The Molina Bridge was the bridge that Cooper and Rachel crashed off of in a limo. They landed in the water, with the limo upside-down after an almost-collision with Haley and Nathan Scott's car coming in the opposite direction.


Season 3

Cooper and Rachel crashed from the bridge in Nathan and Haley's limo for their wedding when, as while arguing Rachel grabbed the wheel causing the two to not see Nathan and Haley on coming until both cars had to swerve to avoid each other and the limo crashed in the river below the bridge, leaving both of them trapped in the limo. Nathan then jumped in the river to save the two after proclaiming his love for Haley. After swimming into the car Nathan became trapped in the limo and Haley's crackerjack bracelet floated to the top of the water; as Nathan dreamed of. ("The Show Must Go On")

Season 4

Soon after Nathan jumped into the river Lucas and Karen turned up (they were on the way to meet Nathan and Haley) and a hysterical Haley told them what happened; Lucas then jumped into the river and found Cooper on the surface and dragged him to the edge of the river and then continued to search for the others, and finds them on the side of the river. They are then rushed to hospital. The accident was broadcasted on news. ("The Same Deep Water as You") After the accident Nathan continued to return to the bridge and one day Haley realized where Nathan was going and tried to comfort him. ("Things I Forgot at Birth") Once Rachel tried to get closer to Nathan she took him to the bridge and lied telling him she too saw Keith under the water. ("Can't Stop This Thing We Started") While Lucas was unconscious after having a heart attack; he dreamt of Keith visiting him and they went to the bridge and saw Nathan at the bridge questioning why Keith saved him as Haley and their unborn baby were in the hospital. ("Songs to Love and Die By")

Season 8

Nathan, Haley, Jamie and Julian saw Brooke almost die after drowning trying to save Jamie. After Julian stopped CPR on her, Nathan and Haley were shocked to find their best friend dead but coughed up the water and hugged Julian and then was rushed to Tree Hill Community Hospital. To avenge what happened to Brooke, Nathan, Julian and Clay found the guy who crashed into the car that almost killed Brooke and Jamie beat him up.


  • Lucas mentions in a voiceover that it takes 14 minutes to get from the Molina Bridge to Tree Hill hospital. ("The Same Deep Water as You")
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