"One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning" is the second episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 108th produced episode of the series. It was broadcasted on September 8, 2008. After Lucas and his fiancée enjoy planning their dream wedding, Brooke and Peyton reconnect. Nathan works with Quentin on his basketball skills, but Haley is worried for Nathan's well-being and reeling from a threat to her store, Brooke reaches out to an unexpected ally. Jamie catches Antwon and Deb kissing.


602 Jam catches deb and skills

Jamie catches Deb and Skills making out

Lucas is lying next to Peyton telling her about how he used to jump on the bed as a child and would get wrong off his mom. Both Peyton and Lucas begin jumping on the bed as Jamie does the same in his own bed in Tree Hill. As Jamie bounces, Haley comes past and delivers the same message to Jamie as Karen once did to Lucas. Skills arrives in the Scott house to see Deb and as he goes to flirt, Haley walks down to welcome him. Skills lies that he came by for Nathan as Haley reveals that she knows it is for Deb. Skills begins to freak out as Haley tells him that she knows he is here because of Deb’s cooking. Skills is relieved as is Deb. As she walks off, Skills and Deb begin to kiss and Jamie sneaks up behind. Shocked, the two pretend that Skills was checking for food in Deb’s teeth to keep their romance secret, but Jamie seems less then convinced. Skills makes an awkward exit as Deb goes to make some cooking and Jamie laughs at how they thought the last nanny was crazy. Carrie brings Dan’s breakfast in for him, who still cannot talk. She goes to get his breakfast and Dan realizes there is a load of cockroaches in the porridge. He squirms in fear as Carrie brings a spoon towards his mouth which has a cockroach on it. On the way to school, Jamie asks Deb if she loves Skills and Deb asks why he would think that, Jamie replies that he saw them kissing. Deb denies it saying it would be wrong of her to do that, but Jamie tells her it would be cool.
602 l n p decide on wedding plans

Lucas and Peyton decide to change their wedding arrangements

At practice, Q is training with the Ravens as Nathan and Skills coach them. As they are down a shooting guard, Nathan offers to stand in. Q makes a speech about him returning, but Nathan stays focused and tells him to just play. As they begin to play, Haley watches with Skills. Nathan scores as Q reminds him he is not allowed to call it a comeback. As they laugh, Haley asks Skills to remind Quentin he has a tutoring session and tells him that he is doing really well with his tutoring. As she goes to leave, Skills asks how Lucas is, and Haley tells him that she thinks Lucas will be fine. In Los Angeles, Peyton is on top of Lucas as the maid walks in. She apologizes and walks out as Peyton tells her it is okay as they are getting married. She tells Lucas that she would like his mom to be at the wedding, as she is about to continue with the planning, her phone goes and Peyton asks if she can tell Brooke. She answers the phone happily as she receives a distant voice from Brooke. Peyton tells her that she is in L.A with Lucas and that they are getting married. Brooke tells her that it is great, but makes a quick excuse to get off the phone. As she ends the call, Brooke hangs up with two black eyes, bruises and a scarred face from her attack.

602 deb finds b trashed store

Deb finds Brooke waiting in her trashed store

Brooke uses her cell phone to contact someone she knows. She tells the person to meet her at the store. Meanwhile, Lucas and Peyton are on the plane home and he asks when she would like to get married. Peyton suggests finding a place they like first and then setting a date. Lucas then asks her to move in with him and she agrees happily, but asks to spend one more night with Brooke as she sounded sad on the phone, and Lucas lets her. In Tree Hill, Deb arrives at the store which has been completely trashed. She asks what happened and Brooke shows her the scars on her face. Deb is distraught as Brooke refuses to cry. Deb hugs her, but Brooke refuses to hug back, telling herself again that she is not going to cry. Haley picks Jamie up from school as she sees Dan’s car across the street. As she looks at it, the car pulls away. Nathan is continuing to train with Quentin and is managing to get his skills back. Haley and Jamie walk in and as Jamie raps with Q, Q notices the cape Jamie is wearing. He tells Jamie how cool it is and how he wishes he had one. He then goes off to get Jamie something, and as he searches through, Haley tells Nathan that Dan came round Jamie’s school, and as Nathan sighs in disbelief, Q gives Jamie a box that he used to keep all his treasures in and now says that Jamie can. As Q and Haley leave for tutoring, Nathan and Jamie continue to play basketball. At Brooke’s store, Deb is telling Brooke she needs to file a report to the police so she can get insurance, but Brooke refuses saying she has enough money. Deb then asks if she knows what is missing and Brooke tells her that the computer, cash and new sketches have been stolen. Deb tells her she has to tell the police, but Brooke says she cannot tell anyone as if it gets to the police it gets to the press. Brooke then asks if Deb owns a gun, and asks her to teach her how to use it.

