"Letting Go" is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 125th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on March 30, 2009. Julian makes Brooke a startling offer. Lucas brings Nathan Scott and Jamie to an important place from his past, while Peyton prepares for the future. Sam and Jack take a stand against the principal who fired Haley. Antwon takes Marvin on a road trip to get his mind off Millie.


619 P tells h about company interest

Peyton tells Haley about her record interest

Lucas is asleep as he remembers the various stages of Peyton’s troubled pregnancy. From fainting in the studio, to fainting in his arms and finding out what was happening as well as going to the scan. He wakes up to Nathan dribbling a basketball beside him. Nathan tells him to get up as it is a good day so them two and Jamie are going to the River Court. Lucas eventually gets up to see Peyton and tells her that he is going to the River Court as Peyton tells him that she will be fine and does not need him checking up on her and understands that it worries him because she has not told anyone and admits she might tells Brooke that day. She tells him to go play as Lucas leaves and Peyton finishes a new piece of art with Lucas’ and her first words. Skills goes to get something out the fridge but is distracted by the photo of him and Deb. Peyton arrives at the studio to find Haley recording. She tells Haley that the studio really likes her new song, Feel This and Haley is shocked that Peyton has sent her record in. Peyton tells her that it is her job to promote her music and Peyton tells her that they want more and like her new image, and admits she stretched her new image a bit by saying she punched out the principal and slept with her student, Nathan, but Haley reminds her that was 7 years ago and the two laugh it off. Peyton asks how the new stuff is coming as Haley admits it is not doing so well as she worrying about how her classes are doing. Meanwhile, Principal Rimkus is taking Haley’s class and telling them that they have failed, when Jack pipes up and tells her that she is the one that fails and asks for Mrs Scott back. Principal Rimkus demands that he stays in for detention as Jack reveals that he is not part of this class and shows how well she knows the school. He gets up and walks out as the rest of the class giggle and Sam says that it is her fault they all failed as all the class either got instantly dumber or she was not smart enough. She gets up and walks out and walks with Jack in the corridor and plots a plan to get her back. Skills goes into Mouth’s room and tells him to get up as they are going on a road trip to heal their broken heart.
619 jul offers b to leave

Julian asks Brooke to leave with him

Jamie is playing basketball as Nathan and Lucas talk about how much he has grown up. Nathan tells him how he has been asking questions about Keith ever since Dan admitted that he killed him and now the boy seems lost. He asks Lucas to talk to him as he knew Keith better than anybody, but Lucas has a better idea. Julian goes to see Brooke and tells her that he does not want to say goodbye and shows her some plane tickets telling her that they could write their own love story in Malibu, but Brooke asks what she would do with Sam and as Julian shows her that he has got another plane ticket for her as Julian says he understands that she will come up with a million other excuse why not to go, but to go because he loves her. Brooke rushes to Peyton to tell her that her ex has invited her to L.A. with Sam. As Peyton jokes that she thinks she means Jake, she admits that it is a big idea. Brooke tells her that it is not a good idea as she has a home in Tree Hill as well as a store, Sam, the job of being a maid of honor and helping with Peyton’s child. She asks how she could leave her as Peyton says that she will be fine, but Brooke refuses as she came back for her. Peyton tells her that it is what she wants to be happy, but Brooke says she needs more time to think what she wants as Peyton was alone when she moved, but Peyton reminds her that she said no to the boy she loved and that made her lonely. Brooke thinks about it as Peyton says that whatever she chooses, she loves her and Brooke is still stuck with what to do. After Jamie’s constant questioning about Keith, Lucas takes Jamie to Keith’s old garage. He tells Jamie that this used to be his favourite place in the whole world and Jamie runs off to play. Lucas asks Nathan if he ever worried about complications when Haley was pregnant and as Nathan admits that he was terrified, he tells Lucas to stay away from horror stories on the internet. Nathan tells him that the doctor told him that birth is an ordinary miracle and happens everyday, so Lucas should not worry. As Nathan and Jamie go out to fix a car, Lucas is left to think about Nathan’s advice. Mouth wakes up in the car as Skills tells him that they are going to a college party and tells him that she has texted Gigi and they are going to one of her parties. Mouth refuses to go as Gigi made his and Millicent’s relationship fall apart as Skills says it is time for some meaningless sex. Mouth tells him to turn the car around as Skills asks to do it for him as he has been hurting too. He assures Mouth that as soon as he wants to leave when they get there, he can.

