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Type: Sports agency
Established: c. 2009
Founded by: Clayton Evans
Status: Operating
Owned by: Clayton Evans
Location(s): Tree Hill, North Carolina
First Appearance: "Some Roads Lead Nowhere"
(episode 7.12)

Fortitude was the sports agency opened by Clay Evans after being fired by ISC. Nathan Scott became his first signed athlete and was followed by several other picks. Following Clay's attack by Katie Ryan, Nathan was employed at the agency to avoid Clay's clients going back to his old agency. Together, Nathan and Clay have signed a number of successful sports stars, including first-round football pick Troy Jameson.


Season 7

Clay Evans first forms Fortitude after being fired by ISC. After his agency's formation, he manages to sign both Joe Turner and Nathan Scott into a deal with the Sacramento Kings, who would then trade Joe and Nathan to the Charlotte Bobcats for Derek McDaniels. This move helped Nathan and Joe by keeping them closer to home with their families.  

Season 8

Following Clay's attack, Nathan is employed as a sports agent and aids Clay in his recovery. Recently retired from the NBA due to his degenerating spine, Nathan struggled with the agent lingo but he managed to sign quarterback Troy Jameson, who is drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the first round. Clay and Nathan later sign college baseball pitcher, Ian Kellerman, who also happens to be the son of Nathan's professor August Kellerman. They later release him, however, after it is revealed Ian was responsible for the hit-and-run during the hurricane that nearly killed Brooke Davis and Nathan's son, Jamie

Known clients

Clay Evans

Nathan Scott


  • Fortitude means "courage in pain or adversity."

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