"Prom Night At Hater High" is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of One Tree Hill and the 82nd produced episode of the series. It was broadcasted on February 21, 2007. On the day of Prom, the residue of Nathan's pre-Prom party has serious repercussions for everyone in Tree Hill. Haley asks Nathan for a list of his past sexual conquests. Rachel is suspended after taking the blame for the exam she stole with Brooke. Peyton tells Lucas she wants to skip the Prom entirely, but he refuses to take no for an answer. Finally Marvin and Brooke must deal with dating Clean Teens on Prom night.


Two Years Earlier


2 years ago, Brooke and Nathan share a drunken kiss

There is a party at Nathan’s house. Peyton is watching in disgust as her boyfriend, Nathan, licks alcohol off of Bevin’s body. He gets up to get his drink and smiles at Peyton, who walks away. Nathan chases after her and kisses her, to which Peyton pushes him away. They end up arguing and as Nathan checks out a girl walking past, Peyton calls their relationship off, to which Nathan asks how long this time, but Peyton tells him forever so he can go and screw whoever he likes. Meanwhile, Brooke is sitting depressed on the sofa with a drink. Nathan joins her as Brooke declares she’s drunk and Nathan says that Peyton dumped him. They both look at each other and end up making out whilst going into the bedroom. They continue to drink as Brooke checks that him and Peyton are definitely broke up. As Nathan assures her, they are, Brooke takes off her top and Nathan sets off the camera as Brooke makes him promise to erase it afterwards. They start making out on the bed.

Present Day

415 b has black eye

Brooke wakes up with a black eye

Back in their senior year of high school, all the party guest gather round the video in shock. Haley looks at Nathan in disgust as Peyton approaches Brooke. As Brooke tries to tell her she doesn’t know what to say, Peyton punches her, knocking her out. The following day, Brooke looks at black eye in the mirror. Rachel comes up to see her saying it could have been worse, as she got hit by Haley, but Brooke thinks that Haley may still want to hit her too. Brooke is devastated about having a black eye the day of prom and if it wasn’t for Rachel, she would be labeled the queen slut. Rachel then tells her she might be after today as she is going to see Principal Turner, to get her punishment, but assumes she’ll be able to flirt her way out of it. As she goes, Lucas walks in and asks Brooke how she is. Brooke tries to explain that she was drunk and Nathan and Peyton were broken up. Brooke finds out that Peyton is still really upset, but Lucas assures her that it could be worse, she could be Nathan. Meanwhile, Nathan is sitting in the hallway begging Haley to come out. Eventually she does and asks him why he never told her and Nathan assures her that it meant nothing, but Haley thinks differently as he wouldn’t have used and kept the tape, and then suddenly asks him if he uses it, to which Nathan denies. She tells Nathan it couldn’t have happened at a worse time because she is pregnant and hormonal and has to help Brooke out with the prom decorations all day. She storms out as she passes Deb cheerfully welcoming her home. Deb walks into the kitchen which is full of left over alcohol and apologizes for leaving the house like that, and Nathan, realizing she doesn’t know about the party they had, tells her to clean it up.

415 b tries to apologise to p

Brooke tries to apologize to Peyton

Lucas goes to see Peyton who is still upset. Lucas tells her that maybe prom may take her mind off it, but Peyton assures him it won’t. He then reveals that he went to see Brooke and she feels horrible about it, but Peyton is shocked that he went to see her and tells him to leave. Nathan goes to see Brooke and the two awkwardly talk and they both take blame for what they done. They both agree that it seems like a lifetime ago and that they weren’t proud of who they were. Brooke then asks how Haley is, as Nathan tells her he spent the night apologizing to a door. He asks why she isn’t decorating for prom, but Brooke tells him she is avoiding Peyton and Haley until the last possible minute. Nathan apologizes as Brooke does and Nathan leaves to make his rounds of apologies. Mouth rings Shelley and gets her voicemail and begs her to call him back. Brooke arrives at the prom hall, and tries to hide behind balloons, but soon walks into an annoyed Haley. Brooke tells her she was never going to tell her as she didn’t know her back then, but Haley walks off annoyed. As she does, Peyton comes past declaring Brooke as a bitch. Brooke follows her and apologizes saying she doesn’t know what to say and as she continues to get nasty responses from Peyton, she tells her she is not innocent either as she kissed Lucas while they were together. Peyton tells her she is a backstabbing whore and no matter how she tries to hide it, she knows she is. Chase then walks in to see Brooke.

