"Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered" is the third episode of the seventh season of One Tree Hill and the 133rd produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on September 28, 2009. Clay and Nathan disagree on how to handle an ever-worsening scandal, and Haley begins to wonder if Renee's accusations have merit. Quinn and Brooke organize a photo shoot, and Mouth ups the stakes in his battle with Skills. Meanwhile, Alex makes Julian an interesting proposition.



Nathan tries to protest his innocence to Haley.

In the wake of learning of the acusations against Nathan, Haley looks at the photos and the ultrasound, trying to come to terms with what is happening. When Nathan later appears she notes that he has his arm around the woman, stating that regardless of whether Nathan is claiming to be innocent or not, it looks bad and Renee knows that. Meanwhile, Millie goes to Alex's hotel room to get her for her first Clothes Over Bros photo shoot and is relieved to find the shower is on, meaning Alex must be in. She is wrong however, as Alex soon later returns from a night of partying having left the shower on because she "likes the sound of rain". Alex refuses to come to the photo shoot until Millie reminds her of how much she is being paid, forcing a reluctant Alex to get ready exclaiming that she hates Millicent. Elsewhere, the naked embargo between Skills and Mouth takes a dramatic turn when Skills finds a reptile in the bathroom, planted by Mouth who is well aware of his fear. Skills is left to call for Jamie to come and help him. After arriving at work, Mouth's boss Charlie asks him if anything is happening with Nathan Scott after his confronation with Renee in the restaraunt. Mouth, however, defends his friend and says that nothing is happening. On the set of Scott Free Redemption, Dan is presenting a show about truth forcing an audience member to tell the audience and the viewing public than Dan is a murderer. A stunned Dan freezes on stage, but Rachel requests that they don't cut even though he was just accused of murder, because he is one.

Nathan tells Mouth to do what he has to do as a reporter about Nathan's scandal.

At the Clothes Over Bro's store, Brooke and Quinn plan the fashion shoot when Alex arrives, clearly hungover. She claims to be jetlags but Brooke an infuriated Brooke tells her to get ready for the shoot, and leaves Millie to deal with her. Julian then arrives with coffee for Brooke, Millie and Quinn and the entertainment trades for Alex so she can keep in touch with "the real world". Alex mistakes Julian for a P.A and immediatly lets her attraction for him be known, and when Brooke reveals that she is in a relationship with Julian, Alex merely laughs saying that she is way to old for him. Elsewhere, Clay returns from a meeting with Renee and tells him the the scandal will go away if he pays her $200,000 and if he wants to continue plaaying for the Bobcats he doesn't have a choice. Clay, while respecting that he knows Renee is lying, suggests that they pay her so not to jeapordize Nathan's career. Mouth then arrives, asking to know the truth. Nathan tells him the story but also tells him to do what he has to do as a reporter. As Quinn and Brooke prepare for the shoot, Alex gets ready to be the star of the show admiring Julian to Millie as she gets her make-up done. After Millie tells her that Brooke and Julain are serious, Alex comments about Brooke dating a P.A making Millie accidently reveal that Julian is a movie producer.


Alex models for Clothes Over Bros.

The photo shoot then gets underway with Quinn photographing Alex. After the shoot, Quinn and Brooke discuss love as her husband continues to try and call her. On the set of his chat show, Dan talks about the acusations put against him and admits the truth, that he is a murderer but he refuses to hide from it. After walking into the light, he and welcomes his wife, Rachel, onto the stage and the two talk of their romantic, old-fashioned and chaste courtship, which is revealed to be a sham as <they actually met in a strip club and spent the night together, at a cost for Dan. At the apartment, a incredibly protected Skills prepares for Jamie to take the creature out of his house. Jamie eventually brings a lizard out of the bathroom, who he has named Percy. Back at the house, Nathan reveals to Haley that Clay wants to pay Renee and make the scandal go away forcing Haley to confront him. While telling Clay that they weren't going to pay Renee anything, she also blames him for the scandal saying that it is likely that Clay threw the party where they met, and that he loves having Nathan by his side more than anything. She then tells him to grow up before leaving. After putting Percy in a cage, Jamie asks Skills about Mouth wanting him to move out and asks what happened when he told Mouth it was his place too, forcing Skills to realize he and Mouth havn't actually talked about it yet. He then tells Jamie that he loves Lauren, but moving out would mean moving in with her and he wasn't ready for that.


Clayton encourages Haley to do what's best for Nathan.

Clay later approaches Haley and agrees that what she said was true, but tries to persuade her to pay Renee for Nathan, because it is his dream on the line. He then says if paying her saves his career and saves Nathan from a scandal it is something they should consider. Meanwhile, Rachel remembers her first night with Dan and, having found him in the midst of a depression, and tells him his life could be a lot better. She then finds a copy of An Unkindness Of Ravens, Lucas' novel, on the sidetable and Dan tells her that it reminds him of who he was, in spite of the fact that he was the villain in the story. After Rachel finds a stack of self-help books, she critizises them but Dan tells her that people read them to find a way to make their mark on the world before they die while he left his mark, and can't seem to die. Rachel then extends a helping hand to Dan, promising that they can both get out of the dire straits their lives had become. At the shoot, Alex and Julian meet for the first time and after learning that Julian turned down the movie in New Zeland, Alex told Julian that she had something he might like. Haley then arrives at the shoot and struggles to hide her pain from a concerned Brooke.

Haley talks to Brooke and Quinn about Nathan's situation.

