"Remember Me As A Time Of Day" is the twenty-fourth episode, and the season finale, of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 130th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on May 18, 2009. Nathan is released from the Chiefs, and is forced to face Haley and Jamie. On the eve of Peyton's delivery, Lucas and Peyton receive a surprise visit from Karen. Dan is on death's door, while Brooke and Victoria prepare to re-launch Clothes Over Bros.


624 L sends p into surgery

Lucas sends Peyton into surgery

Lucas carries an unconscious Peyton from an ambulance to a stretcher at Tree Hill Hospital. As they take Peyton away, Lucas watches covered in blood and worrying. Haley wakes up alone as Nathan goes to the River Court and begins to drink again. Lucas washes his hands as his wedding ring comes off and he looks at it in doubt. He watches over Peyton’s surgery as the thought comes across him that he could lose his new wife. Julian is in Brooke’s store with Victoria and tells her that he loves her daughter and wants her to call him. Dan stands over his headstone at Tree Hill Graveyard. Brooke arrives at her store after Julian’s departure and asks if there are any messages and Victoria lies that there is not, not any that matter. Lucas is standing in the waiting room watching over Peyton as Haley, Nathan, Brooke and Julian join him. As she is about to be sedated, Peyton wakes up and looks around the room and sees a load of strangers standing over her. As she watches in silence, the surgeon puts a gas mask over her and she falls back to sleep.
624 l wit baby

Lucas looks after his child

A baby is crying in their room as Lucas walks in and picks the baby up. He begins to cuddle it in the nursery and promises that the baby’s dad is here. He cuddles it alone in the darkness. The following day, Lucas goes to Peyton’s bedside who has been unconscious for days. He tells her that their beautiful daughter is waiting for her when she wakes up and says that she needs her as well as he does. He reminds her that she promises, but Peyton fails to move. Outside the hospital, Brooke is worrying about Peyton. Julian joins her and tells her that she needs to go home and get some rest as she has been awake for four days. As Brooke refuses, Julian gives her a bag of every fashion magazine he could find. He admits that he knew she would never go home as she is too stubborn. Brooke says that Julian does not know her as Julian believes different. She begins to cry telling him that Peyton has to wake up as Julian comforts her. Mia checks on Peyton from TRIC as her and Chase find there has been no change with Peyton’s condition. As they agree that Peyton will pull through, Mia opens a parcel and finds her new CDs in the cases. Chase compliments her on how well she done as Mia corrects him saying that her and Peyton did well on the album, and she should be there for the new CDs arriving. The phone rings again and Mia answers and tells the receiver that Peyton is not there, but she will be back soon. Lucas is at the hospital and tells Peyton that he is in over his head as he took their daughter home but needs her to help as well as their daughter needing her. He admits that she has not got a name as they were supposed to do it together and he cannot do it without her. He admits that he is afraid that he is going to lose her and it will only be the two of them left. He repeats that she does not have a name and begins to cry as Peyton wakes up and says that her name is Sawyer. Lucas smiles and agrees with it and leaps up to hug Peyton saying that she scared him. Brooke then walks in overwhelmed that Peyton is awake and says that she is about to be her second best girl when she sees her daughter. Peyton immediately begins to worry and asks if she is okay as Lucas says she is beautiful. Peyton asks to see her and Brooke goes to get her and Karen walks in holding Sawyer. Lucas is shocked to see his mother as Peyton is shocked to see her daughter and is overwhelmed as she is placed in her arms. Peyton greets the baby saying that she missed her and will love her forever. She begins to cry with happiness as the family are reunited. As they kiss happily, Jamie, Haley, Nathan, Julian and Brooke join Karen and the family.
624 kar n p look after saw

