Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

September 15, 2008
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Directed by

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"Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly" is the third episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 109th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on September 15, 2008. Lucas returns from Las Vegas to face a tragedy, as Nathan and Haley struggle to find a way to help Jamie understand the death of someone close to them.


603 n n h tells jam bout q

Haley and Nathan tell Jamie about Quentin's death

Skills goes to call for Lucas in the early hours of the morning. As Lucas answers, Skills asks if it is true, if Quentin Fields is really dead, and Lucas nods his head in silence. Nathan calls Quentin a few hours later asking him where he is as he is supposed to be training with him. As he hangs up, Haley joins him. It is obvious that she has been crying and Nathan asks what is wrong. As she breaks the news to him, she hugs him as Nathan is left as distraught as the other residents of Tree Hill. Brooke is looking out of her shop window. She looks around and grabs her clothes. She begins to throw them on the street. At the Scott household, Haley is asking what she is going to tell her class, what she is going to tell Jamie who is making him a cape. Nathan offers to do it, but Haley tells him they must do it together. Lucas arrives at the basketball court with Skills. He tells the Ravens that he has to talk to them. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley go up to Jamie’s room and he immediately realizes his mom has been crying. Nathan and Haley sit down and tell him that Q has been in an accident. As Jamie asks if he will be able to play for the Ravens still, Haley is forced to tell him he is dead and that it is okay for him to be sad. Jamie asks what about his cape and gets up to go out the room. As Haley and Nathan try to stop him, Jamie tells him that Q will like it.
603 h struggles to teach her class

Haley struggles to teach her class

Peyton is walking down the street as she sees 3 women fighting over clothes from Brooke’s store that is being thrown out onto the street. She is forced to pull them off the women and assures them that they are just taking inventory. She walks in the store with the clothes and asks what she is doing. Brooke tells her that it is her store and her clothes so she can do what she wants and she is having a sale, everything is free. Peyton asks if she wants to talk about it as Haley told her about her and her mother having problems. Brooke turns around and angrily tells her that she does not want to talk about it. As there is nothing left to say except that her mom is a bitch. She then asks for her key back, and Peyton is shocked. Peyton asks if there is something else going on, but Brooke tells her that she just needs to feel safe in her own house. Brooke then asks why Peyton bothered coming round and she tells her that Quentin had died the night before and that Lucas is a mess and she thought Brooke might want to know. She walks off as Brooke is left feeling guilty for her actions. Haley walks into her classroom and tells the class she does not know what to say and that if the class want to talk about Q they can. A student then shouts out what is the point as someone killed him and now he is gone forever, so what is the point. Haley tells him there is no point. Meanwhile, Carrie is still torturing Dan. She asks if he really thinks he can fool her and ruin her plan to get Jamie, as he cannot. She tells him she has a new plan as now Jamie will come to her as Grandpa Dan’s dying and his last wish is to see his grandson. As Dan tells her that he will still be dead and she will still be the fugitive she does not want to be, Carrie tells him that she is happy with being the fugitive and does not care anymore as she will already had a head start. Dan tells her that no way will Jamie be allowed to see him as his parents will not let him and Jamie is scared of him. Carrie tells him that is not true and gets out Jamie’s card to Dan. Dan then asks what she will do with the person who drives him to the house and Carrie tells him that she hopes it is Haley and either way, she will not be doing anything, Dan is going to kill that person, or that is what it will look like, after all he is already a murderer. Skills tells Lucas how he was going to tell Q how proud he was of him, but he said it would wait. He tells Lucas that he should have had a tomorrow and it is just wrong that he is gone. Lucas admits that he feels like he let him down by saying to be a good teammate and then he got suspended. Lucas then realizes Q had a mother and a little brother as Skills asks how a mother can breathe again.

