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"Forever and Almost Always" is the twenty-third episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 129th produced episode of the series. It aired on May 11, 2009. Peyton and Lucas' wedding day has finally arrived and surprise guests attend. Haley plays an unexpected role in the ceremony while Nathan hopes to be called up to the NBA. Antwon keeps Jamie on a short leash, and Brooke does the same with Nick Lachey.


Brooke dresses Peyton for her wedding.

Rose petals are being picked for Peyton’s and Lucas’ wedding. Haley begins spreading the rose petals down an aisle as Lucas comes up to her telling how he thought that she done the usual backwards, as she got married, pregnant and then graduated high school. She laughs it off as Haley asks where the parents are and Lucas explains they are on different parts of the world and Lucas and Peyton could not wait for them to get back. Haley assures him it will be a great day anyway as his phone rings. He answers it and is shocked to find that the minister has fallen through. He worries about what to do as Haley remembers that her sister, Quinn, got married by her friend who got ordained on the internet. Haley says it would be great and thinks about who to get as Lucas says that she could do it. Haley is shocked as Lucas says it is too late as he just ordained her. He thanks her as Haley is left in shock. Jamie is walking around the ceremony asking if it is necessary to have a leash on him and Skills says that it is as last time he got kidnapped by Carrie. Peyton is in Brooke’s store and shows her the wedding dress. Brooke is thrilled as she reminds her that she has to take it careful as she is supposed to be on bed rest. As she says this, Peyton asks for her to look after Lucas if anything happens to her during the birth. Brooke tells her not to talk like that, but Peyton tells her that she has to. She asks Brooke to hear her out, unlike anyone else as Brooke admits that it is scary. Peyton says that she does not want Lucas, her baby or Brooke to be alone. Peyton asks if she has spoken to Julian and she admits they are both busy. Brooke then asks if she is scared as Peyton says she is scared of everything she will miss out on, but when she thinks of all the people who have had to spend years alone, she feels sorry for them as she has spent so many good years with her best friend, Brooke. They begin to cry and Brooke says that Peyton is not allowed to go anywhere until she says so. They hug in tears as they set off for the wedding. Mia is preparing at to perform at TRIC as Chase walks in. She kisses him and he asks what she thinks of wedding and Mia admits she is a big fan. Chase says he is more of a reception person as there is always some slutty wedding sex as well as one bridesmaid getting too drunk and freaky. Mia then reveals that Brooke is the bridesmaid and Chase suddenly feels awkward. He walks off as Mia says that if he plays his cards right, they might be having slutty wedding sex.

Brooke tells Haley and Peyton about Julian and Missy.

At the wedding, Brooke goes to see Lucas. She gives him a suit, which is a surprise for both him and Peyton and says that a groom has to look good at a shotgun wedding, by wearing a Hugo Boss suit. Lucas is thrilled and goes to get changed again. Nathan arrives to see Haley and they kiss so he is welcomed back. Haley admits she is loving how he keeps going away and coming back as they get to make up for it in between. They laugh as Nathan and Haley both say they love each other. Lucas finishes changing as he asks to talk to Brooke. He tells her that he knows she could not get a date for the wedding, so he hooked her up with someone. Brooke is insulted and says she is no pity date, but then wants to know what he looks like. Lucas tells him that the girls seem to like him and then Julian walks to her and Brooke is surprised. As Lucas races off, Brooke is surprised and admits she had no clue he was coming, but is glad he came. She jokes that now it will both look as though they had dates as Julian tries to explain he has a date. As he explains, Missy approaches and says they need to get a seat. Brooke is surprised that he has picked the other her and tells Julian to leave with Missy. Mouth is filming on his camera looking terrified. As he screams down the camera, Skills shouts his name and Mouth looks up embarrassed to find Skills, Lauren, Jamie and Millicent looking at him in curiosity. As they all leave, Millicent walks up to him and tells him that he is supposed to only film the wedding and to think happy thoughts. Meanwhile, Brooke storms in a tent to see Peyton and Haley she says that the whore stole her man as Haley tells her to move on as Peyton and Lucas are getting married now. Brooke explains that Missy has stolen Julian and is the other her from the movie, but Haley is still none the wiser. Brooke explains with more detail and asks what he is thinking as Peyton reminds her that she said no. Both Haley and Peyton begin talking about the wedding as Brooke storms out annoyed, and past Millicent who has been listening. Mouth continues to film as he sees Skills and Lauren and laughs at how they will be having slutty wedding sex. Mouth approaches them and Skills begins to tell the camera about how Lucas used to think Nathan was never good enough for Peyton and how Lucas spoke so much trash about Nathan and Mouth is forced to end the filming due to some of his comments, that are not happy. Mouth asks how Jamie is and Skills pulls on Jamie’s leash, only to found a dog there. They laugh that Jamie is a genius and go searching for him. As Skills wanders off, Lauren tells Jamie it is okay for him to come out and he emerges from behind the tree.

