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"We spend so much time wanting, pursuing, wishing. But ambition is good. Chasing things with integrity is good. Dreaming…"
―Haley James in the last episode[src]

Haley James Scott (née Haley Bob James) is one of the main female protagonists of One Tree Hill, portrayed by Bethany Joy Lenz.

Haley James is the youngest child of Jimmy and Lydia James. She was a smart and nerdy tutor who first met her would-be husband, Nathan Scott, the younger half-brother of her best friend Lucas Scott, during their junior year, when Nathan asks her to tutor him as a scheme to mess with Lucas. Despite all odds, she and Nathan, will remain together throughout high school and for the rest of their lives. In season 4, while they are still in high school, Haley and Nathan, discover that they're expecting a baby boy that they decided to name: James Lucas ("Jamie") Scott. In the eighth season, Haley and Nathan welcome their second child, a girl: Lydia Bob. Haley displays extreme loyalty to the people she holds close to her, particularly Nathan, Lucas, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis. Her first priority was always her family but she also has her own dreams to follow; pursuing a music career. She found it difficult at first to balance being a mother to her children, her husband’s career ever changing, and following her dreams. After her mother's death, Haley struggled with depression but her second pregnancy helped her to recover from it.

Haley has been Lucas Scott's best friend for life, he will also eventually become, her brother-in-law, and the godfather of her first born: Jamie Scott. In addition, she and Nathan together, decide to use Lucas, as Jamie's middle name.

When Haley started dating Nathan, she, Brooke and Peyton (Nathan's ex girlfriend) formed a close group and often shared each other's problems; the two girls will eventually become her two best friends.



Haley and Quinn with their mother. ("My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good")

Haley was born on February 1st, 1988. Having grown up in a household with three sisters and three brothers, Haley had no privacy in her house, and though many girls would love six other siblings, Haley hated the idea. With her mom and dad being a bit wild and eccentric, Haley took on a more mature role than her parents. As well as having a fear of clowns from an early age, Haley often feels completely disconnected from the world, but has learned to never let that feeling show on the outside

At a very young age, Haley got the sex talk from her mom as she didn't want Haley turn out like one of Haley's older sisters, Taylor.

Stanford became Haley's dream school after her and her family went to visit the school. Seeing all the different people that were there motivated her to be the best student she can be, even to the point where she and Lucas would play pretend and take the SATs ("With Arms Outstretched") ("I've Got Dreams to Remember").

Old Haley and Quinn

A young Haley and Quinn.

Haley applied for a job at the local cafe, owned by Karen Roe. Forming a mother and daughter relationship with Karen, Haley got the job as well as a best friend, Lucas Scott. With her new friendships with the small unit family, Haley began to spend most of her time with the mother and son, and they were both delighted to welcome her to their family, giving Haley a quieter side of life. Haley and Lucas made a mini golf course on the roof of the cafe and it became their sanctuary from the rest of the world. Every year, at the beginning of school, Haley and Lucas wrote predictions of what the year ahead held for them, and they would then hide their predictions behind a loose brick in the wall and read it at the end to see if they were right. One of Haley's first predictions was that she would kiss a boy.

Although being one of the smartest in her year, Haley did cheat on a geometry test, she did that because her mom was sick one day, so she didn't have time to study. Feeling guilty afterwards, Haley started to tutor as a form of self-penance but eventually she found that she really liked tutoring people ("The Search for Something More") ("You Gotta Go There to Come Back").

Character arc[]

Season 1[]


Haley's first appearance ("Pilot")

After a day out at the River Court, Lucas returns home to find a very eccentric Haley and Karen. As he sits down to talk about their day, Haley announces that they have a present for him. Karen then gives him the copy of the Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". She supported Lucas when he was first asked to join the Ravens. At first Haley was reluctant for her friend to join the Ravens, because Lucas' half brother Nathan was also a varsity player on the team, but eventually warmed up to it and supported Lucas on his decision to play.

On the night of the Scott brother's first one-on-one basketball game, Haley supports Lucas and watches him beat Nathan. On Lucas' first Ravens game, Haley arrives to support her best friend even though he cracked under pressure and didn't play well during the game. Later that week, Lucas tells Haley he doesn't want to play, but Haley encourages him and told him that the game won't change him and he shouldn't let it. Taking her advice, Lucas continues to play, and eventually played a good game ("Pilot") ("The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most").

Haley was first noticed by Nathan when she and Lucas were talking on the hallway. After a while, Nathan who was having problems with his classes and found out that Haley was Lucas' best friend, asked Haley to tutor him. Haley refuses and tells Nathan that she’s best friends with Lucas and that she can’t and won’t help him. Later on, Nathan calls Karen’s Cafe and asked for Haley. When Haley finds out that it was Nathan on the phone, she pretended that she wasn’t there. Karen asked Haley what the phone call was about and Haley tells Karen that there was a guy asking her to tutor him but that she doesn’t really want to help him because he’s kind of a bad guy. Karen tells Haley that there might be something worth saving with that guy, not knowing it was Nathan. In school, after Nathan gets an F on an exam, he showed Haley his test score prompting her to feel conflicted about not tutoring him. Haley continues to refuse to tutor Nathan but eventually after Lucas' hazing on the team worsens, agrees to tutor Nathan. In exchange, she asked that no one finds out about her helping him and for Nathan to stop messing with Lucas. Nathan and Haley meet up for their first tutoring session and there, Nathan gave her a bracelet from his Cracker Jack snack, and said, "Don't say I never gave you anything." Later on, while Haley and Lucas were watching the Burning Boat Festival, Lucas noticed the bracelet that Nathan gave to Haley and told her she has a cool bracelet, not knowing that it was from Nathan. When Lucas asked who Haley was tutoring, Haley avoids the subject and said that it was no one special ("Are You True?").


Nathan gives Haley a bracelet Nathan. ("Are You True?")

After another Ravens match, Haley goes with Lucas to Nathan's after party and pretends she doesn't know who Nathan is. As the night progresses, Haley ends up annoying Lucas by defending Nathan. Haley also caught the attention of Peyton, Nathan's girlfriend at that time, and Peyton warns Haley to be careful of Nathan. After Nathan messed with Lucas yet again during an "I've Never" game, Haley reprimands Nathan and asked him what happened with their deal. Nathan brushed it off and said that it was just what guys do. Haley walks of and calls Nathan a jerk. Haley goes down to the pier and is later joined by Nathan. The two discuss their situations and Haley finds a softer side to Nathan. With Lucas leaving the party early, Haley didn't have a ride home, so Nathan insisted on giving her a lift on Peyton's car. When they arrived at Haley's house, Haley tells Nathan that she can't tutor him anymore and she'll find another person to tutor him, but Nathan opens up about his insecurities about school and tells Haley that she's the only one that can help him. Haley eventually agrees to continue to tutor him but only for this semester and then after that she's done.

Haley forgets her hat on Peyton's car when Nathan took her home, when Lucas finds her hat, Lucas goes into the cafe and grills Haley about honesty. Haley agrees about them being honest with each other but still did not mention anything about Nathan. Lucas gives Haley the hat, showing that he knows she's been spending time with Nathan ("Crash Into You").


Haley tries to repair her friendship with Lucas after he discovers she is tutoring Nathan. ("All That You Can't Leave Behind")

After discovering about Haley and Nathan, Lucas begins avoiding Haley. When she eventually manages to talk to him, she assures him she is only tutoring Nathan to protect Lucas. Lucas assures her he doesn't need protecting so Haley can stop tutoring Nathan now. But Haley refuses because she promised she would help Nathan and refuses to break that promise.

Whilst Haley tutors Nathan, she finds he got a D+ in his exam and he admits he's been distracted because of his break up with Peyton. Offering advice, Haley tells him if he treated her better, than she wouldn't have left him. Nathan tells Haley that he thinks her and him have talked more than Peyton and him ever talked in the entirety of their relationship.

Haley returns back to the cafe and assures Lucas she is only tutoring Nathan and nothing else is going on. Before the basketball game, Nathan shows Haley a good grade he got on a test and hugs her. Little does Haley know, Nathan saw Lucas behind her and timed the whole thing so that Lucas would see their interaction. As she and Nathan were hugging, Nathan smirks at Lucas ("All That You Can't Leave Behind").

For the Ravens' first away game, Nathan persuades Haley to join them. After the game, Haley missed the last fan bus going home and finds Brooke and Peyton. A very drugged-up Brooke invites Haley to ride with them home. On their way home, the girls find out that Brooke hasn't filled up the car and they run out of gas. Haley volunteers to go to a gas station to get some and Peyton goes with her. As they reach the station, Haley gets a pocket knife out and manages to suck gas through a car's fuel tank to get enough to put in Brooke's car. Haley tells Peyton that Lucas likes her, and Peyton tells Haley to be careful of Nathan. As they drive home, Brooke, who fell asleep in the car, wakes up to Haley and Peyton bonding and singing along to a song. Brooke ruins the moment by saying that they're not really friends, alluding to the fact that them bonding was only for that night. As they drive along, the girls soon find Nathan and Lucas together. The following day, Haley is ignored by Brooke and Peyton as they join the cheerleaders. Haley realizes things are as Brooke said ("Every Night Is Another Story").

107 l finds h

After thinking Nathan has betrayed her, Lucas comforts Haley. ("Life in a Glass House")

While Haley was tutoring Nathan for a history test, Haley gives Nathan a tutoring kit and tells him that he has a long weekend to study for his exam. Nathan tells her that his dad is hosting party so he won't have the entire weekend to study. Nathan tells Haley that he would invite her but the party was a basketball thing so the people attending were only the people involved in basketball, that being the varsity players, their parents, the cheerleaders, and Coach Whitey. Haley assures Nathan that it's fine and she doesn't really want to go to the party anyway.

While Haley was on her way out of the school building, she almost got ran over by Peyton. Peyton offers Haley a ride after. In the car, Peyton again warns Haley about Nathan to which Haley says she's really getting sick of people telling her that. As Lucas leaves for the basketball party that Dan Scott was hosting, Haley admits to Lucas that she likes Nathan. Lucas got mad at first but after Haley tells him that they can’t help who they like, Lucas reluctantly lets it go but not before he warns Haley, like Peyton, to be careful of Nathan,

Later at the party, after Deb (Nathan’s mom) finds out that there was a dessert mishap, Karen calls Haley to bring some cakes in from the cafe. Deb asked Karen if Haley was a tutor and Karen finds out that it was Nathan Haley was tutoring.

When Haley arrives at the party bringing the cakes, Deb asked Haley to stay and Karen agrees. Nathan sees Haley and tells her that he’s glad she’s there. He offered to get her a drink but a very drunk Brooke saw them and told Haley that Nathan has been passing around the note that she left for him in the tutoring kit. She alluded that they’ve all been laughing about it and that Haley was offering up herself to Nathan by saying to call her if he needs anything. Without allowing Nathan to explain, Haley storms off. Lucas gets home from the party to find Haley crying behind the counter. Haley tells Lucas to tell her I told you so and that the smart girl was stupid for believing that there was something good in Nathan. Lucas comforts Haley and tells her that Peyton rejected him and they (the popular kids) can have their world and Haley and Lucas can go back to their own. Although Haley was touched by what Lucas said, she asked to be alone. Later that night, as Haley was cleaning up, Nathan knocks on the cafe door and tells her that he didn’t even know about her note until after and that he would never do the things Brooke said he did. Haley refuses to listen to him and she turns off the lights and walks away, leaving Nathan outside ("Life in a Glass House").


Nathan and Haley kiss. ("The Search for Something More")

The following day, Nathan finds Haley in the record store after he went to her house and asked her mom where Haley is. Nathan explains to Haley what really happened that night and that he was sorry for everything that went down. Haley believes he didn’t do it but tells Nathan that she’s done tutoring and hanging out with him.

Meanwhile, Brooke, realizing she messed up Haley and Nathan’s relationship at the party whilst being drunk, decided to heal her karma by fixing them up on a date and getting them back on track. Brooke apologizes to Nathan and he gets Nathan to meet Haley at the cafe at seven. When Brooke went to the cafe to apologize to Haley, Haley did not accept her apology and refuses to listen to her.

That night, Nathan meets Haley and convinced her to go on their serial date. Nathan tells Haley to give him a chance and tells her she can bail whenever if she didn’t feel like it at any point during the date. Haley asked Nathan what was on the first card that Brooke gave and Nathan tells her it said to convince Haley to go. The second card is to go to a specific location and on the way, they have to tell three things they like about each other. Nathan goes first and tells her he likes her patience with him, he likes that she doesn’t treat her like a dumb jock, and he likes her loyalty to the people she cares about. Haley tells him she likes the way he lets her in, she likes the smile he gets when he solves a problem, and that he’s not bad to look at.

They reach the first stop on their serial date: a lingerie shop. There they found a note that says they need to buy each other a gift from the shop. Haley plays it safe and buys Nathan a pair of socks, while Nathan gives her an expensive night gown.

The final part of their date is to have dinner at a nice restaurant and order their favorite food for each other. Nathan tells Haley that he’s not really used to this type of relationship because when he was with Peyton it was just only ever fun and games, with Haley it’s different.

Haley and Nathan received another card saying that they tell each other a secret. Haley reveals she once cheated on a geometry test because she had to take care of her mom when she was sick and didn’t get to study. She told Nathan that as penance, she started tutoring but ended up really liking it. As Nathan is about to tell his secret, Tim (one of Nathan’s best friend) and a few of the Ravens see Haley and Nathan. Tim asked Nathan if he and Haley were on a date and Nathan denies that they were. After the Ravens left, Haley asked Nathan why is he only nice to her when they’re alone and she walks away.

