Messin' With The Kid

October 20, 2008
Directed by

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"Messin' With The Kid" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 113th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on October 20, 2008. Nathan and Haley must parent Jamie in the face of a school bully, while Lucas and Peyton adjust to life as a live-in couple. Brooke finds being a role model not as easy as she expected, and Marvin tries to get his old job back.


607 P reads b davis magazine

Peyton reads 'B.Davis' magazine

Peyton is reading the B.Davis magazine as she tells Lucas that it says that when newly couples move in together they should have their own space. Lucas walks in and tells her he is thinking ahead of her and throws her clothes into a cage with hay on the floor. He gets Peyton out of bed as Lucas looks at Brooke on the front cover of the magazine and tells her that Brooke looks hot. Peyton wakes up to find Lucas sleeping next to her and then picks up the B. Davis magazine and hits him with it to wake him up. Brooke is woken up by a knock at her door. She answers it to find Owen standing there. He tells her that Sam has been using her I.D. to try and buy drinks and Brooke is furious. She drags Sam in the house, snatches her I.D. from Owen and slams the door in his face. As Brooke goes to lecture Sam, she asks to be shouted at in the morning and Brooke has the door slammed in her face. Millicent is woken up by Mouth who kisses her on the forehead. She leaps up with excitement as she finds out that Mouth has moved back to Tree Hill for her. Nathan is practising playing SlamBall on the court. Haley and Jamie cheer him on as Haley lets him know how happy she is to see him playing again as Nathan admits he would be happy to see her playing again. Haley admits that too much has happened, but Nathan tells her that the deal was they were going to follow their dreams. Peyton is cooking as Lucas walks in. She apologises for hitting him with the magazine but explains how she was reading the B. Davis magazine and is worrying about them two moving in. As Peyton explains that the article says ‘expect to find out you do not know each other as well as you think,’ Peyton lets him know she is making up for the magazine by cooking his favourite breakfast, pancakes. Lucas is then forced to reveal that his favourite breakfast is French toast, sending Peyton into panic. At Brooke’s house, she has cooked Sam breakfast and shouts her to come into the kitchen. When she gets no reply, she walks into her room and finds the bedroom empty and the window open.
607 b demands her stuff

Brooke demands her stuff back from Sam

At school, a boy pulls on Jamie’s cape and calls it stupid. Jamie yells to get off and that he wears it for his friend, Quentin. The boy then calls Quentin stupid and Jamie tackles him to the ground and the two begin fighting. Peyton is reading the article and the next point states ‘just because you move in, don’t expect his stuff to move out.’ She tells him that the statement is true as he still has a picture of him and Lindsey. Lucas admits he forgot as Peyton reveals she feels like a guest in the house and hasn’t unpacked her stuff. Peyton then reads the solution to the problem in the article and Lucas then makes a deal with her, that no one leaves the house until all of her stuff is unpacked and they officially declare themselves on house arrest. Haley is teaching an English lesson and is interrupted when Brooke storms into her classroom. Without speaking, she marches over to Sam and puts her hand out and Sam gives her back her sunglasses. She puts her hand out again and Brooke takes her purse back. After, she storms out and Haley makes a joke out of it. After school, Dan picks up Jamie and Jamie tells him that he does not like school as he got into a fight with Chuck Scolnik. Dan explains that people are always jealous of Scott men because they are better than them and Jamie smiles happily. Mouth comes out of his room and tells Millicent he is going to beg for his job back and is hopeful they will take him back. Brooke goes to see Haley and apologises for her bursting in. She admits that Sam is much more of a handful than what she was expecting and as Haley offers her support, Brooke assures her she will handle it. She then asks Haley how to handle it and Haley tells her that she needs to lay down ground rules and provide structure. Brooke agrees to try but needs her to try too.

