells n n l about punchin jul

Haley and Nathan find out that Lucas hit Julian

After punching Julian, Lucas goes round to see Nathan who gets him some ice. Lucas tells him that he is not doing the movie as he has been pretending to not know Peyton. They talk about how sometimes it is better to walk away, a lesson that Haley learnt recently who walks in the room. Lucas tells her what happened and Haley is thrilled at the drama that is, for once, not in their family. As Lucas tells them the couple suck, Haley tells them that she has to go to drop Jamie and Orval off at Andre’s house. When asked who Orval is, Haley reveals it is Chester’s imaginary friend that Jamie takes places. Nathan looks up in shock as Haley seems unbothered by their worry. Haley leaves, alongside Lucas as Nathan worries about Jamie having an imaginary friend. As he says it is weird and knew his kid would end up weird, Quentin appears beside him asking why he thinks having an imaginary friend is weird, and Nathan just looks at him in shock. Meanwhile, Mouth races into where Gigi is sleeping. He wakes her up and tells her to leave as Millicent is coming. Gigi slowly gets up as she says she is in disbelief at how he let her get drunk and then took advantage of her. Mouth tells her he did not and is disgusted at the thought, and reminds her that she puked and passed out. Gigi thanks him for putting her in his top as Mouth tells her to hurry up. Gigi then takes off Mouth’s top and topless, hands it back to him, leaving Mouth in shock. He races out as Millicent storms into Brooke’s house to tell her about Gigi and Mouth. Brooke is shocked as she reveals Gigi was in her bed and asks if Mouth was with her, as Millicent informs her that he was on the couch, Brooke asks what the problem is as he is head over heels in love with her and would not cheat. Millicent takes a while to think and says that he may cheat on her because she doesn’t sleep with him as she is a virgin. Brooke is amazed and finds it hard to get her head around. Millicent believes she should just sleep with him as Brooke tells her it is not about sex as Mouth loves her and they just need to discuss it.

610 p n der meet up at USO

Peyton and Derek meet up at the USO

Peyton is thanking Sam for helping her as Sam admits it is the best way to repay her for her wedding dress, to which Peyton hits her over the head for. Sam then asks if she ever met her birth parents as she knows she was adopted. Peyton tells her that she met her dad quite recently and it did not turn out too well, but her other parents are always going to be her real parents. Sam talks about that Brooke is great, but knows it isn’t going to last as she is getting a new baby. She tells her about the phone call and Peyton is shocked, just as Derek walks in and is introduced to Sam. Meanwhile, Mouth tells Millicent he will explain everything to her. He explains they got drunk at work, but nothing happened. He tells her that Gigi couldn’t drive and he wanted to be respectful. He tells her that she can trust him as Millicent says it is not him who she cannot trust. She lays down the rule that no one can ever sleep in their bed except them two. She also asks for the sheets to be burned. Nathan is playing on his games console as Quentin sits beside him. Nathan asks what he is doing there as Quentin tells him that he needs him and is unsure how he is there. He asks what he wants as Nathan tells him he quit Slamball. Q makes a remark that it is not much of a comeback. Backstage at the USO show, Haley drags Peyton to one side and tells her that she cannot perform as she is too nervous. As she says this, a voice from behind asks if someone is nervous. Haley turns around to find Mia. Sam introduces herself to Mia and Peyton hands her over as Mia’s assistance. She thanks Mia for going to her USO show as Mia admits she wouldn’t miss it. Mia then turns to Haley and says that she will be fine, and if not, who will notice, but Haley points to the massive crowd and says that they will. Mia tells her that the crowd is waiting for her as Haley says it is like the amount of people waiting for her second record. Mia promises it will be fine as Peyton gets up on stage to welcome the marines. As she does so, Haley turns to Mia, and as she did during one of her early performance, Mia is forced to tell Haley the first line of her song. Peyton welcomes Haley to the stage as the crowd goes wild. They cheer as she goes onstage and Haley takes one deep breath and begins to perform. As she begins, she smiles knowing she has pulled her performance off.

