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The River Court was one of Tree Hill’s places for the teenagers to hang around. For those who are not known as the ‘popular’ kids in high school, the River Court is a place where the teens can play basketball freely, without rules, and without pressuring competition. The court was especially important to Lucas Scott and his friends including Antwon Tanner and Marvin McFadden as this is the place they went to escape the jocks. Since departing Tree Hill High, the now young adults visit the place often to remind themselves of the fun they had in their home town.


Season 1

Lucas, Junk, Fergie, Mouth and Skills are often seen hanging out here.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The group gathers at the River Court on their first night into adulthood as they spray paint their names onto the court and paint "We were here" in the middle. Nathan and Lucas play one last one-on-one game against each other, this time as brothers and not bitter rivals like the very first time they met.

Season 5

Lucas walks onto the River Court after leaving the airport. Still heartbroken by Lindsey's visit earlier, to see that Peyton has painted over the court saying "I will always love you" over and over again, along with other lines with a comet going through the middle. Resembling Lucas' new book which ruined his engagment with Lindsey, because it showed his love for Peyton since she has a car called "Comet"

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Nathan and his friends learn that the River Court is going to be torn down in favor of a condominium. August Kellerman, Nathan's professor, tells Nathan "snipey plover" before departing on his sailing voyage across the world. Nathan learns that the snipey plover is an endangered bird that lays its' eggs in tall, grassy areas near water such as the River Court. Nathan, Clay, Julian, Jamie, Chase, and Chuck find eggs on the ground and this combined with Mouth and Millie's heartfelt report on what the River Court means to them and the community is enough to prevent it from being torn down. 

Season 9


Regular Visitors

Deceased Visitors

Irregular Visitors


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