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John "Junk" Moretti was a Tree Hill High Student, of Italian descent, who played basketball with Lucas on the River Court before he joined the Ravens. After he graduated, Junk bought a house with his old friends Mouth, Fergie, Skills and, later, Millicent where they maintained their fun, if not slightly childish, lifestyle.

Character History

Before the Series

When Junk was a baby he fell down a toilet and was "dead" for 40 seconds. He claimed his girlfriend was Canadian. His parents own a junkyard- hence the nickname Junk.

Season 1

Junk and his friends Fergie and Mouth are seen playing basketball on the river-court with Lucas Scott.

Season 5

Junk was seen with Fergie at Jamie's 5th birthday party.

Season 6

Junk was seen playing video games with Fergie in Mouth and Skills' apartment.

Season 8

Junk called a crisis hotline and shows a side of himself that was displeased with his life as it was seemingly going nowhere.

However, he continued to hang out with his friends- including going to a "poker night" organized by Julian.


  • Junk was one of the few characters to appear in all seasons of the show, along with Nathan, Dan, Haley, Brooke, Mouth, Skills and Fergie.
  • He was also one of the characters to appear in both the Pilot and the Finale along with characters Nathan, Haley, Mouth, Skills, and Fergie.