I Would for You

April 20, 2009
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"I Would for You" is the twentieth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 126th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on April 20, 2009. When Peyton's pregnancy is threatened, Lucas struggles to pick up the pieces while Victoria returns to lure Brooke back to Clothes Over Bros. Haley and Nathan clash over the decision to pull Jamie from his school and Marvin tries to mend fences with Millicent.


620 b n sam watch v leave

Brooke and Sam are shocked at Victoria's return.

Brooke is woken up by someone opening the curtains in her room. As she yells for Sam to stop it, Victoria tells her that it is her. Brooke yells that the sight is hurting her eyes and as Victoria tells her it is the sunlight and is not that bright, Brooke says it is her face that her hurt her eyes. She asks why she is there as the last time she spoke was supposed to be the last as she gave her the company and consequently she lost a daughter. Victoria tells her that she wants to talk about the company and tells her she will be back later. As Victoria leaves, Brooke runs out to see Sam who says that Victoria frightens her. Nathan is playing basketball as Bobby cheers the team on. Nino replaces Nathan and scores a basket. Bobby ends practice and asks to talk to Nathan. He tells him that his two best players are after the same position so he is moving Nino to shooting guard, but needs Nathan to coach him. As Nathan agrees, Bobby tells him that he needs to step up now as it his team now so he needs to be a leader. Meanwhile, Haley drops Jamie off at school as Lauren tells her that his test results shot through the roof and should think about the gifted and talented school, Oppenheimer School for the Gifted as they are interested in Jamie and Haley is overwhelmed. Skills and Lucas are playing basketball on the river court as he apologizes about the movie folding as Lucas admits that he misses it. Skills tells Lucas that he is still trying to get past his break up as Lucas tells him that Mouth can hang out with him as misery loves company, but Skills tells him that Mouth is doing fine. Millicent and Mouth are up in the morning after sleeping together the night before. They wonder why they waited so long as Mouth gives her Broadway tickets for the night as he wants to do everything can for her. Peyton is driving in her car, the comet, as the phone rings. She is talking to Mia and telling her that she is listening to her new song. She pulls up at a traffic light as she sees a mother with her daughter. She smiles happily and holds her stomach and as she pulls away, another car smashes into her.
620 p is hospitalized

Peyton is hospitalized

Brooke arrives at the hospital in a panic looking for her best friend. She finds Lucas and asks how she is. Lucas says that Peyton is fine and as Brooke asks about the baby, Lucas tells her about the complications she had been having with the baby. He tells her that Peyton has a condition called placenta previa that could lead to hers or the child’s death and Brooke is gobsmacked with the thought of her best friend dying. Nathan finds Nino at the court and tells him that he has been asked to help him with moving to shooting guard, but Nino says that he does not need training as he is better than him. Nathan asks him to prove it and Nino begins shooting baskets past him, but Nathan asks for a jump shot considering he is now playing two shot. As Nino misses, Nathan begins shooting baskets past him and Nathan shows him how to do a jump shot, telling him to play as a point guard and learn the jump shot or be a back up shooting guard. Meanwhile, Sam and Jack are talking about how scary Victoria is. Jack asks for one thing that scares her more than Victoria and Sam admits that is the thought of being alone and also says that she is scared of him kissing her again, which they both agree was gross. Jack admits that he is scared of the burger king man and Sam laughs at his stupidity. Jack tells her that he has been talking to some potential foster parents, and even though they seem nice, they live in Charlotte. Sam tells him that he should go as Jack says he does not know and reminds her that she is scared of being alone and holds her hand. As he does, Victoria marches in the house. Terrified, they hide under the bed from Victoria, but she sees them. She asks if Brooke has turned the house into a shelter for the homeless and as she finds out Sam is being fostered by Brooke, she accuses them of sponging money of Brooke like all her friends. She demands to know where Brooke is as Sam tells her she is out on the balcony. Victoria storms outside to see Brooke and as she does, Sam closes the door on her and locks it. Victoria laughs this off as she has a key, opens the door and walks back in the house. At the hospital, Brooke wipes the tears away from her face and then walks into see Peyton, who knows instantly that she has been crying. She assures she is okay as Brooke reveals that Lucas has told her. She asked why Peyton did not tell her as Peyton admits she wanted Brooke to go to L.A. with Julian. Brooke tells her that she is not going anywhere and asks what they are going to do as Peyton smiles saying they just will get through it. Brooke holds onto her stomach and agrees with her.

