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Felix Taggaro
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Residence: Tree Hill, North Carolina (season 2)
Occupation: Former Tree Hill High School student
Military school student
Other information
Nickname: Pool Boy (by Brooke)
Height: 6' 0.5" (1.85 m)
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Brooke Davis
(friends with benefits, ex-girlfriend)
Kaela (ex-girlfriend: pre-show)
Family: Anna Taggaro (sister)
Series information
Portrayed By: Michael Copon
First Appearance: "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (episode 2.04)
Latest Appearance: "Something I Can Never Have" (episode 2.17)
Episode Count: 12

Felix Tagarro was a student at Tree Hill High School and a former boyfriend of Brooke Davis who at first enjoyed a friends with benefits relationship with her until they developed real feelings. He was extremely homophobic and struggled to deal with rumors about his sister Anna's sexuality and, in order to protect her, he vandalized Peyton Sawyer's locker with a homophobic slur after she and Anna had grown closer. When this act was discovered, Brooke broke up with him and he was then sent to military school. He also serves as a secondary antagonist in Season 2.

Character history

Season 2

Felix was Anna's brother and dated Brooke Davis. He was Lucas's new rival because of those two facts and they never saw eye-to-eye. He painted "dyke" on Peyton's locker to protect his bisexual sister from what he believed to only be rumors. Brooke dumped him when she found out about the locker and he was later sent to military school.


  • Brooke Davis
    • Friends With Benefits: "We Might As Well Be Strangers" (2x06)
    • Exclusive: "Don't Take Me For Granted" (2x10)
    • Break Up: "Something I Can Never Have" (2x17)
      • Reason: Brooke learned it was Felix who vandalized Peyton's locker.

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