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Melissa was Sylvia Baker's best friend, their friendship is similar to the relationship between Sylvia's daughter-in-law Brooke Davis and her best friend from her childhood Peyton Sawyer.

Character History

Before the Series

Melissa was best friend of Sylvia Baker during her teenage years and after, however she wasn't present during Sylvia's wedding to Paul Norris.

Season 8

Sylvia speaks repeatedly of Melissa to her future daughter-in-law; Brooke, during the funeral of a young daughter of the latter, having learned that Peyton was not to attend the wedding (due to her daughter being ill) remarking at the similaritiesbetween the two friendships. At the end of the day Sylvia tells Brooke that she is far away from Melissa and they both have a family now, as do Brooke and Peyton. After this "revelation" Brooke decides to ask Haley James Scott to be her matron of honor, saying that it is she who is there for her, and not Peyton.

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