620 h n n jam in gifted school

Nathan, Haley and Jamie visit a gifted and talented school

Peyton gets home, closely escorted by Lucas who tells her that he will be worrying for the next few months. As Peyton says that she does not need to lie down, Lucas pretends to talk to the baby and makes her lie down. As she does, she asks how the comet is and Lucas tells her not to worry about it as it will be fine. He goes to see the car with Skills and finds it battered. A mechanic tells him it will cost more than what it is worth to fix it, but Lucas says that it is worth more than he’ll ever know. At Oppenheimer, Haley, Nathan and Jamie are being shown round the school by a staff member, who is impressing them with the school statistics. She asks Jamie to have a seat while his parents go around the school. Jamie is left with a bunch of children staring at him. Victoria goes to see Brooke at her store and receives a cold welcome. Victoria tells her that the business is sinking and she needs her back. As Brooke tells her she should have thought about that before hiring someone else, Victoria said she had to as she was not banking on Brooke quitting on her. Brooke reminds her that she said she wished she was never born as Victoria reminds her that it was because she went to see her with a gun. She tells her that they both said things they regret and were both wrong. Brooke tells her that it does not matter as she will not help and Victoria walks out after saying that she is not just her who she is giving up on, it is everyone who worked with her to help Brooke get to where she got to and the will end up jobless. In school, Jamie is in front of the class and goes to introduce himself. He begins telling jokes about not liking school as a child asks why he would not want to go to school. He is given a jumper and asked to sit down as the teacher announces it is recess. Jamie jumps up to go out as the teacher tells them to get their recess books out and Jamie is shocked that children spend their recess indoors. In New York, Millicent and Mouth are strolling through a park as he reminds her of when he said there could be a better version of them, he thinks they have found it. Millicent agrees to it almost as she knows Mouth has to go back to Tree Hill and to work tomorrow. She kisses him telling him just to enjoy that day.

620 p asks h to produce mias record

Peyton asks Haley to produce Mia's record

Jamie and another boy are playing math-ketball on the whiteboard as Nathan is shocked to find they do not offer sports there. He tells Haley that there is no way he is going to that school and tells Jamie it is time to go and as they leave, Haley still looks around the school in wonder. Lucas goes into the living room to find Peyton making pancakes. He reminds her that the doctor told her to rest as Peyton assures him that she is fine and does not have to spend every hour in bed, but Lucas disagrees. She asks for a ride to the studio but Lucas says that she is not going anywhere as he is the one with the car. As Peyton asks about the comet, Lucas tells her that they will have to get a new one but it was just a car as Peyton says that it was the comet. Nathan is still in disbelief that the school put Jamie into a cardigan as Haley begins sticking up for the school saying she wish she had gone there and when the child talked trash to Jamie after winning him at math-ketball, it would have only motivated him. Nathan tells her that Jamie will not even see a basketball court whilst there as Haley says that there is more to school than sport and they argue as she believes he should go, but Nathan believes otherwise. Skills goes to pick Jamie up and asks how his visit went as Jamie says he has not told anyone yet. Skills apologizes as it is meant to be on the down low. Skills is then approached by Lauren who introduces herself to him. Skills nervously introduces himself too as Lauren talks to him about how Jamie tells her that he is not good at video games. Skills lies that he only plays video games for Jamie and lets him win for his confidence. As she walks off, Skills asks if he is sure he wants to leave the school after seeing his teacher. Haley goes to see Peyton with a present and laughs that their good music nearly killed her. Peyton tells her that someone ran a red light and Haley tells her that she knows about her condition too and tells her that her and Lucas are always beating the odds. Peyton then asks for a favour and Haley happily agrees to it. She asks Haley to finish producing Mia’s album and she will be there in spirit as Haley says it is a deal as long as she takes care of her niece or nephew.