The following morning, Nathan goes to Haley’s house. He started throwing rocks at a second floor window at what he thought was Haley’s bedroom. Haley comes out of the house and asks him if he’s trying to wake up her parents because it was their window Nathan was throwing rocks at. Nathan started explaining and apologizing to Haley about him messing up on their date. Haley tells him that he should buy apologies in bulk if Nathan plans to apologize often. Nathan tells Haley that he’s not like her and he doesn’t really know how not to screw up. He tells Haley that he wants to be someone who’s good enough to be seen with her. Haley tells Nathan that he should have just told her last night because there was nothing Nathan can do anymore that will fix things and surprise her. While Haley blabbers on, Nathan kisses her and she kisses him back.

In the high school the following day, Nathan leaves his friends for a delighted Haley and strokes her hair, showing everyone in the school how deeply he loves her

The following morning at school, Nathan sees Haley and with his friends looking, goes to Haley and strokes her hair. This tells Haley that Nathan isn’t ashamed to be seen in public with her ("The Search for Something More").

109 H comforts vulnerable n

Haley finds a vulnerable Nathan in her room ("With Arms Outstretched")

The following days, Haley and Nathan start acting more and more as a couple. Without Haley knowing, Nathan takes performance enhancing drugs to boost his game but in result, suffers from mood swings and angry outbursts. Lucas tells Haley that he’s worried about Nathan, but as she asks Nathan what’s going on, Nathan lashes out and tells her that if his game is not perfect, people at the court will eat him alive.

In their following tutor session at Haley's house, Nathan continues to be out of sorts. He tries to distract Haley and as they were making out, Nathan tries to open Haley’s shirt, alluding to him wanting to sleep with her. Haley, determined to wait until marriage, tells Nathan to stop and asks him to leave. Still on performance enhancers, Nathan argues but leaves eventually.

At the Ravens game, Nathan collapses as he was about to take a winning shot. Haley runs off to tell Deb. When Haley gets home, she tries calling Nathan and tells him that she’s very worried and he needs him to call her back as soon as he can. Little does she know, Nathan was already on his way to her house to see her. Nathan tells Haley that during the game, when he was about to collapse, all he thought of was Haley. He tells her that he kept on thinking to himself that if only he could get to her and tells her how much he needed her, then everything would be fine. Haley comforts Nathan and kisses him. Nathan asks Haley if he could spend the night, and Haley says yes.

The following morning, Haley and Nathan were cuddling in bed. Haley jokingly tells Nathan that if her parents come in and see them, she’ll just pretend to have amnesia. Nathan laughs but tells her as much as he wants to stay in bed with her, he needs to go home and face his family. As Nathan was getting up, Haley tries to explain why she didn’t want to sleep with him yet. Nathan tells Haley that it’s okay and that their relationship isn’t just about sex.


Haley and Lucas' friendship was strained when she sees him kissing Peyton. ("Hanging by a Moment")

Over the following days in the high school, Nathan, due to his parent’s troubled marriage, begins skipping school and asks Haley to join him. Reluctantly she agrees and they go to Dan's beach house. As they start drinking, they are eventually caught by Nathan’s dad. He drags them to the car and as Haley tries to explain, she throws up all over Dan's leg. The following day, Nathan plans to skip class again and asks Haley if she wants to come; Haley agrees again but before she could finish putting her stuff back on her bag, Nathan sees her exam marked with an F. Nathan thought it was his test paper but sees that it was Haley’s. Haley tells Nathan that she missed a pop quiz when they skipped class the other day but to not worry because she can make it up. Nathan feeling guilty, tells Haley that he doesn’t want her skipping class anymore and that he doesn’t want her to change to be more like him; he likes the smart responsible girl that he had a crush on. Haley touched about what Nathan said, kisses him.

When Nathan's grandparents come to town to visit, Royal, Nathan’s grandfather stopped by Karen’s cafe. Not knowing who each other was, Royal asks after Karen and Lucas. Haley tells Royal that they’re good and that Karen was in Italy for school. Later that day, Nathan invites Haley to eat dinner at the Scott’s house for Dan’s birthday. There, she saw Royal and the two pretend that this was the first time they met. As dinner progresses, and tension rises between Royal, Dan, and Deb, Haley offers to take care of the cake and went to the kitchen taking Nathan with her. In the kitchen, Nathan tells Haley that Haley looks like she wants to tell him something. Haley admits to Nathan that he met Royal in Karen's cafe earlier and that Royal was asking about Karen and Lucas. When the two went back to the dinner table, Royal kept asking Nathan about basketball until Nathan finally tells Royal that he quit the team. As arguments broke out, Nathan tells Royal that he knows that Royal visited Karen Cafe and was asking about Karen and Lucas. Royal calls out Haley for telling Nathan about them meeting. The other people in the table continue to argue so Nathan takes Haley home. The morning after the dinner, Nathan goes to Haley's house to invite her for breakfast at their house, Haley refuses to go. Haley tells Nathan that now that Nathan knows that Dan quit basketball voluntarily and lied about an injury, then Nathan can stop basketball as well. Nathan tells Haley that the only way he can beat Dan is by not quitting the game ("The Living Years") ("Crash Course in Polite Conversation").

Haley needs to make a free throw in gym class in order to maintain her perfect GPA. Only problem is, she can't shoot a basketball, and she starts to have nightmares about blowing and failing gym. Reaching out to Lucas, Haley asks for help but Lucas tells Haley that he can't help her because he already has plans with Brooke and Peyton. Nathan finds Haley trying to shoot a free throw at the river court. She tells Nathan that he doesn't want him there because she's embarrassed about not knowing how to make a free throw. Nathan tells Haley that she doesn't embarrass him, and he starts to tutor him on basketball. On the day of Haley's gym class, Haley shoots a free throw successfully.

In the library, Haley sees Lucas and Peyton kissing behind Brooke's back. Haley confronts Lucas and tells him that what he's doing is wrong. Lucas becomes defensive and tries to turn the argument against Haley and makes it about Haley dating Nathan. The two argue and Haley tells Lucas that she doesn't want to talk to him the next time they see each other.

114 h goes to see l

Lucas comforts a relieved Haley after his accident. ("I Shall Believe")

Haley goes to see Nathan after her argument with Lucas. As they talk, Nathan accidentally let it slip that he went after Haley at first to mess with Lucas ("Hanging by a Moment").

Haley is upset about what Nathan said and as they were about to argue, Haley gets a call from Keith that Lucas had an accident. Nathan offers to drive Haley to the hospital she doesn't really want to be with Nathan right now and asked him to leave. But instead of going to see Lucas, she begins keeping herself busy due to her feeling too guilty to go and see him due to their argument the night of the accident. With Haley not talking to him, Nathan goes to see Lucas and asks him to wake up so he can talk Haley round. Lucas wakes up and Nathan rushes to tell Haley. He tells her that he visited Lucas for her and that he does not regret using her or they would not have got together. She then goes to see Lucas and breaks down in tears after Lucas forgives her for their argument. After finding her best friend has forgiven her, Haley also discovers that Lucas is in the middle of a love triangle, which she is eventually dragged into choosing sides. But she tries to stay neutral and advises Peyton, Brooke and Lucas about what to do with their situations. She also gets her relationship back together with Nathan ("I Shall Believe") ("Suddenly Everything Has Changed").

117 b n p cheerlead

After filling in as a cheerleader at the Classic, Haley celebrates with Nathan and not Lucas. ("Spirit in the Night")

Following news of a Sheryl Crow concert near Tree Hill, Haley was adamant to get tickets to see her idol. She bids online, but fails to get a ticket before they sell out. After a disappointing day with his parents, Nathan confides in Haley telling her about how he does not want to be a part of his family anymore, something that Haley thinks she can help him change and they decide he will petition for emancipation. That night in the cafe, Sheryl Crow arrives at the cafe asking for coffee, and to Haley's surprise and delight, she offers her a coffee, in exchange for a song, which Sheryl agrees to. Following her amazing night, Haley is invited, by Lucas to the Raven's away game. As they go to board the bus, Lucas saves a seat for Haley, but Nathan persuades her to ride in his car, disappointing Lucas. At the hotel, Haley continues to disappoint Lucas by leaving him for Nathan. Following a cheerleader getting chicken pox, Haley is forced to join the cheerleaders for a competition. Seeing her in her outfit delights Nathan, but has the opposite affect on Lucas. On the day of the game, Lucas tells Haley of how distant they are, but Haley tells him that both brothers are equally important and he has to understand this to be in her life ("The First Cut Is the Deepest") ("Spirit in the Night").


After Lucas finds out about her tattoo, Haley tells him that she's falling in love with Nathan. ("To Wish Impossible Things")

Following the Ravens game, comes the Boy Toy auction. Haley goes to bid for Lucas to spend time with him, but on seeing Nathan's admires bid for him, she forces Peyton to bid for Nathan. Her and Lucas' night consists of having a water balloon fight like they used to on the top of the cafe roof. As their fight comes to a close, Lucas notices something on Haley's back and is disgusted to discover find Nathan's jersey number '23' tattooed on her lower back. As they argue Haley tells him that Nathan knows nothing about it and she got it because she loves him, but isn't sure he loves her back. As they go back to Nathan's apartment, Lucas sees Nathan kissing Peyton for their midnight kiss and mistakes it for a real kiss and keeps Haley away to keep it a secret ("To Wish Impossible Things").

The following day, Nathan finds Haley's tattoo and is shocked at her behavior. He tells her later that day, after refusing to make out with her that he does not understand how she can do something as permanent yet won't sleep with him. Following this, Nathan pushes Haley back from even the slight close encounter to not pressure her into sex, but he does the opposite as she discusses it with Lucas the following day. She asks Nathan why she is being pushed away, and Nathan says it is so he doesn't drive her away and in the process admits he loves her, which a shocked Haley repeats back ("How Can You Be Sure?").


Nathan kisses Haley to prove to her that he is over Peyton. ("The Games That Play Us")

The following day, Haley and Nathan decide to throw a party at his apartment. The invitations soon get out of hand and as Nathan is working, Haley has to deal with the numerous guests. Nicki and Brooke arrive and a fight breaks out whilst Nathan's apartment gets crashed. As Nathan arrives home he is arrested. The following morning, Haley apologises, but Nathan tells her that it was really a party for her becoming a popular girl ("What Is and What Should Never Be").

Haley goes on Nathan's laptop to complete an essay and was disgusted to find a load of bookmarked porn pages. As Nathan arrives home, Haley confronts him in tears as she cannot live up to the standard of the internet girls. Nathan tells her she was overreacting, but Haley disagrees. Following discussions with both Peyton and Lucas, Haley becomes a lot more comforted, until she returns to Nathan's laptop and finds pictures of Peyton on webcam, upsetting her even more. She confronts Nathan who asks for privacy in his life at least a bit, but Haley tells him that she cannot be Peyton and walks out on him. As she goes to high school, the cover coach, Dan Scott, tells her that he knows she is manipulating Nathan and that payback is a bitch. Arriving home, Haley finds Nathan has been waiting for her in the rain. He apologizes and tells her that the images of Peyton were from when they dated, he just forgot to delete them. Unimpressed, Haley asks if that is it, but Nathan kisses her and Haley forgives him, kissing back. Arriving back at the apartment, the two find they have been soaked by the rain and begin kissing. Suddenly Haley strips off and tells Nathan she is ready and they arrange to have sex after the playoffs.


Nathan and Haley reveal to Lucas that they got married. ("The Games That Play Us")

Following the night, she goes to meet Lucas and is told he is leaving, but Lucas tells her that she does not need to get upset as everything they do together, she can now do with Nathan. At the end of the playoffs, Haley is told Lucas is leaving tomorrow and she is devastated they cannot spend the night together as she has plans with Nathan, but is still determined to go through with her night. As they get home, Haley begins undressing and the two begin kissing. Nathan then stops her, and asks her to marry him. First seeing it as a joke, Haley is soon persuaded to get married ("The Leaving Song") ("The Games That Play Us").

They go and ask Haley's parents for permission and they eventually both agree. Nathan and Haley are wed, with only the bride's parents attending the ceremony. The next morning, Lucas goes to see Haley. As Nathan answers the door, Lucas sees Haley getting dressed in the bedroom. Distraught, Lucas asks why she didn't wait as she said, but Haley reveals she did wait and that she and Nathan got married ("The Desperate Kingdom of Love") ("The Games That Play Us").