607 p asks l to move in moms room

Peyton asks Lucas to move into his mom's room

Peyton and Lucas are beginning to unpack, with Peyton starting with her most important box, her music. Peyton questions whether they have doubles of everything, but Lucas disagrees as he does not like depressing, whiney music. Peyton is shocked as Lucas explains he is trying to be honest and there is bound to be something she does not like that he does and Peyton agrees with his tattoo and reveals it does not mean what he thinks and that Brooke has a very similar tattoo on her crotch. As she goes to unpack her music, she turns to Lucas and tells him that the article is right, they are completely different. Lucas goes into the room Peyton is and confesses some of her music is not too bad. Peyton is sitting in the room and admires how nice it is. She asks why they have not moved into the master bedroom and Lucas tells her it is because it is his mom’s room. Peyton tells him that it is not his mom’s room anymore but Lucas is freaked out by the idea of sleeping as adults as well as other stuff in his mom’s room. Lucas eventually agrees that he will move in because she asked and he would do anything for her. Haley is walking down the pier as she sees a woman playing in the street. She admires her talent and her confidence and obviously misses performing herself. As the woman finishes her song, Haley puts money in her guitar case. Realising who she is, the woman bursts into ‘When the Stars Go Blue’ and compliments her music and admits how excited she is for her next album. Haley asks whether the woman performs as she admits that she does not as she only plays for fun. She asks what it is like to make a living out of music as Haley says it used to be good but lately the music hasn’t seemed to matter much. The woman tells her that her music matters to a lot of other people. Haley then tells her to go back and play as her fans are waiting, as the woman says so are Haley’s fans. Mouth is waiting to see the manager and is about to beg for his job as the manager says that they really want him back and will do anything to get him back. Mouth, realising the opportunity he has, demands that he gets his own office and own intern and the manager agrees to it if he starts the next day, and Mouth agrees to it.

607 n n h talk to jam about bullying

Nathan and Haley talk to Jamie about bullying

Haley and Nathan go to see Jamie and tell him that they know he got in a fight at school. Jamie explained what happened and Nathan and Haley explain how he should have reacted. Jamie asks but what if he continues to bully him and Nathan says that he will teach him how to deal with bullies. Realising what he is saying, Haley explains that he means if someone is picking on him, then you just walk away. Nathan agrees as Jamie says he wants to be tough like his father, but Nathan explains that if he can walk away, he is tougher than he ever was. At Lucas’ house, him and Peyton are lying in his new room. Peyton is laughing at Lucas and tells him it happens to every guy at some point, but Lucas tells her that it would never have happened if they weren’t in his mom’s bed. Lucas then begins to blame Peyton and the magazine as Peyton believes it has predicted everything. Lucas, annoyed, then jokes that he is going to call Lindsey, but Peyton just laughs it off. Brooke arrives at Tric and goes to Owen and asks if he has seen Sam. As Owen confirms she has not been in, Brooke tells him that he is a jerk for running out on her and never contacting her again. Owen agrees with her and apologises, but Brooke still calls him a jerk and walks out. The following day, Peyton walks out of the bedroom and finds a line of blue tape down the centre of the room. Peyton asks what is going on as Lucas tells her that the magazine says they need their own space so they have divided the room in half. Lucas then tells her that the deal is, if she crosses the line, she is admitting her article is stupid and he is right. Peyton agrees to the challenge and the two begin to live on their halves. Haley walks Jamie into school and as he sees Chuck, he ducks and begins to pretend to tie his laces. Haley realises and asks if it is the boy who was picking on him but Jamie denies it. As he runs into school, Haley approaches Chuck’s mom and explains what Jamie had said the day before. Chuck’s mom laughs it off as Haley becomes offended and suggests they work a solution out, but Chuck’s mom disagrees. As Haley defends her child, Chuck’s mom begins laughing at Jamie and his cape and suggesting he has no friends. Furious, Haley warns the parent that she will give Jamie permission to kick Chuck’s ass and she will kick his. As Chuck’s mom encourages her, Haley pushes the mother and they start to fight.

607 p n l divide house

Peyton and Lucas divide the house

Afterwards, Haley returns home and Nathan is shocked that she didn’t walk away like she said to Jamie. She explains that Jamie has been through so much and he should not have to face a bully. Nathan then says that he will take care of it as he will think of something. Haley apologises for her behaviour as Nathan tells her she is hot as a bad ass. In Lucas’ house, Lucas is playing on a games console as the television switches off. He looks into corridor and sees Peyton holding the remote. She smiles and dances away. Lucas goes into the fuse box and switches half the electricity off in her side. Peyton then finds Lucas’ phone and text Fergie saying that he loves him. As Fergie gets the text, he says that Lucas loves some fergilicious. Brooke answers the door and is disappointed to find Nathan. She explains she was hoping Sam was going to be there. Nathan assures her that Sam will come back eventually, but Brooke is doubtful. Brooke thanks for checking up on him as Nathan reveals he is there for a favour. He tells her it will be a lot of work and needs it in two hours. As Brooke refuses, Nathan tells her it is for Jamie and Brooke then agrees to it. At his new work place, Mouth is greeted by his employee friends and walks into his new office. As he walks in, he is shocked to find Gigi waiting for him. She hugs him and Mouth is shocked at the change in Gigi and her being there. In school, Chuck is continuing to pick on Jamie and as Jamie says he is going to walk away, Nathan stands behind him wearing a cape. He tells the children that if he wasn’t wearing a cape he couldn’t play basketball and shows off to all the children. Nathan then reveals he has loads of capes and begins to give them to the kids.

