The following are the details of Sawyer Scott's family

Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott
Relationship: Father
Details: Lucas Scott is the loving father of Sawyer Scott. Originally uncertain about whether to keep the child, due to the life of his wife being at risk, Lucas soon took to the idea of being a father and aims to be a father like his uncle, Keith Scott, was to him. During his wife's pregnancy, Lucas created a nursery for his child to surprise his wife. After Sawyer was born, Lucas and his family departed Tree Hill to start a new life with their new family.
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Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer Scott
Relationship: Mother
Details: Peyton is the strong-willed mother of Sawyer Brooke Scott. Peyton discovered she was with child when she found a pain in her stomach, causing her to collapse. She was told by doctors that she had a condition called placenta previa, and that there was a strong chance that either her or the child will die. Lucas begged her to abort the baby, not wanting to lose her. Determined as ever, Peyton refused and went ahead with the pregnancy. Peyton went into an early labor on their wedding night, and was rushed to the hospital. Luckily she gave birth successfully and both parent and child survived. She loves her daughter unconditionally. Wanting to begin a new future together with their family, Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer departed Tree Hill to start a new life away from the town they grew up in.
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Karen Roe

Karen Roe
Relationship: Paternal Grandmother
Details: Karen is Lucas' single mom and was the first person to hold Sawyer after she was passed over by the nurses. Surprising the others with her presence, Karen has always been there in joyous times and times of need. It is certain that throughout Sawyer's life, Karen will always be there for Sawyer and her family whenever they need her.
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Dan Scott

Dan Scott
Relationship: Paternal Grandfather
Details: Although a dark character in Tree Hill, Dan was introduced to his grandchild by Peyton, unknown to Lucas. The brief moment he had with his grandchild is expected to be his last due to the way he has treat people in the past. Dan was handed the child by Peyton outside their house, but she was very protective over her child and ensured he could not harm her. Since Sawyer departed Tree Hill, it is unexpected for Dan to even remain in contact with his grandchild.
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Larry Sawyer
Relationship: Adoptive Maternal Grandfather
Details: Sawyer had a good relationship with her grandfather even though during her childhood she traveled the world and Larry working on a shipping boat as Peyton remain in contact, its likely the saw each other regularly.

Anna Sawyer
Relationship: Adoptive Maternal Grandmother
Details: Although Anna died before Sawyer was born, it's likely Peyton raised Sawyer with a great respect and love for her grandmother.

Nathan Scott
Relationship: Uncle
Details: Since Sawyer left Tree Hill when she was still a baby it's unlikely Nathan and Sawyer would have a very strong relationship, but due to the closeness of the two family its likely the two did have a good relationship whenever they saw each other.
Scott family

Haley James Scott
Relationship: Aunt
Details: Similar to her uncle Nathan due to Haley's closeness to both her parents it's likely the two would have a good relationship although they didn't she each other regularly. Haley was also very involved in Peyton's pregnancy.
Scott family

Jamie Scott
Relationship: Cousin
Details: Shortly after Sawyer was born she left Tree Hill so she didn't often she Jamie but Jamie always had a strong relationship with Lucas and remained in contact with Lily (who was travelling with Sawyer) so it's likely they remained in contact.
Scott family

Lydia Scott
Relationship: Cousin
Details: Since Lydia was born after Sawyer had left TH but considering there closeness of age (around two years apart) and of their families it's likely the two girls would have a good relationship.

Lily Roe Scott
Relationship: Aunt/Cousin
Details: Since Sawyer sent her childhood travelling around on a boat with Lily it's very likely the two had a good bond also as there was only a 6 year gap between the two.

Ellie Harp
Relationship: Biological grandmother
Details: Similar to her adoptive grandmother Anna, Ellie died before Sawyer was born but she left a lasting impact on Peyton's life which it's likely Peyton put into Sawyer's life.

Mick Wolf
Relationship: Biological grandfather
Details: Peyton had a very rocky relationship with her biological and once saw him a few time throughout her life so it's very unlikely that Sawyer would have a good relationship with Mick.

Derek Sommers
Relationship: Uncle
Details: Due to Sawyer's traveling and Derek's career in the Marines it's unlikely the two would often see each other, although since Peyton had a good relationship with her brother it's likely Derek and Sawyer would too.

Keith Scott
Relationship: Great uncle
Details: Like both her grandmothers, Keith to died before Sawyer was born but it's likely Keith would have the same impact on her life as Anna and Ellie due to Lucas's father-son relationship with Keith.

Royal Scott
Relationship: Great grandfather
Details: Lucas's never meet his grandfather so it's very unlikely that Sawyer even meet Royal or had a good relationship with him.

May Scott
Relationship: Great grandmother
Details: Lucas's never meet his grandmother so it's very unlikely that Sawyer even meet May or had a good relationship with her.

Brooke Davis
Relationship: Godmother
Details: Sawyer's middle name comes from the middle name of her godmother, Peyton's best friend. Brooke and Sawyer had a very good relationship even after Sawyer moved although she didn't often see Brooke.
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