Season 2[]


Nathan promises Haley that their love is forever. ("The Desperate Kingdom of Love")

Haley's first day of happy marriage does not last long when Nathan learns his father has had a heart attack. They decide to keep their marriage a secret from his parents. This plan is shortlived as when they visit Dan and Deb, Deb notices the ring on her son's finger and goes mad. After this reaction, Haley goes to Nathan's apartment to move her stuff in. As she realizes their music collection is not the same, she gets upset and talks herself into believing they are not alike at all, but Nathan convinces her otherwise. With Lucas organizing a wedding party for them, Haley goes over to see Deb to apologize for the surprise wedding. She invites her to the party, but Deb makes no change in her attitude and refuses to attend. The couple arrive at the party that night and is shocked to find Deb actually shows up. This is soon shortlived as Deb starts an argument with Haley's parents and Karen saying she cannot understand why they are ok with the marriage. Sick of her behavior, Haley stands up for her parents and tells Deb to leave. From that moment, the couple enjoy the rest of their night as a married couple. ("The Desperate Kingdom of Love") ("Truth Doesn't Make a Noise")


Haley and Nathan arrive at their wedding reception. ("Truth Doesn't Make a Noise")

Soon after their wedding party, Brooke and Peyton decide to throw Haley the wedding shower she never had. That night, Haley begins her night expecting a calm time. However, with Brooke organizes it, it turns into a wild night. The girls hire a limousine, go lingerie shopping, get drunk, hire a stripper and have a pole dancing lesson (something which does not combine well with Haley's clumsiness.) However, whilst the teenagers are having fun, Dan and Deb have other plans for their marriage. ("Near Wild Heaven")

Over the following week, living on their own proves the be a task for both Haley and Nathan. Nathan buys her a keyboard instead of listening to her asking him to buy a car. Annoyed by this, Haley is soon forced to change her mind when Nathan gets Keith to help him fix up the car and still keep the keyboard. ("You Can't Always Get What You Want")

Trying to get some fun, Haley is one of the first to agree to a dare night set up by new flirtatious student Felix. This includes her and Peyton eating pickled eggs, which they cower out of, getting baseballs thrown off them by a machine and finally give a confession about having feelings for an animal, but Haley refuses to do this also. The day after dare night, Nathan learns about an all ages night at Tric and tries to get Haley to perform, but she is too scared. Learning Nathan has got into High Flyers, Haley has to take more shifts on at the cafe and rent out the apartment for her partner follow his dream. She goes to audition people for Tric's all ages night with Peyton, so Nathan sends Peyton a song of Haley singing, giving Peyton the idea for her to perform, much to Haley's reluctance. Chris Keller then walks in the club and performs and amazed Haley with his raw talent. She eventually agrees as Nathan tells her that he did not get into High Flyers after all, it was a computer error, but unknown to her it is a lie. ("I Will Dare") ("We Might as Well Be Strangers")


Haley performs at Tric for the first time. ("Let the Reigns Go Loose")

The following day, Haley begins to get nervous about her performance. As the night begins, Haley is filled with more fear as she sees the queue of people waiting to hear her and pulls out. But as Chris Keller walks offstage after being booed off, Haley steps in for the sake of her friend, Peyton. She performs "Let Me Fall" and the crowd love her. Following her performance, Chris asks her to record with him and she agrees. As she runs off for an interview, leaving Nathan behind, Chris tells him that all the boys watching her wanted to sleep with her, putting Nathan on edge. Peyton and her end the night by going into the VIP room, where she learns that Peyton has done drugs recently and is disgusted by her friend's behavior. Following her friend's shocking behavior, Haley tries to avoid the subject, but tells Karen.

Brooke arranges a girly sleep over when she finds out Haley is alone due to Nathan playing basketball. Reluctant, Haley is forced into it, and agrees to it after she has recorded music with Chris Keller, due to a new project she is offered by him. However, she does not tell Nathan about recording with Chris. During time in the studio, Chris pushes Haley into recording outdoing herself musically. Getting home, she finds Felix in her shower after Brooke has slept with him. She begins arguing with Brooke and eventually, all the girls, including Peyton and Anna end up arguing. As the argument dies down, Haley admits that she should not have lied to Nathan and the girls end up making up and spending a good night together. The following morning when Nathan gets home, Haley still refuses to mention to Nathan that she has been recording with Chris. ("Let the Reigns Go Loose") ("Truth, Bitter Truth")


Chris kisses Haley. ("Don't Take Me for Granted")

The Tree Hill High Formal is approaching and Haley persuades Nathan to attend. After her persuasion, she is invited by Peyton to perform at Tric, but she refuses. Forced to ask Chris Keller, Peyton finds that he will perform, if she will too. She agrees and Chris tells her to rehearse with him that night, but Haley tells him she has to attend the formal. Chris warns her that if she cares about her music she will rehearse, and Haley is faced with a critical decision.

Unknown to Haley, Nathan has planned the perfect night for her to finish with her being crowned queen. He goes on her laptop and listens to the first part of her duet with Chris. Not hearing Chris, he assumes it is only her and takes it to the formal. Haley tells him she has to record but will not be too late. During recording, Chris forces Haley to run very late and after realizing, Haley is forced to run out of recording to the formal.

As she arrives, she is crowned queen, and as her and Nathan go up to collect their crowns, her song plays and Nathan receives a nasty surprise when he hears Chris' voice and realizes Haley has been hiding secrets from him. The two end up arguing as Nathan asks if she has feelings for Chris and tells her how much she has hurt him. She tells him it is unfair for him to be angry that she is pursuing her dream whereas he failed to get into High Flyers. Furious, Nathan tells her to look in his top drawer and when she gets home, she does to find his letter into High Flyers. ("The Trick Is to Keep Breathing")

That night, Haley spends the night alone as Nathan stays with Lucas. When he eventually gets home, he finds an apologetic Haley skipping school. He offers to accept her apology, if she never sees Chris again, but she refuses. But after finding out Nathan may have HCM, she rushes home and promises never to see him again. However, she breaks her promise to tell Chris she cannot see him. Chris tells her he is leaving for New York and that she should come with him, not before kissing her, and Haley doesn't pull away. That night, as Nathan waits for her to return home, Haley meets Chris at the tour bus. ("Don't Take Me for Granted")

211 h tells ck cnt go

Haley tells Chris that she can't leave Nathan to tour with him. ("The Heart Brings You Back")

At the station, Haley kisses Chris, but tells him that she is not going with him. Getting back home to an annoyed husband, Haley finds her older sister Taylor James waiting for her. The couple agree to stick together whilst her troublesome sister is around. Getting along with Nathan, Taylor strikes worry into Haley who is forced to tell Nathan that she does not trust her older sister. The following day, furious that her sister is still there, Haley begins packing her sister's bags.

As she goes to kick her out, Nathan stands in her way telling her to let Taylor stay with her family. As Haley is forced to come to terms with Taylor's presence, Nathan begins trying to work on their relationship due to the guilt he feels when flirting with her older sister. Taylor spends the next few days taking over Haley and Nathan's apartment. She begins teasing Nathan after finding out that he lost his virginity to her, but Nathan constantly tells her that the person he lost his virginity is not important compared to the last person he slept with.

Later that day, Haley emails Chris asking what he is doing, but knows Nathan can never find out what she is doing. She then meets Nathan at the cafe who finally comes clean about losing his virginity to her older sister. Shocked, she walks off hurt. Meanwhile, Taylor is emailing Chris and flirting with him, pretending to be Haley. She walks in and as Haley begins an argument with her for sleeping with Nathan and then goes to kick her out, but Taylor reveals she knows that she has been sleeping with Chris and blackmails her into letting her stay. Haley is forced to let Taylor stay, but makes up with Nathan and apologizes for over reacting as the past should not bother them. As they make up, Taylor IMs Chris and tells him to stay away from Haley as she loves Nathan. ("The Heart Brings You Back") ("Between Order and Randomness")

213 h goes on tour

Haley decides to follow her dreams and leaves on tour with Chris, leaving Nathan behind. ("The Hero Dies in This One")

The following day, Nathan finds the emails on the computer from Chris, Haley and Taylor pretending to be Haley. Meanwhile, in school, Peyton goes to see Haley and asks her if she kissed Chris as Jake saw her when he returned to Tree Hill. Haley admits to it but assures Peyton that she regrets it, but Peyton is not so sure. Nathan finds her and asks about the emails and she confesses to sending one email, and assumes Taylor must be sending the others.

He then asked if she kissed Chris and Haley lies blaming it on Taylor. Furious, he returns and throws Taylor out. Guilt ridden, Haley tries to give Taylor some money to help her, but Taylor assures her it will not ease the guilt she is feeling. That night at Tric, Haley finds out Chris Keller is the opening act for the Wreckers. He comes onstage and dedicates a song to Haley, forcing Nathan to storm off. Later that night, Haley is told that the Wreckers want her on tour with them. She tells Nathan that she is tired of being the dependable one and wants to do something for herself and promises him it will not end their relationship if she goes. Haley then admits to the kiss and Nathan walks out. Haley is brought to tears as Nathan threatens the end of their relationship. That night, Nathan changes his mind and returns home to make up with Haley, but it is too late. She leaves to go on tour with the Wreckers and Chris Keller. ("The Hero Dies in This One")

217 n visits h

Haley finds Nathan waiting for her after her performance ("Something I Can Never Have")

Over the weeks on tour, Haley makes as little communication with her friends in Tree Hill. Worrying about Nathan, she rings Lucas at 1 in the morning, asking how he is, but receives nasty remarks due to Lucas’ disapproval of her actions. Hearing how bad Nathan is doing and being told she has to come back, Haley ends the call quickly. Not being heard of for a few more weeks later, Haley eventually rings Nathan to tell him she will be appearing on television. However, Nathan tells her that he doesn’t care and that she cannot do anything to make their marriage work.

As her and Chris Keller prepare for their appearance, she is told to take off her wedding ring as the audience wants her and Chris to seem a couple, but Haley refuses. As they go on, the host addresses her as Haley James and as Haley tries to correct the host, Chris interrupts to hint that they are. After watching, Nathan continues to go down a downwards spiral. Eventually he goes to see Haley and as he arrives he goes into her dressing room to find pictures of him and her together, followed by one of her and Chris. Haley then walks in behind him and Nathan vows that he is not giving up on their marriage and will do whatever she wants him to. Haley then confesses that she rushed into marriage and thinks her music and their relationship is too much to handle. She tells him that she does not know if she can be who he wants. She goes to go onstage and asks Nathan to wait for her. When she gets offstage, he is gone and both her and Nathan take off their wedding rings, giving up hope. ("Unopened Letter to the World") ("Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking") ("Something I Can Never Have")


Nathan tells Haley not to come home after his car crash. ("Lifetime Piling Up")

Haley finds out Nathan has been in a car accident and decides to leave the tour for her husband. She receives a call off him and tells him that she is coming home. Nathan tells her not to bother as he is okay and that they both need to chase their dreams. Haley tries to argue against it, but Nathan tells her he does not want her to come home and hangs up, leaving Haley devastated. ("Lifetime Piling Up")

As Nathan recovers, Dan begins interfering with his and Haley’s relationship, suggesting an annulment. Meanwhile, Haley asks the tour manager for time off, but is denied and asked how much she wants the big time. Later that night, she returns to the tour manager who reveals he is interested in her performing as a solo act, but Haley tells him that she is going home after the night’s show as she wants to be with her husband. She goes onstage and as she returns, she finds out someone is waiting for her in her room. Assuming it is Nathan, she runs in to find Dan. He gives her the annulment papers and is shown that Nathan has signed it, forcing Haley to stay on tour.("What Could Have Been")


Haley returns to Tree Hill. ("The Leavers Dance")

Worried that Haley is departing from Tree Hill forever, Lucas gets Brooke to go with him to go and see her in New York. As they arrive, they walk in on Haley and Chris tickling each other. Haley then jumps up in excitement to see them. Lucas pulls her to one side to talk and Haley realizes how much she misses home. She tells Lucas about how Nathan asked her not to go home but Lucas tells her that he is there for himself too as it was wrong for him to end the year without his best friend. When asked why she has no wedding ring on, she tells him it is because she does not deserve to wear it. The following morning, Lucas and Brooke are forced to leave without Haley, who gives them her finals essay on love loss. She also gives Lucas the annulment papers as she begins to cry. They say goodbye as Lucas promises to always be there and Haley refuses to return to Tree Hill due to the tour being her life now. After finding the annulment papers, Nathan packs to leave for High Flyers camp. As he goes to leave, he finds Haley standing at the door and returning to Tree Hill after deciding that her marriage was more important than her music. ("The Tide That Left and Never Came Back") ("The Leavers Dance")

Season 3[]

301 deb n n h c dan at dealship fire

Nathan and Haley's reunion is thwarted by news of the dealership fire. ("Like You Like an Arsonist")

After hearing about a dealership fire, Nathan is a rush to get past Haley. He runs into the car past her and Deb follows him telling her to get in the car with them, which she does. Arriving, the family realize Dan has been trapped inside. In shock, Haley grabs a hold of her devastated husband's hand who holds it back as they wait to hear news from the fireman. That night, after finding out Dan is able to survive, Haley explains to Nathan that she gave up being a solo artist for them, but Nathan is less than impressed refusing to not go to High Flyers camp and telling her that he has sold the apartment, but offers her the spare room out of sympathy. During the night, she goes to see Nathan in his room and asks for a second chance as she realized she chose the wrong option in the ultimatum, but Nathan is adamant they will not get back together. She asks just to talk, but Nathan admits he wants to hurt her like she did him and as Haley admits she is hurting, she goes to leave whispering 'always and forever.' Nathan calls her back and she gets into bed and begins kissing him, but Nathan refuses as Haley tells him that she understands that he does not love her, but Nathan devastates her more by saying that he loves her, but doesn't trust her.("Like You Like an Arsonist")


Haley struggles to win Nathan back at the beach party. ("From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea")

3 months later, Haley goes to see her now pink apartment, the color she does not like, but Nathan painted when annoyed at her. As she stares at a destroyed picture of her and Nathan, Brooke comes in behind her and reveals Haley's old apartment as her new home. She then goes to see Lucas, who is delighted to see her. They go to cafe where she asks for her old waitressing job back, which she is given. She remembers her first performance to Nathan in the cafe and tells Lucas about all the letters she has sent to Nathan and received no reply. Brooke then arrives at the cafe and offers her to move in at the apartment, something Haley is thrilled about. Meanwhile, Nathan receives the annulment papers Haley signed, he finds that where she is supposed to have signed, she has written 'I Love You.' As Haley arrives at the apartment, she sees the vandalized picture of her and Nathan in a painted frame, by Peyton, with the label 'love' around it. Brooke warns her that her actions create no pity for her, which Haley is forced to take.