Peyton and Karen look after Sawyer

As Nathan packs to go to Charleston, Jamie tells Nathan to ask Nino to stop shooting so much. Nathan explains that Nino has gone to the NBA as Jamie asks when he will be called up but Nathan says he may never be called up, but Jamie says at least he is still a Chief. Jamie takes the bag out as Nathan looks at a photo of his family. Brooke gets a postcard of Sam’s new house and reads the back saying ‘Wish you were here.’ Julian sees it and Brooke shows him Sam’s new home. They both agree they miss Sam and Brooke asks if he is going back to L.A. and Julian says he has to as they are prepping for the film. He tells Brooke that their time together had been great, even under the unfortunate circumstances as Brooke thanks him for being there. Brooke hugs him and then kisses him, leading to a longer kiss. This is then led to the bedroom and as they get undressed, Julian says he loves her, but Brooke tells him not to say it and just kiss. Peyton is in Sawyer’s room as Karen joins her. Karen asks if she wants her to take her for some rest as Peyton says that she never wants to leave her. Karen laughs as Peyton thanks her for raising Lucas up well as Karen tells her that she is welcome. Karen admits she was just being a mom and that Peyton will understand that soon. As Karen leaves, Peyton nurses her baby is awe. Millicent barges into Mouth’s office and says she does not want to go back to New York. Mouth agrees as Millicent says she is just going to have to tell Brooke as Mouth joins her to visit their friend. Meanwhile, Karen joins Lucas on the steps of their house and remembers talking to Lucas about joining the Ravens. Lucas laughs how long it feel as Karen says it feels like yesterday. Lucas then reads a letter that Lily has sent as he thanks Karen for the way he was brought up and hopes one day that he can be half the parent his mother was. He reminds Karen of when she told him to look for the magic in life as he still does look for it. Brooke wakes up alone in bed and Nathan arrives at practice and finds all of his stuff missing. A staff member arrives and tells him that Bobby wants to see him. Nathan begins to worry and later that same day he returns home. Haley is shocked to see him, but Nathan does not seem as happy to see her. He asks if she wants to take a trip to Charlotte with Jamie and him and they could go and see a basketball game. As Haley realizes something has gone wrong, she worries as Nathan says that he has to be there anyway as he is the NBA Bobcat’s new point guard. Haley is thrilled and asks him to repeat himself as Nathan confirms he is in the NBA and got called up. Haley begins to cry and as they hug, Nathan thanks her for believing in him as Haley thanks him for being worth it.
624 jam finds out n is in nba

Jamie finds out Nathan has been selected for the NBA

Dan is on the outskirts of Tree Hill and knocks on a door. He hears a horse and follows the sound as Whitey walks out of the wood with the horse. He sees Dan and turns to go the other way, but Dan begs for him to talk with him. After inviting Dan in the house, he lays out on a coffee table a drink, biscuits and a gun. Dan assumes it is loaded as Whitey confirms it is and says that he bought it to see him again as he could lie that he broke in and came at him. As Dan says that he would do him a favour, Whitey tells him that he looks like a haunted man. He asks if the rumours are true, that he has a heart problem and Dan confirms it, Whitey says it is not surprising as he has always had a heart problem. Dan then confesses that he wishes he had went to play in the game at the State Championship when he sat on the bench instead. He admits that that is the thing where everything else went wrong. He apologizes for that game and everyday after the game and also apologizes for what he did to Keith and the people who love him. Whitey then asks if he ever loved him and Dan says he did not ever love him enough. Meanwhile, Brooke rings Sam and asks how her life is. She checks that she is happy too. Mouth gets his script for the next news and asks if it is truthful. He yells in joy at the news as Nathan calls Jamie to watch the news with him. Jamie joins them and Mouth announces that Nathan has been called up to the NBA. Jamie is shocked and jumps up at the television. He turns around and yells that he knew his dad could do it and runs up to hug him. Karen and Lucas visit Keith’s grave in sorrow. Dan admits to Whitey that he was supposed to be dead months ago. But also has realized that he is already dead and the life he is living is his hell. He tells Whitey about Lucas’ and Nathan’s life and how he gets to see the happiest moments of their lives, but does not get to be a part of it. Whitey says he created it as Dan tries to point the gun at himself. In failure to pull the trigger, he pushes up to Whitey, gets his hand and makes Whitey point the gun at him. He tells Whitey to pull the trigger and take the pain away and begins to beg him, but Whitey refuses and hugs him instead and says that he may still be there for redemption. Whitey then sees Dan out as Nathan pulls up at Whitey’s house. He passes Dan and says that he came to tell his coach that he made it to the NBA. He is greeted by Whitey warmly as Dan watches the life he could have had and have had.
624 dan wit p n ss

Peyton allows Dan to hold his granddaughter

Mia and Chase are listening to Mia’s new album as she tells Chase about how the album drops the following night and she is signing copies in New York and then tours for a couple of months. Chase tells her that he knows that she will be gone and wants to be selfish and keep her in Tree Hill, but knows that the rest of the world deserves to see her greatness. Mia joins him on the chair and tells him that her heart is not going anywhere. Millicent goes to see Brooke and is about to tell her that she wants to be in Tree Hill as Brooke interrupts her and tells her that she needs her in Tree Hill as the store will be up and running soon again. Millicent asks if she needs someone in New York as Brooke says that she does but knows Mouth is there. At Lucas’ house, Dan goes to see Peyton who is outside with Sawyer. She asks what he wants and begins to hold tightly onto her child. Dan asks if he can hold her as Peyton denies him that opportunity asking why. Dan says that she is the only one who does not know what he has done and Peyton allows him to hold her for a second. Dan is overwhelmed with love as he sees her and as Dan reflects on how he used to read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ to Nathan, Peyton takes Sawyer off of him. As Dan says it seems like another life ago when he read that story as Peyton says that it was another life ago. Dan goes to leave and tells her that one day he will have to tell Sawyer about him and is sorry for that. As he leaves, Lucas and Karen see him and stop to stare at him in silence. Lucas takes Karen to one side and walks past him at a distance. Millicent goes to see Mouth and tells him that she can stay in Tree Hill and they hug happily. Lucas pulls up outside his house and shows Peyton that he has done up the Comet. Peyton smiles happily at his work. Victoria is at the store with Brooke and asks to know about Julian. She asks what type of man he is as Brooke says he is the type of man that has gone. Nathan is at Quentin’s grave and tells him that he made it to the NBA. He gets up to walk away and tells him that he was right, that it is a comeback. He thanks Q as he walks away from the grave yard leaving his Bobcat’s jersey on his grave.
624 v n b make up

