Brooke Davis
Relationship: Best Friends
Details: After Peyton's mother died Brooke came by her house everyday to make sure she was okay. Peyton and Brooke where on the cheerleading squad together. Brooke ended the friendship twice but both times they came out stronger. Brooke and Peyton lived together for the last period of high school and after they both came back to Tree Hill. Peyton named her daughter after Brooke, Sawyer Brooke Scott.Brooke was Peyton maid of honor and she made her wedding dress. Peyton could not attend Brooke's wedding due to Sawyer being sick.
Brooke Peyton

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Best Friends
Details: Haley and Peyton didn't like each other at firs because they where in different groups in high school. Peyton started to get closer to Haley's best friend Lucas Scott and one night they where driving home with Brooke and they started to get closer. Peyton was a brides maid at Haley's wedding and Haley was the minister at Peyton's wedding. Peyton helped Nathan after his accident and Haley helped Peyton when she was pregnant.

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Close Friends
Details: Nathan and Peyton used to date but Peyton broke up with Nathan when she realised how bad he treated her. they were able to remain a friendship after they broke up. Peyton helped Nathan after his accident by talking some sense into him.
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Mia Catalano
Relationship: Friends
Details: Mia and Peyton met when Peyton signed Jason's band with Mia on keyboard. Haley convinced Peyton to sign Mia as a solo artist. They are friends and they are pretty close.
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