That night, she puts her wedding ring on, in the hope of reconciliation. Over the following days, Haley refuses to take of her wedding ring and unpack her stuff in hope of repairing her marriage. She later finds on that Nathan returns from High Flyers without letting her know. She races round to Nathan's house and Dan answers the doors. He talks to her and frightens her and Haley eventually finds out Nathan is not home and walks out. She eventually finds Nathan at the gym, who is reluctant to talk to her. She tells him that she hopes he will be at the beach party that night, and comments that he has changed, but Nathan says that is her fault. That night, she arrives at the beach party and finds no Nathan.

Lucas goes to find him and tells him to stop being a coward and stop mistreating Haley, but Nathan is not willing to change. Nathan eventually changes his mind and goes to the party as Haley goes to talk to Peyton, who has ignored her all night. As she talks about how difficult she has had it lately, Peyton tells her she deserves it and puts on 'When the Stars Go Blue' and walks off. Nathan then asks Haley to talk to him. She agrees and as she does, Nathan tells her to focus on what she wants other than him as he does not know if he is or ever will be ready for them to be back together. Even though Haley promises she loves him and is not leaving, Nathan is still unsure. As he walks off, Lucas joins her and they go to start the school year as they have every year, them two alone. ("Like You Like an Arsonist") ("From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea")

303 n n h in detention

Whitey forces Nathan and Haley to talk in detention. ("First Day on a Brand New Planet")

Haley meets Lucas on the roof of Karen's Cafe to make their yearly predictions. They read their predictions the year before, and Haley finds that she wanted to volunteer to be a tutor which she done and also that she would date a musician, and thinks about Chris Keller. They both realize how much the year has changed them. They agree to write their predictions after the first day of school. As her senior year begins, Haley finds herself at the center of high school gossip. She finds her locker next to Nathan's who is still being off with her.

As well as Nathan, she gets bitchy remarks from Peyton and then a group of girls. The final straw is when Haley meets awkwardly with Peyton and Nathan. She goes to see Whitey and asks him to talk to Nathan, but instead, Whitey gives her a detention slip for being in the boy's changing rooms. Arriving at detention, Haley finds it is only her and Nathan in the room. Whitey permits speaking, but Nathan refuses to talk. The following day, Haley receives three days of detention when starting a fight with the gossiping girls.

Nathan is also in detention, and when she tries to start a conversation, Nathan refuses as he no longer has a tutor. After detention, Haley confides in Brooke telling her that she is sure Nathan will come around once he realizes she is in it for the long haul. That night, meeting with Lucas, she looks through her old predictions, realizing she was a better person back then, but Lucas assures her otherwise. Nathan then knocks on the door and asks to go on a walk. Hopeful, she agrees, but finds that Nathan has decided he does not want an annulment as that means the marriage meant nothing, so he wants a divorce. Haley tells him that will take a year and they will work it out, but Nathan tells her to wait and see. The following day, Haley returns to the high school gossips, but as she walks alone, Nathan comes behind her and walks with her to class. ("First Day on a Brand New Planet")


Haley at the Masquerade Party. ("An Attempt to Tip the Scales")

Over the following days, a fancy dress party is organized and Haley goes shopping for her costume, but does not know what to get as she knows Nathan will not be impressed either way. She gets home and Brooke tells her that she is going to find her a costume, one that will make Nathan see her in a different light. Without being told what it is, Haley goes to work and is shocked to find Lucas taking money out of the cashier. That night, she goes to the party as Sandy from Grease, but she is very uncomfortable with it. She goes to see Peyton who tells her that she is disappointed with her and how she has treated Nathan but tells her that he is there and that he just complimented her, so he obviously still likes her. She goes looking for him. However, she finds Karen who asks if she has been taking money out of the cash register. Protecting Lucas, she lies saying she done it. She picks up some drinks, but falls over her heels in embarrassment. The people around laugh at her as Nathan picks her up, revealing himself as Batman. He tells Haley that her outfit is not her and Haley cries admitting she just wanted him to want her again, before running off. Brooke eventually finds her and tells her that she is done playing games and is no longer a rock star, just Haley.

As she sits in misery, a person dressed as batman emerges and kisses her. She goes home delighted and tells Lucas what happened. However, she also finds out that Lucas has HCM and is shocked. That night, Nathan meets with Chris Keller and tells him to help Haley record again. Chris agrees and goes home where his batman outfit is, the outfit he wore when he kissed Haley. Unaware of this, Haley tries to get Nathan to talk about the party, but Nathan tells her that the moment is over now. She goes to the record shop and finds Chris Keller who asks her to record again, but only music, nothing else, but Haley refuses. Later that day, Brooke returns to their apartment and tells Haley she is going to be a cheerleader. But among all the persuasion, Haley refuses, but does realize that Nathan may be acting funny with her due to Chris being back. She also is forced to become a cheerleader and begins practicing for her 'Midnight Madness' debut. She goes on to cheer as the whole night ends in a fight. Also, the following day, she goes to see Chris and agrees to record with him. ("An Attempt to Tip the Scales") ("A Multitude of Casualties")

305 h unwillingly goes 2 c ck

Haley agrees to continue recording with Chris. ("A Multitude of Casualties")

Over the following days, Haley continues to record with Chris Keller. Unenthusiastic about the whole idea of recording with Chris, Haley is told by Nathan to continue it as music is a big part of her life. As he walks away, Haley says under her breath that he is too. However, in the studio, her future in music seems questionable. In recording, her music is not as good as usual and Chris warns her that she needs to sort her marriage out before she can record again properly. After asking Lucas to tell Whitey about his heart condition, Haley sees Lucas at practice and is relived to see he is not properly training.

When talking about the fantasy boy draft the cheerleaders have arranged, Haley finds out that Peyton has first pick, and she intends on picking Nathan. As well as this she finds out that Lucas has not told Whitey after all. At the draft, Haley warns Peyton that no matter who she chooses in the boy draft, her and Nathan will get back together. When it comes to the selections, Peyton picks Mouth and Haley is shocked. She picks Nathan and when asking Peyton why, Peyton tells her it is about time she started fighting for her husband. That night in the cafe, she sticks her name on the map of singers as 'Haley James Scott.' ("Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades")

307 H is forced on a date with ch

Haley and Chris talk during their Boy Draft dates with Nathan and Brooke. ("Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends")

After the night of the boy draft, Nathan agrees to go on a date with Haley. This sends Haley into a panic frenzy as she is scared she might mess things up with Nathan. When he comes to pick her up, Nathan tells her that maybe they should not bother. Desperate, Haley forces Brooke to go on her boy draft date, with Chris Keller. The first stop on the date, Haley brings Nathan to where they got married on the beach, but is devastated to find it has been built on. They then go to the mall and Nathan stays away from her. In an attempt to see if Nathan really cares, Chris decides to have some fun and put his arm around Haley.

Nathan gets mad and marches over to begin threatening him. That night, Haley and Nathan stand outside the apartment. Nathan tells her that he still remembers the past and that he feels responsible for ruining her music career, but Haley assures him that that is not true. In an attempt to repair her marriage, Haley takes Nathan to the cafe roof and shows him her prediction, but Nathan does not read it. Instead, he writes his own and tells Haley that he trusts her not to read it. He tells her not to worry about their wedding place and the purple flowers she loved as he has one. He gives her it and tells her never to say he never gave her anything. After a wonderful night, Haley wakes to find out that Brooke slept with Chris. She is approached by Peyton, who has ignored her since she got back, and is asked for help with Brooke and Lucas. Delighted, Haley thinks of a plan. When making the plan, Peyton admits the reason she was annoyed is because she is fed up of people leaving. That night, Nathan leaves the game after his dad attacks him. Haley goes to meet him, but Nathan tells her that he wants to walk home alone. As he walks off, he rings Haley and tells her he has changed his mind and Haley is delighted. ("Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends") ("The Worst Day Since Yesterday")

310 n n h sleep 2geva

Nathan and Haley are reunited. ("Brave New World")

After her roommate and close friend, Brooke and Peyton, stole a bunch of Brooke's designs from the store Suburban Filth, Haley receives a knock on the door. As she goes to answer it, the police wait for her. The police notice she is wearing a stolen shirt, unknown to Haley, and arrests her. As she is being handcuffed, she turns around and angrily yells for Brooke,but this does not help and they end up in Tree Hill Jail. In an attempt to get them out, Haley decides to ring Lucas to get them out by getting the money out of Brooke's drawers. After being bailed out of jail, Haley goes to the studio and finds Chris is not there. She answers a call in the studio and finds out Chris is the Batman she kissed at the fancy dress night. She returns to the apartment and is shown Brooke's new fashion line, Clothes Over Bros and comments on the lack of grammar accuracy. That night, Haley goes to see Nathan and tells him that she will always be there to talk to him. She then asks if he kissed her at the fancy dress party and Nathan lies he did. He kisses her and Haley realizes it was Chris but forgives Nathan for his lies. As she goes to leave, Nathan asks her to stay the night, rekindling their relationship. ("How a Resurrection Really Feels")

314 h at tric

Haley performs at TRIC ("All Tomorrow's Parties")

The following day, Haley wakes up and finds Nathan is gone. Dan walks in and mocks her whilst comparing her to Peyton. Later that day, Haley is dragged into helping Brooke with her over popular fashion line. She eventually tells Brooke to not let her dream ruin who she is and Brooke uses this advice and closes down her website, for now. That night, Nathan returns to her apartment and explains where he is as Haley happily invites him in. The following day, Nathan plays a game and loses, much to everyone's disappointment except for Haley as she believes her and Nathan may have sex that night.

As Nathan leaves, Dan makes it sound as though it is Haley's fault for making him lose the game and accuses her of trying to get pregnant. That evening, the thought still plays on Nathan's mind and his worries are only strengthened when Haley calls Jenny cute and he finds full birth control pills in her bathroom cabinets. He storms out and asks if she was on birth control tablets when they slept together and Haley confirms she forgot, infuriating Nathan. She confides in Brooke the following day and admits Nathan thinks she is trying to trap him, even though she is on the contraceptive pill. Later, they talk it out as Haley reveals they only reason she went of the pill was due to her having no one to sleep with when on tour. The two end up in an argument and Haley ends up giving Nathan the pills as she will not need them anymore. Nathan eventually apologizes for his behavior claiming to not want to be like his father. Peyton also asks her to join her benefit concert at Tric, to which Haley is honored to accept. ("Brave New World")("Return of the Future")

Normal 316-91

Jimmy holds Haley at gunpoint as he takes the tutor center hostage. ("With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept")

After finding out their college choices are in different places, Nathan and Haley decide they have to talk about their futures. She tells Lucas that she does not want to be 3000 miles away from her husband. Haley then sees Dan on campus who sees her and tells her that Nathan has been paying Chris to record with her, shocking Haley. She catches up with Nathan who admits it and annoyed, tells him not to. Haley and Nathan then both make sacrifices for their college choices. Nathan asks for a scout from Stanford as Haley draws up a pros and cons list from Duke.

In a guidance session, Haley admits her desire to go to Stanford University, to which the counselor agrees is a good idea. However, she is unsure as to what to do due to her husband as she is not going to Stanford as it is nothing compared to the life with her husband. The following day, Haley goes to see Nathan and tells him she has decided to go to Duke, but Nathan says she can't as he has applied for Stanford. As they break the news to each other, the lights go out. In the dark, the two decide to talk through their issues.

They begin as Nathan lists all the stuff he remembers when they first met, pleasing Haley. He then later admits that he paid Chris as he felt guilty for making her choose between him and the music. Haley then admits she is not proud of the tour and annoyed, Nathan runs out to the car and gets a box of newspaper clippings, as they blow all over, Haley catches one and finds it is all the articles about her tour. Back in bed, Haley is lying awake and tells Nathan she thinks she should go home as she does not want to wake up and find him gone, but Nathan promises he will be there. The following morning, Haley wakes up and Nathan is not beside her, eventually she is relieved to find him drying out the newspaper articles to keep. Over the following days, Haley is dragged to New York for Brooke's Rogue Vogue fashion show. As they arrive their, the girls are forced to leave Brooke for a cheerleading competition they have. They arrive ready for the competition as Haley catches up with both Karen and Nathan. The girls compete in the cheerleading competition as Brooke arrives and tells them to have fun and the whole group, including the Tree Hill Ravens join in the dancing fun. Back in school, Haley is shocked as the time capsule video is released. She finds Nathan delivering the message that love is a lie and that she ruined his life. She opts not to talk to Nathan for most of the day as she has to prepare herself for her performance at Tric. She eventually gets the courage to go and see him, but admits to Nathan she did not want an argument. She tells him that they have not been working out as well as she hoped. That night, as Haley prepares to go onstage, Nathan goes to see her and gives her a purple flower, like the one from their wedding. He tells Haley that he is proud of her and that she has nothing to worry about, but Haley believes she still has to worry about their relationship. Later, Nathan finds her worrying and Haley confesses that she does not want to perform as if he sees her loving it, he might not want to be with her, but Nathan promises that will not happen. With this in mind, Haley performs with all her friends and her husband watching from the crowd and has a successful performance a the Tric Benefit Concert. ("I've Got Dreams to Remember")("The Wind That Blew My Heart Away")("All Tomorrow's Parties")("Just Watch the Fireworks")

317 n proposes to h

Nathan proposes to Haley for the second time("When It Isn't Like It Should Be")