619 h teaches from living room

Haley teaches from her living room

Haley gets home to find Jack and Sam sitting on her stairs. She asks why they are there as they tell her Rimkus kicked them out of school. Haley tells them that she cannot have two students in her school during school hours as Sam says there is more than two of them and shows her through to the living room where all her English Literature class is waiting. She asks why they are all there as Sam says that they all took a stand for a popular teacher. Haley is touched but tells them they have to go back as the Principal will go mad and asks to see it from her perspective. She tells them that the Principal will never respect them, but the children do not care. She tells the class they have to go back as sometimes you have to work with people who you disagree with but have to work with as Sam says well maybe they disagree with her and she has to learn to work with them as they are not leaving until she teaches them something. Mouth and Skills arrive at the college party as Skills flirts with all the students. As they walk through, Skills goes to fix his broken heart as Mouth sees Gigi on the keg stand. She jumps off after seeing him and the other students drag him onto the keg. Meanwhile, Jamie is fixing a car as the boys talk about how he will impress more girls if he can fix cars. They wind him up about Miss Lauren and then says that he has moved on to Madison. They laugh as Lucas says that Keith used to tease him about Peyton and just what people do when they are fixing cars. With this in mind, Lucas takes a dig at Nathan as Jamie asks Lucas whatever happened to Aunt Lindsey. Back at the party, Mouth and Skills are getting made to drink more and more as they play a drinking game, Mouth throws the ball and Millicent catches it. She asks him if he is having fun and Mouth takes a double take and sees Gigi throwing the ball back. Haley has begun to teach the class about Catch 22 as Jack is answering a question. The class eventually get it and understand and Haley is thrilled. Sam says that maybe if Rimkus had made it that interesting that they might have learnt just as Principal Rimkus emerges from the corridor and asks if that is true. Peyton goes to see Julian and tells him that she hopes he is serious with Brooke as it has been a long time since she has been serious with anyone. As Julian accuses her of never trusting him, Peyton says that it is because he came to town looking for revenge or to win her back and as Julian says that was true, he also confesses that Brooke changed him and made him fall in love with her. Peyton admits that she believes him and hopes that it works out for him. She leaves as Julian asks whether she knows what Brooke is going to go with him as Peyton assures him that she does not know, but if not it is not because she does not care but because she finds it hard to trust. Meanwhile, Brooke is telling Chase about Julian’s offer. He asks if Owen is out of the picture as Brooke says that he had a problem with Sam, but Chase asks maybe she did not let him in. He tells her that he would often wish he would go after Brooke after high school, but did not and eventually found Mia and if she does not go, Brooke will eventually find someone else, but she has to figure out what she wants as until she lets someone in, she’ll be alone.

619 l talks to jam about kei

Lucas talks to Jamie about Keith

Rimkus asks Haley what she is doing after following some students as Haley says she is teaching English Literacture. Rimkus demands they go back to school, but the children argue that she cannot suspend them all. She suspends Jack for commenting and asks who is next as Haley takes the Principal to one side and tells her that the way she speaks to people is wrong and that she has to treat the children like young adults. She tells them that they have to be in a class that they will enjoy. She gets the egg timer and sets it off and, pretending it is a bell, says that their lesson is over. She tells them to go back to school and the following day they should go to Principal Rimkus’ room. As the Principal leaves too, she tells Haley that she left some belongings in her room and she wants them gone by the end of the day. Mouth is watching Gigi dance, but all he sees is Millicent dancing. Skills asks what he is thinking as Mouth says that he is thinking New York. Sam and Jack are tidying up as Sam thanks him for helping her and Jack says that he owed her it for taking the fall when he shoplifted. They thank each other as Haley takes the cleaning stuff off them and tells them to go back to school. Jamie dresses up as Keith and asks Lucas to guess who he is. As Lucas laughs at his costume, he tells Jamie how Keith was great and always helped him out and as he lists everything he done for Lucas, Jamie says it is a lot like him. Lucas is unsure about that as Lucas says that Keith loved him and was proud of him, like he is of Jamie. Lucas then gives him the keys to switch on the car and the boys cheer as it starts to work. Skills joins Mouth outside as Mouth says that it was so much simpler in college as he always thought that he would have the perfect life with friends and the perfect girl. As Skills realize how upset he is, they agree to leave. Haley goes to see Brooke who is down and asks her what is wrong. She tells Haley how she is jealous of everyone having families and lives and careers as Haley tells her to realize what she does have, including Sam who has came so far because of her. She tells her about how she led a group of students to study and they think of how far she has come since trashing Brooke’s store. Haley tells Brooke she should be proud of Sam and herself for how far she has come. Julian goes to see Sam at the cafe as tells her that he loves what she has wrote and would love to see some more as she has a voice, which makes most writers. Sam thanks him and asks if she can still ring him when he leaves as Julian tells her that he invited her and Brooke to L.A. to go that night. As he says this, Sam is shocked that she was not told.