Brooke and Victoria make up

Brooke goes to see Peyton and sits down next to her and Sawyer commenting on how beautiful Sawyer is. She asks Peyton how it feels to have a family and another life to look after as Peyton says it is exactly how she dreamed. Brooke then is given Sawyer to hold as Brooke introduces herself to Sawyer and as she says her full name, Peyton says that Sawyer’s middle name is Brooke. Brooke is overwhelmed and begins to cry. Peyton repeats that it is just as she dreamed but asks what about Brooke’s dreams, but Brooke just smiles. Victoria is in Brooke’s store as Brooke arrives. She asks if she is going somewhere as Victoria says that she is returning to New York as the designs are good and will keep the company alive. She says that there is nothing she is needed for now. She gives Brooke a list of things she needs to do with the lost point being that she goes to L.A. and tells her about a time when she fell in love with a boy and let him go because he did not meet her parents' expectations. She tells Brooke that she has regretted it ever since. She also confesses that she knows she has been an awful mother but her daughter survived it and simply misnamed her company as if Julian loves her and she loves Julian, it is all that matters. She tells Brooke that clothes can wait and Brooke begins to cry. She then gives Brooke a letter and tells her it is a contract giving her the full company and says that she would rather have her daughter than her company and was wrong to have ever loved the company more, but never knew how. In tears, Victoria prepares her stuff to leave as Brooke calls Victoria ‘mom’ and asks her to stay on and run things in New York. She tells a shocked Victoria that she is good at what she does and besides, she is her mother. Victoria hugs her addressing Brooke as her daughter and saying she loves her and is so proud of her.
624 p n l leave tree hill

Peyton and Lucas leave Tree Hill with Sawyer

Mouth prepares to go on air as Millicent arrives saying that she is going to watch him work and as Millicent tells him that Skills is going to watch the game with him and Mouth says that is perfect as Millicent agrees. Before he goes on air, Mouth says to himself that his life is perfect. Nathan, Haley and Jamie arrive at an NBA gym and as Haley congratulates him on making it, Nathan says that they made it together. Dan is at the river court feeling remorseful for his life actions. Mia is signing records at New York as Chase arrives at her signing and says that he will wait for her. Nathan goes to play in the NBA for the first time and is welcomed to the gym. As he goes onto the gym, he smiles at his family. Lucas plays with Sawyer as Peyton watches over them. She joins her new family in happiness. Julian is filming as he seems lonely and miserable. Suddenly, Brooke appears next time. She tells him that he said someday she would be able to love someone and thinks she has found that someone. Julian smiles saying that if it was a movie they would kiss as Brooke disagrees saying that if it was a movie she would say she loves him and then kiss him. She walks closer to him and tells him that she loves him and they kiss happily. Lucas and Peyton are sitting in the comet as Lucas asks her to come on a ride with him. Peyton agrees and they drive off happily with Sawyer in the back seat, leaving Tree Hill behind them.

Memorable Quotes

”You know who else will be here when you wake up is, God, our beautiful daughter. She’s, you should see her. She’s amazing, Peyton. But she needs you, so do I. Come on, you promised”
Lucas Scott tries to wake Peyton Sawyer from her coma

”I’m in a little over my head here. I took her home and I’m doing what I can but she needs her mom, I need her mom. Doesn’t even have a name, we were supposed to do that together, I can’t do this without you. And I’m just afraid that we’re gonna lose you, and it’s just gonna be the two of us and she doesn’t even have a name”
”Sawyer. Her name’s Sawyer, okay?”
Lucas Scott to Peyton Sawyer

”Well, well, my baby’s had a baby”
Karen Roe

”I love you, Brooke Davis. I love you so much”
”Ssh, don’t say it. Just kiss me”
Julian Baker and Brooke Davis sleep together

”You helped me through all of it and you were selfless and strong, and if I’m half the parent that you were, then Sawyer is gonna be just fine”
”She’s gonna be more than just fine”
Lucas Scott thanks Karen Roe for his upbringing