610 n imagines q

Nathan imagines Quentin

Backstage, Sam and Mia are talking about how weird it is to see her teacher performing. She asks Mia what it is like on the road as Mia tells her it is good, but hard to sleep in a different place every night, something which Sam can relate to. Nathan watches Slamball as Q asks if he feels guilty for scaring Haley and Jamie after they let him play. Q says it is a good job that he quit. As he asks him, Nathan tells him he is ignoring him. Quentin begins to laugh as Q asks if he quit basketball or Slamball, making Nathan shout and Q tells him he is going to ignore him now. Back at the show, Julian is talking to Peyton who is ignoring him. Eventually, she cracks and asks what he wants from her as Julian asks to talk to Lucas, to which Peyton says he should go and do that then. Brooke is taking pictures of Sam as she happily talks backstage as Lucas joins her. Brooke tells him what a great time she and Sam are having. Lucas asks Brooke if she knew about Julian and Brooke admits she did. She tells him that Peyton knew how excited he was about the movie and didn’t want to ruin it. Brooke tells him that he cannot be mad as Julian was a rebound and was a while after he broke up with Peyton, unlike when Lucas tried to hook up with her the night after, something she has never told Peyton, and also nearly married Lindsey. Lucas then asks if girls fall in love with rebounds as Brooke confirms they do every time, but it is not real love. She tells him to go and kiss it out as it will be fine. As she points across to Peyton, Lucas sees Julian and Peyton standing together and immediately becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Haley finishes her performance to massive cheers. Peyton then returns to the stage to introduce Mia who walks on in confidence and begins to perform. Backstage, Derek congratulates Haley on her performance, who is delighted to see him. Derek asks if she is going on tour and Haley tells him it was an easy decision to not tour as the crowd could never replace her family. As Derek tells Haley how lucky Jamie is to have a mom who chose family over career, unlike his mom, Haley says that everyone makes different choices and that whatever happens, even the pain, helps us define our own happiness. Gigi goes to see Mouth in his office and thanks him for the night before, but tells him that he could have slept in the same bed as she would not have attacked him. Mouth tells her that Millicent wouldn’t have been okay with it and therefore he would not either. As Gigi tries to find a way around this, Mouth tells her to finish the piece as Gigi calls him hot when he is mad.

610 l attempts to get out of film

Lucas makes a failed attempt to pull out of the movie

Brooke goes to see Julian and warns him that being a third wheel to Lucas and Peyton never ends well and tells him that if he messes with them, she will mess with him, a threat that Julian laughs off. As he does so, Peyton walks up asking him to fall into a BlackBerry coma. She tells him to stop flirting with Brooke and as Julian accuses her of being jealous, she invites Brooke to come onstage and introduce a band. Meanwhile, Nathan continues to watch the Slamball game as Quentin laughs at the roughness of the game, so Nathan accuses him of ruining the game. Nathan then admits to him that he is calling it quits as he does not want to end up in a wheelchair again and refuses to do it to his family. Q laughs off that it is an excuse as Nathan tells him how hard he has worked for his dreams. He tells Q how he started believing that people could just go through things, but then Q was killed and was gone and never showed up at the river court again. He tells him that from his death, he realized that dreams die and that he lost faith. Annoyed, Q asks him if he is just going to give up, because that really annoys him as he has a second chance, unlike him. At the USO show, Peyton smiles at Lucas whilst talking. Julian approaches him, asking how the hand is, and admits that he knew that he would never work with him if he found out about him and Peyton. He tells Lucas how he really wants to make the movie, but Lucas tells him he is not interested. As Lucas tells him there is not going to be a movie but Julian tells him that there will be a movie as he has the option to the book, so it will happen, with or without him. Peyton and Brooke go onstage and thank everyone for their work as they introduce Angels and Airways to the stage. As they walk off, Peyton tells Brooke that Sam is scared about her getting a baby as she thinks her days are numbered with Brooke. As Brooke realizes, she looks around at Sam in worry. Nathan’s old Slamball team makes the title and as they celebrate Nathan switches off the TV and says that they did not need him afterall Q then tells him that he didn’t need them either. Nathan says there is more to life then basketball, such as his child and his wife, they are his life and his dreams come true. Q says that he owes it to them to battle to be great and there is nothing selfish about that. Millicent goes to see Gigi at Mouth’s office and tells her to back off from Mouth. She tells her that she does not like her or trust her and that she should stay away from Mouth. As she walks off, Gigi smiles. Brooke goes to Sam and asks to talk to her about the message. As Sam tells her it is none of her business, Brooke says it is. Sam says that she understands what happens now that she has the chance to get a baby. Brooke tells her that she should never feel threatened that she will kick her out as Brooke’s home is now Sam’s home for as long as she wants it. They hug, as Sam agrees to it. Peyton joins Lucas to watch the band. She apologises as they kiss. Lucas tells her that he is not going to do the movie with Julian, but he is going to do it anyway as he has the rights to do what he wants with it. Peyton tells him that he cannot take it away as Lucas says he does not want to work with him as he does not trust him. He assures Peyton that there will be other books and other movies and it is okay.