619 b imagines her wedding dress

Brooke imagines her wedding day

Peyton is finishing her art and hides it as Haley walks in. She tells Peyton that she has not been truthful about her music as she has been dragging her heels because she still loves teaching. Peyton assures her that she still has a student in Mia and she can teach through her music. Peyton tells her that she is glad that Haley will always be there to guide her as Haley says that she will be there too. Peyton reluctantly agrees saying that she will not be around as much when the baby comes, but agrees that they are still a team. Skills is getting texts off college girls as Mouth asks how he is dealing with his break up so well as Skills says that he tells himself that if Deb wants to come back, she will and if not then the right one is out there somewhere. Mouth says that maybe Nathan’s mom was not the right one as Skills gets him to pull over as it is his turn to drive. In her store, Brooke gets Peyton’s wedding dress and puts it over herself and looks in the mirror in sadness, struggling with the concept of letting her heart go to Julian. Meanwhile, Sam tells Jack that she might be moving to L.A. with Brooke and Julian and asks him not to freak out. She tells him that he would be leaving that night as Jack says that it would be cool as Sam explains that even though it sucks for them, Brooke has done so much for her. As Jack says she should go, Sam goes to start packing and Jack leaps up and kisses her telling her he wanted to do it in case he never gets the chance to again. Speechless, Sam rushes into her room. Lucas and Nathan are tidying up as Jamie says that he is sorry that Dan killed Keith and is sad that he never got to meet Keith, but then asks if he is okay to miss Dan and Lucas assures him it is okay. As Jamie says he likes it at Keith’s garage, Lucas says he always did too.

619 l n n watch over jam

Lucas and Nathan watch over Jamie

Skills wakes Mouth up and tells him that they are at Millicent’s place. He admits that he asked Brooke for Millicent’s address as he told him that they were going to fix his broken heart and tells him to go fix it. With this in mind, Mouth gets out and runs to see Millicent. Haley goes back to school to get her stuff and as she tries to make polite conversation, but Principal Rimkus ignores her. As she goes to leave, the Principal asks if she would ever consider taking her job back as Haley, annoyed, tells her that because of her, she has been put off teaching like the students had been put off learning, so she should be proud of that. She grabs her stuff and leaves Principal Rimkus feeling guilty for her actions. As she leaves, Principal Rimkus grabs a folder that Haley left with teaching tips on the story ‘Catch 22’, which she begins to read. Meanwhile, Lucas and Nathan are watching Jamie sleep as they wish that they could get over stuff as easily as Jamie, but they admit that it is easier at 5. He tells Nathan that he hopes to be as good of a father as him as Nathan says that he will be great as he learnt from Keith and already does the same to Jamie. He admits he needed a day like the day they spent. Millicent gets home to find Mouth sitting on her front steps. She asks why he is there as Mouth tells her that he cannot live without her anymore and that he loves her and is sorry. Overwhelmed, Millicent kisses him and they make up. Sam finishes packing Brooke’s stuff as Brooke walks in. She tells her that she has packed her stuff as she knows about her invitation. As Brooke tells her that it was for the both of them, Sam brings out a bag of her stuff admitting she was worried in case she did not want her to go to L.A. Brooke tells her that she has a school, Jack and a life in Tree Hill and should not have to change her stable environment as that is the point of her living with Brooke. Sam tells her that Julian loves her and wants to be a family and most people dream of the place she is in. Brooke says that most people do not leave their lives to run off for a guy she has only known for a few months. Sam tells her how good she is, but is her worst enemy. She tells Brooke that she has to go.

619 b cries over jul

Brooke cries as Julian leaves her

Brooke goes to the airport with the plane tickets. Julian jumps up in delight and asks where Sam is. Brooke tells her that she is not coming as Julian realises that Brooke is not going either. She explains that they have a life in Tree Hill and Julian tells her it is okay. As Brooke tries to explain that it does not change how she feel towards him, Julian repeats that it is okay and says that if it was a movie, it would end differently, but that now makes two films that did not work out. As he says this, his flight is called and leaves Brooke in tears. Sam goes back to the cafe and tells Jack that she is not going to L.A. and asks to talk about the kiss. Julian throws away his extra plane tickets and is checked onto the flight. He takes one last look at Tree Hill before walking onto the plane. Brooke returns home and as she sees her bags, begins to cry. Peyton finishes another piece of art about when Lucas proposed. She asks if he has told Nathan as Peyton admits that she has not told Brooke, but Lucas says that there is always tomorrow. As Lucas goes to bed, Peyton gets out a tin of art that she has kept. She looks at an old picture she drew of when Lucas said they can be together. She also looks at her CD and a photo of her and Ellie. She puts the last piece of art in the tin which has a label at the bottom, saying ‘love mom’

