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Owen Morello
Biographical information
Full name: Owen Batista Morello
Status: Alive
Occupation: Slamball Player
Bartended at Tric
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Brooke Davis
(ex-girlfriend: S5)
Millicent Huxtable
(one-night stand: S6)
Series information
Portrayed By: Joe Manganiello
First Appearance: "Don't Dream It's Over"
(episode 5.06)
Latest Appearance: At The Bottom Of Everything
(episode 7.17)
Episode Count: 12

Owen Morello was a former alcoholic and drug addict who moved to Tree Hill and became a bartender at Tric. After meeting Brooke Davis they two shared flirtation until becoming a couple. However, after Brooke decided she wanted motherhood, Owen got scared and fled the town. After uniting with Nathan who started playing Slamball he tried to apologize to Brooke who refused to take him back. He eventually left town after sleeping with Millicent and ruining his chances with Brooke.

Character History

Owen had a horrible childhood and got addicted to heroin early on, but Owen turned his life around and became sober for 8 years which Chase Adams helped him with. Owen and Chase had a close friendship and moved in together after high school.

Season 5

Owen's first appearance in Tree Hill was at TRIC, the bar he managed. For a short time Owen rejected Brooke Davis' advances until he flew to New York with her in which they found Rachel Gatina who Owen knew from his junkie days, who had overdosed and they brought her back and tried to help her stay sober but were unable. Owen and Brooke shared a short fling until Brooke said she wanted to adopt a child and Owen then ran away.

Season 6

Owen was first seen on the team that Nathan Scott played for and helped him throughout his career in Slamball. Owen tried to get Brooke back by apologising but felt that she was leading him on, which later failed. But Sam, Brooke's foster daughter tried to help Owen and they bonded. And finally after trying endlessly to win Brooke back over, Owen turned back to alcohol, which resulted in him and Millicent Huxtable having a one night stand, taking her virginity. Owen Later left Tree Hill to recover from his relapse and leaves Chase in charge of the bar.

Season 7

While at AA meetings he once again met Millie who too has become addicted to drugs and alcohol and they bonded over their experiences and formed a friendship, despite jealously from Millie's then ex-boyfriend Marvin McFadden.


  • Brooke Davis
  • Millicent Huxtable (briefly)

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