610 p gets l to reconsider

Peyton persuades Lucas to reconsider the film

Peyton goes to see Derek after the show and he thanks Peyton for the concert. He tells Peyton that he has had a think and decided that he needs to stop dwelling on the family he never had and focus more on the family he does have. Sam thanks Mia for hanging out with him and then asks Sam for her autograph as Mia gives her a number for her cell phone and Sam is amazed. Gigi goes to see Mouth and says she is going home but asks to be walked to her car as she is afraid. Mouth innocently agrees to it and as they walk out, Gigi tells him that she does not want to cause trouble between him and Millicent. He thanks her and Gigi hugs him, as Millicent watches him from the car. Julian goes to talk to Peyton who begins to lecture him on his behaviour. Julian explains he apologized to Lucas and received a punch. He tells Peyton that he really wants to make the movie, and despite what he told Lucas, he cannot make the movie without him and that is all he wants. As Peyton accuses him of lying, Julian assures her that he is not as it is business. He tells her that she needs to convince him and Peyton agrees to talk to him as long as he is allowed to do the movie the way he wants. Haley gets home to find candles all around the house. Nathan asks how her day was as Haley tells him how great she felt while on stage. As he asks her to perform for him, he also gets her to make a promise never to be scared to chase their dreams. Brooke rings the adoption agency back and tells them that she is interested in adopting the child. She lets them know about Sam, and as she does, the adoption agency tells her that if that is the case, it will complicate situations. As she finds this out and is upset and shocked, Sam listens in from a distance. Peyton gets into bed with Lucas and tells him that she knows he punched Julian. She admits she is happy he got jealous but tells him that he should do the movie as he will regret the story being told by another person. She tells him that she agrees that the movie will not be the same without him and she wants him to have no regrets. Lucas tells her that it is hard to know she was in love after him but knows that she has been so strong and good to him when he strayed from them. He tells her that he will get over it as he loves her and cannot blame someone for falling in love with her. Haley and Nathan are about to go up to bed as he tells Haley how proud he is of her. As she leaves, Nathan blows out the candles and turns around and is scared to see Q. He tells Quentin that he misses him, but Quentin tells him to focus on the comeback and he will be there every step of the way. He also tells Nathan that the phone will ring one day and tells him to live the life, live the dream, with no fear. He walks off and disappears as Nathan smiles at his presence.

Memorable Quotes

”Do you remember the first time you sang to me? At the cafe? Well, if you get nervous, just close your eyes and pretend like you’re back there and it’s just you and me”
Nathan Scott helps to conquer Haley James Scott’s stage fright

”Oh, and Marvin, can you do one small thing for me before I get there?”
”Yeah, sure. Anything”
”Get that slut out of my bed”
Millicent Huxtable to Mouth

”There was a girl in my bed”
”Are you coming out?”
Millicent Huxtable gives Brooke Davis a wrong understanding

”Back up a second. You’re a virgin? You live together and you share a bed and you are still intact? Well you do the other stuff though, right? Like you know, the J’s, H or B? Nothing? At all? Oh, it’s like finding a Bigfoot or a unicorn or something”
Brooke Davis finds out Millicent Huxtable is still a virgin

”Hey marines. How’s everybody doing tonight? All right that’s good to hear. I gotta tell you, I am so excited to be here tonight and it is such an honor to be able to do this for my brother and his family. Thank you guys for having us”
Peyton Sawyer welcomes the marines

”Do girls fall in love with rebounds?”
”Everytime. But it’s not real love. Your head tricks you into it to protect you from the crushing pain your heart is putting you through. So go, kiss it out. It’s gonna be fine”
Lucas Scott is comforted by Brooke Davis

”It’s exciting the cheers from the crowd, but they can’t take the place of my family. That’s what I want the most...We all make different choices and we all need different things. And I think, eventually, we learn to define happiness for ourselves on our terms, in spite of the pain other people have caused us, you know?”
Haley James Scott

”You know being the third wheel in a Lucas-Peyton love triangle usually doesn’t end well...I think it’s pretty clear in the book, if you’re not Lucas or Peyton you should just forget it. And just so you know, they are two of my best friends, so if you mess with them, I will mess with you”
”That sounds fun”
Brooke Davis threatens Julian Baker

”Look, I worked hard, and my dreams started to come true again. And I started to believe that people just go through things, challenges that make them stronger. And then you were gone. All right? I showed up at the river court and you never came and that was it, just like that and I realized that we’re not invincible. Dreams die”
Nathan Scott admits to Quentin Fields how he lost faith

”I don’t ever want you to feel threatened or afraid that I’m gonna ask you to leave. My home is your home now, Sam. And it’s going to be that way as long as you want it to be”
Brooke Davis

”The point is, I believe in this book, and I want to make this movie. And yes, I told him that I could do it without him, but the truth is I need him to help me tell this story. That’s all I want, nothing else”
Julian Baker to Peyton Sawyer about Lucas Scott

”Let’s promise never to be too scared to live our dreams”
”I promise”
”Me too”
Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott make promises to each other


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  • "Just Because" - Earlimart
  • "Constantly" - Molly Marlette
  • "Hello Vagina" - Margot & The Nuclear So & So's
  • "World In Flight" - Enation
  • "All Things You Know" - Blue Judy
  • "Feel This" - Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation
  • "You Can't Break A Broken Heart" - Kate Vogele
  • "Suburban Bliss" - Edith Backlund
  • "Secret Crowds" - Angels & Airwaves
  • "Lifeline" - Angels & Airwaves

This episode's title originated from the song Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous, originally sung by PlayRadioPlay!.


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