After the school time capsule was leaked and Jimmy Edwards was humiliated and bullied around school because of his nasty and highly insulting entry, he brings a gun into school. The school goes into frenzy and Haley along with Skills and other students including Jimmy in a classroom. As Jimmy pretends he is not the gunman, a knock is heard at the door. Haley hears it and finds Nathan's driving license under the door. After confirming it is him by saying 'Always and Forever' through the door, Haley opens the door, but as she lets Nathan in, Jimmy reveals himself as the gunman and takes them all hostage. During the events that follow, Haley is the only student that sees Jimmy as a good person and eventually gets him to release ill Abby. Later, as Jimmy leaves the room, they hear the gun shots that end both Keith's and Jimmy's lives and break down in tears. Following the after math of the shooting, Haley attends Keith's funeral to mourn Tree Hill's loss. After the ceremony, they go to get changed at Nathan's and the two promise to never leave each other after their experiences. She then goes to Brooke's apartment and tells Brooke that she is going to move out and live with Nathan again. In a school party, that night, the couple announce their love for each other. Brooke finds them and gives them the key to the apartment and tells them it is theirs. The couple go to find Lucas and along with Nathan's help, Haley has to assure Lucas it is not his fault that Keith has died. They go back to the apartment and find it decorated by Brooke with a new cover, out of the material she had for Karen and Keith's wedding. They begin to get used to their new apartment and go out onto a field. As they sit there, Nathan tells Haley that if he ever dies, she has to know how happy he is with her and then as they talk, the football field sprinklers come on and kiss happily in the pretend rain. After the events in Tree Hill, Haley decides to go away for a couple of days with her friends. They go to Rachel's cabin in the country. During that time, Nathan steals Haley's ring as he wants to propose again to her, but Haley finds it with Lucas. With the help of Brooke, Lucas and Nathan eventually get the ring back off Haley. Worried sick, she goes to tell Nathan she has lost her ring. As she does, Nathan gets down on one knee and proposes asking for a wedding in front of everyone, and Haley agrees saying 'Always and Forever.' ("With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept")("Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them")("When It Isn't Like It Should Be")

321 h n n watch bs reinactment

Haley and Nathan watch Brooke's reenactment ("Over the Hills and Far Away")

After returning to Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley's relationship grows stronger. As they lie in one morning, they hear a noise outside the bedroom. They go out and find Nathan's Uncle Cooper. Haley then gets to know Cooper as Nathan finds out Deb is back in Tree Hill. Preparing for their wedding, Nathan and Haley go to look at a place to get married where they are given a test to see how compatible they are with each other. After completing them, Haley finds out that they have failed their test and is upset as it is the first test she has failed. Nathan tells the priest how in love they really are and protests their love.

Impressed, the priest agrees to their wedding telling them they have passed the real test. With their wedding in mind, Haley decides it is a good idea not to have sex before marriage, but finds this very hard to resist Nathan. Over the following days, her rule becomes more and more difficult. Ready for a game, Haley meets Nathan's team rival Damien West. He flirts with her and Nathan pushes him away. Later that day, Nathan and Haley talk about Damien and Nathan compares him to Dan as Haley admits it is a shame how their relationship has suffered. Prior to the game, Damien continues to flirt with Haley, but this time Dan sees. He goes up and tells Damien that if he ever touches Haley again, he will end his basketball career. Following the game, Dan stops Haley and Nathan and tells them that he knows they deserve better, but he is proud and loves Nathan. In the build up to her wedding, Haley is putting on a dress designed by Brooke. As Brooke adds some touches to it, Brooke asks Haley to comment on her relationship and as she does, Brooke records it.

She reveals the dress to Haley and she is disgusted at it, but smiles anyway although she is devastated at the dress. She tells Nathan that the dress is too 'Brooke' for her, but Nathan knows it will hurt Brooke's feelings. Later that day, Haley sees Dan and he tells her how glad he has that she is with Nathan, but Haley is forced to give a cold response, she also manages to tell Brooke that she does not want her dress and Brooke is insulted. Feeling guilty, she begins to punish herself as Nathan tells her how Marcus, the boy who was held hostage with them is coming to the rehearsal dinner. They then talk about Dan as Nathan admits he would love is father to be there. Haley goes to TRIC and makes up with Brooke as Brooke announces she has recorded Haley and Nathan's relationship and that it will be involved in their rehearsal dinner. That night, they arrive at the dinner and Brooke introduces the play of their life including humorous retellings and portrayals. Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Junk and even Deb join in on the fun. As it finishes, Haley goes to talk to Marcus and finds not everyone has recovered from the hostage day. That night, she goes to see Dan and invites him to the wedding for Nathan's sake. She returns home to find the perfect dress made for her by Brooke. ("I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me")("Everyday Is a Sunday Evening")("Over the Hills and Far Away")

321 h n n wedding

Haley and Nathan at their vow renewal. ("The Show Must Go On")

Haley awakes on her wedding day after spending the night apart from Nathan. She goes to see Karen and asks if it is okay for her to wear the fabric originally made for hers and Keith's wedding and Karen assures her it is. Following this, she arrives late for Nathan and her wedding on a horse drawn carriage. On arrival, Lucas offers to walk her down the aisle due to the absence of her parents, who did not want to see a second wedding. The wedding begins and Lucas walks his best friend down the aisle. Wearing her bracelet given to her by Nathan, Haley happily exchanges vows with Nathan. They are pronounced husband and wife and leave the room to a standing ovation.

Later, they have their first dance and this is followed by Lucas' and Brooke's speeches. After their limousine is taken by Rachel, Haley and Nathan are forced to leave in a car, but this does not stop their happiness as they head off for a honeymoon in London, where it always rains. They drive off with the purple flowers from their original wedding as Haley gives Nathan the bracelet and tells him to never say she never gave him anything. Haley then realizes she is missing her purse and is forced to ring Lucas to meet them to give her it. As they do so, Lucas and Karen find a pregnancy test in identical purses, meaning that a girl at the ceremony is pregnant.

As they drive, Haley turns to Nathan and tells him she has to tell him something, but as Nathan turns, Haley notices Rachel and Cooper's limo swerving towards them. She screams for Nathan to watch as they dodge the limo that falls off a bridge and into the water. As they get out, Nathan goes to jump in. Haley begs him not to, but Nathan jumps in after his Uncle. Haley is left screaming at the top of the bridge as the bracelet she gave to Nathan floats up to the top of the water and Haley is left worrying about her husband's life. ("The Show Must Go On")

Season 4[]

401 kar comforts h

Karen and Haley search for Nathan. ("The Same Deep Water as You")

As Nathan is submerged in a sinking car, Haley yells for him on top of the bridge. Lucas and Karen find them and Haley watches as Lucas jumps in after her husband. She is left on the bridge with Karen as Lucas drags Cooper out of the water, with no sign on Nathan. Lucas continues searching and eventually finds Rachel and Nathan on the river bank together. He tells Haley not to look, but Haley runs round and screams in shock at the sight of her seemingly dead husband. She follows Nathan to hospital as Lucas comforts her. Thankfully, Nathan wakes up and Haley is relieved when he is allowed out of the hospital.

They go to their apartment as Haley finds it completely redecorated with the theme of London, where they were supposed to have their honeymoon. As she comforts her husband who is still traumatized by the crash, Haley tells him the news she had before the crash, that she has been accepted into Stanford. That whole day, they are interrupting by press wanting their story, but Nathan refuses to say anything. She tries to find out what happened in the water, but Nathan says that it he does not know. Later Haley goes to the hospital to see Cooper and finds Rachel in his room. Furious, she tells her that she knows what Rachel did and that she caused the crash, and tells her to stay away from her, Nathan and everybody else. That night, Haley watches her husband struggling to deal with the after math of his crash. The following day, she goes to the doctors with Brooke and the doctor confirms that one of them is pregnant .("The Same Deep Water as You")


Haley watches Rachel and Nathan in jealousy. ("Good News for People Who Love Bad News")

The following days, Haley struggles to watch her husband confused with the events of the crash. She tells him that Rachel causes the crash and he asks if she saw anyone else in the water other than the people in the two cars, confusing Haley even more. Brooke also comes to Haley and lets her know that Rachel caught her making and trying on maternity clothes and Haley tells her that no one should know about the pregnancy, especially not Rachel. Brooke asks if everything will be okay with the pregnancy as Haley assures her it will be, or at least she hopes so. As well as this, Haley is also forced to talk to Karen about Deb's behavior in the cafe that, due to a pill addiction, she has been behaving inappropriately and got to the point where a gun in her purse was fired accidentally, leading to Deb quitting the cafe. That night, she finds Nathan at the bridge they crashed at. She asks him to talk to her, but Nathan tells her he is trying, but doesn't understand it himself yet. Over the following days, Nathan tells Haley he will try to focus more on basketball than the crash, but Haley is still concerned. Haley is also forced in between the argument of best friends Peyton and Brooke. She goes to a party with a devastated Nathan as he lost his focus during the game due to the crash, and rants about Rachel but is shocked when Nathan defends her. She then later sees Rachel and Nathan talking and is filled with jealousy. That night, she explains to Nathan that she has to be let in to understand, even if it is about Rachel. Nathan assures her it is nothing to do with Rachel and reveals that he saw Keith in the water. Haley assures him he is not crazy and realizes that is why he continues to go to the bridge of the crash. ("Things I Forgot at Birth")("Good News for People Who Love Bad News")

404 h tells l pregnant

Haley admits that she is pregnant. ("Can't Stop This Thing We Started")

Trying to help her mother in law, Haley joins an intervention for Deb, but is laughed off but also finds out it was Deb that tried to kill Dan. Arriving in high school, Haley finds out that Nathan has exchanged their car for a motorbike and is less than impressed. She is forced to watch as Deb barges into Nathan's class and demand her pills so decides to make a deal with Nathan, if he sorts out the motor bike, she will deal with Deb. She goes to Deb's house and tells her to stay away from Nathan until she has sorted her addiction out, but Deb tells her that she will end up just the same as her. Haley is also forced to watch as Brooke's pregnancy is revealed. Nathan tells her how shocked he is that she never told Lucas. That night, Haley goes to see Lucas and confesses that Brooke is not pregnant, it is her and Lucas promises to be there for her and knows Nathan will too. The following morning, Haley finds out that Nathan has been accepted into Duke as Haley reveals that she is pregnant.

Shocked, Nathan says that he should have been told earlier and storms out, leaving Haley devastated. Haley races to tell Brooke who is too relieved that she no longer has to pretend to be pregnant and announces it to the whole school. In a bid to talk to Nathan, Haley turns to Dan to talk to him and Dan promises to talk to him and assures her it will be okay. Dan's talk has no affect and Nathan goes for a press conference about Duke. Haley asks for his thoughts as Nathan tells her that he will not lie that everything is going to be okay. Haley says that a baby should mean more than a scholarship, but Nathan refuses to feel guilty and goes to the conference. Upset, Haley goes to see Karen and they watch the conference as Nathan announces that he will make a decision with his family as to what they will do with their lives and will be there for both Haley and the baby. Nathan gets back from the conference to a delighted Haley and tells her that the reason he was saved was for them, the three of them. ("Can't Stop This Thing We Started")("I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness")

409 h finds out boy

Haley finds out she is having a boy. ("Some You Give Away")

As Nathan continues to recover from his experience, their marriage hits a new trouble, financial difficulties, but Nathan assures Haley he can sort it out after the basketball season is over. This also involves him getting rid of his motorbike, something Haley is pleased about. They also receive news of their credit cards being over the limit. Haley then later arrives at school, late for cheerleading practice. On her arrival, she avoids the rant off Brooke by telling her that she has received post for her about a fashion show. After a successful basketball game, Nathan and Haley get home to celebrate but are soon brought back to reality when the electricity goes off due to a lack of payments. Furious, she makes Nathan go to see Dan for money, but Dan refuses to give them any. With it becoming too much, Haley breaks down to Karen telling her that she cannot have the baby with all the troubles, but Karen assures her it will be okay.

That night, Nathan and Haley get into the bed and the lights come on. Nathan has fixed the problem through Daunte Jones, an untrustworthy resident of Tree Hill, but he lies that Dan gave him the money. The following day, Haley volunteers herself to babysit for some money and when asked Nathan to join her, he refuses and Haley is left to tackle the children on her own. The mom arrives as all the children run into Haley's department and hide, making Haley search for them. As the night progresses, Haley gets more and more stressed as the children run wild. Haley is then shocked to hear that the mom will not be returning until later so she takes the children to Nathan's basketball game. The children eventually settle down but go missing at the end of the game, she looks all over and eventually finds them on the court playing nicely, with Nathan. Eventually the children leave, as Haley is less than keen to ever babysit again("Where Did You Sleep Last Night?")("All These Things That I've Done")

Normal 417-228

Haley stares at Nathan. ("It Gets the Worst at Night")

Because of Haley's and Nathan's debt, she's been working shifts at Karen's Cafe and has been tutoring Rachel in Calculus. On the day of the state championship game Haley is found on the bathroom floor in pain, the other girls including Rachel,Peyton,Bevin,and Brooke rush her to the emergency room. The doctor told her she would be fine but it was stress cause her problems, and told her she was having a son.After the State Championship game, Haley jumped in the way of a car that was about to hit Nathan. The car was being driven by Daunte, as revenge for Nathan's betrayal after he was lent money. After a string of operations, she was fine and to her and Nathan's delight, they find that the baby has a heartbeat of their son. After Nathan tells her what he did, she freaks out and leaves; but eventually forgives him. He then buys her a maternity prom gown after winning the stripping contest.

416 n n h at prom

Haley and Nathan sit at the prom. ("You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love")

We find out from Haley's class assignment with Skills that if she doesn't pursue a singing career she wants to be a teacher. She also fears that her son will not find his place in the world, like she sometimes feels. In "Pictures of You" ("Pictures of You"), Skills assures her that he will find a place and that he will make sure of that. Meanwhile, the person who stole the Calculus test is still unknown so the whole Calculus class takes a retake to find out who the cheater is. Rachel puts Brooke's name on her test so Principal Turner assumes she is the one who stole the test. Principal turner confronts Haley about this and Haley knew she could not trust Rachel. Haley also loses her job at the tutor center for letting a student get a hold of the key to the cabinet with the tests. At a party later that night Haley confronts Rachel about "stealing" the Calculus test and slaps her(also for hitting on Nathan). Rachel then tries to push Haley but is stopped by Skills who asks her to leave. Rachel takes the fall for Brooke because she wants Brooke's fashion designs to be sent to Victoria's Secret. By the end of the night, a sex tape is revealed of Nathan and Brooke. Haley as well as everyone else is left in shock.