Lucas and Peyton kiss after becoming Mr and Mrs Scott.

Haley joins Nathan by the river and asks if he is okay. Nathan tells her that Nino got called up for the NBA as the scouts want more shooting and point scoring. He tells Haley how he fed Nino the ball through the game and how he even trained Nino. Haley tells him that he was being a good teammate and someone will see it, but Nathan says that the scouts have never sent two players to the NBA in the same year. He apologizes to Haley as she assures him he has nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of as she is proud of him. Back at the ceremony, Mouth finds a nervous looking Lucas. He asks if Lucas has cold feet as he looks as though he is hiding from Peyton, but Lucas explains that he is hiding from Brooke. He explains that he invited Julian, who brought a date. Nathan then joins him at the ceremony and tells him they need to stand up front. Instead of giving him advice, Nathan tells him to remember what he said at his last wedding and go with that for advice, not pleasing Lucas too much. The boys join Haley at the front and as Brooke prepares to walk down the aisle, Mia is teasing Chase that he might get another chance from her. Brooke walks down the aisle, whilst throwing Julian and Missy an awful look and as she gets to the front, Haley tells Brooke how beautiful she looks. Brooke asks if they think she looks better than Missy as the others assure her in fear that she might lash out at them. The bridal chorus then plays up as Peyton begins to walk down the aisle. Everyone smiles as Peyton reaches Lucas at the front. Haley begins her speech and after trying to make a failed attempt at a joke, she begins to then quote song lyrics, as advised by Peyton. She quotes the lyrics to Poison, which have a sad meaning behind them. As she begins to realize what they mean, Peyton asks her if she really means to quote poison out of all the lyrics she could have chosen and Haley apologizes and begins to panic even more. As she does, she notices Jamie is missing and shouts of Skills, who shouts of Jamie and finds him sitting playing with a dog. Skills tells him to sit back down as the everyone laughs at him. She returns back to her speech and grabs the tin that her and Lucas once made new year predictions in. She reads Lucas’ predictions from the eighth grade that : "Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott." She recalls the time he came home from talking to her and Haley asked if his fascination was over but Lucas said that Peyton was not human, but an angel and his angel. She tells the audience about how she believes in true love and love at first sight and that his dream prediction has finally come true after 10 years. She then asks Lucas to speak and as he puts on Peyton’s ring, who tells her that he has always loved her and that the ring and wedding is just to show the rest of the world. Peyton then puts her ring on Lucas and tells him that he has always saved her and that she is going to love him for years to come, her and her baby. Haley then pronounces them husband and wife. The couple kiss as the crowd stand up and applaud.

Brooke returns to the wedding accompanied by Nick Lachey, just to make Julian jealous.