”Do you remember that green dress you wore to the mathketball school for Jamie?”
”The Oppenheimer School, yeah?”
”You look amazing in that dress. I was thinking we could take a trip to Charlotte, you could wear that dress, we could take Jamie”
”Nathan what happened?
”I’m not on the chiefs anymore? It’s okay, what do you see Haley, wanna take the boy to Charlotte? Maybe we could see a basketball game. I kinda have to be there anyway considering I’m the Bobcats’ new point guard”
Nathan Scott surprises Haley James Scott

”Last night in the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats quietly made a move that most sports fans wouldn’t of noticed, adding a point guard to their roster for the rest of the season. But we’re leading with this story because this point guard is a local legend who overcame adversity and difficult circumstances in pursuit of a dream. Last night, the Charlotte Bobcats called up a former Tree Hill Raven, a great guy, and a good friend, Nathan Scott”
Marvin McFadden reports on the news

”I used to wonder why I was still alive and then I realized, I am dead, and this is my hell. Lucas got married and had a baby girl. And Nathan, he’s got Jamie. And I get to see the happiest moments of their lives but I don’t get to feel those moments. I don’t get to be a part of their lives”
Dan Scott

”Oh, and Q. You were right, it’s a comeback”
Nathan Scott to Quentin Fields

”Hi Sawyer, I’m your Aunt Brooke and I am going to spoil you, yes I am, Sawyer Scott”
”Sawyer Brooke Scott”
”Really...See I always knew you were a Brooke and it is a good name Baby Brooke. I love you, Sawyer Brooke. Hey, don't forget your Aunt Brooke once you move away from here."

”When I was young, there was a boy who loved me, and I loved him back. But he wasn’t from my circle of friends and he was different than what my parents expected, so I let him go. And not a day has gone by that I don’t regret it”
”Why haven’t you ever told me this?”
”Because I’ve been a terrible mother. I have a daughter who is strong and bright, kind hearted, so beautiful and I’ve nearly broken her heart with my inability to open my heart. But I haven’t broken her, she’s just as strong and beautiful and kind hearted as ever. She simply misnamed her company, because if this boy Julian loves you, and you love him, that’s all that matters”
Victoria Davis advises Brooke Davis

”You made it”
”We made it”
Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott

”You told me that someday I’d be able to let somebody in. I think today might be someday”
”If this was a movie, you’d kiss me right now”
”No, I’d say ‘I love you’ and then I’d kiss you. I love you”
Brooke Davis allows herself to love Julian Baker

”Take a ride with me, Peyton Sawyer?”
”Don’t you mean Peyton Sawyer Scott?”
Lucas Scott to Peyton Sawyer
" I will miss you, Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer."
"Hey Brooke. It's okay."
"No it's not. My best friend in the whole world is leaving me and I can't see my goddaughter grow up."
"You're my best friend, Brooke Penelope Davis. We'll just be physically apart but I will always love you and trust me, you will see me and Sawyer very soon."
Brooke Davis to Peyton Sawyer


"Take a look at yourself in a mirror. Who do you see looking back? Is it the person you want to be? Or is there someone else you were meant to be? The person you should have been, but fell short of. Is someone telling you you can't or you won't? Because you can. Believe that love is out there. Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do. Sometimes, happiness doesn't come from money or fame or power. Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family and from the quiet nobility of leading a good life. Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do. Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do. So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy because you deserve to be. Believe that. And believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do."
Marvin McFadden, Haley James Scott, Dan Scott, Mia Catalano, Chase Adams, Nathan Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Julian Baker, Brooke Davis, and Lucas Scott (closing voice-over)


  • "War Sweater" - WAKEY!WAKEY!
  • "Safe At Home" - Starsailor
  • "Murderous Air" - Tim Williams
  • "Come Around" - Rosi Golan
  • "Roll Your Windows Down" - Casey Shea
  • "Days Like This" - Kim Taylor
  • "Inside Out" - Kate Voegele
  • "Hallelujah" - Gin Wigmore
  • "Begin You" - Kate York
  • "Can't You See" - The Marshall Tucker Band

This episode's title originated from the song Remember Me As A Time Of Day, originally played by Explosions In The Sky.


  • Skills does not appear in this episode.
    • This is the first season finale to not feature Skills.
  • Whitey makes his first appearance since the fifth episode of season 5.
    • This is the third season finale to feature Whitey.
  • This is the first appearance of Karen since the twelfth episode of season 5.
  • This episode is the first and last appearance and birth of Sawyer Scott, the daughter of Lucas and Peyton.
  • This is the last episode that series regulars Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer are credited as the main cast of the show.
  • This is the first season finale to not feature Deb.
  • This is the fifth season finale to feature Karen.
  • This is the last season finale to feature Lucas and Peyton in this series.
  • This is the last ever appearance of Karen, Whitey and Peyton.

Episode References

  • Karen recalls when she sat on her front steps talking to Lucas about joining the Ravens.

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