607 b asks to help sam

Brooke asks to help Sam

Brooke finds Sam at the cafe and asks where she has been. Sam tells her that she was told she could come and go as she liked and that is what she done. Brooke explains that she did not mean it like that and that she cannot help Sam if she is not willing to be helped. Brooke tells her that she thinks it isn’t going to work as Sam beings to cry and tells her she is used to people giving up on her. Sam then points out a waitress in the cafe and tells Brooke it is her mom and that one day she will tell her mom who she is and the mistake she made. Sam leaves as Brooke worries about her choice. Meanwhile, Mouth is telling Gigi about Millicent and really over exaggerating that she is his girlfriend. However, Gigi seems to ignore him and instead compliments his muscles. Gigi tells him that she has been taking journalism classes in college and having lots of sex there. As they talk, Gigi tells Mouth how she was thinking of him the other day and when asked what about, reveals that she was wishing she had had sex with Mouth. Mouth is made uncomfortable as he reminds Gigi he has a girlfriend and Gigi reveals she does too, occasionally. Brooke goes to see Haley and tells her about Sam. Haley apologises for asking Brooke to look after her, but thought that they were too similar in high school and that Brooke may have given her a chance. Brooke doubts her strength as Haley assures her she is the strongest person she knows and wishes she had her strength. Brooke then calls Haley strong due to her achievements including singing and Nathan. Brooke tells Haley that it was hard to give up the company, but it was not fun anymore and now she does what she likes, designing clothes on her own terms. Haley agrees and tells Brooke about the girl who sings on the street for fun, the way it used to be for Haley. Brooke tells her to make it fun by finding what she loved about it and starting from there, something Haley considers. Brooke then considers taking back Sam. Lucas is watching TV as the channel changes and finds Peyton against the door frame in only a t-shirt. Lucas tells her it is not fair as Peyton lies that she was only going to bed. She begins to tease him as Lucas finds it hard to resist. Putting Jamie to bed, Haley hears all about Jamie’s great day and kisses him to sleep. Nathan then tells Jamie how proud he is of him for walking away and tells him that he is a leader not a follower. Nathan also tells him that Q would also be proud of him for walking away.

607 b waits for sam in car

Brooke waits for Sam in a car

Sam goes to get into the car at Tree Hill High and as she opens the back door, she finds Brooke waiting for her. Sam asks why she is there and Brooke tells her that she understands what she is going through and does not want to make the same mistakes that their parents did and wants to give Sam a foster home. As Sam asks what the catch is, Brooke tells her that there is no catch, but rules. She lays down the ground rules that most children have in their homes and Sam agrees to it. Nathan and Haley are talking about their plans tomorrow as Haley reveals that she is doing some singing tomorrow and Nathan is surprised, but happy for his wife. Brooke answers the door to Owen and tries to close the door on him, Owen asks to explain himself and tells Brooke that he freaked out about the mention of a baby as he had a horrible childhood and the thought of himself being a father was too much. Brooke tells him that she never asked him to be the father, but Owen reveals that he knew he would never be any good at it if she ever did ask, so he disappeared. Brooke asks if he ever considered that going through the bad experiences would make him a good father as she has seem him be responsible to Rachel and Sam. Owen then confesses he brought Sam home to see her and Brooke tells him that if she is at the bar tonight, bring her home and he will see her again. Owen then says that he hopes she is there and if not he hopes the real Brooke Davis will be there, promising he won’t disappear again.

