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Gretchen Scolnik
Gretchen Scolnik
Biographical information
Birthplace: Unknown
Status: Alive
Occupation: Mother of Chuck Scolnik
Other information
Nickname: Gretch
Gender: Female
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5' 3"
Family: Wade Scolnik (ex-husband)
Chuck Scolnik (son)
Series information
Portrayed By: Kelley Davis
First Appearance: "Messin' with the Kid" (episode 6.07)
Latest Appearance: "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" (episode 9.08)
Episode Count: 6

Gretchen Scolnik was the mother of Chuck, she's was an alcoholic and was married to Wade Scolnik.

She was known by almost every resident of Tree Hill as an alcoholic. It is implied that she may be the reason behind Chuck acting out towards his peers. After Chuck's father Wade returned she often denied Wade's abuse. She also cornered Chuck into lying to a police officer about his abuse just to free his father. The next day after Chase visits her, Gretchen breaks down into tears saying she doesn't know how to stop him. Chase tells her to keep him away or it might be Chuck in the hospital. 

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