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Grubbs was a bartender, who replaced Chase Adams at Tric. He prides himself in his skill of knowing what people want to drink. He falls in love with Miranda and proposes to her before she leaves to return to London.

Character History

Before the Series

Season 7

Grubbs became the new bartender at Tric, and replaced Chase who had a reputation for being terrible at the job. Grubbs had a unique skill of knowing what people like to drink just by looking at them. The only person he could not guess was Miranda. He was shown to be a great singer as Miranda, the Sire Records employee who had been working with Haley musically, discovered him performing in the studio. Grubbs initally refused to record a record, due to a bad relationship he had with a girl he once loved, but gave in after many attempts from Miranda. While recording, he began to fall in love with Miranda and proposed to her after learning her Visa was expired and she would have to return back to England. Grubbs was left heartbroken as Miranda, despite her feelings for him, turned down his proposal and told him that he could not return to England with her, as she encouraged Grubbs to continue working on the album without her. Grubbs finished up his album under the mentorship of Red Bedroom Records best-selling artist, Mia Catalano


Romantic life: Grubbs began to like Miranda towards the end of season 7, and then asked her to marry him so she could stay in the country, as she was being deported. She declined and went back to England instead. Then, he finishes his album as he had promised to Miranda, and then decides to follow her to London.  In fact, leave a post-it to Mia where he wrote that the first stage of his tour would have been in London, and it suggest that this will be the last, too. 

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