602 h gives q his first a

Haley gives Quentin his first A+

Carrie gets back to her home where Dan is waiting. She tells him that she has been to see Jamie and Haley and that they saw his car. She tells him that when Jamie goes missing, Haley will remember seeing him outside the school practically everyday. She smiles as she leaves Dan helpless. Nathan sits with Skills as he is asked how hard it was for him to keep his relationship with Haley secret from Lucas, but Nathan replies that it was easy for him as he didn’t like Lucas, but harder for Haley. Nathan asks if he is sneaking around with anyone, and Jamie asks too, hinting for him to tell them as he already knows. Quentin is finishing working with Haley as she tells him how well he is doing and also thanks him for spending so much time with Jamie and Nathan. Q reveals that he does it as he has a little brother too who copies him and he tries to make their lives fun, before it gets too hard. Haley then asks what he wants to do with his life other than basketball, and Q tells her that he wants to get married and raise a family. Haley then gives him back his latest essay, an A+. Back at the Scott house, Jamie is walking on his dad’s back as Haley walks in and asks where Deb is. Nathan says he has no idea, but Deb is walking into Skills house. As Deb says that she has not got long, Skills begins to undress her. Deb pushes him away and tells him how she had to lie to Jamie and then something else happened. Skills gets her to sit down and explain herself, so Deb tells him that she has a friend that is going through some troubles and she has been asked to keep it a secret, and she does not know whether to. Skills tells her that the friend will of called her for a reason and also shows that she respects her and might understand that she is the one person her friend can get to understand. As Deb agrees, she realizes they had their first conversation. They both agree that it was nice and they kiss.

602 b is comforted by p

Peyton comforts Brooke

Peyton gets home and shouts for Brooke. As Brooke emerges from round the corner, she tells Peyton not to freak out, but Peyton gasps in shock. She asks what happened and Brooke lies that she fell down some stairs face first after doing laundry. Peyton apologizes for not being there and asks why she did not call her, but Brooke tells her that she did not want to upset her due to her getting married. As Peyton goes to hug, Brooke refuses to hug her but congratulates her. As they celebrate, Brooke gets a bag of frozen peas and puts it on her eyes after being in pain. Peyton then tells her that Lucas asked her to move in and Brooke tells her that she is happy for her. Peyton admits she will miss it and Brooke agrees. Haley is on piano as Jamie sneaks up behind her. She sings a little scary song as Jamie jumps at her and they laugh. Jamie then asks if she can make a cape with him for Quentin as he wanted one. As they agree, Lucas creeps up behind him and he is welcomed back. As Jamie runs off, Haley quizzes Lucas about where he has been. She is shocked to find out that he is engaged to Peyton. Lucas tells her that she told him to pick a team and she was right as he is happy with her. Haley tells him that she has his back as Lucas thanks her. Meanwhile, Peyton thanks Brooke for always helping her. For the record label, a place to live and being a best friend. As Peyton tells her that she really is a good person, Brooke asks what she gets from it, Peyton tells her she gets a good life, good friends and good karma, but Brooke tells her she does not believe in karma. She tells Peyton that she tries to be a good person, but bad stuff always happens to her. Peyton then asks if she is missing Angie, but Brooke refuses to talk about it. Peyton asks if she does not believe in karma then what does she believe in, and Brooke tells her that she believes in justice. Haley and Jamie begin making the cape and Haley realizes she has forgotten the scissors. She goes upstairs and finds an empty pot of pills. She looks at it and sighs in disbelief. She goes into Deb’s room and tells her she knows what has been going on. As Deb tries to explain about her and Skills, Haley tells her that she will not have a junkie near Jamie. Deb then realizes she is not talking about Skills as Haley accuses her of taking Nathan’s back pain medication. Deb argues against it telling her that she has been having sex not doing drugs and tells her that Nathan’s back has been troubling him lately.