607 l n p end house arrest

Peyton and Lucas end their house arrest

Peyton is lying awake in bed as she sees something in the corridor. She walks into the corridor and sees Lucas with a flashlight. He tells Peyton that he read you should never go to bed angry. Peyton admits she was not angry as she was winning. Lucas then reminds her all her boxes were on his side of the house and he has unpacked some of her stuff. He tells her that he found a picture to replace the one of Lindsey and shows her a drawing from Peyton’s collection of him and her. The couple then cross the line together and as they go to kiss, the two run for the kitchen and bathroom. Millicent walks in to see Mouth who is getting ready for work and says he is looking smart. Mouth responds quickly denying it as Millicent wonders why he is behaving unusually. She checks on his first day as she asks if he has a catchphrase and leads to Mouth telling Millicent how happy he is to be back with her. Jamie gets out of Dan’s car and goes into school with his new friend Chuck, who is being seen off by his mom, who Haley had a fight with. Dan calls for Chuck’s mom and says that he hopes they figure it out. As Chuck’s mom tells him they have, Dan says good but he has to go as he has a meeting with his parole officer, after murdering someone. He drives off as Chuck’s mom is left afraid and threatened by Dan. Haley joins the girl in the street and asks to duet with her, for fun. The woman is delighted and they start to perform together as the crowd gathers around them. Meanwhile, Nathan perfects his slamball skills and prepares to play. Brooke calls Sam for her breakfast and receives no answer. Annoyed she goes to her room and sees that her bed is made and the window is open, again. Disappointed, she turns around to find Sam walking in the door. Delighted Brooke tells her that it is a start. Peyton calls Lucas in for breakfast who has finished unpacking her stuff. As the two kiss, Lucas answers the door to Fergie and Peyton bursts out laughing after sending the text to him. Chuck goes up to Jamie and asks to play kick ball with him. Jamie says no and Chuck asks why he is not wearing his cape. Jamie tells him that some people are leaders and others are followers and walks off grinning.

Memorable Quotes

”Funny, I don’t remember ordering bad Italian”
Brooke Davis as Owen Morello comes round her house

”How about this, okay, neither one of us leaves, until you’re completely moved in. Okay? I mean, unless, that is, that my sugar mama needs to work”
”Oh no, your sugar mama’s her own boss. And she just gave me some time off”
”Mm. Okay, then it’s official, we are on house arrest”
Lucas Scott strikes a deal with Peyton Sawyer

”The point is, as a Scott man, people are always gonna be jealous of you. It’s a burden we have to live with. Scott men are inherently better than most people”
Dan Scott

”I’m only laughing because of how angry you got with it. I mean, I’ve never heard anyone yell at it before. Oh, honey. It is not a big deal. Doesn’t it happen to every guy at some point?”
Peyton Sawyer to an angry Lucas Scott

”Sam. Have you seen her?”
”Not since last night. Why? She run out on you again?”
”No. She’s actually waiting in the car. I just needed an excuse to see you”
Brooke Davis to Owen Morello

”Listen, if your brat doesn’t stop picking on my son, not only will I give Jamie permission to kick his little ass, but I’ll be kicking yours right alongside. Got that, bitch?”
Haley James Scott defends her so

"He's a tough kid, but you know what, I'll take care of it. In the mean time, try not to kill anybody. Okay, slugger"
"And what are you gonna do?"
"I'm gonna call his mom a bitch and then push her....oh that's right, you already did that didn't you"
Nathan Scott teases Haley James Scott about her incident with the bully's mom.

"I'm sorry"
"Are you kidding me? My girl is a badass...that's hot"
Nathan Scott to Haley James Scott

”Lookie what I found on my side...’Fergie. I love you very much and miss you every time we’re apart. I need to see you, soon’”
”Don’t you dare”
”Oh. Oops”
Peyton Sawyer pretends to be Lucas Scott and texts Fergie on his phone

”I’m used to people giving up on me. It happens all the time. See that waitress over there? That’s my mom. One day I’m gonna tell her who I am and the big mistake she made”
Sam Walker

”Momma, why don’t you wear your poncho anymore?”
”I think one day, I just outgrew it”
Jamie Scott asks Haley James Scott

”Trust me, back seats are not meant for sleeping”
Brooke Davis

”I got freaked out when you mentioned the baby. I had a horrible childhood, then I get addicted to heroin really early on. Now, I avoid anything more responsible than making drinks. The thought of me being a father, was just too much”
Owen Morello on his reason for leaving Brooke Davis

”Some people lead, and some people follow”
Jamie Scott


No Voice-over


  • "Long Gone" - Chris Cornell
  • "Psychotic Girl" - The Black Keys
  • "Ah, Mary" - Grace Potter
  • "Pa' Bailar" - Bajofondo
  • "Fascination Street" - The Cure
  • "Bethlehem" - Hopewell
  • "Gypsy Queen" - Kristin Diable
  • "Dreamer" - Uh Huh Her
  • "Standing Still" - Buddahead
  • "I Want Something That I Want" - Grace Potter feat. Bethany Joy Galeotti

This episode's title originated from the song Messin' With The Kid, originally sung by Junior Wells.

Singer-songwriter Grace Potter, whose music is featured in this episode, also served as the Guest Composer for this episode, composing all the scores used.



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