Nick is recording in Red Bedroom Records as Brooke walks in. She welcomes him to Tree Hill and they catch up. They hug as Brooke measures his back. She gives him a suit and tells him that she needs him to put it on. Nick laughs at her joke but then agrees to it realizing she is being serious. At TRIC, Mia has begun to perform at the reception. As she does, Julian congratulates Lucas as he asks why he brought movie Brooke. Julian explains that Missy is the only Brooke that likes him as Lucas says that even so, he was invited as Brooke’s date. As Julian asks if she seems bothered by it, Lucas realizes that he is trying to make Brooke jealous, but Julian denies it. Missy then goes to Lucas and congratulates him. As she does, Brooke brings Nick up to Julian, Lucas and Missy and introduces him to everyone. As she does, Missy is star struck by his presence and Julian is forced to drag her away. He tells her how unbelievable it is that she is trying to make him jealous by someone off Dancing With The Stars. Missy corrects him that it was Drew Lachey on that program as Julian says that Nick is off Laguna Beach as Chase walks past saying that it was some other tool. Missy says that Nick Lachey will be happy tonight as he has Brooke Davis and slutty wedding sex, and Julian walks away in anger. Skills and Lauren are flirting as Jamie comes up and asks to talk. Skills takes him to one side as Jamie says he has a problem with Skills and Lauren. Skills reminds him that he fixed them up in the first place as Jamie says he thought he was okay but it is too much to go from his Nanny Deb to his teacher. Skills apologizes as Jamie realizes he really likes Lauren so tells him it is okay as long as he stays well away from Madison. Meanwhile, Missy is telling Nick how she was rooting for Drew to win Dancing With The Stars as Brooke begins to get more and more annoyed with her. Julian then joins them saying that he was with some boys, like a boy band. He laughs at Nick as Nick asks him how met Missy as Brooke tells him that they met on a failed movie. Brooke says that Nick’s record is going to be a really big hit as Julian continues to wind him up.

Haley tries to "distract" Nathan, as he has failed to enter the NBA.

After being hit by Nick, Julian is getting an ice pack on his eye as Peyton laughs that even though he was teasing Nick, he used to love his band. Julian admits Nick is too cool for him to compete with and asks if Peyton knows what happened between them. Peyton tells him that she tends to struggle with the big stuff on her own and so does not know the actual details. Julian admits he misses Brooke as Peyton says he should tell her that. Julian compliments Peyton on how well she looks as Peyton tells him to talk to Brooke. Nathan is outside TRIC as Mouth joins him and asks if he wants to talk as he found out about the NBA. Nathan assures Mouth he is happy for Nino as Mouth asks why he took an unexcused absence from practice as Nathan said if not he would not have been there for Lucas, but Bobby did not see it that way. Nathan then admits that it might be more as he feels as though his future as a basketball player may have all just been a dream that was never going to come true and maybe it is time for him to move on with his life. Mouth tells him that he is always there is he needs anything as Nathan thanks him. Mouth goes to walk in as he tells him that if he could play like Nathan he would play until someone told him he could not anymore. Back in the ceremony, Lucas and Peyton are talking about their wedding as Peyton says that it is better than they had ever planned. She assures him that she is fine and they kiss. Mia comes on the microphone and congratulates Peyton and Lucas as she introduces a song about overcoming fears and facing the unknown. She dedicates it to Peyton as Peyton begs Lucas to get up to dance or else she is getting Julian. They laugh and get up as Nathan and Haley join them, followed by Mouth and Millicent, Skills and Lauren and Brooke and Nick. As they dance, Julian watches Brooke in jealousy and gets Missy to dance too. Chase smiles across at Mia as she smiles back. Whilst dancing, Haley gets Nathan’s attention who is feeling distant and tells him to follow her and they walk off the dance floor. As Brooke and Julian dance, they stare at each other from across the floor, unable to hide their feelings for each other. Haley drags Nathan into the women’s toilet and begins undressing Nathan. Nathan tries to stop her as anyone could walk in as Haley tells him to stop making excuses and they begin undressing as Haley says she does not care if he is in the NBA as he is still her sexy husband. On the dance floor, Julian and Brooke try to outdo each other by kissing their partner.

Julian asks Brooke for only one last dance before they both leave the reception room... she agrees, telling him that she still misses him.