603 l p sk n h meet den

Haley, Nathan, Skills, Peyton and Lucas pay their respects to Denise

Jamie is looking at the board in the basketball changing rooms. Nathan goes in Q’s locker and finds a book of Les Miserables, that Haley asked him to study. As he looks through, Jamie picks up Q’s jersey and asks if he can have it. Nathan tells him that Q would like that as Nathan puts the book in his own bag. Nathan then hugs Jamie to comfort him from his loss. Carrie puts a bullet in a gun and tells Dan that she liked his beach house and that she got his gun from there. She begins taunting him by flirting with him as Dan asks why she doesn’t have any of her own children. He offers to help her out and sniggers as Carrie smiles back, gets the gun and aims it at him and tells him how much she is going to enjoy killing him. Meanwhile, Brooke shoots the gun at the shooting range. Lucas, Peyton, Skills, Haley, Nathan and Jamie go to Quentin’s house. Haley tells Jamie to go and play with Q’s little brother. Jamie sits next to Q’s brother on the swings and asks what he is playing. The little boy tells him he is playing on a game of basketball. Jamie introduces himself and the little boy introduces himself as Brandon Andre Fields, but people call him Dre. As Andre tells him that he is Q’s brother, Jamie tells him that Q was his friend and that he is making him a cape. Lucas is looking at a photo of Q as Q’s mother, Denise Fields, arrives. She thanks him for sticking up for her son in his last game. Denise then tells Nathan and Skills how many nice things Q had to say about them. She thanks them for coming, but especially thanks Haley as Q has always loved basketball, but Haley got him to read. Denise tells them that they should all be proud of how they have helped Q along the way. Haley then tells her that her strength is inspiring, but Denise says that she knows she will see Q again. Outside, Dre is telling Jamie how he wants to be a musician when he grows up. Jamie tells him he is going to play basketball as Andre thinks he might play that too. Andre also says how his mom is a good cook as Jamie says the same about Haley. Andre then says his Grandpa can whistle really loud as Jamie says his grandma Deb wears really tight pants. They then compare favorite animals as the Ravens are mentioned. Brandon tells Jamie he is not going inside as it is too sad. He asks what color the cape is and Jamie tells him red. Haley then comes out to get Jamie and as Jamie goes to leave, he gets Q’s jersey out of the car and gives it to Q’s little brother.

603 b looks at herself

Brooke marks her injuries on her face

Haley is putting the finishing touches to Quentin’s cape for Jamie as Nathan joins her. She tells him that she is thinking that Jamie should not go to the funeral as it is too sad. Nathan understands as it creeps him out. He tells Haley about how when his great-grandfather died he was only Jamie’s age. He tells her that his mom was incredibly sad and that his dad knelt down next to the coffin and kissed the corpse. He remembers Dan then turning round to him and telling him to do the same. Haley is shocked that he made him kiss it and that Nathan is scared of dead guys. He tells Haley that he understands that Jamie should miss it. Deb drags Skills to one side and apologizes for his loss. Skills admits that he feels like he is having a bad dream. Deb asks if they have found the person responsible, but Skills confirms they have not. As Skills goes downstairs to not upset anyone else by finding out about him and Deb, Deb offers her support. Brooke goes to her mirror where she has drawn around her bruises in lipstick. Around the marks on the mirror are the words ‘payback, justice, avenge, strike back, punish, retaliation, retribution.’ She goes to the Scott house and as Peyton admits she cannot believe this happens, not just to Q, but other people too. Brooke then tells them how many people are attacked, murdered and raped every year. She tells them that life sucks and then you die. As she says this, Jamie listens in the room. Brooke realizes and apologizes, and walks off. As she stands outside, Haley joins her and asks for her to talk to her. Brooke tells her that she is going through a lot with Angie, Victoria and her fall. Haley tells her that there is a therapist she and Nathan used that could be helpful for Brooke. Brooke agrees to take her number as Haley apologizes about everything. She asks if her bruises hurt as Brooke tells her it all hurts. Meanwhile, Dan manages to get out of his restraints. He pulls out all the wires attached to him and makes a run outside. He goes through the garden and past a climbing frame. He tries to race out of the garden but trips. As he looks up, he sees a cross sticking up out of the ground and dug up ground. Carrie approaches him with a shovel and tells him to get his hand away from her son. She hits him over the head with the shovel.