420 haley goes into labour

Haley goes into labor. ("The Birth and Death of the Day")

Haley is a little overemotional due to the fact that she is pregnant so she does not take the video lightly. She asks Nathan to write a list of every girl he has ever slept with. In the end, Nathan writes the list, but Haley doesn't read it because she knows that she is the only one that matters because she is the only one he has ever loved. They go to the prom together and are really happy. Days after, the gang goes to Honey Grove, Texas, to help Mouth.

Their car breaks down, where Chris Keller rides up in his tour bus. They crash the prom there, where Haley finds out it was Brooke who stole the Calculus test. Haley is mad at first, but she forgives Brooke. Once back in Tree Hill, Principal Turner tells Haley she cannot make her valedictorian speech, because of Nathan's point shaving. Nathan finds out, and fixes the situation, and Haley gets to make it. She then visits Whitey at his house to talk about Nathan. In the middle of her valedictorian speech for graduation, when she is quoting Julius Caesar, Haley begins to laugh nervously and bend over in pain. It turns out she has gone into labor with her son. Everyone looks shocked and Nathan stands up in excitement. Soon after, she gives birth to a son, James Lucas Scott (best known by his nickname Jamie). She also makes up with Rachel, yet they still have a strained relationship.("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone")

Missing years[]

505 h looks after jam

Haley tries to balance her schoolwork and her motherhood to Jamie. ("I Forgot to Remember to Forget")

After graduation and the birth of their beloved son Jamie Scott, Haley and Nathan attended college together while juggling work with parenthood. Luckily, they had the help of friends and family such as Lucas and Deb to help them along their way. Lucas also moved in with Haley's family during their time at college to help look after Jamie. During this time, she helped edit Lucas' first book, An Unkindness Of Ravens. She attended regular basketball matches with her son to watch Nathan play and also met up with best friend Lucas. Haley successfully managed to balance her schoolwork and her family and eventually graduated college to become a successful teacher. ("I Forgot to Remember to Forget")

Nathan graduated college and got signed to play in Seattle. Realizing they are going to have to move away, Haley became a bit hesitant, but Nathan tells her that they will not be leaving Tree Hill for good, as Tree Hill is their home. During the night of celebration, Lucas and Nathan stayed out later as Haley went home to Jamie. That night, Nathan was in an accident where his temper got the better of him and was thrown out of a window, forcing him into a wheelchair and consequently being unable to play in Seattle. ("4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days")

501 h n n buy new house

Nathan and Haley buy their house in Tree Hill. ("4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days")

With their life together in pieces, the family was forced to stay in Tree Hill. Haley began working at Tree Hill High as a teacher while Nathan lost all hope and relied on Haley to look after him, something Haley was forced to get used to. The family found a good house to become the home in which Jamie will spend the early years of his life and made sure it was in Tree Hill so Jamie can experience everything they experienced while growing up. When Lucas moved out, Haley was introduced to his new girlfriend, Lindsey Strauss. Unsure of her at first, due to her secretly wanting Lucas and Peyton to get together, Haley invited her to lunch for an interrogation. She also asked her for her ID to be sure Lindsey was being honest. Eventually, she gave into Lindsey and become close friends with her after Lindsey told her that she wanted Lucas' writing to be the best he ever had and showed that she truly cared for Lucas. ("My Way Home Is Through You")

Balancing work, looking after her child and looking after her husband became Haley's daily routine. She often spent days exhausted and was constantly insulted and ignored by Nathan. Haley consequently had little time for friends and enjoying her own hobbies, such as music, putting everything to one side in order to support her family. ("4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days")

Season 5[]

502 n n h argue

Nathan and Haley fight. ("Racing Like a Pro")

Struggling with her marriage, she tries her best to raise her son Jamie and soon hires a nanny named Carrie. She then becomes a teacher at Tree Hill High and gets sexually harassed by Quentin Fields, the star player of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team, and runs away in tears. The next day, she challenges him to leave her class and fail it, effectively preventing him from joining the Ravens (now coached by Lucas), due to the school policy. She also makes Nathan realize his selfish ways could cost him their marriage and his son.

Peyton has Haley sit in on one of her studio sessions with Jason's band. After Jason acts up, and after hearing the band's pianist Mia play, Haley convinces Peyton to let Jason (and effectively the rest of the band) go so that Mia could become the real star. Haley offers to work on Mia's record, reawakening her musical talent and passion. Arriving home late at night, she goes into Jamie's room to kiss him goodnight and finds a sweet drawing of Jamie with Carrie, the new nanny, and fears that Jamie may have replaced her with Carrie in the event of her constant absence in his life. She then offers Quentin a deal to go back to both her classes and basketball which he agrees to (with a little push from Nathan).

Normal 511 (388)

Haley calls Lucas to tell him not to marry Lindsey. ("You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side")

Haley starts to get anxious about how attractive her nanny is but does not notice how much Carrie is hitting on Nathan. She soon gets disappointed by most of her friends when she witnesses Lucas kiss Peyton and when Nathan once again lets his temper get the best of him when Jason sexually harasses Haley. Haley misses the Ravens' first basketball game due to being locked in the Tree Hill High School library with Brooke, Peyton, Mia, Lindsay, and at one point, Tim. When she comes home, she finds Nathan and Carrie in the shower and kicks them out, mistakenly believing Nathan had an affair.

As Carrie manipulates Jamie into hating Haley, Nathan tries to defend himself, begging for forgiveness and swearing that Carrie's inappropriate crush and constant flirting was never reciprocated. However, he only makes the situation worse by revealing Carrie kissed him, leading to an argument. Jamie is outside at the time and falls into the pool trying to retrieve his basketball. The argument abruptly ends when they see Jamie floating face down in the pool. The two of them rush outside and Nathan dives into the pool and pulls Jamie out. As Haley holds him, relieved that he is okay, she angrily tells Nathan their marriage is over, leaving him devastated. Lucas and Lindsey then try to save her marriage by inviting her to their combined bachelor/bachlorette parties, but it backfires as Haley realizes she is done trying to change Nathan.

513 n n h make up

Nathan and Haley make up. ("Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace")

When Haley reads Lucas' book and realizes the depth of his feelings for Peyton, she calls him to tell him not to marry Lindsey. After witnessing Lindsey leave Lucas at the altar, she realizes that Jamie is missing and blames herself for his disappearance. Jamie returns home that night, followed by his rescuer, Dan. She and Nathan attend marriage counseling and are able to work things out. She reboots her singing career when she and Peyton record an album. After learning that Dan is dying, she tries to prevent Jamie from spending time with him, but after Jamie gets mad at her for this, she allows him to approach Dan once after a Ravens game. Haley tells Lucas that he needs to choose who he wants to be with, because the people who care about him are worried.

Season 6[]

605 dan shoots car

Haley and Deb watch as Dan shoots Carrie. ("You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie in It")

Haley is the one who breaks the news to Nathan that Quentin was shot and killed. Haley gets a call from a nurse from Tree Hill hospital informing her that Dan is dying. Knowing that Jamie didn't get a chance to say goodbye to his grandfather, she takes him to see Dan after getting a call that he was close to death. However, she did not realize that it was Carrie, who had kidnapped Dan and was using him to lure Jamie.

Once there, Haley tells Jamie to wait in the car and goes inside where she sees Dan restrained to the bed and heavily drugged. She undoes the restraints and asks what's going on. Dan, through blurred vision, sees Carrie sneak up behind her. He tries to warn her, but Carrie hits her on the head, knocking her unconscious. She wakes up later on and finds Jamie in the cornfield while he is trying to escape from Carrie. As they are hiding, her phone rings from a return call from Nathan. She and Jamie make a run for it with Carrie giving chase. Before she catches them, she is knocked out by Deb from a bottle to the face. Carrie soon regains consciousness and comes at Haley with ax, but is stopped when Dan shoots her. At the end of the episode, Carrie again regains consciousness to see Dan. They have a brief conversation before Dan finally shoots and kills her.

608 Jam, h n p watch slamball

Haley and Jamie watch Nathan play slamball. ("Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe")

Nathan gets a chance to play Slamball, which Haley watches with trepidation, yet decides to support Nathan. During a game, Nathan gets knocked out of a window by a former rival and decides to give up Slamball as it is not worth losing his family over. Haley performs in Peyton's USO show and battles stage fright, although she eventually goes on singing "Feel This". Her performance is a success and the crowd loves her. Later, Haley helps Jamie prepare for his school talent show, where he is to follow in his mother's footsteps and play the piano.

He wants to do stand-up, and decides to do a mixture of both. When Nathan receives the news that he has just been accepted to the Charleston Chiefs, Haley is very excited for him and hugs him and they kiss. Haley supports Nathan after he makes the Charleston Chiefs basketball team. She also helps Mia find inspiration for her next album and is the first (after Lucas of course) to find out about Peyton's pregnancy, already calling dibs on godmother. After Nathan returns home for the weekend, she and Nathan leave Jamie and Andre with Luke and Peyton and go on a double date at Tric with Mia and Chase. As a joke, Mia and Haley sign Nathan and Chase up for karaoke.

617 h n n plan a life away from th

Haley and Nathan celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary. ("You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight")

Haley goes to Nathan's basketball games, and she and Jamie are sad that Nathan doesn't get to play. After she tells Nathan to keep pushing, and after Jamie adorably calls his coach and asks him to give Nathan another chance, Nathan gets a chance to play and Haley is ecstatic. Haley chooses Sam's essay to win an essay contest, and she will put the essay into the school newspaper. However, the strict new principal tells Haley she doesn't like the essay because of the sex and drug references, and she tells Haley to either not publish the essay or be fired. Haley chooses to publish the essay anyway, and Sam watches Haley follow the principal into her office to receive her punishment. She lures Nathan to a creepy old house in Charleston, where he now plays basketball, and sets up a romantic dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Here, she reveals that she was suspended from her teaching job for publishing Sam's essay. She also talks about moving here, and the two discuss Haley possibly going back on tour. In the end, it's decided that if the house is still available many years from now when Jamie's all grown up, they will return.

619 h teaches from living room

Haley teaches her class in her living room. ("Letting Go")

Principal Rimkus calls Haley into her office and tells Haley that she will resign her position as editor of the school newspaper, tell her literature class she made a serious error in judgment, and print a written apology (which Rimkus has prepared for her) in the next ]issue of the paper, and if she does not comply, she will be fired. Haley spends the episode pondering what she should do, and tries to distract herself by helping Mia with her album. In the end however she begins apologizing to her class with Rimkus watching her, but she snaps inside and tells them that she was 100% right to publish Sam's essay and they should always tell the truth and stand up for what's right, and given the look on Rimkus' face, she knows that she was just fired, but continues to tell her students never to give up. Due to her new lack of a job, she decides to fully commit to music by becoming a full-time producer of Mia's new record. Principal Rimkus has taken over all of Haley's classes and a rebellion takes place sparked by Sam and Jack. After walking out of class, they convince Haley's entire class to go to her house and surprise her, and they tell Haley they can't imagine being taught by anyone else but her. They begin a mini-lesson in Haley's living room but are interrupted when a furious Rimkus walks in. Everyone heads back to school, and all Rimkus has to say is that Haley left some stuff in HER new classroom that needs to be removed. After a confrontation between Haley and Rimkus about her nasty attitude, Haley goes to pick up her things and Rimkus begins to offer Haley her job back, and Haley declines and tells her congratulations for firing a teacher who loves her class and obtaining a class who doesn't want to learn.

620 h n n jam in gifted school

Haley, Nathan and Jamie at Oppenheimer School. ("I Would for You")

She drops Jamie off at school and his teacher Lauren tells Haley a very prestigious private school called the Oppenheimer School has asked to meet with Jamie for him to become a student, which excites Haley since she always wanted to go there as a child. She and Nathan take Jamie there and it's not easy since they have recess textbooks and "mathketball" (which worries Nathan). In the end, Nathan and Haley, with input from Jamie, decide it's best to keep him in his current school.

Peyton tells Haley the label wants to buy one of her songs, saying there must have been a singer who liked it. Haley is a little unsure about selling her songs seeing as she has never done that before. Peyton asks Haley just to think about it.

621 nl surprises h

Haley meets Nick Lachey at Red Bedroom Records. ("A Kiss to Build a Dream On")

Haley considers but before she has completely made up her mind, the singer with an interest in her song arrives and it turns out to be Nick Lachey. He asks Haley if he can buy it and she says no, thinking it's best. He tries to guilt her into letting him buy the song, but to no avail. Towards the end of the episode Haley is in the studio, and Nick comes back asking her to reconsider. She asks him to sing for her and when he does she decides to let him buy the song, but only on the condition that she produces it.

After the Minister is unable to attend on the day of Peyton and Lucas's wedding, Lucas asks Haley to officiate the wedding, registers on and although she initially found it hard to find anything to say she eventually made a heartfelt speech for the couple. She then has "slutty wedding sex" with Nathan at the reception. In the season 6 finale, Haley finds out that Nathan has made it to the NBA. Haley and Nathan tell Jamie to watch the sports news when Mouth announces the big news and Haley, Nathan and Jamie all take a trip to Charlotte where Nathan plays his first game for the Bobcats.