415 h goes thru ns tapes n asks for list

Haley goes through Nathan's tapes and asks for a list

Nathan walks in on a hormonal Haley in tears. She is raiding through his tapes saying she doesn’t know how many people he has been with and the thought of him watching that tape makes her sick. Nathan tries to comfort her but Haley tells him she wants a list of everyone he has slept with, and throws him a phonebook for him to cross off the names of the women he hasn’t slept with. As Nathan argues against it, Haley gives him her list, him. Nathan walks off once again guilt ridden as Haley cries. Lucas goes to see Peyton again and apologizes and as she walks out her closet with a red dress. Peyton then reveals she got Brooke’s from the store so she couldn’t get it. Lucas then says that they sort of done the same to her, but Peyton disagrees and asks if he ever defends the person he is dating. She walks off annoyed as Lucas tells her to take the high road. Mouth goes to see Brooke and asks how she is, forcing Brooke into a rant about how her life is not fair. Lucas goes to see Karen and finds out she is going to chaperon the dance with Dan, as friends. Karen then tells him she could stay in if he wants, like she has for the last 17 years, making Lucas feel guilty. Nathan goes to see Dan and tells him he screwed up and tells him about the sex tape and how Haley wants him to write the list. Dan then urges him not to write the last, he should do what he would do and let her calm down so he doesn’t have to. With this in mind, Nathan goes home and tells Haley he will write the list. As he does, Haley begins crying and tells him he shouldn’t have to write the list and doesn’t understand how she can compete with all the girls and walks out asking for the list. Chase goes to see Brooke and she apologizes but Chase tells her that even though he can accept most of her history, she done the same as what his best friend done to him. Brooke tries to correct him saying they were broken up, but Chase tells her that they can go to prom as he knows how much it means to her, but they can’t be together afterwards. Shocked, Brooke tells him she won’t go to prom with someone who doesn’t want to be with her and Chase walks off saying she said no more surprises.

415 p tackles b to floor

Peyton throws Brooke to the floor

Annoyed at Peyton now, Brooke bangs on her door. Peyton answers and the two begin to argue exchanging insults at the same time. She tells her about Chase and her and Peyton shows her no sympathy. Instead, Peyton and Brooke continue their argument to the point where Brooke brings up Lucas and Peyton. Surprisingly, Peyton admits it was her fault, and says she thought it was her that ruined their friendship, but it was Brooke and tells her they were never friends before slamming the door in her face. Nathan goes to see Lucas and asks if he is annoyed at him but Lucas says he is not. As Nathan tells Lucas about Haley, Lucas surprises him by saying Dan is taking Karen to prom. As they talk about how weird it is, Nathan tells him that he should give Dan a second chance as he has proven himself to be a good father at times. Meanwhile, Mouth is telling Skills he won’t go because of Shelley, but Skills tells him it is about friends not having a date and persuades him. Brooke is packing all of her and Peyton’s old stuff into a bag as Rachel walks in and asks if it is Peyton’s fault now. Brooke then defends her case as Rachel tells her that she was expelled. Lucas goes to see Haley who is tidying up, she asks how Peyton is as Lucas says she shouldn’t be so upset as it was two years ago, but Haley disagrees saying it is new to her and it sucks when you are betrayed by someone who loves you. Haley tells him he has to let her know he is there for her as Lucas says that Nathan has changed. Mouth goes to see Rachel who is packing as Rachel tells him it isn’t worth saying her goodbyes to everyone as no one likes her. Rachel then reveals she’ll be missing prom as Mouth reveals he split up with Shelley, and says he would like to dance with her one last time as she left some good memories with him. Peyton gets an egg thrown at her window and storms downstairs to find Brooke there. She tells Peyton she wants her dress, and begins throwing items that Peyton had given her at her. First the Posh Spice mug is smashed on her wall as well as throwing a photo frame at her. As she walks away, Peyton tackles her to the floor and they begin to fight. As Peyton gets the upper hand, Brooke says that she wins as she has the boyfriend who she gets to dance with as Peyton walks away. As she does, Brooke asks why she cares, and Peyton replies that she needed her this year, and because she was honest, she was shut out of her best friend’s life and even got to the point where she made fun of her mom. She tells her that she is done and that to her, she is dead. Brooke sits devastated on her lawn.