Memorable Quotes

”The song they’re really crazy about is ‘Feel This’ by Haley James Scott”
”Dude, you totally thud-ed me!”
Peyton Sawyer and Haley James Scott about the company liking her new music

”You said you didn’t want to be a footnote in someone else’s love story. Maybe it’s time we write our own epic love story. This time tomorrow, we could be walking on a beach in Malibu”
Julian Baker offers a chance of love to Brooke Davis

”When I was your age Jamie, this used to be my favourite place in the whole world”
Lucas Scott about Keith’s old garage

”We all know Principal Rimkus screwed you, and she was wrong. I mean, look at the difference you made for me, for Quentin”
”Sam, a teacher doesn’t have to be your friend or even somebody that you like. In fact, out in the world, that you’re gonna meet a lot of people you disagree with and you have to learn to work with them”
”Okay, um. Well how about we disagree with you, and you learn to work with us”
Sam Walker persuades Haley James Scott

”Somewhere along the line, this place changed me. Brooke changed me. I told Brooke I love her, because I do. I invited Sam because I want us to be a family, I wouldn’t have it any other way”
Julian Baker

”You remind me of that Springsteen line: ‘There were ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away,’ figure out what you want Brooke, but until you let someone in, you’ll always be alone”
Chase Adams

”You know, your great Uncle Keith was the best guy I knew. He was always good to me and my mom. He always helped me out whenever I was struggling”
”Sounds a lot like you, Uncle Lucas”
Lucas Scott and Jamie Scott

”Brooke, don’t sell yourself short. You have got all of us and a godson that loves you, and the reason why I came by today was to tell you about something really rare that I saw. Guess what it is”
”A unicorn, I’ve always wanted to see a unicorn”
”Even more rare than that, it was a group of students who wanted to study more. They came over my house this afternoon, during school, and guess who was their leader? Sam, it’s amazing how far she’s come since I found her sleeping in the back of a car. She’s socialized, she’s a solid student, she’s writing. I think she has a budding romance with Jack happening too, and they stayed behind to clean up the mess after everybody left”
Haley James Scott cheers up Brooke Davis

”I like it here, you bring something broken and you fix it up”
”I always liked it here too”
Jamie Scott and Lucas Scott about Keith Scott’s old garage

”I love teaching, but I would never sacrifice my beliefs to do it. You fired me right here, in front of all my kids, just because you could. So congratulations Principal Rimkus, you made a good teacher not wanna teach and good students not wanna learn. Be proud of that”
Haley James Scott about her future as a teacher

”I’m here because I can’t live without you, Millicent Huxtable and I don’t want to anymore, and I’m sorry”

”Brooke, you’re a good person, a cool designer and a kick-ass mom, but sometimes you’re your own biggest enemy. You’re 22 , you have your whole life ahead of you. You have this awesome dude at the airport who loves you. God you have to go, you have to”
Sam Walker

”I have a life here, and Sam has her life here”
”It’s okay”
”It’s not okay, and it doesn’t, I mean”
Brooke Davis tells Julian Baker she is not going to L.A. with him

”If this were a movie, it would end different, but life’s not a movie. I guess that makes two films that didn’t work out. Goodbye, Brooke Davis”
Julian Baker as he finds out that Brooke Davis is not going to L.A. with him

"Your students walked across town to be taught by you. It's hard to get them to walk down the hall to most classes. Would you consider..."
'I love teaching but I would never sacrifice what I believe in to teach. You fired me right in front of all my students just because you could. So congratulations, you made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn. Be proud of that."
Charlene Rimkus and Haley James Scott

"When Haley was pregnant did you ever worry about what might go wrong?"
"Of course. Just stay off the internet, it's full of horror stories. Haley read something that convinced her that Jamie was going to be born with two heads."
Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott


No Voice-over


  • "Thinking Of You" - Pete Yorn
  • "Today's Another Day" - 'The Red West-
  • "I Don't Care" - Fallout Boy
  • "Underneath My Skin" - Stella Project
  • "Deadliest Weapon" - Nik Frost
  • "4321" - Manafest
  • "Found" - Phillip LaRue
  • "Where Love Went Wrong" - Augustana
  • "Harley Sunday" - Kate York
  • "Save You" - Matthew Perryman Jones

This episode's title originated from the song Letting Go, originally sung by Paul McCartney & The Wings.


  • Dan does not appear in this episode.

Episode References

Brooke mentions het parents moving when she was in high school. ("Something I Can Never Have")

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