623 h n n make out at wedding

Haley and Nathan make out at Lucas and Peyton’s wedding. ("Forever and Almost Always")


Haley continued working on her music ready to throw herself back into the limelight. She was also given the opportunity to run 'Red Bedroom Records' due to Peyton Sawyer leaving the town of Tree Hill. Although managing Mia and herself, she found no other occupants for the Red Bedroom Productions.

As well as her music, Haley needed to pull her family together tighter than ever. Her son is growing up quickly and now her husband is making his comeback, he is becoming more and more popular in the basketball world. She is forced to find that balance once again between family and work, causing Red Bedroom Records to start suffering under her management.

Season 7[]

H n j

Haley and Jamie on his 7th birthday. ("4:30 A.M (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)")

Season 7 begins with Haley in Peyton's recording studio, which she has now taken ownership of, recording a new song called "Quicksand". She throws a massive party for Jamie's 7th birthday party, in which many people attend, including her sister Quinn, who tells Haley she's on a photo assignment in New York City and is stopping by for a few days. They seem to have a very close, fun relationship together. They spend lots of time together, and Quinn later reveals to Haley she lied about missing her husband David, not because they are away from each other but because she left him. Haley gets a phone call to go to the studio and finds a label executive named Miranda Stone there, and while originally thinking she was sent to run the label, it turns out she is there to permanently shut it down. Haley frantically tries to find some way to save the label, but it turns out that the major label has every right to close down Red Bedroom Records. After she thinks about how to break the news to Peyton, she realizes she can't do it and comes up with a better plan: get Mia's help, who tells Miranda if she closes the label, she will never record again, and Haley won't either, and after Miranda considers the fact that the label might lose their most popular artist, she convinces John Knight, the label owner and Peyton's old boss, to keep the label. After the label is saved, she goes home and talks to Quinn to comfort her during her tough romantic time, before Nathan comes home and begins to explain the terrible news he and Clay have recently received.


Haley gets bail. ("Your Cheatin' Heart")

While we do not see Haley's initial reaction to Nathan's news, it seems as though she trusts her husband and that Renee, the woman claiming to be pregnant with Nathan's child, could be telling the truth. Despite being obviously hurt by this news, she is choosing to believe in the good of her husband. She gets furious when she finds out Clay wants to pay the woman to keep her quiet, but after Brooke and Quinn help her deal with this issue, she eventually starts thinking it's a good idea if it means protecting their family, especially Jamie, from the fallout if Renee takes her claim public. After Nathan decides to have Clay tell Renee that she's getting no money and to go to hell, they realize this will provoke Renee to publicly reveal her pregnancy, and they decide Jamie needs to find out from them first, and Nathan goes to tell him. Haley begins to get suspicious of Renee's intentions after hearing nothing from her in three days, but while shopping at the supermarket with Quinn and Jamie, Jamie finds a tabloid magazine with one of the pictures Renee showed Clay on the cover, officially publicizing the whole scandal.

While trying to help Quinn deal with her issues with David, who turned up out of the blue in Tree Hill, she has her own issues when a reporter Miranda has interview Haley about her music asks about Nathan's scandal, which Miranda catches and sends the reporter away. She attends Brooke's fashion show at Tric, and when she leaves, she finds Renee outside standing near Haley's car, and as Haley is getting into her car, Renee starts telling Haley about her and Nathan having sex and Haley hits Renee, making her fall to the ground, unaware they are being surrounded by paparazzi, who begin snapping photographs of the whole incident. Renee decides to press charges on Haley for slapping her and Haley is arrested, spending a few hours in jail before Renee decides to drop the charges.

Renee visits her while she's in jail and continues to tell Haley that Nathan is the father, but when Haley continues to deny it, Renee writes her phone number in lipstick on the glass wall between them and tells Haley to look at Nathan's old cell phone bills to prove that they knew each other. After she gets out, she fights with Nathan after she slowly starts realizing Renee's accusations may be true and questions Nathan about them. He holds a press conference to take the claims head-on and he thinks Haley won't show after their fight, but she does come to support her husband, though she is seen at the end of the episode looking at the old phone bills, and she finds Renee's number on them. She confronts Nathan on the phone bill, and he tells her girls get a hold of his phone number all the time and it was nothing, and he tells Haley that it's clear she doesn't trust him anymore.

They are angry with each other for most of the episode, especially after Haley decides to pay off Renee after Nathan loses all his endorsement deals. She calls Renee and Renee has decided to demand $250,000, and Haley has until 8:00 to make up her mind, but ultimately decides not to pay her off. Haley and Nathan later reconcile and Nathan encourages her that she made the right choice. After talking to Dan and Rachel and Haley missing her payment deadline, Renee then agrees to come onto Dan's television show to reveal her pregnancy to the whole world. The day that Renee appears on the show, Nathan becomes enraged and goes outside, where Haley convinces him that they shouldn't watch the rest and should enjoy the beautiful day. In a surprising turn of events, Dan submits Renee to a surprise lie detector test, and all of the answers she gives come across true, which appears to shock her. He goads her into revealing that she did have sex the night of the party and got knocked up, but not by Nathan. Haley buries her head in Nathan's shoulder as she begins to cry and he tells her it is finally over.


Haley singing on her tour. ("Weeks Go By Like Days")

After the boys go on their camping trip, Quinn makes "special" brownies and confesses to Haley that they had weed in them, which upsets Haley. After recording several new songs, Haley officially makes her return to music during a free concert she puts together at Tric. Miranda is at first against the idea of a free concert, but when Haley opens the fire door and shows Miranda the large crowd waiting outside, she relents and allows the concert to proceed.

Haley is a huge hit and Miranda records the performance and uploads it onto the internet, which generates a ton of buzz about Haley's upcoming album. Haley loses respect for her older sister after Nathan is unable to sign a new contract with the Bobcats since it is discovered Quinn has been dating Clay, an arrangement Nathan vehemently disapproved of, and this distraction might have cost Nathan his job. Quinn attempts to apologize to Haley, but her younger sister is not in a forgiving mood. She does eventually forgive Quinn when she needs help making a major decision after Nathan gets an offer to play basketball in Spain at the same time she must go on tour in support of her new record.

In the end, they decide to move to Spain and Haley will take Jamie with her on tour and stop in places along the way that Jamie would enjoy, such as Disney World. Jamie is not pleased with this because he is angry about everyone leaving, such as Lucas and Peyton, Skills and eventually his grandfather, and he does not want to be one of them. After Nathan and Haley, along with Miranda and Grubbs the Bartender, convince him Spain isn't so bad, he eventually warms up to the idea. However, Clay, with Quinn's help, saves the day by swiftly orchestrating a trade that will allow Nathan to return to the Bobcats where he truly is meant to be. Now that Nathan's future in the NBA as a Bobcat is secure, he and Jamie surprise Haley and join her on tour, and the three depart Tree Hill for her tour.


Haley, Quinn and Taylor fight. ("Family Affair")

Coming home, Haley settles back into her life with Nathan and Jamie. Haley and Quinn get a visit from Taylor and all three sisters fight over the fact that Taylor is the problem child in the James family. When Haley's birthday comes, it appears no one remembered it. Later Jamie decorates the house and Nathan surprises her with a new car, a Porsche Cayman. At the end of the episode, Haley and Nathan end up kissing on their table a la Sixteen Candles.

Haley's mom comes to town and tells her, Quinn, and Taylor that she has Pancreatic Cancer and doesn't have much time left, and she's not going to be fighting it. While Taylor gets upset and leaves, Haley and Quinn struggle with the new reality. Haley continues to try and make her mom fight, and convinces her to let her medical records be seen by Nathan's team doctor. However, the results are the same and there's nothing to be done. Haley also tries to deal with helping Jamie cope since Lydia has told him the truth and how she will soon be with his grandfather.

Haley spends one final "Christmas" with her mom after Lydia tells Jamie she will not be there for the next one. Later on, Lydia and Haley are making chicken dumpling soup, a long time birthday tradition between them. Haley leaves for a while, and returns to find Lydia collapsed and unconscious on the floor. Lydia is rushed to the hospital, where she is told she will die soon. Haley spends many moments with her mother in the hospital. At the end, Taylor comes to say goodbye to Lydia, and all three sisters lie with Lydia in her hospital during her last moments.

721 h

Haley jumps in the pool to feel alive again. ("What's In The Ground Belongs To You")

In the morning, a couple of days after her mother's funeral, Haley is taking a pregnancy test. That same day, she goes to her sister, Quinn's, art gallery opening. Haley is also the first buyer of one of her sister's photos. After coming home, Nathan tells Haley that he wants more children to which Haley confesses taking a pregnancy test that morning, but it turned out negative. Nathan then tells her that that's okay and they'll try again. Later that night, Haley sneaks out of bed and travels outside where she has a breakdown and begins to sob. Later Haley jumps into the pool so she can 'feel again', but gets pulled out by Nathan. When she's in the water she sees flashbacks of her, Nathan and Jamie. She also starts seeing a therapist; she tells them that seeing those flashbacks made her want to 'feel again'.

722 h n n

Haley and Nathan after she tells him she’s pregnant again. ("Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You...")

On a trip to Utah to watch Julian’s movie premiere, Haley doesn't get involved in the group's fun and watches as they all have a snowball fight. Haley tells Nathan never to think that she takes his love for granted and that she's grateful, Nathan tells her that he thinks he's been selfish with her because she's saved him so many times and that he thinks he's broken her somehow. Haley reassures him that he hasn't and she is getting better. In Haley and Nathan's last scene of the season, Haley tells Nathan she's pregnant and she thinks it will be a girl.

Season 8[]

Normal 802 (53)

Haley breaks down when she finds a bloody and unconscious Quinn and Clay. ("I Can't See You, But I Know You're There")

In the premiere of the eighth season, Haley heads over to Clay and Quinn's wanting to tell her older sister about her second pregnancy. Instead, she finds then both critically injured by gunshot wounds and she breaks down while calling 911.

While Quinn is unconscious in the hospital Haley names her the godmother of the child and is desperate not to lose her sister as they had recently lost their mother. Haley is relieved when Quinn awakens and recovers rather quickly. Meanwhile, Nathan tells her that the nerves in his back are deteriorating and that this season playing in the NBA will be his last.


Haley goes into labor. ("The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get")

Haley later begins working for a crisis hotline and beings helping an Irish woman named Erin who Haley later meets in person after hearing her perform at an open-mic night at Tric during a Halloween party and she subsequently offers Erin a chance to record an album which she reluctantly accepts. Haley and her family are nearly devastated with tragedy yet again when Brooke nearly drowns trying to save Jamie during a hurricane.

Since Brooke has no job, she gets creative by making superhero costumes for her, Quinn and Haley. Haley didn't want to dress up, but Quinn and Brooke made her. They soon helped a girl who was being picked on by popular girls at her school. Haley, who was previously a teacher, found out the bullies names and found out little bits and pieces about them. She used it to her advantage and the bullies stopped picking on the girl.


Haley with Lydia. ("The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul")

Haley wanted to make sure everyone was ready for the arrival of her baby, so she faked going into labor to see what Quinn, Brooke, Julian, Nathan, and Clay would do. The first time she tricked Quinn, she didn't know what to do, but she caught on and was ready the second time Haley tricked her. Quinn asked what if Nathan and her were not there to help her, prompting Haley to call Brooke. Brooke comes over and freaks when Haley tells her, causing her to drop her keys in the air vent. They called Julian to retrieve the keys, and Haley plays her trick on Julian, who faints from the shock. She tries with Nathan and Clay but they wouldn't fall for it because they were told all about it. At the end of the episode, Haley is really going into labor, along with a young girl Chloe Hall, who Brooke and Julian had choose as their surrogate. Haley delivers her baby girl, which she names Lydia Bob Scott. Later, along with a pregnant Brooke, Haley re-opens the Karen's Cafe. She becomes the godmother of Brooke’s twins : Jude and Davis Baker.


Haley and Nathan talk about Dan ("This Is My House, This Is My Home")

Season 9[]

Haley looks after the two kids while Nathan is on-and-off traveling for Fortitude Agency.

In the meantime, Haley found a person, under the name of 'Harry Johnson' to run Red Bedroom Records. Prior to meeting him, they emailed and 'Harry' gave Haley the impression that he would be the perfect fit. She goes to meet Harry in-person and sure enough, Chris Keller turns around. Initially Haley refuses to accept this asking, "what are you trying to pull off Chris? ... there is no way that you are running Red Bedroom Records".

Dan also meets with Haley and tells her that he his place has burnt down and that he has lost everything. Dan pleas to let him stay at their home, momentarily, until he finds a place and gets back on his feet. In sympathy, Haley lets Dan stay but tells him that if Nathan says that he has to go, he has to go.

When Nathan returns from his travels, he finds Dan holding Lydia Bob Scott. Nathan tells Haley that Dan has to go which Haley accepts.

Haley's happiness for having Nathan back home, however, was short lived. Shortly after Nathan returns home he becomes aware of Clay's sleepwalking disorder. Clay was meant to go scouting in Europe at a showcase for international talent in a few days with Clay's plan to "handcuff himself to the bed". Nathan proposes to Haley that he goes instead: "All the best players are going to be there. Clay gets better and then I get to be home for the rest of the year no matter what". Haley is sad but she agrees that it is the right thing to do.

The day Nathan is supposed to be flying back home, Jamie and Haley are very excited to see him. Nathan, however, doesn't show. Haley soon becomes worried that something has happened to Nathan. Haley and Chris Keller go to the police station to express her concerns and ask for help. The police officer tells Haley that as it hasn't been 24 hours, that he can't do anything. Keller tells Haley to wait whilst he speaks to the police officer. Keller tells the officer that Haley wouldn't be worried if something wasn't wrong and that Nathan Scott was a good man that wouldn't leave Haley. The police officer calls Haley over and says that he will do all that he can but that after 24 hours he can do a lot more. Haley also went to the airport where the assistant tells Haley that it is out of protocol to speak about passengers travel information. Seeing Haley distressed however, she ends up informing Haley that Nathan did board his return flight. As Haley exits the airport, desperate and confused, she finds a pink toy that Nathan bought for Lydia, lying dirty, on the curb.

