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Frank Brigard

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First Mentioned
Frank Brigard
Family Members
Jimmy James -Brother-in-law
Lydia James - Sister
Three James Brothers - Nephews
Vivian James - Niece
Taylor James - Niece
Quinn James - Niece
Haley James Scott - Niece
Jamie Scott - Great-nephew
Lydia Scott - Great-niece
Unnamed great nephews and nieces

Frank Brigard was the brother of Lydia James and the uncle of the James siblings. His niece, Quinn James, described him as "crazy" and was seen as a nuisance to the family and was given the nickname "Crazy Uncle Frank".

Character history


His niece Taylor told him that her sister, Quinn, had a crush on him.("Family Affair").

Season 7

During a family meal between the younger James sisters, Quinn reproached to Taylor her words to Frank.

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