415 l finds p in tears

Lucas finds Peyton in tears and refusing to go to prom

Lucas goes to see Peyton who is on her bed in tears. He asks her to put everything behind her and go to prom, but Peyton says she isn’t going. Lucas tries to get her to go, but Peyton says she isn’t but Lucas says that he will be coming back and she will answer the door and look beautiful, but if not he will have to go on his own. Nathan gives Haley the list but only of people he loved and she is the only one. Haley tells him it is sweet, but Nathan knows she wants the other one and gives her it before walking away. Brooke asks Rachel if she has to move out, but Rachel says she has a while to stay. Brooke tells Rachel how guilty she feels, but Rachel says she had more to lose and she done it as she is her friend. She asks her to make up with Peyton as she knows she is in the wrong. Rachel says that she doesn’t want to be the girl with no friends, as she knows what it is like, and then tells Brooke about Mouth and Shelley and Brooke is surprised she wasn’t told, but Rachel says it is probably because he didn’t want to give her more problems. The bell goes and Rachel has to leave, the two say goodbye as Brooke apologizes and admits she will miss her as Rachel says the same back. She hugs her before she leaves. Lucas brings Karen a dress telling her he is alright with her going. Peyton is boxing the dummy Derek gave her as Nathan goes to see her. Peyton asks if he really hated her that much that he had to choose Brooke, and Nathan denies hating her but admits to being selfish and that it didn’t mean anything. Peyton then tells him he isn’t going but Nathan says she has always cared and he doesn’t want to let Lucas down, and she probably cares about him and Brooke too as she knows they love her. Brooke’s doorbell goes and she opens a box at her doorstep, only to friend the dress Peyton had. The River Court boys are meeting at the court as Brooke approaches them, and asks Mouth to go to prom with her. They leave together for the prom.

415 p is at door

Peyton is shocked at the man who is standing at her door

Haley is still questioning whether to open Nathan’s list as Deb approaches and thanks her for moving in. She also says that she will be to blame for Nathan’s screw up as they were his only role models. She tells her that he has become a wonderful man due to her and to think that and forgive him and maybe the grace she taught him can be returned. Dan is waiting to see Karen and both him and Lucas are amazed at her dress. They are about to leave as Lucas says to have a good time at prom, mom and dad. Haley comes out in her prom dress and Nathan is amazed at how beautiful she is and that she hasn’t got her cast on. Haley then tells him that she read the list of the boy she fell in love with as that is all she needed to know. People are arriving at prom and as Brooke and Mouth get in, Brooke is talking about how Peyton doesn’t care about her anymore and they can’t believe it. As she rants, she asks Mouth if he wants to talk about Shelley but he says no and then Brooke says how everyone thinks she is a whore, but Mouth assures her they don’t. As they step into the black light, Brooke is mortified as ‘whore’ lights up on her dress. After her initial reaction, she smiles and hugs Mouth yelling that she cares. Haley and Nathan are leaving as Deb tells them to wait as she wants to video them. As Nathan asks if it is ok, Haley tells him she broke the camera. A boy gets ready for prom with Peyton’s picture on their drawers. After getting ready, Lucas drives to Peyton’s to get her for prom. Rachel is about to leave and as she gets a photo of her and Mouth at prom, she smiles. Peyton goes to answer her door in her prom dress. Ready for Lucas to take her, she answers with a smile, he turns around after having his back to her and reveals himself not as Lucas, but as Derek. Her joy suddenly turns to shock and Derek knocks her out.