620 l finds the comet sign

Lucas finds the comet label

Brooke gets home and finds Sam looking gloomy. Sam tells her that Jack is leaving for Charlotte with his foster parents as Brooke empathises with her, but Sam gives her back a sarcastic comment and when asked why simply tells Brooke she should know why. Sam tells Brooke that they could have been a family with Julian as he loves both of them and gets upset as Brooke says that her love is totally different to Brooke’s love and Sam says that she sounds just like Victoria. Brooke tells her that that was a cheap shot and her situation is more complicated than her being able to do what she wants and she knows that. She tells Sam that she has to do what is best for her, whether she sees it or not. Sam tells her to stop using her as her excuse and asks her to admit that she was too scared to love Julian back. Skills is asking for Jamie to tell him about Lauren as Jamie is using this to win the basketball game. Haley asks to talk to Nathan and he says that he was too harsh about the new school, but Haley says that she has thought that he should not go to the new school as he will be a little fish in a big pond. Nathan tells her that Dan stopped him going to the Oak Lake Academy and he missed out on the opportunity, so maybe Jamie should go. They laugh at how they have changed their minds. Meanwhile, Lucas picks up the ‘comet’ label from Peyton’s car off the road. Jack and Sam are talking about ways they could possibly meet up when he moves to Charlotte. They look at the brighter side of things. As they talk, Victoria walks in and Jack rushes to the counter for a refill. Victoria sits down at Sam’s table and asks how she conned Brooke into living with her. Sam explains that she shoplifted and assaulted her, so Brooke took her in. Victoria asks why she seems so remorse as Sam explains that Jack is leaving town as Victoria says she is not so sympathetic as Sam says that the comment is not so surprising considering the way she is with Brooke. Victoria laughs and asks which she would prefer, a mother who left her or a mother who stuck around and was bad at it. She walks out as Sam is left speechless. Jack sits back down and asks how horrible Victoria was as Sam says she does not know.

620 sam kisses jack

Sam and Jack kiss goodbye

Brooke goes to see Peyton and asks how Lucas is. Peyton tells her that they are having a difference in opinion about what taking it easy means. She asks what is happening with Brooke and she tells her that Victoria wants her back and if she does not go back, all the people who used to work for her will lose their jobs. She asks what to do as Peyton admits she does not know what to do, but knows that she is going to help Victoria and all those people as that is what she does and that is why everybody loves her. Mouth packs his bag as both Millicent and Mouth both wish he could stay. He tells her that they will make the relationship work and Mouth leaves for Tree Hill. As he leaves, Millicent cries that he is leaving. Jack and Sam are in the cafe as his foster parents walk in. Sam is shocked at how young they are. Sam begins interrogating them to make them sound awful, but realizes they are actually nice. The couple tells her that Jack talks about her a lot and was hoping to meet his girlfriend. As Jack denies that she is his girlfriend, Sam stands up and announces that she is his girlfriend. They then say that they have to go and Jack’s foster parents rush off and let Jack say goodbye to Sam. They arrange to meet up in April and they say goodbye. As Jack leaves, Sam rushes after him and tells him that when they kissed it was nice. She kisses him again and she begins to cry as he leaves. Haley and Nathan are sitting in the living room as he says that he does not want to leave. He tells Haley about Nino and how he is expected to coach him, but Haley says he will have been selected because Bobby thinks he is able. As they agree, Jamie asks to talk to them. He tells them that he has decided that he should decide where he goes to school. He tells them that he wants to stay at his own school as he is good there, knows everyone and likes to learn there. Haley and Nathan agree that he could stay at his old school. Haley tells him that he could learn something from their son as him and Chuck used to hate each other and now they are inseparable, so he should work with Nino.

