The following are the details of Jude Baker's family.

Julian Baker
Relationship: Father
Details: Jude is one of Julian's twin sons. Julian considers his sons like his miracles because initially his wife, Brooke couldn't become pregnant. After Brooke's premature childbirth Julian says to his sons that he likes the term "Daddy".

Brooke Davis
Relationship: Mother
Details: After being told she couldn’t have children of her own and having an attempted adoption fall through, Brooke found out that she was pregnant after all, fullfil her dream to a child. She gave birth to twin boys, Davis and Jude. Brooke adores her boys, and put her “bros over clothes”.

Davis Baker
Relationship: Brother
Details: Jude and Davis are both "miracle" twin brothers. Like babies they played together and they seem to be close in the Future, at 5 years old.

Ted Davis
Relationship: Grandfather and Godfather
Details: Jude meets his grandfather/godfather for the first time at his baptism. Ted says that his grandsons have his daughter's beauty.
Twin baker grandad

Victoria Davis
Relationship: Grandmother
Details: Victoria loves her grandsons and spends a lot of time with them. The relationship between Victoria and her daughter, Jude's mother, Brooke is good. And even if Victoria doesn't believe she is a good mother she proved that she could be a good grandmother with Brooke's former foster daughter, Sam Walker.

Paul Norris
Relationship: Grandfather
Details: The relation between Jude and his grandfather Paul is unknown, Paul living in L.A and Jude in Tree Hill. But their relation is probably good, Paul having made peace with Jude's parents.

Sylvia Baker
Relationship: Grandmother
Details: Their relation is unknown, Sylvia living in L.A and Jude living in Tree Hill but probably good. Sylvia would be very happy to have grandchildren because she had critized Brooke for her problems.

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Godmother
Details: Haley is Jude's godmother. Haley was very happy to Brooke when Brooke told her that she was pregnant and Haley cared of Brooke during her pregnancy. After the birth Haley is named godmother and she pass time with her godsons.
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