602 h interrogates n

Haley interrogates Nathan about drug abuse

Deb and Haley sit Nathan down and tell him that they know what he has been doing and that he cannot blame it on Deb as she has been having sex. As Nathan is disgusted, he admits to taking the pills as he has been prescribed them. He tells them that you don’t have to be a junkie to take pills. He looks at Deb who is shocked at his look and goes back to bed. Nathan offers to play through the pain, but Haley tells him that she just wants him to be careful. She asks if they can go to the doctor and Nathan agrees to go tomorrow. Carrie is putting flowers in a vase next to Dan. She tells him that the hardest part about being a fugitive is constantly being followed around. She tells him that if both him and Jamie goes missing, he will be the prime suspect. She tells him that no one checks up on him as no one likes him. She tells him that when she kills him, she can just burn his beeper and I.D. and no one will ever notice. She begins to mock him having a buzzer and tells him that he did get one alert when she knocked him over. Dan then begins coughing as Carrie asks what he wants to say. Dan then tells her the plan sucks and laughs in her face. The following day, the doctor tells Nathan he has to slow down the pace of basketball as if he continues to push himself, he could end up in his wheelchair for life. Meanwhile, Lucas is telling Jamie that Peyton is moving in as they are getting married. Jamie asks what happened to Lindsey and then asks if he ever loved Haley and then Brooke. Lucas avoids that subject by giving him a box to carry. Jamie then tells him he does not want to be ring bearer again as last time it didn’t turn out very well.

602 n offers to give up bball

Nathan and Haley discuss his future in basketball

Dan is repeating what he said to Carrie, that her plan sucks. Carrie threatens to get the ball gag as Dan begins to mock her. Carrie asks why her plan sucks and Dan tells her to call the number on the back of the pager. She asks if it is a trick, but Dan just asks her to call it. She refuses and turns around telling herself the plan doesn’t suck. On the river court, Nathan learns Lucas is getting married from Haley. He asks if Haley was freaked out by the doctor, and Haley confirms she was when he said ‘paralysis.’ She tells him how happy he looked when playing basketball and she knows that he cannot slow down the pace as it is not who he is, but that is why she loves him. They reminisce about when she first so him play and he tells her that he played that game for her and tells her that he would give it up for her too as he loves being a father and husband more than a basketball player. Lucas is getting the rest of Peyton’s stuff as she tries to ring Brooke. She tells Lucas that she cannot get in touch with her and as she stares around miserably, Lucas tells her it is a beginning not an end. As she walks out, Brooke lies in silence in her room, hugging her pillow in sorrow. At Carrie’s house, she is still in two minds about whether to call the number. Eventually, after Dan’s mocking, she calls it and finds that Dan is on the heart transplant list. Dan begins laughing as Carrie throws the phone off the door telling him to shut up. Brooke goes to look in Peyton’s old room. As she does, she jumps as the doorbell goes. Deb begins shouting through for her attention and Brooke goes to answer the door. As she does, Deb tells her that she is there for a girls night in, but Brooke refuses. Deb tells her that for many years she lived a lonely life and was scared to death and she is not going to let that happen to Brooke. Meanwhile, Carrie yells at Dan to explain what that phone call meant. Dan tells her that he has six months to live and so he is only a suspect for six months, meaning her plan sucks. As he laughs, Carrie gets a knife and threatens to kill him, but Dan tells her that without a new heart, he is already dead.

602 b practises using a gun

Deb teaches Brooke to use a gun

Peyton is moving her stuff into Lucas’ as she calls her old home. She listens to the answering machine in happiness that consists of her and Brooke laughing together and trying to record a message. Dan tries to get out of his restraints and as he moves his hand, he smirks happily. As Quentin and Nathan are practicing, Nathan calls it a night. Q begins to tell him that he needs to work more, but Nathan tells him that he has a wife and son waiting for him at home. As he goes to leave, Quentin tells him that he is glad to be a part of it and as Nathan asks what he says the comeback. Nathan tells him to not call it a comeback, but thanks him for helping him. Haley and Jamie are finishing off Quentin’s cape as Jamie smiles happily. Lucas goes to see Skills and tells him about Peyton and him. He congratulates Lucas and Lucas offers to go for a drink with him if he is not busy. Skills puts down his clipboard and tells him that he was going to talk to Quentin, but it can wait. Meanwhile, Quentin stops at a gas station. He goes in to buy some gas and the worker just stands and stares at him. As Q looks around, he sees a pair of feet lying by the door with blood around them. As he looks and glances away in disbelief, the supposed worker catches his eye. Q turns around in shock as the robber tells him to have a nice night. He gets a gun from his pocket and pulls the trigger. At a shooting range, Deb teaches Brooke how to fire a gun. In the middle of the night, a phone rings. Lucas wakes up and picks it up. As he answers, Peyton wakes up too. She asks what it is as Lucas is filled with shock and tells her that Quentin was shot, and that he is dead.

