The following are the details of Peyton Sawyer Scott's family.

Lucas Scott
Relationship: Husband
Details: Lucas and Peyton had always shared a mutual attraction. Lucas confessed his feelings to Peyton at Dan Scott’s party, and she was overwhelmed and left. By the time she realized she felt the same way he was dating Brooke Davis. In a moment of weakness they began a brief affair that ended disastrously, This caused Brooke and Lucas’s relationship to end, as well as putting a huge strain on the friendship between Brooke and Peyton. Peyton and Lucas both moved on, dating Jake Jagielski and Anna Taggaro, respectively. After Lucas' second relationship with Brooke ended Peyton told Lucas she wanted to be with him, and he was unprepared and replied “Oh”. At the final basketball game of their senior year, Lucas finally told Peyton he felt the same way, and the two became a serious couple. But when they moved apart after high school, they had little contact. Lucas proposed to Peyton, and she declined, saying “Someday”; feeling that there were issues between them that needed to be addressed and that more time needed to pass before getting married. Lucas, hurt, came back to Tree Hill, ending their relationship. When Peyton returned to Tree Hill, Lucas was in a relationship with Lindsey, the editor of his book. Lucas proposed to Lindsey, and Peyton visited Lucas and told him she was still in love with him. She also begged him not to marry Lindsey. Lucas and Lindsey almost got married, but there were too many unresolved feelings between Lucas and Peyton. Lucas finally admitted to himself that his second book, “The Comet”, wasn’t just about a boy waiting for a comet – it was a metaphor for Peyton and the old car she drove. After getting over being left at the altar he called Peyton out of the blue and asked her to elope to Las Vegas, They went, but decided to come back to Tree Hill and have a real wedding at the last minute. Peyton found out she was pregnant, but she had a condition called placenta previa, meaning she could die if she had the baby. Lucas was scared, but Peyton insisted on taking the risk and keeping the baby. On their wedding night, she collapsed and went into labor. She gave birth to a baby girl, Sawyer Brooke Scott. Lucas and Peyton decided to leave Tree Hill with Sawyer and start a new life together.

Sawyer Scott
Relationship: Daughter
Details: Peyton is the strong-willed mother of Sawyer Brooke Scott. Peyton discovered she was with child when she found a pain in her stomach, causing her to collapse. She was told by doctors that she had a condition called placenta previa, and that there was a strong chance that either her or the child will die. Lucas begged her to abort the baby, not wanting to lose her. Determined as ever, Peyton refused and went ahead with the pregnancy. Peyton went into an early labor on their wedding night, and was rushed to the hospital. Luckily she gave birth successfully and both parent and child survived. She loves her daughter unconditionally. Wanting to begin a new future together with their family, Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer departed Tree Hill to start a new life away from the town they grew up in.
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Larry Sawyer
Relationship: Adoptive father
Details: Peyton is the adopted daugher of Larry Sawyer. She found out in season 3 that she was adopted, but it has not changed her feelings towards her father at all. The two are very close. However, his job working on boats took him away from Peyton for extended periods of time, and she was often lonely. Larry looks out for her like a father should, and supports her always. Peyton considers him to be her father, adoption or not.

Anna Sawyer
Relationship: Adoptive mother
Details: Peyton is the adopted daughter of Anna Sawyer. Peyton found out she was adopted in season 3, but she still considers Anna to be her mother, adoption or not. Anna Sawyer died when Peyton was nine years old. While driving to pick Peyton up from school, she was hit by another driver and was killed on impact. Peyton loved Anna very much, and feels guilty about the way that she died. Throughout the series, Peyton has a very hard time coping with Anna's death. She often visits her grave to talk about her problems and ask for help and advice. Peyton even considers naming her baby after Anna.

Mick Wolf
Relationship: Biological father
Details: Peyton is the biological daughter of Mick Wolf. He visits Tree Hill on a gig, and Peyton respects him as a musician and is eager to get to know him, having no idea that he is her biological father. Mick tells her that he knew her biological mother, Ellie Harp, and as the two talk about her and their favorite music, Peyton begins to suspect. She asks Mick why Ellie gave her up, and tricks him into saying "We". Peyton confirms that Mick is her father, and thanks him for giving her up for adoption, agreeing that he would not have been able to take care of her properly. Mick leaves Tree Hill, and the two no longer have a relationship.

Ellie Harp
Relationship: Biological mother
Details: Peyton is the biological daughter of Elizabeth "Ellie" Harp. Ellie comes to town asking Peyton for an interview for a column she is writing for a rock magazine. Peyton researches and finds out that the column doesn't exist. She at first suspects that Ellie is the one sending her the creepy "Watchmewatchu" IM's, but Ellie denies it. She tells Peyton that she is her mother. It is then that Peyton realizes she is adopted, and her adoptive father Larry confirms it. At first, Peyton feels angry and betrayed. Her relationship with Ellie gets off to a rocky start, based on Peyton's abandonment issues and the fact that Lucas saw Ellie buying drugs in the park. Peyton later finds out that Ellie is buying them for medical reasons: She has breast cancer. Eventually, Peyton decides to let Ellie in, and the two become closer. Ellie tells Peyton that she was young and afraid when she gave her up for adoption, and knew that she wouldn't have been able to take care of her the way she deserved. She regrets missing all the time with Peyton, but sees that Peyton has had loving parents. Peyton sees that her gift of drawing comes from Ellie. The two plan to put on a rock concert to benefit breast cancer survivors called "Friends With Benefit". Sadly, Peyton visits Ellie and finds that she has passed away. Peyton spreads her ashes in the field where Ellie went to a festival once. Peyton is devastated, but goes ahead with the concert in Ellie's honor. Peyton misses Ellie a lot.