At the end of the night, Nick joins Brooke and tells her that he is leaving as she has made Julian jealous enough. He says that he was able to tell by Brooke’s kiss as he has had a real Brooke Davis kiss. They laugh as Nick says he could punch Julian all over again. They hug as Nick says that even though Julian left with Missy, he is still clearly in love with Brooke. Skills says that him and Lauren have spent another date that was ruined by kids, but Lauren says that she finds it attractive and that it has been a great dance. She reminds him that the date is not over yet and they kiss. Julian asks Brooke to dance and as Brooke refuses, he says she can either dance or say that she loves him. Brooke reluctantly gets up and they begin to dance. He admits he did not leave but he was avoiding Nick and Brooke. He also admits that Missy left when he called her Brooke at the bar. Brooke then tells Julian that Sam has left and Julian apologizes for how hard it must have been for her to overcome. She reminds Brooke that Sam still loves her but wishes she would’ve called him. Brooke then stops dancing and says she cannot do what they are doing and walks off saying that she still misses him. Nathan and Haley are at home as Nathan tells Haley how dirty his wife was that night. He tells Haley that he is tired of missing everything and missed practice that night and as Haley asks if he is really getting tired of missing stuff or just has a bruised ego and Nathan admits he is getting tired of failing. With this in mind, Haley takes Nathan to see Jamie and tells him that Jamie’s hero is his father and the rest should not matter, bringing a smile to Nathan’s face. Chase and Mia are the last in the bar as Mia admits she is not impressed that no one had slutty wedding sex, to which Chase says that no one has yet. They smile at each other as he goes to serve Julian and asks what happened between him and Brooke and Julian admits he does not know or what happened to both his and Brooke’s date. Meanwhile, Missy and Nick kiss on the pool table as Missy is overwhelmed as to how much Nick looks like Drew as Nick says that he is overwhelmed at how much Missy looks like Brooke.

Lucas finds Peyton in a pool of blood on the floor, because of the premature placental.

Julian goes to see Brooke at the store but finds Victoria there. He introduces himself and Victoria introduces herself. Julian asks her to get Brooke to call him as Victoria reminds him of the name of their company. Julian tells her that his father often made him feel like a failure and he sees that in Brooke and that is her work. Victoria asks if he is finished as Julian says that he is in love with Brooke and she will love him back one day and when that day comes, she can either be nice to Brooke or not be in her life. Peyton and Lucas get back as Peyton finds fairy lights, candles and rose petals all over the house. She is amazed and thrilled as Lucas calls her Peyton Scott as they are happy with their day. Lucas then tells her that she should be going to bed as it has been a long day as Peyton insists it has been a perfect day. Lucas then decides she can have one more surprise and as Peyton wonders, he asks her to wait in the corridor as he goes to get it ready. He walks off as he says he loves her. He goes into the garage where the comet is covered up and prepares to get it ready as Peyton looks in their bedroom with happiness. He unveils the Comet back in the perfect condition that it was before the crash and smiles at his work. Meanwhile, back in the house, blood drips onto the rose petals on the floor. Peyton looks down in shock and as Lucas gets back into the house, he sees the blood too, but a much larger amount. He runs into the bedroom and finds his wife collapsed on the floor. He falls to his knees to get and asks her to stay with him as he holds her in fear and worry.

Memorable Quotes

”You know, just when I thought it was weird that I’m going graduation, pregnancy, marriage, I remember you went marriage, pregnancy, graduation and I just don’t feel so bad”
Lucas Scott to Haley James Scott

”Hey, when I think of everyone else out there in the world that goes through their life alone then I think of all the amazing years I’ve gotten to spend with my beautiful, beautiful best friend, Brooke Davis. I kind of feel sorry for everybody else”
Peyton Sawyer to Brooke Davis

”Look, I know you don’t have a date”
”It was kind of last minute, dude”
”Right, well maybe I invited someone for you”
”Lucas, you cannot do that to me. First of all, I am not anybody’s pity date, and second, what does he look like?”
Lucas Scott surprises Brooke Davis

”I am so pissed right now, that whore stole my man!”
”Okay but it's their wedding day. Don't you think it's time you let it go?"
Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott as they get their conversations muddled up about Missy and Julian Baker and Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer

