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Ferguson "Fergie" Thompson was a friend of Lucas, Marvin and Antwon and a fellow River Court player. Fergie was a close friend of Junk and the two spent a lot of their free time together playing video games and eating pizza. After graduation, Fergie moved into a house with Marvin, Junk and Skills, but moved out during the fourteen months after Lucas and Peyton's departure from Tree Hill.

Character History

Before the Series

Fergie was a friend of Lucas. He belonged to the river court and was one of the ones that wanted Lucas to join the basketball team.

Season 1

Fergie was seen playing on the river court with Skills, Junk, Jimmy, Marvin, and Lucas. He wanted Lucas to join the varsity basketball such as the rest of them did.

Season 2

Fergie was shown at Nathan and Haley's wedding party by eating cheese off of Skills. He was not allowed to play basketball with Lucas due to Karen threatening them about his heart test.

Season 5

Fergie was seen with Junk at Jamie's 5th birthday.

Season 6

At some point, Peyton and Lucas were arguing about living together as a couple, Peyton sent texts to Fergie from Lucas's cell, later he showed up at their door.

Also when Lucas was casting people for his movie, Fergie showed up and said "Who's gonna play Fergie?" and Lucas said there was not gonna be a Fergie in this movie, and he said "Then who's gonna play with you in the River Court?" and he said "Mouth" Fergie left with disappointment.

Season 7

Fergie was first seen with Junk as the two were supposed to be babysitting Jamie while Haley and Quinn attended the 80's party at Tree Hill High, but ended up helping Jamie put together party stuff for Haley's birthday. 

Skills later stayed with Fergie and Junk at their house during his fight with Mouth over his affections for Skills' ex-girlfriend, Lauren. 

Season 8

Fergie attended the "poker night" organized by Julian, along with Nathan, Chase, Mouth, Skills, Junk, Clay and Alex Dupre. Fergie, like the rest of the guys, became angered at losing all of their money to Julian, who was secretly being helped by Alex.