Derek Sommers
Relationship: Half-brother
Details: Peyton is Derek's biological half-sister: they share the same father, Mick Wolf. Peyton is terrorized by a stalker pretending to be Derek, and has an extremely hard time trusting anyone. However, Lucas and the real Derek save her from the stalker, and Peyton is convinced to open her heart yet again. At first Derek is frustrated by Peyton's weakness, but the two bond when Derek gives Peyton lessons in self-defense. He teaches her how to box so that she will feel safer in her own home after the attack. He also gives her the self-confidence she needs to confess her love to Lucas. Derek is in the Marines, and has to leave. Peyton realizes she will miss him, and the two have a promising start to their relationship. They reconnected after Derek returned from active duty. He was very proud of how far she had come since their last meeting and was pleased to hear of her engagement to Lucas. She later organized a USO show for Derek and the Marines.

Dan Scott
Relationship: Father-in-law
Details: Peyton is the daughter-in-law of Dan Scott, through her marriage to Lucas Scott. Peyton knew Dan from back when she used to date Nathan Scott, so she was well aware of how cruel he could be. Throughout the series, Nathan, Lucas and Dan have a very antagonistic relationship. Peyton views Dan in the same way, especially after they learn the real story of what happened the day Keith Scott died. Dan tries to reach out to Lucas and Nathan after realizing his mistakes, but they refuse to acknowledge his change of heart. However, Dan visits Peyton after she gives birth, and Peyton allows him to hold baby Sawyer before she and Lucas leave Tree Hill.

Karen Roe
Relationship: Mother-in-law
Details: Peyton is the daughter-in-law of Karen Roe through her marriage to Lucas Scott. Peyton and Karen have always had a nice relationship. Karen has been well aware of Peyton through Lucas's many trysts with Peyton and Brooke Davis. Karen also used to date Peyton's adoptive father Larry Sawyer. It didn't work out, but Peyton visited Karen afterward and asked if they could still keep in touch because she enjoyed getting to know her. Karen has always known that Peyton was the one for Lucas, along with most of the other characters on the show. Karen also becomes a mother figure for Peyton to go to for advice; as Peyton is not able to go to Anna or Ellie.

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Brother-in-law
Details: Peyton is the ex-girlfriend and sister-in-law of Nathan Scott through her marriage to Lucas Scott. Nathan and Peyton used to date, but he didn't treat her well and the relationship was mainly about sex. After they broke up, she and Nathan have been able to maintain a real friendship, with a few minor bumps in the road. Nathan and Peyton have shown that they truly do still care about one another, and respect one another very much. Peyton has been friends with Nathan's wife Haley for a long time as well, and even babysits Nathan and Haley's son Jamie from time to time.

Lily Roe Scott
Relationship: Sister-in-law
Details: Lily is the youngest half-sister of Lucas, and Peyton’s sister-in-law. After her wedding and giving birth to her daughter, Sawyer, Peyton and Lucas leave Tree Hill. The three of them now travel the world with her family-in-law, Karen Roe, Andy Hargrove and Lily.
Brooke Peyton Lily

Peyton Sawyer

James Lucas Scott
Relationship: Nephew
Details: Jamie knew Peyton from birth and like most of his parents close friends he regarded her as an aunt. The two would often spend time together when Jamie would come and spend time with Jamie's godmother Brooke or with Haley. When Peyton married Lucas, Peyton became Jamie's real aunt but soon after that, Peyton and her family moved away.
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Peyton Sawyer

Lydia Scott
Relationship: Neice
Details: Lydia was born after Peyton, Lucas and the little Sawyer had left Tree Hill, So Lydia doesn't know aunt Peyton well, but in the 9th season, she and Jaime went to stay with Lucas and Peyton while Nathan was missing.

Peyton Scott

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Sister-in-law
Details: Growing up, Haley was the exact example of a girl that Peyton Sawyer would never consider a friend. However, although seen as a popular cheerleader, Peyton found many similarities between herself and Haley, including Nathan Scott. The two began to develop a friendship which eventually grew into a very close friendship. Peyton gave Haley her first chance to perform to an audience and in some ways gave her the push to become the ambitious singer she is now. After high school, Peyton and Haley grew apart due to the distance when Peyton moved to L.A. and also she broke up with Haley's best friend, Lucas Scott. When she returned to Tree Hill to win back Lucas, Haley reluctantly came round to the idea and she eventually wed both Peyton and Lucas on the day of their wedding. Haley also signed on to Peyton's record label, Red Bedroom Records which she now manages after Peyton departed Tree Hill.
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