”You look beautiful Brooke”
”Hotter than Julian’s skanky Brooke-alike, right? Right?”
”Yeah, totally”
Haley James Scott tries to give Brooke Davis a compliment

”Well, the thing is that, uh, every rose has it’s thorn, just like every night has its dawn. Just like every cowboy sing a sad, sad song”
”Poison? Of all the lyrics ever written, you’re gonna go with ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ by Poison?”
Haley James Scott begins to make a mess of her speech on Peyton Sawyer’s wedding ceremony

”’Peyton Sawyer’ will become ‘Peyton Scott.’ Lucas wrote this in the eighth grade. I remember him talking about her constantly and not just in the eighth grade. In the ninth, the tenth and the eleventh grade. And finally, in our junior year, Lucas gathered up his courage and talked to Peyton for the first time, right here at this lake, and she was a bitch. He said, ‘Haley, I talked to her’ and when I asked him if the fantasy was finally over, if he could finally admit that Peyton Sawyer was human after all and he said, ‘No, Peyton Sawyer is not human, she’s an angel. And she’s my angel.’ I believe in true love, I believe in love at first sight, I believe love conquers all. That doesn’t mean there’s not gonna be hard days or difficult things to deal with, because there will be. But finding that person who does it for you and knowing that that person loves you back it just makes everything so much easier. ‘Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott.’ That was the dream, and here we are, 10 years later and we will all get to witness a dream come true”
Haley James Scott holds the wedding ceremony for Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott

”Peyton, I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you, and this ring and these words are just simply a way to show the rest of the world what’s been in my heart for as long as I’ve known you. I love you, Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer, I always have and I always will”
”Lucas Scott. We’ve been through so much together and despite how confused I’ve been or lost I might have gotten, there was always you finding me and saving me. You deserve to be adored. So that’s what we’re gonna do, your baby and me. We’re going to adore you for years to come. I am so terribly in love with you, and I always will be.”
”Well, by the power vested in me by, I now pronounce you man and wife”
Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer say their vows as Haley James Scott pronounces them married

”Maybe this was just a pipe dream that I had to let go of at some point. Get on with my life in the real world, you know”
Nathan Scott doubts his basketball future

”My father always made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. Anytime I had any success, he would remind me of my failures. I see that in Brooke. She’s so talented and good-hearted and beautiful, but she carries around this feeling that she’s not good enough and she has you to thank for that, nice work”
Julian Baker to Victoria Davis

”We should get you to bed, it’s been a long day”
”It’s been a perfect day”
Lucas Scott and Peyton Scott get back from their wedding

”I love you, Peyton Scott”
Lucas Scott to Peyton Scott


”Sometimes when you look back at your life, certain moments stand out, the day you graduated high school, your wedding day, the day you found out you were going to be a father. Most of the time they happen in that order, most of the time”
Lucas Scott (opening voiceover)


  • "Like You Do" - Angel Taylor
  • "Innocent" - Aiden Hawken
  • "Broken Voices" - Ari Hest
  • "Here Comes The Bride" - Extreme Music
  • "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" - Ingrid Michaelson
  • "All In My Head" - Nick Lachey
  • "99 Times" - Kate Voegele
  • "I Can't Fix Us Two" - Katie Costello
  • "Sweet Silver Lining" - Kate Voegele
  • "Rains Here Too" - Kate York
  • "Wedding Dress" - Matt Nathanson

This episode's title originated from the song Forever And Almost Always, originally sung by Kate Voegele.


  • Dan doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Julian refers to Nick Lachey being from ‘Laguna Beach’ as Chase walks past saying that it was another tool. The actor that portrays Chase, Stephen Coletti, originally starred in ‘Laguna Beach.’

Episode References

  • Haley brings the tin of New Year Predictions that her and Lucas would participate in every year during high school.
  • Lucas and Peyton get married by the same lake they first spoke at. ("Pilot")
  • Lucas decorates the house to be a honeymoon suite for his wedding night with Peyton, much like Nathan did for Haley after they were married as seen in Something I Can Never Have.

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