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Jack Daniels

Portrayed by Evan Peters

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John Jack Daniels
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Tree Hill, NC Charlotte, NC
S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7
John Jack Daniels, was a student of Tree Hill High School and the best friend, and romantic interest, of Sam Walker. The two formed a close friendship as they were both placed in foster care but Jack eventually left Tree Hill to be with new foster parents out of the state.

Character History

Not much is known about his early life but his parents aren't around and his brother Xavier is his primary "care taker", but he often doesn't spend time at home because he's heavily abused verbally, and possibly physically having said Xavier beats down on him pretty hard.

Season 6

He is the best friend of Sam and they spend much of their time in the cafe, and Sam always knocks down his coffee creamer towers. His brother Xavier is the one who brutally attacked Brooke and stole her sketches for her new line because Jack asked him to do it to "help" Sam. Sam, telling Brooke the truth, went with Jack and his brother to their house. Xavier then held both captive, but Jack managed to escape. He reached out to Julian for help and they hurried over back, walking in to see Brooke in the doorway, holding a gun to Xavier's head. After police arrive, there's a shot of a detective at the crime scene, who holds up Quentin Fields' wallet. When Xavier went to jail, Jack lost all that was left of his family.

After having a place to crash with Brooke and Sam for a little while, Jack finally goes home with foster parents of his own, in his final appearance on the series.


  • Jack has an irrational fear of the Burger King "King"
  • Went by his middle name Jack when he first took a drink of Jack Daniel's whiskey when he was thirteen.

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