Mick Wolf
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Musician
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Ellie Harp
(ex-girlfriend: pre-series)
Derek's Mother
(ex-girlfriend: pre-series)
Family: Marty Wolf
Peyton Sawyer
Derek Sommers
Sawyer Scott
(granddaughter, via Peyton and Lucas
Lucas Scott
(son-in-law, via Peyton)
Series information
Portrayed By: John Doe
First Appearance: "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
(episode 6.04)
Latest Appearance: "Choosing My Own Way of Life"
(episode 6.06)
Episode Count: 3

Mick Wolf was the biological father of Peyton Sawyer and the biological grandfather of Sawyer Scott (Peyton's daughter). He was a musician who knew Ellie during his youth and had a child with her, Peyton, who Ellie put up for adoption. He also fathered another child, Derek before Peyton was born. At some point in his career, he became an alcoholic. After hiding his true identity for some time, he finally told Peyton he was her father before leaving Tree Hill.


Mick Wolf was featured in Rolling Stone magazine during the height of his rock career. The magazine described him as a cult favourite and the reluctant consciousness of rock Mick. He carried a sober chip around with him and that was Ellie Harp during her pregnancy.

Season 6

Mick Wolf portrayed to himself as a "visting musician" in Tree Hill, and came to Peyton's recording studio. Time passed, and Mick admitted to finally being the biological father to Peyton. In the episodes, Mick Wolf appeared as a recovering alcoholic, and when Peyton saw him drunk on the pool table, she took the chip away; however, discovered that it was her mother's before she was pregnant with Peyton. It was his reminder of Ellie, and of the sacrifice she made for Peyton.

After Mick had admitted to being Peyton's father, he left her behind once more, to continue along with his life, and enabling her to carry on with her own.

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