Memorable Quotes

”Ladies and gentlemen, years from now, you will be able to tell your friends, you was in the gym the day Nathan Scott got back into the game”
Quentin Fields as Nathan Scott begins training again

”I thought you were gonna come with me”
”I chickened out. You’re just gonna have to join the mile high club on your own”
”I just kind of did”
Lucas Scott to Peyton Sawyer on the plane to Tree Hill

"What's this? I wouldn't let you hop on the bed so your hoppin' on the pap?"
Haley James Scott to Jamie Scott on walking on Nathan Scott 's back.

”Brooke, I’m home!”
”Okay, don’t freak out”
”Oh my god”
Peyton Sawyer arrives home to see the bruising on Brooke Davis

”I was doing laundry and I got all tangled up in one of the sheets and I fell face first down the stairs”
Brooke Davis makes up a lie about her bruising

”So, speaking of sneaking around. Where have you been the last few days? With Peyton, maybe?”
”Actually we’re engaged”
”Get out! Dude, I just shaved your head from your last engagement gone wrong”
Haley James Scott finds out that Lucas Scott is engaged to Peyton Sawyer

”Well, let me ask you something. If you don’t believe in karma, what do you believe in?”
Peyton Sawyer asks Brooke Davis

”You think I’ve been taking those pills?”
”Well, unless you’ve been fighting crime in that thing, where have you been?”
”I’ve been having sex. Well, I have, and I haven’t taken a single one of those pills”
Deb Scott defends herself against Haley James Scott

”As much as I love playing the game, and the person I am when I’m playing it, I love being a husband and a father more”
Nathan Scott

”Brooke, I lived a lot of years feeling powerless and alone. I was pissed off and medicated and scared to death. That’s not going to happen to you, not if I can help it”
Deb Scott to Brooke Davis

”Hey Nate, I’m happy to be a part of it man...The comeback”
”Don’t call it a comeback man”
”Oh it’s a comeback, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch”
Quentin Fields to Nathan Scott

”Have a nice night”
Quentin Fields is told in his final moments by a burglar

”Quentin Fields was shot tonight. He’s dead”
Lucas Scott
"What does 'it' want to say?"
"Your plan sucks."
Dan Scott mocks Carrie's plan to blame him for Jamie's abduction.

"When I was a kid I used to love to jump on my bed. I'd pretend I could fly. I'd pretend I could dunk. I was happy. My mom would pass the room and shout, "Lucas Scott, if you break that box spring, you'll be sleeping on the floor for the rest of you life."
"Well, here's the good news if you have to sleep on the floor, I will sleep there with you."
"For the rest of your life?"
Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer Scott

"It's kinda sudden, right?"
"Are you kidding? The rest of the world's been waiting on you two idiots since high school."
Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer

"When you get married, do I have to be the ring bearer again?"
"Not if you don't want to."
"Good because last time that didn't work out so well."
Jamie Scott and Lucas Scott

"I scored 35 points that night and each basket was like my own personal version of a Haley James pick-up line."
"It worked."
"I played the game for you, Haley and you know what? I'd give it up for you too. Because as much as I love playing the game and the person that I am when I play it, I love being a husband and a father more."
Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott

"Jamie I was not kissing Uncle Skills. I mean, first of all, he's your parents age and one of Uncle Lucas's best friends. It wouldn't be right."
"I think it'd be cool."
"Yeah... Grampa Skills!"
Deb Lee and Jamie Scott


”When I was a kid, I used to love to jump on the bed. I’d pretend I could fly, I’d pretend I could dunk. I was happy, and then my mom would pass by the room and shout: ‘Lucas Scott. If you break the box spring, you’re gonna be sleeping on the floor the rest of your life’”
Lucas Scott (opening voice-over)


  • "Forevermore" - Katie Herzig
  • "Shameless" - The Fratellis
  • "How Do You Dream" - 9 Ball
  • "Changin'" - Vince Vaccaro
  • "Left Alone" - Vince Vaccaro
  • "When You Are Near" - Carolina Liar
  • "Face Down In The Right Town" - Earlimart

This episode's title originated from the song One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning, originally sung by The Flaming Lips.


Episode References

  • Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott remember the first game that Nathan played after Haley began tutoring him and how everytime he scored a point, it was like his own personal Haley James pick up line

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