603 students sign qs desk

Quentin's close friends sign his desk

Outside of Tree Hill High, there is a memorial for Q. Haley and Nathan look over it as she tells Nathan she cannot make sense of what happened and does not know what to say to her class. Nathan then gives her Q’s old book and tells her that she reached Q and he can reach her class too. She goes into class and places the book on her desk. She sees a new girl in the class, unknown to her to be the one who shoplifted from Brooke’s store. The girl introduces herself as Samantha Walker as Haley asks her to move desks. Sam asks why as Haley tells her the desk is taken and forces Sam to move. Meanwhile, the Ravens are told by Lucas and Skills that they are there for them if they ever need them. Nathan tells them that he is going to remember his best memories of Q and they should remember their best ones with him as that is how he will live on. Brooke goes to see Peyton as Peyton admits she is trying to keep busy. Brooke then gives her the key to back to her apartment. Peyton accepts it and asks why she threw her clothes onto the street. Brooke tells her that Victoria wants the line so badly that she can have it. She tells Peyton that life is too short as Peyton goes to show her something. She shows her all the clothes she threw out that Peyton had to wrestle some women for. Brooke tells her she can keep them, but Peyton tells her that life is too short, to fight and be miserable. She tells her not to let the bitter ones ruin how awesome she is. In the school, Haley is sitting at her desk. She looks up and stops the class from working and tells the class that last lesson they asked what is the point in school, literature and everything else. She tells them it was a lie as she does not know yet. She tells them not long ago she sat in their seats wondering the same things. She tells them that she still wonders why awful things happen. Haley tells them to put away their work and get out a pen and paper. She tells them how important literature is and that one of the points is to show they were there. She tells them to write about Quentin Fields. She tells them that through their words they may find clarity or peace. She begins walking round the classroom as she sees someone has written ‘we miss you’ on Q’s desk. Haley asks who did it and a boy owns up. She takes their marker off them and signs the desk with a quote from ‘Les Miserables.’ She then asks the class to sign the desk and they all get up except Sam. As Haley walks past her she compliments her shirt noting that it is the shoplifted top from Clothes Over Bro’s.

603 n offers his help to b

Nathan offers his help to Brooke

Back at home, Haley is putting her make up on as Jamie asks why she is. Haley explains that they are going to Quentin’s funeral and Jamie asks what happens there. Haley tells him that they are going to say goodbye as Jamie runs out the room. Lucas is putting on his jacket and worrying about Jamie. He tells Peyton that the team may have to forfeit the season due to the loss. Lucas thanks her for being there as Peyton tells him that it is what a relationship is and that the wedding can wait. She admits that she wishes she could help as Lucas tells her she already has, without saying a word. Brooke does up her dress as the doorbell goes. She asks who it is before answering and Nathan waits. She invites him in. Brooke tells him she wishes she could do something for them today, but Nathan tells her that they were wondering if they could do anything for her. He explains that he is good with bad parenting and wants to see if she is okay. As Brooke assures him that she is okay, Nathan tells her that that is the response he would normally give. He tells her that losing Q has been hard, but everyone is still there for her. He tells her that he is a lot like her and they have been through quite similar experiences, especially considering their parents. He tells that she knows that he gets it. Brooke tells Nathan that their parents never gave them a chance and Nathan admits that they did not know how. He tells her that the point is that she made her dream happen, and he almost did and dealt with it alone. He tells her it was wrong and he should have talked to someone. With this in mind, he tells her he will be annoyed if she does not come and talk to him. Nathan then thanks her for going to Q’s funeral and thinking of other people whilst she is going through a lot. She hugs her saying she has done well for a girl who never stood a chance. In the gym, Skills looks around sadly and begins to cry. Haley and Nathan go to say goodbye to Jamie as they find him in his suit. He asks them to go as he wants to say goodbye to his friend. Haley warns him it will be sad, but Jamie is still determined to go, so Haley lets him.


Lucas attends Quentin's funeral.

603 the crowds gather for qs funeral

The residents of Tree Hill gather for Quentin's funeral

The funeral begins as many people gather to say goodbye to Quentin. His teammates carry Quentin’s coffin up the hill as Denise and Andre follow. Deb looks at Skills in sorrow as Jamie waves at Andre. As Quentin is laid to rest, Denise and Andre take a seat. Carrie tightens Dan’s restraints again as Dan apologizes for her loss. He asks what her son’s name was and then tells her that she cannot replace her son with Jamie. Carrie turns around in tears. The funeral continues as the residents of Tree Hill stand in tears. Deb gathers the courage to go and stand with Skills. She hugs and comforts him as Nathan stands uncomfortably at one side. The Ravens join the ceremony and give Denise flowers. Andre gets up with the team, puts his brother’s jersey on and stands smartly next to them. Carrie goes and puts flowers next to her son’s grave, mourning her loss. As the ceremony ends, the residents of Tree Hill leave the graveyard. As Haley and Nathan go to leave, Jamie still stands next to the coffin, they realize as Brooke offers to go back with him. She joins Jamie next to the coffin. He opens the box that Quentin gave him to keep all of his treasures, and gets out the cape he made for Quentin. He opens up the cape and throws it over the coffin. As he does, the tears that Brooke has been holding in since the attack break free. She breaks down by Jamie’s side as Jamie takes her hand to comfort her.