While talking about her problems to Brooke and Quinn, Alex interrupts Haley and suggests to her that maybe Nathan did sleep with Renee, citing a story about one of her own friends. Meanwhile, at work, Mouth lies to his boss saying that there is no story about Nathan. While at Tric, they discuss the ramifications of paying her and Brooke assures Haley that Renee could never say anything if she signed a confidentiality agreement and Quinn suggests a paternity test, forcing Haley to defend Nathan saying that he didn't so it and she believes him. Brooke recommends that they don't pay her, but Haley starts to recognize the risks assosiated. However, as the conversation shifts, Brooke and Quinn struggle to get Haley's mind of the scandal and she agrees to go talk to Nathan. Millie soon comes over and sees that Alex is sat at the bar orderering tequilla shots. As a comprimise to stop her drinking, Millie agrees to drink the shot and Alex requests that she gets the lime. Skills later finally calls Mouth to call a truce, and asks to talk when he gets home after taking Jamie's advice. Haley then arrives home to Nathan, and tells her that they aren't going to pay Renee because they need to protect Jamie.


Rachel tells Dan that she hired the man who exposed his murderous secret.

Clay then arrives at Tric and orders tequilla, which sparks Alex's interest. After he drinks the shot, she kisses him to get the taste telling him that she's missed "that" forcing him to question if she means tequilla or kissing to which Alex simply responded "yes". Quinn then arrives and, worried for her sister, tells Clay that she hopes he knows what he is doing. As he leaves the bar, Alex approaches him and offers to be in his bed in twenty minutes and when Quinn asks if he is really that guy, he responds that he is tonight. Meanwhile, on the set, Rachel reveals to Dan that she hired the man who exposed him as a murderer because it makes for good TV and it will make Dan stronger, making a confused Dan question her motives. Before going to Clay's house, Alex makes a pitstop at Brooke's to present Julian with a script for him to read, claiming that it is the something different that he wanted. She then tells him that even though he thinks that she is dumb, she knows what makes a good script and he should give it a try. When acknowledging that Julain thought that by "something different" she meant herself, Alex tells him that some other boy gets her tonight.


Nathan tells Jamie the truth about his scandal.

At Tric, Quinn sits drinking her sorrows away as her phone continues to ring. However, she is stunned when a voice tells her to answer the phone, and her husband David appears telling Quinn that he will have to talk to her eventually. At the apartment, Mouth and Skills finally get to talk about their situation and Skills tells Mouth about his worries to move forward with Lauren because he isn't ready to commit to her in spite of his love for her. Mouth then tells Skills to stay as long as he needs, ending their war. However, when Mouth goes into his room he finds a snake on his bed and Skills laughs knowing they are now even. Elsewhere, at the store, Brooke and Millie discuss Alex, and what a mess she is, yet Brooke comments that the Alex in the pictures is a completly different girl - a happy and healthy young woman. This is, however, disproved as Alex is seen at Clay's beach house waiting for Clay to arrive so that she can sleep with him. Meanwhile, Clay is confronting Renee on behalf of Nathan. He hands her an envelope, which she discovers is empty, allowing Clay to reveal that they aren't going to pay her a dime. Back at the Scott house, Nathan and Haley accept the choice they have made and, knowing the scandal will go public, Nathan decided he has to tell Jamie the whole truth about what is happening.

Memorable Quotes

"Should we cut, Mrs. Scott? Rachel? Shall we cut?"
"No, keep rolling."
"But the guy called him a murderer."
"So? He is one."
- Rachel Scott refuses to go off air after Dan is exposed as a murderer.

"Alex? What happened to you?"
"Jetlag my foot, you flew in from New York? Are you hungover?"
- Brooke Davis and Alex Dupre

"He is so cute. Really big hands, he probably has a big thingy."
- Alex Dupre on Julian Baker

"Alright bitches, let's do this."
- Alex Dupre before the shoot.

"You want to pay her? You know full well this lying whore didn't sleep with Nathan and you want to pay her $200,000."
"No, I don't want to. I simply suggested that it was an option."
"It's not an option Clay."
- Haley James Scott and Clayton Evans

"How are you doing?"
"Not good."
- Haley James Scott struggles to hide being upset from Brooke Davis

"Look, she's hoping that Nathan caves. She's pregnant, she doesn't have any money and she knows Nathan Scott has a lot to lose so why not give it a shot. I say you call her bluff and don't pay the dumb bitch a dime."
- Brooke Davis to Nathan Scott on Renee Richardson

"I missed that?"
"The kissing or the drinking?"
- Alex Dupre and Clayton Evans

"This is the amount that we're willing to pay to make this go away."
"It's empty."
"That's right. It's empty because you're a lying bitch and we're not paying you a dime. Go to hell."
- Clayton Evans and Renee Richardson


No voiceover


  • "Stilts" - Tim Williams
  • "Hollow Talk" - Choir Of Young Believers
  • "Hey Na Na" - Katie Herzig
  • "Let It Out" - Crash Boom Bang
  • "Walk Down To The Water" - Zaac Pick
  • "Showdown" - Black Eyed Peas
  • "Welcome Home" - Radical Face
  • "Ozone Street" - Tim Williams
  • "Mom" - Lucero
  • "Born In The Spring" - Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
  • "Last Confession" - Sorta
  • "Growing Old Is Getting Old" - Silversun Pickups

This episode's title originated from the song Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered, originally sung by Noah + The Whale.


  • At the end of the episode, it is left unclear as to whether Clay and Alex actually did end up sleeping together. Indeed, some people may have interpreted the ending as that Alex was left waiting outside and Clay never showed up. But we later find out that they did sleep together, as this event is referenced in later episodes Believe Me, I'm Lying and Luck Be A Lady.
  • First appearance of David Fletcher.

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