Memorable Quotes

”Hey what’s your problem?”
”You mean, why won’t i let you mount me in front of the entire basketball team after you’ve already made out with half the cheerleading squad?”
”Yeah, pretty much”
Nathan Scott and Peyton Sawyer have an argument in a 2 year flashback

”So I have to ask, who really is the ‘big brother?’”
Rachel Gatina asks Brooke Davis after finding out she has slept with both Scott brothers

”I know it was only two years ago, but it just feels like a different lifetime”
”Hey, i know exactly how you feel. I’m not proud of who i used to be either”
Nathan Scott and Brooke Davis about their sex tape

”Were you ever going to tell me about you and Nathan, ever?”
”Honestly, no. Haley, we didn’t even know each other back then, and when am I supposed to bring something like that up, at a basketball game? R-A-V-E-N-S, PS, I slept with your husband once a long time ago?”
”...You really shouldn’t be upset, Nathan used to hook up with everyone”
Haley James Scott yells at a regretful Brooke Davis until Bevin Mirskey butts in

”Duck, duck, duck, bitch”
Peyton Sawyer to Brooke Davis

”How am i supposed to compete with all the girls you slept with?”
”You don't have to compete with all the girls”
”All the girls? How many have you slept with, Fabio?”
Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott

”I’m sorry my past keeps coming back to haunt us. I have a lot of skeletons in my closet, and apparently half of them are naked”
Brooke Davis

”I was stupid cause i thought i ruined our friendship when you ruined it a long time ago. We were never friends”
Peyton Sawyer to Brooke Davis

”Didn’t you F her BF when you were BFF's?”
Rachel Gatina

”Aren’t you gonna say goodbye to everyone?”
”Yeah. Oh, bye Haley, here’s the tutor key I stole. Bye Nathan, sorry for almost getting your Uncle killed. Bye Lucas, sorry for actually getting your Uncle killed. And bye Tree Hill High, I’m really sorry about the whole time-capsule thing. No, I think I’ll spare everyone the goodbyes”
Rachel Gatina reflects on her time at Tree Hill High with Mouth

”Why do you even care?”
”Why do I care? Brooke, this has been one of the worst years of my life and I needed my best friend more than ever and you cut me out because I was honest with you! And you were never ever honest with me...You made fun of my mom’s death Brooke. You knew her, you cried with me when she died. And now, you use her as a punch line for a joke to hurt me. It hurt, it did. Not anymore cause you and me, we’re done. You’re right, she’s dead. As far as I’m concerned, so are you”
Brooke Davis questions Peyton Sawyer as she ends her friendship with her

”Thanks for being my friend you cheating whore”
”Thanks for being my friend you crazy bitch”
Rachel Gatina says bye to Brooke Davis

”She cares, she cares”
Brooke Davis screams with joy as her dress lights up with ‘whore’ written on by Peyton Sawyer

”Oh my god you two look so cute. Wait there till I get the video camera”
”I’m sorry, you okay with this?”
”I so broke that camera”
Deb Scott as Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott leave for prom.


No Voiceover


  • "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" - Jet
  • "Phantom Limb" - The Shins
  • "Three Seed" - Silversun Pickups
  • "Blindsides" - Buddy
  • "These Arms" - Matt Costa
  • "Sometimes (She's So Far In)" - Howie Beck
  • "Life Is Beautiful" - Vega4

This episode's title originated from the song Prom Night At Hater High, originally sung by The Long Winters.


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