620 l starts work on the comet

Lucas starts work on the comet

Victoria goes to see Brooke again and tells her that she forgave her for threatening her and falsely accusing her so she should give the company a chance. Brooke tells her that the deal is, if she returns she gets 51% of the company and Victoria is forced to agree. Brooke also makes clear that even though she has returned, it is strictly business and Victoria does still not have a daughter. Victoria agrees and walks out, but smiles as she does so. At the gym, Nathan joins Nino on the court. As Nino brags, Nathan asks why it has to be so hard and tells him that if they work together, he can give him shots, but Nino believes that he can make his own shots. Nathan tells him that it is good that he thinks that because then the scouts will come and they will get noticed and hopefully never have to play on the same team again. This makes Nino change his mind and asks Nathan to teach him. They begin to practise as Nino learns new skills. Meanwhile, Skills drops Jamie off with a bunch of flowers. Skills asks who they are for as Jamie walks off and gives them to Lauren, saying they are from Skills. Lauren looks up delighted as Skills, who is still unaware, waves at her. Millicent and Mouth say good morning to each other whilst on webcam. Brooke is putting Julian’s letterman jacket away in a cupboard to try and move on. Haley and Mia bring some musical equipment to Peyton’s and tell her that they have brought the studio to her. Mia sits down with the guitar as Peyton asks for something great. Lucas gets the comet in his garage and begins working on it by sticking the ‘comet’ label back onto the car. Sam is sitting in the cafe in tears as she knows Jack has gone. As she cries, a hand comes on her shoulder. Sam says that he has gone as Victoria promises that everything will be okay. She walks out the cafe with Sam, comforting her.

Memorable Quotes

”Oh my eyes”
”It is called the sunlight, and it is not that bright”
”It is not the sun, it’s your face”
Brooke Davis when she is visited by Victoria Davis

”I’m telling you, that woman was like a zombie, a vampire and Principal Rimkus all rolled into one”
Sam Walker about Victoria Davis

”It’ll cost more to fix it than what it’s worth”
”It’s worth more than you know”
A mechanic and Lucas Scott discuss the worth of the Comet

”We can get another one, okay? Look. It was just a car, Peyton. That’s all”
”It was the comet”
Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer about the comet

”You and Lucas always beat the odds”
Haley James Scott to Peyton Sawyer

”Sam, you’re in high school. Your love is totally different and if you were older, you would understand”
”Do you know who you sound like? Victoria”
”Okay, that is a cheap shot and you know it. It is so much more complicated than me just doing whatever I want”
Brooke Davis and Sam Walker argue

”So I’ve been wondering, how exactly did you con my daughter into taking you in?”
”I shoplifted from Clothes Over Bros, assaulted her, then she found me sleeping in a car and decided to take me in. But I've made up for that with my sunny disposition”
”I'm amused on the inside”
Victoria Davis questions Sam Walker

”I don’t know what you should do, I know what you will do though, you’re gonna help Vic-whoria and you’re gonna help all those people because you always sacrifice to help everybody else, that’s why we love you”
Peyton Sawyer to Brooke Davis

”So, you must be Sam, that dominates all of Jack’s conversations, we were hoping to meet his girlfriend”
”She’s not, ur, my girlfriend”
”Yes I am, hi”
”This is Sam, my girlfriend”
Sam Walker is introduced by Jack Daniels to his foster parents

”Understand this is business, you still don’t have a daughter”
Brooke Davis about her return to Clothes Over Bros

"More like Math-holes. There's no way he's going here."
Nathan to Haley about Jamie enrolling in Oppenheimer School for the Gifted.


No Voiceover


  • "I Came Around" - Amie Miriello
  • "Killer B" - Low Vs. Diamond
  • "Bonfire" - Spacebar
  • "My Favorite Song" - Skyler Stonestreet
  • "I Can Feel A Hot One" - The Manchester Orchestra
  • "The Look" - Color Of Clouds
  • "As Much As You Lead" - Lex Land
  • "Angel" - Kate Voegele

This episode's title originated from the song I Would For You, originally sung by Jane's Addiction.


  • Dan does not appear in this episode.
  • Haley's reference ("Do you know what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted? He lived happily ever after.") is from the 1971 film, 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'.

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