Haley grows suspicious of Dan and after finding a large amount of money in his bedroom, realised that Dan lied about 'losing everything'. She also knew that Dan was aware that he had to leave once Nathan returned; in Haley's mind, giving him a motive to do something to Nathan. Believing that Dan was responsible, she called the police to tell them that there was a murderer (Dan) in her house. Dan gets questioned, however, he is realised as he presents that it wouldn't be logical for him to do something to his son, Nathan.

After 24 hours, the news reported Nathan as missing. Despite the fear of losing her husband, Haley puts on a positive attitude as Jamie begins to believe his father isn't ever going to come home. She later met up with Lucas, who took Lydia and Jamie for her as she thinks that she is going to 'lose it' and her children will think that their father definitely isn't coming home. Haley is reassured by all her loved ones that Nathan is going to be ok but he has trouble believing this, saying that something just doesn't feel right this time.

The original police officer that Haley first spoke to visited Haley and appeared remorseful for initially dismissing her concerns. He asks for anything else that may help in the search for Nathan Scott. Later, when Nathan broke free from the restraints, he is hiding from the kidnapper. He is relieved, however, when he sees that police officer. He hands Nathan a gun and Nathan points it at the kidnapper, however, there are no bullets in it and the police officer knocks Nathan out saying "why do I have to do everything for you", to the kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Mouth, Julian and Dan are all conducting their independent research to try locate Nathan. Dan goes so far as to pay $3,000 a month to rent Julian's warehouse to conduct his research. Although Haley doesn't trust Dan, it appears like all her loved ones do as his actions demonstrate genuine car and a desire to find Nathan.

Deb comes back and assures Haley that, even though he seems untrustworthy, Dan will help her. Desperate, Haley shows up at Dan's trailer asking for leads. Haley aids Dan's plan to find Nathan. She dresses up and seduces the drug dealer that sold Clay drugs. Dan, Julian and Chris embark on a rescue mission and save Nathan, but Dan takes a bullet for his son. Haley was reunited with Nathan, and she was later seen standing tearfully at Dan's bedside with Nathan, Jamie and Deb after he passed away.

Following these events, Haley hosts the annual Burning Boat Festival and later shows Jamie her and Lucas' high school predictions. She also performs at TRIC for its 10th anniversary. Nathan prepares a romantic dinner for Haley, giving her a diamond bracelet before they dance out in the pouring rain, sharing a passionate kiss. They are seen at TRIC, along with the rest of the group, singing along with Gavin DeGraw.

Time Jump[]

Haley and Nathan live the rest of their lives together with Jamie and Lydia in Tree Hill, and they—along with grown-ups Lydia, Logan, the twins, besides : Quinn, Clay, Brooke and Julian—cheer on Jamie during the Ravens' basketball games.



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Haley spends time with her close family ("Things a Mama Don't Know")

Haley is the youngest of seven children to Jimmy and Lydia James. Their relaxed parenting led Haley to become the person she is today, having a keen interest in education and bringing her child up in a supportive environment. Haley spent little time with her real family and adopted Karen and Lucas as her family instead. Two of her sisters Taylor, a flirtatious free spirit, and Quinn, one of the older sisters, have returned to Tree Hill since departing in order to get help from Haley, the rock of the family. During her college years, Jimmy James passed away, leaving Lydia widowed for a few years. However, Lydia was later diagnosed with cancer. In an attempt to see her daughters one last time, Lydia returned to Tree Hill to finally pass away. Since her death, Haley struggled to cope with her loss, and contemplated committing suicide and may have succeeded if it was not for her current family members.


Haley with her daughter and husband. ("This Is My House, This Is My Home")

Since starting a relationship and getting married to husband Nathan, Haley and him have stuck together throughout many difficulties including Nathan's money troubles and an alleged affair between Nathan and Renee Richardson. They also welcomed their own child into their family, James Lucas Scott. James (known as Jamie) became a huge part in Haley's life and she is determined to give him the best childhood possible. Together, Haley has helped Jamie through bullying and the death of his close friend, Quentin Fields. During a trip to Utah with her family and friends, Haley revealed to Nathan that they are going to have another child. She later gave birth to the couple's first daughter who was named after her late mother, Lydia Bob Scott. Haley also has several nieces and nephews by her sister, Vivian, and her brothers and a niece by Lucas, Sawyer Brooke Scott. Haley is the happy godmother of Jude and Davis Baker, the children of her best friend.

Romantic Life[]


Haley's wedding day ("The Desperate Kingdom of Love")

Haley started off hating Nathan for hazing Lucas when he joined the basketball team. When Nathan finds out that Haley is Lucas' best friend, he starts to pursue her to mess with Lucas. Haley, in an attempt to help her best friend, agrees to tutor Nathan, but in exchange, Nathan has to stop hazing Lucas. Haley and Nathan develop a friendship during their tutoring sessions. The more time they spent together, the more they bond, and eventually, they fall in love.

When Nathan got emancipated during their junior year, Nathan asked Haley to marry him. With the support of Haley's parents, they got married. The two would stay married and build a loving home with their two children, Jamie and Lydia.

While together, the two of them changed for the better as Nathan began to change his ways from a temperamental jock to a nice guy, while Haley started to come out of her shell and became more social and both of them always supported each other’s dreams.


Haley has always been an over achiever in school and a tutor. She always had dreams of attending Stanford University but when she struck up a relationship and eventual marriage with Nathan Scott, she decided to go to Duke University with Nathan and study teaching. During her senior year of high school, Haley considered the feeling she gets when she tutors and decided she wanted to become a teacher. During graduation, Haley gave the valedictory speech, but went into labour half way through.


Although she was a talented teacher, Haley left the profession to follow her dreams.

Haley's passion for music is one of her biggest drives, and she often has to balance her own dreams of having a career in music with the demands of her family. Although she always knew she was talented, Haley's true passion for music first emerged when both Nathan and Chris Keller forced her to explore her musical side. This resulted in Haley going on tour during her junior year and, even if for a brief time, becoming a rock star. She recorded the single When The Stars Go Blue with Chris which was subsequently released but she gave up her musical career in favour of returning to Tree Hill. Haley subsequently returned to her normal school life but was persuaded by Chris to record with him once again as Nathan didn't want her to lose her passion for music which made her who she was. She eventually recorded the song Halo with Nathan's full support and it was released on Peyton's charity album Friends With Benefits. She, however, didn't sing again professionally until four years after her graduation after recording this song.


Haley records her album.

After graduation Haley, who had by this point given up on her dreams of a career in music, trained to be a teacher eventually returning to Tree Hill High School to teach a literature class. Although she initially faced some trouble controlling her students they eventually came to respect her, and she connected especially with students such as Quentin Fields and Sam Walker. It would be Haley's belief in her students that would lead to her downfall as a teacher, however, as she controversially chose to publish a dark and profane article written by Sam in the school newspaper because she saw truth and talent in Sam's writing and believed not publishing it was an injustice to Sam. Her refusal to retract the article led Principal Rimkus to fire Haley, and she left the profession after telling her students to stand up for what they believe in. Her talent as a teacher was later showcased when her students rebelled and demanded her reinstatement, but Haley refused now having decided she wanted to pursue a musical career once again.

HJ album

Haley's first album.

Although relishing the experience, she was soon to return to her inner passion of music. Even while teaching at THHS, Haley worked as a record producer for Peyton's label Red Bedroom Records. Initially brought on board to help Jason focus, she turned her attention to the shy and talented Mia Catalano and helped her grow as a musician. This caused Haley to want to get back into music, as she started to want the life she once led as a rock star, and she asked Peyton to produce her new album and Peyton accepted without ever having listened to her demo. She initially struggled to find inspiration amidst her role as a wife and a mother but made slow progress with the album, committing to it fully after she left Tree Hill High.

After Peyton left Tree Hill, Peyton let Haley run the day to day operation and Peyton as a silent partner. Haley became the label head of Red Bedroom Records and under her leadership Mia became the independent label's lead performer. Although she initially had to fight for Red Bedroom when John Knight and Miranda Stone wanted to close it down, the label remained active with Haley recording her album. After a free and impromptu concert at Tric boosted interest in her imminent release, the label urged Haley to tour in anticipation of her new album.

After the birth of her second child Haley decided to reopened Karen's Cafe along with Brooke Davis so their children could have the same experience she had as a child.

Haley often performs her songs on the series. A list of her recordings and performances are listed below.

Song Episode(s) Featured
Elsewhere "Suddenly Everything Has Changed" and "Like You Like an Arsonist"
Let Me Fall "We Might as Well Be Strangers" and "Let the Reigns Go Loose"
When The Stars Go Blue "Truth, Bitter Truth", "The Trick Is to Keep Breathing" and "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea"
Halo "How a Resurrection Really Feels", "Brave New World" and "Just Watch the Fireworks"
Let The Fire Stars "What Do You Go Home To?"
Feel This "What Comes After the Blues?" and "Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous"
I Want Something That I Want "Messin' with the Kid"
Quicksand "4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)"
Maybe "Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun" and "You Know I Love You, Don't You"
Girl in the Moon "Weeks Go By Like Days"
We Belong "Weeks Go By Like Days"
Never Gonna Be "Weeks Go By Like Days"
Walk On The Ocean "This Is My House, This Is My Home"
Blue Skies "One Tree Hill"

Personality and Traits[]

Haley 2

Haley James

Haley 8

Haley James

Haley is very intelligent and funny. She is kind and always likes to help people when they need it. She sees the good in people, as she did with Nathan. She believes there is good in everyone, even Dan whom she allowed Jamie to start a relationship with.

Her positive influence is also what made Nathan start to change for the better, becoming a nice guy after initially being a temperamental jock.

Haley is very protective and it is shown in the aftermath of Carrie’s kidnapping of Jamie. She likes honesty and hates betrayal towards your beloved ones.


  • Before Bethany Joy Lenz was chosen to play the part of Haley in the Pilot episode, another actress played the part. Samantha Shelton played Reagan, a similar character to Haley, who was eventually scrapped and replaced. Scenes with Shelton as Reagan can still be seen in the Pilot despite Haley's presence.
  • In season 2 , Bethany Joy Lenz's role in the show was reduced to a recurring role in order to take time off to focus on her music career and her wedding. She resumes back to regular capacity for the rest of the series.
  • Bethany Joy Lenz portrayed Haley James Scott on a crossover between One Tree Hill and fellow CW show Life Unexpected in the episode "Music Faced".
  • Haley lost her virginity to her husband, Nathan, after they got married.
  • Haley's pre-performance ritual was to sit under a desk and sing the finale song to Les Miserables.
  • Although Haley had always been seen as the smart, well behaved adult, she had been in jail twice, gotten pregnant as a high school student, gotten a tattoo in high school, and also used drugs, though unknowingly, since her sisters Taylor and Quinn put marijuana in the brownies they made for Haley to relax from a stressful situation.
  • Although Haley told Nathan and Jamie to "walk away" from difficult situations, she never does. Haley had been known to slap, push, and verbally assault people who have threatened to hurt her or the people she loves.
  • The songs Haley performed on One Tree Hill are often songs sung by Bethany Joy Lenz or her band Everly.
  • Haley had a tattoo of the number 23 on her lower back to honor her husband Nathan's former basketball number, which she got while they were dating so it would remind her of how in love she was at that time. ("To Wish Impossible Things")
    118 l finds h tattoo

    Haley's tattoo

  • Of the three James sisters to appear in the series, Haley was the youngest, Quinn was the second and Taylor was the oldest. Taylor was three years older than Haley, and Quinn was born somewhere in between the two.
  • Haley is the only character on the show to come from a multiple family household.
  • Despite playing the baby of the family, actress Bethany Joy Lenz is older than both Lindsey McKeon (Taylor) and Shantel VanSanten (Quinn).
  • Haley's favorite ice cream was mint chocolate chip.
  • Haley is a skilled chef ("I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight")("We All Fall Down").
  • Haley been involved in all her friends' weddings; at Lucas and Lindsey's wedding she was the matron of honor as well as at Brooke's wedding. And during Lucas and Peyton's wedding she served as the minister.
  • Haley's middle name Bob came from the name of her family's cat because like the cat she was a stubborn baby, which also is her daughter Lydia's middle name.
  • As well as Bob the cat, Haley had a pet rabbit named Bunny.
  • Both of Haley's children are named after her parents James and Lydia.
  • Haley is the only main character to give birth to all her children naturally; Karen, Peyton and Brooke all had caesareans.
  • Haley is the godmother of best friend Brooke's twin sons Davis and Jude Baker.
    • Haley called being godmother on other best friend Lucas' first daughter Sawyer but Brooke was instead as she was Sawyer's mother Peyton's best friend.
      • Like her best friend Brooke Davis Baker, Haley was a godmother to two children. She was the godmother of Jude Baker and Davis Baker and Brooke was a godmother of Jamie Scott and Sawyer Scott.
  • Haley was not shown driving a car until season 5. However in the season 4 episode All These Things That I've Done in a deleted scene, Haley was seen driving the two kids she was babysitting to a Tree Hill basketball game.
    • Haley is one of the two main female characters to appear in all nine seasons of One Tree Hill. The other one is Brooke.
    • Haley has been shown to be a natural blonde.
    • Haley has changed her hair several times from brown to blonde.
    • She is afraid of clowns.
    • She hates pink.