Memorable Quotes

”Listen, Quentin had an accident Jamie.”
”What kind of accident, is he going to be okay?”
”No, he’s not okay. He, his body stopped working and he’s gone now. He’s gone to heaven, okay? And we’re not gonna be able to see him anymore”
”What about the Ravens? You think he’s gonna play anymore?”
”Oh Jamie. He died honey, he can’t play anymore. And mommy and daddy are incredibly sad about it. So it’s okay if your sad too, I know that he loved you very much and I know that you’ll miss him. And we’re gonna miss him too.”
Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott are forced to tell 5 year old Jamie Scott that his friend Quentin Fields is dead

”I don’t know what to say to any of you. I didn’t know what to say to my 5 year old son, who loved Quentin, just as many of you do. So if you wanna talk about how you’re feeling”
”What’s the point? I mean he’s gone right? Some idiot just shot him and now he’s gone forever. So what’s the point?”
”There is no point”
Haley James Scott attempts to teach a lesson at Tree Hill High

”I was going to tell him I was proud of him, you know last night when you came by the office and I said I’d just talk to Q in the morning. I was gonna tell him how far he’s come and how proud I was of him for that”

”Why don’t you have kids? You’re young, attractive, crazy as a crap-house rat, but still, you could have a little boy of your own. Hell, I might even be able to help you out”
Dan Scott teases Carrie

”Your strength is inspiring”
”My strength is from Jesus Christ. I am gonna miss my baby boy for the rest of my life. But I know we are gonna see him again and our faith will see us through”
Haley James Scott to Denise Fields

”It’s just so hard to accept that things like this happen. And not just to Quentin, but at all, ever”
”One out of every 500 people gets assaulted or raped. There were 30,000 aggravated assaults in our state alone last year. 7000 robberies, 3000 murders, 600 rapes. It’s official. Life sucks and then you die”
Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis

”Get your filthy, murdering hands away from my son”
Carrie to Dan Scott as he reaches the grave of her son

”Quentin, he was a great kid. He was the leader of this team, and I know that he was your friend. I wish I could take this pain away, but I can’t and I’m sorry”
”It’s okay to feel angry, it’s okay to feel pain. It’s even okay to hate the person that did this. But when that anger and that pain and that hate becomes too much for you, you come to see me, Nate or Luke”
Lucas Scott and Skills offer their support to the Tree Hill Ravens

”Life’s too short, Brooke. To fight, to be miserable. Don’t let the bitter ones change how awesome you are”
Peyton Sawyer

”Look, this thing with losing Quentin is, it’s hard. And I have a feeling it’s gonna be a prominent thing in our lives for a while. That doesn’t mean that your problems are any less important or that all of us aren’t here for you”
”Look, like I said...”
”You’re fine. You can handle it. It’s all good. Look, I hope that’s true and maybe it is, but, the thing is, the two of us have been down very similar roads. We were in the same cliques first, we felt the same pressures, the same expectations. Our parents were like children and we both grew into kind of bad versions of ourselves way too fast. So I think you know, I get it”
Nathan Scott reaches out to support Brooke Davis


“Quentin Fields was a basketball player. He was also a son. A brother. Somebody's teammate. Somebody's friend. I didn't know Quentin Fields and I guess now I never will. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't you anymore? If you were suddenly gone, how would your world react? Whatever you imagined is wrong. There's nothing romantic about death. Grief is like the ocean. It's deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night.”
Sam Walker (opening voice-over)
“Quentin Fields was a basketball player. He was also a son. A brother. Somebody's teammate. And somebody's friend. I never knew Quentin Fields and I guess now I never will. Grief is like the ocean; it's deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet. Persistent. Unfair. Diminished by time and fate and love. I didn't know Quentin Fields, but I'm jealous of him. Because I see how his absence has affected the people who did know him. So I know he mattered to them. And I know he was loved. People say that Quentin Fields was a great basketball player: graceful, fluid, inspiring. They say on a good night it almost seemed as though he could fly. And now he can.”
Sam Walker (closing voice-over)


  • "A Brittle Filament" - The One AM Radio
  • "Some Streets Lead Nowhere" - Matthew Ryan
  • "Feels Like Letting Go" - Matthew Perryman Jones
  • "Small Things" - The Audreys
  • "Shine Your Light On Us" - Robbie Seay Band
  • "Memories (All We Need)" - The Sequel
  • "Further To Fall" - Dan
  • "Quiet In My Town" - Civil Twilight

This episode's title originated from the name of the British indie-rock band Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Singer-songwriter Matthew Ryan, whose music is featured in this episode, also served as the Guest Composer for this episode, composing all the scores used.


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