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Nathan Smith

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Nathan Smith
Family Members
Tim Smith - Father
Bevin Mirskey - Mother
Shari Smith - Step-grandmother
Unnamed Maternal Grandparents
Tommy Mirskey - Uncle
Tara Mirskey - Aunt
Unnamed Aunt/Uncle
Jody - Cousin
Kate - Cousin
Nathan Smith was the son of Tim Smith and Bevin Mirskey.

Little was known about Nathan other than that he was named after Nathan Scott, Tim's high school best friend. Nathan had blonde hair like his mother.

Character History

Missing Years

At some point after their high school graduations, Bevin and then boyfriend, Antwon 'Skills' Taylor, broke up and Tim and Bevin were married. Eventually, Bevin fell pregnant with Tim's child.

While there was no mention of the couple's high school friends attending or being invited to their wedding, it was clear that they have not forgotten about them. This was shown by how they decided to name their son Nathan in honor of Tim's best friend from his years at Tree HillNathan Scott.

Season 5

Nathan normally grew-up with his parents. Bevin and Tim seemed to love him very much and they always have a picture of their son with them.

Tim showed the picture to his "friends" from Tree Hill High School; Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer and Haley James Scott while Bevin did the same with Brooke and Lucas Scott.

Though he has blond hair like that of his mother, it has aso been said that Nathan was known to look like his father, Tim.

Season 9

Between season 5 and season 9 Nathan's parents divorced. 

Time jump

Nathan probably inherited to his father's basketball's abilities. He must play in High School to the Ravens along with his father's best friend's son; Jamie Scott. Explaining why his mom assisted and cheered Jamie's match.



Nathan was the son of Bevin and Tim Smith. If they parents seem love him very much they don't love each other. Nathan is also Shari Smith's step-grandson. He has many uncles and aunts, incluing Tim's older brother, Bevin's older sibling and younger siblings: Tommy and Tara. By Bevin's older sister or brother he also has two cousins; Kate and Jody.


  • It's very likely Nathan was named after Tim's highschool best friend, Nathan Scott.
  • Brooke saw Nathan's photo by his both parents.

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